Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 339 - Human Trafficking    

Chapter 339: Human Trafficking

“What are you thinking about? After all, she has the blood of our Yun family. I won’t kill her. However, we have a situation where a girl goes missing every few years. Then why can’t this girl be Yun Xi?”

Yun Gang revealed a sinister smile.

“That’s right. We can sell her to Aunt Mei who does human trafficking. As long as this wretched girl is dragged into the ravine, she will never be able to come back. When the time comes, we’ll just refuse to admit that we did it and that she got lost on her own. If the police don’t have any evidence, they won’t do anything else to us.”

When Liu Fang heard Yun Gang’s suggestion, she also agreed in her heart. After all, she also wanted to sell Yun Xi.

Yun Xi was so young, but she was already so powerful. When she grew up, she would suppress them, right?

“Then this matter is settled. I’ll do it right away. This time, I’ll definitely make her suffer!” Yun Gang smiled sinisterly.

Due to his gambling, Yun Gang also met some people who were involved in the underworld. Aunt Mei, the human trafficker, was one of the people he met in the gambling den. He also took Liu Fang’s pair of gold earrings and sold them at the place where the gold was recycled.

After all, how could there be no bait for the fish to take the bait? The husband and wife still had to put on an act and scrape together this 50 yuan.

“Hey, hey, this is really a treasure. I haven’t seen such a beautiful little girl in so many years. It would be a pity to sell such a good to the ravines. We should sell her to those wealthy families and raise her like a canary.”

Aunt Mei looked at the photo of Yun Xi and had already thought of the price of this young lady.

Such beautiful skin, such beautiful facial features, and such a beautiful face. If she were to sell it to a rich family’s descendant, she would definitely be able to live a good life.

“Alright, I’ll listen to your arrangements for everything.”

Yun Gang did not care about whom she would sell Yun Xi to. He just wanted to get rid of this thorn in his side through the hands of others.

“Don’t worry. I will definitely sell such a good item for a lot of money. When the time comes, there will be a lot of benefits as well. For both of you, as long as you help me coordinate well and kidnap this girl, it will be fine.”

Aunt Mei patted Yun Gang’s shoulder in satisfaction.

After returning home, Ma Yan became the person who was the most surprised.

“Big brother, are you willing to fork out this 50 yuan? Didn’t sister-in-law just say that it’s more difficult at home?!”

Ma Yan was also a shrewd person. Thinking that their family was unwilling to fork out the money, she agreed with them.

Yun Gang’s family was the most selfish and very stingy. As long as she stood firmly on their side, she definitely did not need to fork out this 50 yuan. However, Yun Gang actually slapped the 50 yuan onto the Old Madam’s table, causing Ma Yan to not know what to do.

“Although our family isn’t having an easy time, we should still take out the money that should be taken out. After all, this money wasn’t spent on other things. It was used to treat our father’s illness. Thinking about how Yun Shan’s family had taken care of our father for a very long time, I even bought a fish so that my third brother and his family could eat something good. It’s all your sister-in-law’s fault for not explaining it clearly. It turns out that only my eldest niece has returned. My third brother and the others haven’t returned.”

Yun Gang made it seem like the relationship between the two families was great. Yun Xi felt that there must be something fishy going on. The two of them in this big house might have some bad intentions in their hearts.

“Since we’ve already bought this fish, why don’t niece and mother stay at home for dinner? It can be considered as us doing our best here.”


Yun Xi really wanted to refuse, but she did not expect the Old Madam to agree. After all, she was only a junior. Seeing that the Old Madam had agreed, she could only accompany her here. However, her eyelids kept twitching, and she kept feeling that something bad was going to happen.

This kind of situation could only be resolved when the time came.

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