Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 467 - Go to the City

Chapter 467: Go to the City

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“Alright, bring a few more clothes. Be careful on the road!”

After Yun Xi was forced to take a vacation, it was already the seventh day she had been lying at home. She had already been to all the places she should have been, and her other friends were not on vacation either, so she was bored at home by herself.

During these seven days, Yun Xi made a trip to the construction site where Zhou Lin was working. However, due to the poor security conditions nearby, Zhou Lin forcefully sent her away.

Fortunately, the work content for this period was about to be completed. The next thing to happen was the problem of the developers. There was no need to waste the military personnel of the country to continue staying there to help supervise the construction. Zhou Lin’s mission was also over.

Zhou Lin received a letter from his grandfather. His grandfather was very happy when he heard that Yun Xi had been admitted to the city’s self-admission university. He wanted to invite Yun Xi to the city for a few days and hold a banquet to celebrate her furthering her studies.

Zhou Lin was naturally willing. It was too boring for Yun Xi to stay at home, so he also agreed to bring her to the city for a trip.

The last time he went was in winter! Winter was too cold and desolate, and there was no place for entertainment. Summer was still the best. People were out and about, and there were more delicious and fun things to eat!

After Yun Xi packed her luggage, she prepared to ride Zhou Lin’s military jeep back to the Zhou family’s old residence. Chen Li helped to pack up as well, and as she did so, she gave her instructions.

As expected, the mother would always be worried the child was away!

No matter how big Yun Xi was, Chen Li was still worried that she would not be able to live on her own outside!

“Enough! You mother and daughter shouldn’t be so reluctant to part with each other here. The child is already so old. She must be able to take care of herself. Moreover, this time we’re going to Old Master Zhou’s house. Whatever is missing, it will definitely be arranged properly. You don’t have to worry. Look, the people outside have been waiting for a long time. Let’s hurry up and let them pass!”

Yun Shan said in a teasing and comforting tone.

“I’m leaving!”

Yun Xi waved goodbye to her family members and then entered Zhou Lin’s military jeep.

Zhou Lin drove the jeep personally, while Qin Hai and the others squeezed into a car at the back.

This was deliberately arranged by Zhou Lin so that no one would come to destroy their two-person world. They could even exchange sweet words on the way. If there was anyone else behind them, this thin-skinned Yun Xi would definitely not be willing.

“Scram that way, don’t squeeze me so hard…”

“Why should I go that way? If I were to move any further, I would have flown out of the car.”

Qin Hai’s grumbling came from a car behind them.

Soldiers like them were usually not fat. The muscles on one of the lower legs were especially well-developed. When these men were squeezed together, it was inevitable that they would feel as uncomfortable.

Especially now that it was summer, the contact between skin and skin was more likely to produce high temperatures, causing the group of men behind them to complain incessantly.

“Our captain is really… In order to be able to flirt with his little girlfriend, he let us squeeze in the same car! He usually destroys us in the army, but now he wants to destroy us on official business! This is really unreasonable!”

Qin Hai changed the topic to Zhou Lin again, blaming him for being so ruthless since he had Yun Xi.

“Alright, just complain quietly. Otherwise, if our captain hears it, he will definitely continue to give you extra training when he comes back!”

Another person finally understood their captain’s character. Even if their complaints were heard by their future sister-in-law, it would not change anything. Perhaps the captain would hold a grudge and arrange more difficult training for them when they returned!

Therefore, they had no choice but to lower their heads under the eaves. They still had to submit to their captain’s tyranny!

After driving for six and a half hours, they finally arrived at the Zhou family’s old residence.

Old Master Zhou had already prepared to welcome his future daughter-in-law at the door. This time, the room arrangement was the same as before. Yun Xi slept in Zhou Lin’s room, while Zhou Lin slept in Zhou Mo’s room.

The family ate a happy dinner. Old Master Zhou took his medicine in the living room with the help of the nanny and returned to his room early to rest.

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