Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter 17 Urgent Assembly!

Dave went back to the game and found himself back at the same spot where he left. He was interested in the palace in the far distance so he began moving forward. Most of the undead didn't even bother as he passes by them pushing them to the side. A skeleton even dropped his head and began searching for it.

It was quite the comical scene, But Dave felt a bit guilty as he picked up the skeleton's head. The deep blue shining eyes gave Dave the creeps but he didn't mind as he handed the skeleton his head back.

It took it and placed it back, twisting the bone a bit until it clicked then it clacked its jaws, thanking Dave probably or cursing him for his carelessness.

Dave approached the palace but was soon stopped by some sort of barrier.

Dave was surprised for a moment then a notification popped up

You need to be rank

[Elite Skeleton]

to proceed forward

Dave understood that to get closer to the palace he needs to accomplish more missions.

You have been reassigned to unit 22 255!

You will be teleported to the western region's graveyard.

Follow the leader and achieve your goal.

Mission N2

Kill the players that are invading the graveyard.

Reward 10 contribution points once successful.

Achieving some hidden requirements can award bonus Contribution points.

It seems that Dave has been reassigned to the same party of skeletons. He was teleported back to the same graveyard and was waiting for the Elite skeleton to lead them to the targeted area.

Dave had now just about 29 contribution points, with 10 of them educated due to his need to leave the game yesterday. He was not bothered by it, his contribution income is higher than what he loses once he leaves the game. And yesterday he only managed to accomplish one quest and it was not that difficult.

This day, surprisingly it was the same party from yesterday that attacked.however, this time they had an additional member. They were already engaged in a fight with several skeletons, but the additional party member was a beast tamer. He had a gray wolf by his side that would attack the skeletons and pulls some of their aggro, reducing the damage to the enemy and increasing the party's DPS.

Beast tamers are casters, they are like druids, they use animals and can use both a bow or a staff to cast magic or shoot arrows, they are not a specialized class like a ranger or a hunter. However, they have lower damage outputs and are deprived of the powerful skills of the ranger and hunter classes.

Yet in the whole game, they are the only class that could fight 2v1.

Now the party had about 5 members.

The fight was almost over when the new unit came.

The Elite skeleton ordered the normal units to attack and encircle them. However, they are dumbly pulled over due to the Threat level of the Tanker and ignored the backline.

Dave was not in a hurry as he knew the moment he was going to attack the backline he will be killed. Those guys might be lower level than Dave, but due to them being too many Dave would probably die in mere moments.

With the support from the new batch of skeletons, the Tank found it hard to take all of their combined attacks alone

The beast tamer used his wolf to pull some of the aggro while the ranger from yesterday attacked with an AoE skill that slowed them {Binding Arrow} Dave didn't intend on being hit with that skill so he was first to react and moved sideways

The ranger squinted his eyes at the anomaly something like this happened yesterday…

Dave didn't attack the priest first, he knew that he came prepared this time, the Priest was at the far end of the fighting ground. He was hidden behind his teammates and would heal them from max range.

Dave hacked away at the Tank in front of him and did his best to look 'normal'. He was waiting for a chance.

"Hey, back down, my Mp is almost over, get the wolf to tank for you!" said the priest.

And the chance that Dave waited for came rather soon.

Dave instantly charged at the priest and hacked down with his sword


"Fucking hell! Why can't you get a hold of the aggro you god damned retarded tank!" cried out the priest, he almost died.

Yet before he could heal himself he panicked as his Mp bar was empty!

Another hack from Dave's sword ended the priest's life.

The ranger panicked and attacked Dave


"Huh?" the ranger was shocked. A 0 damage value? How come? Skeletons are not supposed to have any damage reduction. At least not low-level one

Even the elite captain should barely have enough damage reduction points… and a 0 damage value should not appear.

Dave was surprised, then he grinned, he now understood why the tank from yesterday had more Hp than him. Dave wore equipment that had a good amount of damage reduction, while the Tank probably wore items that gave a lot of Hp. A good tank must have a good balance between Hp/defense, relying on one of them is bound to get the tank killed.

Dave then went ballistic. He charged at the Hunter that tried to shoot at him with his bow. However, Dave would hack away at him without mercy.



Dave would land heavy hits while the ranger could not even deal a single point of damage.

The Tank was angered then he used {Anchor Hall} yet to no avail, no. the strange looking skeleton didn't even hesitate, nor did he bother with turning around. He charged at the hunter and gave him another hit.

[-400] this hit killed the ranger

Dave turned around and attacked the Beast Tamer. Yet before he would reach, the wolf appeared before him, Dave knew that if he was to waste time with the wolf the Beast tamer might escape.

{Destructive Smash!}

[ -165]

Dave stunned the wolf and ignored it, it would be stunned for one second but that was more than enough.

Dave struck down at the beast tamer and he almost saw the netherworld


The wolf was awakened from his stun but, before he could attack Dave, its master crumbled down once dave struck him with another hit. Forcing both the wolf and the beast tamer to disappear from the place.

"Fucking hell! Is this a hidden boss? Why is it hitting this hard! Shit!" cursed the Tanker.

Dave noticed that the tank's hp was at the critical levels and if he didn't attack first, he might lose the kill. So dave charged forward and struck down with all his might, managing to end the tank's life with a single hit.

"Whow! That was close. I almost lost a kill there" said Dave with a grin.

You have managed to land the killing strike on all the targets.

+20 contribution points.

+10 contribution point for perfect survival

+40 contribution point for killing 4 players.

total contribution points

99 (29+40+10+20)

Dave was stunned, only two missions and he was one step closer to being able to rank up.

However, there was something that bothered Dave, even after he killed the players, he never received any EXP points, nor did he get tagged with an aggressor Tag or receive any drops from them. That was rather unfortunate. How was he going to gain enough experience points to level up? This quest was restraining him, but he didn't believe that the AI would forget something like this.

The mission ended and a light beam shone all over the remaining skeletons. They were teleported back to the palace's courtyard.

Yet before Dave could even rest.

Urgent assembly!

The Captain of unit 2100 has annexed your unit's Elit captain in order to aid them facing invaders.

achieving victory is rewarded with 50 contribution points.

Do you accept?

(Refusing will cost you 50 contribution points)

"Ah, fucking hell! The system is exploiting me!" Dave roared.

If a Captain skeleton had summoned him, this means that they will be fighting something strong.

refusing was out of the question, this would waste a lot of Dave's contribution points. So he disgruntedly accepted.

Once he accepted he was teleported to a strange place. It was not a graveyard, but it was some sort of ancient tomb.

Dave looked at the map and discovered that he was at the far end of the map. This is the Devastator's region! This is where one of the most powerful guilds in the game have occupied… and it is close to a high-level dungeon of theirs. They have a huge number of elite players that could single-handedly deal with an entire platoon of skeletons. What the heck? Dave would really die here if any of the high leveled members of the Devastators appeared here.

Your mission is to halt the advance of the incoming enemies.

survive for 5 minutes.

Dave looked around and saw that his small platoon was just a small portion under the command of the skeleton captain. He was tasked with winning this small war. Several dozens of players were before them, they had a leisurely look on their face as if this was nothing but a stroll for them.

Their levels were from 100 to 200 apparently.

Dave's heart sank, he won't be able to deal a single digit of damage to these people. They are too high level for him!

You have been blessed with the aura of Leadership

Under A leader, you will not face the damage restriction and reduction of the system unless your leader is lower level than his enemy.

Skeleton captain's level 150.

Dave gave a sigh of relief, at least he should be able to damage them. But the moment he thought of that, his face sank once more. How can he damage other players with a level 1 apprentice sword! That was absurd!

But his mission was not to defeat his enemies but to survive.

The party of about 30 charged at the enemies as the skeletons faced, them. It would take just two to three hits for the skeletons to die. It was not a fight, but it was a massacre. These poor skeletons were thrown into a meat grinder. Or bone grinder in this case. They would be unable to deal any sort of damage, and even the skeleton captain was much lower level than the enemies.

This fight would certainly end up in Dave being killed

Dave didn't act the brave hero and attacked, he knew that he will be instantly killed. So he held back and remained all the way next to the skeleton Captain who was wearing broken silver shining armor.

The skeleton Captain didn't move or even bothered with correcting Dave's behavior. He just looked strictly forward.

Once two-thirds of the battling force were eliminated. The Skeleton captain charged forward and attacked the first players.

However, sadly he was destroyed in less than a minute though they took a long time in bringing him down, due to his nature as a (leader).

that was not enough for the mission to complete.

The Squad leader has been killed.

The Next in command has taken his place, keep on fighting!

Skeleton elite of platoon 22225 is the current Squad leader.

The new Squad leader has gained the buff, Leadership!

"God damn it, cried out Dave." Leadership was a buff that is only worth its value when a high level NPC had it. now that the platoon leader of Dave's team has it, it was no different from fighting without it. the elite skeleton was much lower level than the guys fighting them.

Looking around every one of the elite leaders has been eliminated. Only Dave's platoon leader remained, he took in command and used the remaining undead to charge forward.

What a waste of skeletons though Dave.

He began moving backward looking at the place where he was. It was an old tomb with various entrances and exits, it was surrounded by a small broken wall and a monastery of sorts was behind Dave. This was probably a dungeon.

Skeleton elite of platoon 22225 has been killed.

the next in command has taken his place

Death Stroke has the most contribution points. Death stroke has been assigned the role of Leader.

"Huh?" Dave was shocked. Me leader? Over these bunch of cannon fodder? His heart winced.

Then a strange thing happened, it was like if his mind was connected to every single one of them, it was a bit irritating at first, but he instantly knew what to do.

"Fall back! Every one of you, disperse don't fight and retreat," Dave gave the command.

Normally the undead will never stop attacking until they die, however with the order of a leader they had to follow. And so they dispersed in all directions.

This was something the adventurer party did not expect. The skeletons that were charging like chickens to the slaughterhouse began retreating and at an incredible speed.

There was about twenty skeletons left, Dave used his connection to disperse them to create a sort of chaos. He needed to survive for 5 minutes, and if these skeletons survive he will be able to go back to the world of the Dead.

The adventure party awoke from their wired state and began to give chase.

They also split apart to take down the skeletons, while Dave got closer to the monastery's door.

An adventurer was chasing after him, simply put, he had a small golden crown over his head.

this meant that he was the current leader.

Dave escaped to the inside of the monastery and went through the corridors.

The chain adventure felt stunned, why the hell would a monster escape once a player enters their aggro range, he was sure he was about 30 meters from the escaping skeleton.

His rusted iron armor made him distinguished from the remaining skeletons but that was it, this was a low-level skeleton he would be killed with but a hit.

Yet he was escaping, this made the adventure feel a bit irritated at having to waste effort to chase down a low-level skeleton.

Once Dave was deep inside the monastery there were a couple of monsters lurking around, mainly ints. These were low-level slave demons. However, they have huge attack power once they combine their strength. Thankfully they had a green name tag and dave ran past them without the wait.

The adventurer had to fight some of them to chase after the leader.

A few moments later, the adventurer caught up. But Dave gave him a smirk as he disappeared from view.

The time for the quest has ended, and Dave managed to survive until the end.

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