Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 465 - Absent-Minded

Chapter 465: Absent-Minded

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The next day, Jing Yu still had a lot of things that had not been properly handled, but he still came to school.

The teachers in the school also knew about his family situation and instructed him to finish his family’s matters first before coming to school to study. Jing Yu’s academic results were witnessed by all the teachers of various subjects. As long as he had a little tutoring, he could still catch up with the progress of the class as a whole.

However, Jing Yu still came. Now, he did not understand why he came to school, but his inner thoughts told him that he should come to school!

Jiang Meng took a leave of absence. The two of them once again missed out on each other by accident in school!

There were two or three girls in the class who were particularly close with Jiang Meng. During class breaks, they would discuss her movements.

Jing Yu pricked up his ears to listen.

“Mengmeng is really pitiful. I heard that Uncle Jiang, who came to ask for leave this time, said that she was very sick.”

“Let’s go and see her tonight after school! Don’t worry, she might be faking her illness. I heard that Aunt Jiang has started to arrange blind dates for her again. Previously, when she didn’t want to go on blind dates, so she often faked her illness!”

Another girl added.

Arranging blind dates?!

Jing Yu did not expect what Jiang Meng said to be true. If she could not find a boyfriend that satisfied her parents with her own abilities, then she would be trapped in endless blind dates.

Jing Yu did not know why, but his heart was filled with anxiety! He was even a little worried that Jiang Meng was really sick. He was thinking if he should bring the herbs from the pharmacy to visit her after school.

Jing Yu had something on his mind, so how could he listen to the teacher’s lecture at school? It was only two classes. During the lunch break in the afternoon, Jing Yu found the teacher again and asked to leave!

“You don’t have to worry. If anything big happens at school, I’ll ask my classmates to inform you. You can deal with the family matters first.”

The teacher-in-charge was also an open-minded person. It was not the best policy to gather the students in the school to study.

“Okay, thank you, teacher.”

Jing Yu packed his bag briefly and rushed back to the pharmacy. However, as soon as he entered the pharmacy, he found Uncle De had been waiting there for a long time.

“Boss Jing, Boss Huang from the raw material supply store on East Street has been waiting for you for a long time. I hope you can discuss the raw material supply next quarter.” Uncle De started talking about business matters.

“I have other matters to attend to now, so I can’t go to see Boss Huang. I’ll leave this matter to you,” Jing Yu instructed.

“Boss Jing! It’s not that I don’t want to help you solve this matter. Boss Huang has always been difficult to communicate with. He has a contract with us, so he has to meet with you to discuss this matter. Especially since we don’t plan to order raw materials from him in the next quarter, he’s also very anxious. Naturally, he won’t be willing to lose such a big customer like us.”

Uncle De opened and closed his mouth, talking about the pros and cons of this matter as well as the thorny difficulty.

“Then you continue to sign the contract with that boss Huang. We’ll also order from him for the next quarter. I really have very, very important things to do right now. Don’t bother me with these things for the time being!”

Jing Yu said this to Uncle De, and even more so to the other employees in the Jing Family Pharmacy.

“Oh right, Uncle De, you can understand these things if you often give gifts. You can grab some medicine from our pharmacy to treat a serious cold. Help me prepare a few boxes of Cordyceps and Ganoderma and wrap them up.”

Jing Yu anxiously explained while he ran upstairs to his room. He took off the school uniform and changed into the clothes he usually wore.

“Okay, Boss Jing. However, you don’t have any other job that’s more urgent than facing boss Huang. Could it be that something big happen to one of the stores?”

Uncle De asked while packing up the Chinese herbal medicine.

“This has nothing to do with the stores. It’s completely my personal matter. Sorry to trouble you all!”

Jing Yu took the packaged medicine from Uncle De’s hand and walked out of the door of the Jing Family Pharmacy in a hurry.

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