Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter 15 First Blood

Chapter 15

The moment Dave began pondering about how he was going to initiate his mission Albert disappeared and left him with a notification.


commanding units. Contribution

Normal Skeleton soldier.

Lowest unit. 0

Elite Skeleton

commands 10 normal units 100.

Skeleton captain

Commands 10 Elite skeletons. 1000

Death Knight

Commands 100 Skeleton captains 10 000

Doom Knight

commands 100 Death Knights. 100 000

Abyssal Knight

Commands 100 Doom Knights. 1 000 000

The moment Dave saw the table he made a quick calculation and understood that an Abyssal Knight can command up to 100 000 000 unit!

That was a single Abyssal knight! How fearsome! How many Abyssal knights are under the undead King? And for Deadra (exiled abyssal knight) to have even thought about revolting… he either was strong and powerful enough, or dumb enough to not notice the huge army behind the Undead King's back.

However, the amount of contribution points needed to reach all the way to the highest tier is tremendous. Dave would need to work hard, and by the end, he needs to have the strength to defeat an Abyssal Knight to be able to initiate the quest given by Deadra.

This means that he needs to be powerful enough to defeat another Abyssal Knight just to have the right to challenge the Undead King.

And looking at the difficulty of defeating Deadra who was both, cursed and heavily weakened. Dave found it absurd to be able to fight one with his full power alone.

"Sigh, this quest is really difficult… and the worst part. I must not die a single time! Losing one challenge will kick me out of this dimension and I will need to wait for this expansion to open to the public so that I can challenge it again." Said, Dave,

A pioneer has the advantage of seeing things first. But still, he was disadvantaged due to the difficulty of the first experience.

this quest gave Dave some headache, but he was not going to waste this chance. This was his pot of gold, and he needed to secure it before others would try to claim it. if he was to lose and be exiled, he will have to face competition in the future. Even if he was a pioneer and had an understanding, the game had more than 2 billion players! How could Dave be able to fight against all of them and claim the throne?

He had only one chance at success, and he will try his best to make the best use of it.

Backing down was not an option, his life depended on it.

He only had 7000$ remaining, if he lost on this chance, then everything will be over for Dave.

Dave felt a lot of pressure, but he took a deep breath and decided to start slowly.

You have been assigned to unit 22 255!

You will be teleported to the western region's graveyard.

follow the leader and achieve your goal.

Mission N1

Kill the players that are invading the graveyard.

reward 10 contribution points once successful.

achieving some hidden requirements can award bonus Contribution points.

Ten rays of light soon shone over the vast space where Dave was. And he was instantly teleported outside the strange world and found himself in a strange place.

It was a huge graveyard, with many tombs.

Dave looked around and found out that he was accompanied with 9 other skeletons. One of them was an elite skeleton.

The elite skeleton remained behind the others and clacked its jaws. It commanded them to move forward and they did, Dave followed suit.

The graveyard was dark and eerie. But to Dave, it was not that much of a problem to see in this dark space. It seems that the Undead have some sort of nocturnal vision. Everything looked clear to Dave at the moment.

After walking for a few more paces, they discovered some adventures that were fighting against another batch of skeletons.

The elite skeleton didn't bother ordering his minions as they charged without wait.

The adventures were shocked to see another unit appear before them, but they didn't panic. They reorganized themselves and fought head-on.

"Oi more units have arrived, how many have we been fighting! Damn!" cried out a priest that was trying to heal the tank.

"Just shut up and heal me!" cried out the tank as he was trying to suppress the incoming waves of Skeletons.

"I am gaining too much agro!" cried the priest, while a hunter behind him was shooting arrows left and right.

They were disorganized and messy, they were low-level adventures that went too deep in the tomb area. And the huge amount of skeletons was not that surprising for them.

Btu their teamwork was a mess, the tank couldn't hold the aggro and was OT immediately by the priest, the skeletons ignored the tank and charged at the priest.

{Anchor hall!}casted the tank, but only managed to pull one Skeleton to him. Three more moved forward and attacked the priest

"God damned noob tank you can't even hold the agro!" cried out the priest as he spammed healing spells to attack the skeletons.

With the priest compromised, the tank began losing more Hp, and the archer was forced to retreat.

This was the best chance for Dave.

He moved forward and attacked the priest while ignoring the Tank.

Agro and threat value only affects Monsters, Dave was a human and no matter what agro skills were used on him he could shrug them off and attack at his leisure.

The three skeletons that approached the priest have shackled thanks to the archer's skill {Binding arrows} it sends a voly of arrows with ropes that could snare enemies and stop them. Dave Noticed the skill being cast and dodged to the right.

This scene stunned the archer, but he didn't think much about it. as more skeletons were encircling him.

Dave then attacked the priest from behind

[-690!] a huge damage value appeared. This was a critical strike!

Dave's damage value increased thanks to his high state. But the priest didn't have a single item that increased his defense

Compared to what the Abyssal knights attack damage could deal, this was negligible. However, for these players of level 15-20, this amount petrified them! How could a mere skeleton damage be this high?

It was rather simple.

Though dave's weapon was just a training sword, he had a lot of stat bonus compared to these players. Furthermore, he had a set equipment that gave him a huge advantage. Furthermore. He had increased his strength by 40 points. Due to this his base damage value was from 315-325 (His weapon was powered by both his agility and his strength value.) with the +40 strength it was from 355-365. And as it landed a critical hit the damage was doubled.

The priest didn't have any defense reduction equipment and so he received a huge amount of damage. Due to him having been damaged by other skeletons.

and his already low Hp points, he was instantly killed by Dave.

You have killed a player

+10 contribution points.

Dave was surprised to see the notification, and glee filled his face. Killing other players granted him the chance to gain more contribution points.

So he aimed at the tank, the hunter would easily be able to kite Dave and he didn't wish for that. He just turned around and struck down at the tank.

[-120] a damage value appeared before Dave

Due to this attack not being a critical, the damage was low compared to what happened to the priest. Also, the tank had a bit of damage reduction on him so it was much lower than the basic damage of dave's weapon. but still, even ants could kill humans if there were too many of them.

The tank had no chance to retreat as he was surrounded by several skeletons and they all attacked at the same time.

However, Dave was not going to miss his chance at landing the final hit. He calculated that the Tank's Hp was about 20% and each hit from the skeletons would deal about 1% of his remaining Hp.

Dave could deal about 5% with one hit

this meant that the tank had about 2400 hp left. This stunned Dave, why would this tank have this much Hp? This would mean that he had about 12 000 Max Hp. A level 20 player had more Hp than Dave?

He didn't really bother thinking about it for the moment but he decided to continue with his attacks.

The moment the tank had about 4% Hp. Dave finished him off gaining another 10 contribution points.

Turning around to look at the hunter, he found out that he was already killed off.

Dave sighed as he was unable to take down the last hunter but didn't worry about it. he already got 20 contribution points, and once he finishes the quest he will have a total of 30. That was enough.

You have successfully completed your first mission

+10 contribution points

you have lost only 1 member of your unit.

+9 contribution points.

total contribution points: 39.

This appeared before Dave and he was gleeful at the bonuses, it seems that the less unites he lose the more contribution points he receives. This was rather nice, reaching Elite skeleton rank would not be that hard, at most two more mission like these and he will be able to rank up.

Dave found himself back at the giant courtyard before the giant palace.

You have finished your first mission.

your next mission will start soon

you can refuse or accept it.

(Refusing a mission will cost you 10 contribution points)

Dave then understood something, this was to help players who wished to stop the quest temporarily, they shouldn't be forced to do a mission after another. People have biological needs. Sleep food and others. Doing a non-stop quest like this to reach the top in one sitting is impossible.

So dave decided to stop for the moment. It was hard on Dave, he has been playing for almost two days game time and that was about 16 hours real life.

Dave logged out and went to fetch some food, this quest needs patience and a long time to complete. Reaching 1 000 000 contribution points is not easy and will take a lot of time to accomplish, so Dave was not in a hurry.

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