Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 464 - Jing Yu’s Heartlessness

Chapter 464: Jing Yu’s Heartlessness

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Ever since the self-admission examination, the days that Jing Yu had gone to school could be counted on one’s fingers. On one hand, he was still immersed in the sadness of his mother’s departure. On the other hand, Yun Xi was planning to go to the city to develop. These shops in the county needed to be sold urgently and then cashed in.

However, he still had to keep some. After all, Jing Yu could not participate in the self-admission examination on time this year. He could only keep his hope until next year, so he still had to keep the pharmacy to continue operating.

Yun Xi went to the city to get some experience first. Chen Li and Yun Shan still had to stay in their hometown. They also had a job if they kept the pharmacy.

Jing Yu did not come to school, so the person who was most worried was none other than Jiang Meng.

After school, Jiang Meng did not even go home. She went straight to the Jing family’s pharmacy.

“I knew you were in the pharmacy. You haven’t come to school for a few days. I’m really worried about you!”

Jiang Meng scanned the person in front of her with her eyes as she spoke. Jing Yu looked a little haggard, but he did not suffer any external injuries.

“I’m fine. Thank you for your concern.”

Jing Yu’s tone was a little distant, but there were a lot of mixed feelings in his eyes.

“I know that your mother’s departure was a huge blow to you. Jing Ning went to another city to attend dance training. Now, you’re the only one left in the entire family. My mother thinks that the two of us can get engaged first so that you can live in our house legally. My mother is afraid that you won’t be able to take care of yourself alone. She can also help you take care of three meals a day and your daily life.”

In fact, Jiang Meng’s mother had been talking about this for a long time. However, Jiang Meng knew that the relationship between the two of them was actually fake. She could only keep it a secret from each other. Now that she saw how Haggard this man looked, she thought about it and decided to say it out loud.

“I really won’t think about these things right now. Besides, our relationship was fake in the first place. It was to help you get past the blind date that your mother arranged for you! Now that I’ve done my best, you should find a chance to tell your mother the truth!”

There was no emotion in Jing Yu’s tone, but Jiang Meng’s eyes were red with each word.

She knew Jing Yu had no feelings for her, but she had never thought that he would reject her so cleanly.


Jiang Meng still wanted to say something, but when she saw Jing Yu’s eyes, she could not say a word.

“I know. I won’t bother you anymore. I wish you all the best in the future!”

After Jiang Meng said that, she turned around and left the pharmacy without looking back. She might never come back to this place again!

Jing Yu also had his back against Jiang Meng, but his heart seemed to be gripped tightly by something. Why was the air pressure so low today? It made people feel a little suffocated and unable to breathe.

After Jiang Meng returned home, Jiang Meng’s mother quickly surrounded her.

“Why did you come back so late? Where did you go after school? Why are you in such a sorry state?” Jiang Meng’s mother asked incessantly.

“I went to the Jing family’s pharmacy, so I came back late,” Jiang Meng explained.

“So you went there. Why didn’t you stay a little longer before coming back? And did you mention what I said to you last time to Jing Yu? This child is alone now. It’s not easy. Let him live with us. We can take care of him!”

Jiang Meng heard her mother continue to say this, and all her grievances surged up. She squatted on the ground and wailed loudly.

“You child, what’s wrong? Why are you so different today?” Jiang Meng’s mother was a little confused. She didn’t understand why her daughter suddenly broke down and wailed loudly.

“Actually, I’ve been lying to you. Jing Yu and I are not boyfriend and girlfriend at all. Today, I went to the Jing family’s pharmacy to tell him about this matter. Don’t mention this matter again in the future. We don’t interfere with each other’s business!”

Jiang Meng sobbed as she finished talking about this matter. Then, she locked herself in her room without looking back.

“You little girl, how dare you to lie to me? Since you have nothing to do with that kid, you should go on a blind date for me on the weekends as usual.Finding a home is the most important thing for a girl. Don’t spend all your time thinking about becoming a dancer…”

Jiang Meng’s mother was still chattering outside the room. She was more concerned about whether her daughter would be able to find a rich husband than she was concerned about whether her daughter was hurt in love!

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