Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter 16 The Undead Shall Inherit the world!

Right now Dave went to the convenience store near his house. Taking a few ramen cups and some snacks he went back to his apartment. He didn't have much money at the moment, and he knew that the quest he has started will take a long time, for him to amass money at this point in time is hard. This was not a problem for Dave as he understood, that if he were thrown back to the outside world of conquest. He will suffer the same fate, a player with low level has a low chance of conquering a dungeon. Especially with dave's Solo play method.

The only way for Dave to peddle through this is by becoming reaching a higher level in the game. That too would take a lot of time, and his remaining money might not last him until then.

For a college student, 7000$ is enough for them to tide through several months while spending as little as they could. Dave was, even more, a miser than college students.

Once he reached his apartment, he took a quick shower, ate the instant food and went to bed. He was in no condition to continue playing after that long while.

Once Dave woke up he went online and looked through the forums. He wanted to understand more about the undead race.

From the start of the game, only a few types of undead have been discovered, and this was confirmed by Dave's research.

Gholes, zombies. Skeletons, banshees, ghosts, and the like have all been encountered. However, the higher tiered undead was still a mystery to the people. Many of them knew of the existence of powerful Liches. Some even got a quest asking them to follow the trail of an old and powerful lich. Yet so far none of them managed to discover any clews about them. The undead expansion was supposed to be launched once the player was level 500

Dave managed to get a spot on the pioneer's side and now he is able to understand more about them.

The most known types of undead for the players were; Skeletons, Skeleton elites/captain and finally the Death Knights.

Death knights were a force to be reckoned with. Even in the dungeon that Dave just went through. If Dave was to take into consideration the Undead chart of ranks. He would know that a Death Knight can command up to 10 000 units! That is an absurd number indeed, however, so far in the game most Death knight that were met were 'Lesser Death Knight' these types have no control over other undead, but they could still manage themselves and fight on par with several similarly level player.

The power of the undead is not considered by their individual strength, but their coalition that can shake the earth, an army of the dead that would charge a city is bound to bring terror to the hearts of the bravest men.

For the moment, Leader type undead has never been encountered. All of them were individual, and they were strong, however, once you give a Death Knight an army. Be ready to be smothered with pain and death.

Dave then took a look at some of the videos feeds that players posted once they were fighting the undead. Someone even recorded a fight with a Death Knight, he had a huge amount of views and adds on his blog. That was also a way to get money.

Dave pondered about it for a moment, then his face flashed a knowing smile. This was an opportunity for him to gain some cash if he was to use it right.

This might be strange, but people actually love the undead. At least watching them from afar.. what if someone was to film the scene of the dark territory of the Undead King. Just a bit of teasing will get many people interested in this region. Perhaps they might start asking questions about it and more interest will be showered over it.

Now if Dave was able to properly guide this 'peaked' interest, he might be able to put in some adds or be sponsored by some company.

Companies love traffic, the more traffic there is on a certain website/video the more they will be interested in sponsoring the owner. This way Dave might be able to gain some financial support. However, Dave knew that this was hard.

First things first, indeed the first peek at the world of the dead might be interesting, but if the missions Dave was receiving remained the same. Or if Dave doesn't bring new content to his feed. The interest will soon be lost. So the best way for Dave to make himself known is to start some trouble.

Dave smirked and created an account on the forums. He created an avatar and chose a small naked skeleton as his avatar picture. He named it, Mr. Skeletal.

then he plugged in his headset and took the feed of the last day he played.

The game automatically records anything the player does and puts it in a saving spot, it will delete the feed after 30 days, but it can still be accessed by the player anytime he wishes to. It can also save, and stream the feed directly to a player's website if they have one, or even stream it in the official Conquest's website if the player gains the right to do it.

Dave only took a few scenes from his past day and put in a ten seconds video feed.

In these ten seconds. Dave played the scene where he was in the middle of the gigantic army of the dead and them charging towards him with all their might.

The tens of thousands of undead charged with relentlessness. He only stopped the feed before he wore the ring. He saved the feed in the first person point of view so that no one will know who was the one facing the undead.

whenever someone sees the video they will feel that the undead was charging towards him.

It was quite the jumpscare.

The scene of the giant bone towers and the palace was engraved deep in the mind of anyone that would see it. while the dark hanging moon that spoke of a soon to befall calamity was enough to bring fright to anyone that sees this.

Just ten seconds was enough, and with a simple title, the video was posted in the forums.

"Soon the undead shall inherit the world"

This was all that Dave wrote and the video was posted next to it.

Dave didn't bother waiting for the comments as he went back to the game and logged in.

Time to start another mission!

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