Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 466 - Wife-Chasing Chaos

Chapter 466: Wife-Chasing Chaos

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“Oh, why did you come to our house? I already understand what happened between you and my daughter. Why do you have to put on such a show? !”

Jing Yu had just knocked on the Jiang family’s door when Jiang Meng’s mother said sarcastically.

Jiang Meng’s mother was not in a hurry to open the door. She even threw the melon seeds she spat out at the door as if she did not welcome Jing Yu’s arrival.

“Auntie, I heard that Jiang Meng has a bad cold. We opened a medicine store and specially brought some medicine for a bad cold, as well as some tonic for the body. Please accept these as a token of my goodwill!”

Jing Yu saw that the other party was unwilling to open the door, so he placed these gifts on a big rock at the door.

Jiang Meng heard Jing Yu’s voice in the room and quickly wanted to get out of bed and run to the door to open it for him.

However, just as her foot touched the slippers, she stretched it back.

‘Jiang Meng, can’t you be a better person?!’

‘He only came to greet you as a friend, and you rushed to her like a son!’

Jiang Meng controlled the urge to run to the door right now. She pricked her ears and listened to the scene outside the window.

“Our Jiang family can’t afford to keep these things of yours. As the saying goes, no merit, no reward. Our two families have nothing to do with each other anymore. After your mother died, you don’t have to find a fake girlfriend to fool her. Now that you’ve used our Mengmeng, you’ve kicked her aside. Our Jiang family doesn’t want to have anything to do with a person like you anymore!”

Jing Yu wanted to explain, but even if he did, what was the point? He was just adding to Jiang Meng’s worries. He silently admitted that he was a heartless man and stood at the door without saying a word!

“Mom, don’t misunderstand him. This isn’t what happened!”

Jiang Meng could not sit still anymore. She put on a pair of shoes and ran out. She could not stand anyone slandering Jing Yu.

“Why are you so stubborn? Didn’t you catch a bad cold? Why didn’t you rest in the room? Why did you run out? Your condition will get worse!”

Jiang Meng was not actually sick. It was just that she had locked herself in the room that day, and her eyes were so swollen that they looked like walnuts. After a few days, she would be fine.

However, Jiang Meng’s mother hoped that she could have someone to rely on in the future, so she kept urging her to attend the blind date parties. She even said that she had found a few good candidates for Jiang Meng.

However, there was someone in her heart, so how could she let go of other people? Even if she had to make do with someone else, it would still be unfair to that person!

Jiang Meng could only use her old tricks and continue to rely on feigning illness to avoid the blind dates!

“I’m relieved to see that you’re fine. I picked the best tonic from the store and brought them here. You must accept them!”

Jing Yu felt a lump in his throat. He did not understand why he was so sad. Looking at Jiang Meng’s familiar face, he actually felt a sense of loss!

Jing Yu turned around and left the Jiang family. His legs were as heavy as lead on the way, and every step required a lot of strength.

He actually wanted to hear a voice urging him to stay behind, but there was no voice. There was only the Jiang family’s mother urging him again and again!

“Hurry up and go in. Don’t catch a cold. Tomorrow, go to Qinglai Restaurant for a blind date. Hurry up and settle your marriage. When that time comes, I can die in peace!”

“Why are you talking about death? Who would say such disheartening words!”

“I don’t care. Anyway, you have to go on a blind date for me. If you don’t go on a blind date and can’t find a stable boyfriend, I’ll crash my head to death.”

Behind him, only the voices of Jiang Meng’s mother and Jiang Meng ridiculing each other could be heard.

After Jing Yu returned to the pharmacy, he did not pay any attention to the staff greeting him. He walked straight to the second floor of the pharmacy of the Jing family and returned to his own room. He threw himself onto the soft bed and fell asleep immediately.


Really tired!

Perhaps he could only use sleep to escape from what he was facing now. Jing Yu could not admit that he had fallen in love with Jiang Meng, because he had never thought that he would fall in love with this woman!

Although humans were high-level animals and they could control many things, emotions were never under the control of humans themselves.

The heart would fall in love unconsciously, and after that, it could only sink deeper and deeper.

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