Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 340 - Yun Lang Was Gone  

Chapter 340: Yun Lang Was Gone

Liu Fang was busy cooking fish. Ma Yan saw that Yun Gang’s family had also taken out the money, so she reluctantly went to the bedroom to find some change and put it together. It was almost 50 yuan.

The Old Madam was naturally happy when she saw the money, so she quickly put the money into her fanny pack.

For dinner, the family sat together to taste the big fish. Liu Fang also made a few vegetarian dishes, barely enough for a table.

“This fish eye is a good thing. Yun Xi, don’t stand on ceremony.”

Liu Fang picked up a piece of the fish eye for Yun Xi, but Yun Xi did not eat it. She didn’t like to eat other people’s saliva, and she was also afraid that there was something else in the fish eye.

“I want to eat fish eye too. I want to eat fish eye too,” Yun Lang shouted.

Yun Xi just happened to put the fish eye in her bowl into Yun Lang’s bowl! Yun Lang then started to eat the fish’s eyes. Yun Xi had been paying attention to Liu Fang’s expression the whole time, but she did not see anything wrong with it. She felt that he might have been overthinking things, right?!

The people from Yun Lin’s family did not say anything and just continued to eat. The part of the fish tail that was close to them had long been reduced to a skeleton.

Yun Xi did not have much of an appetite. She just picked up two pieces of green leafy vegetables and a mouthful of fish meat and finished it. Finally, the Old Madam who had been waiting for the soup finished her meal and set off for home.

Gradually, Yun Xi felt her head become heavy. The Old Madam at the dining table was still eating slowly. The people from Yun Lin’s family had already eaten their fill and returned to their own rooms.

Yun Lang somehow got a small piece of cake and was sitting at the table, tasting it bit by bit.

The last thing Yun Xi saw was Liu Fang’s head falling on the table.

Yun Xi finally sensed that something was wrong. She quickly took out a pill from her space and stuffed it into her mouth. However, she was still a step too late. Before the pill melted in her mouth, Yun Xi had already fainted!

It turned out that in order to not let Yun Xi suspect anything after Liu Fang took a bag of drugs from Aunt Mei, she put the powder into every dish on the table. Therefore, they were prepared for everyone to faint.

The people of Yun Lin’s family ate quickly, and all of them did manual labor, so their physical fitness was relatively good. The reaction time of this kind of this drug in their bodies was also relatively long. When these people returned to the bedroom, they felt dizzy and did not react in time. They directly fell on the bed and went to sleep.

The next morning, as long as everyone returned to their respective places, Yun Gang would insist that Yun Xi was abducted because she went out to play and no one would suspect anything.

Not long after, the sky gradually darkened and there were no more people on the village road at night. Aunt Mei brought two burly men into the Yun family’s courtyard.

“You two, lift them up. Hurry up.”

Aunt Mei gave the two burly men a look. Then the two burly men immediately lifted up Yun Xi who had fainted on the table.

“Big sis, there’s another child here. Should we make a move?”

One of the burly men pointed at Yun Lang who was also unconscious on the chair.

“Looking at this child, he looks about eight or nine years old. If we sell him into the mountains, we should be able to earn some money.”

These human traffickers had long lost their humanity. In their hearts, the only thing that could be measured was money.

“Alright, let’s take this child away too!”

Aunt Mei sized up Yun Lang. He could be considered a good-looking young man and should be very popular.

“Alright, big sister.”

Another burly man carried Yun Lang on his shoulders. The sky became darker and the figures of the five people disappeared into the night.

In the middle of the night, Yun Gang and Liu Fang, as a couple, woke up in advance because they had been prepared. At that time, the night was already dark. Yun Gang could only rely on the light of the flashlight to send the Old Madam into the room first.

“Hubby, it’s not good. Yun Lang is gone too.” Liu Fang saw that the child was also gone, so she hurriedly shouted loudly.

Yun Gang covered her mouth, afraid that she would wake the people from Yun Lin’s family. Fortunately, the people from Yun Lin’s family ate a lot and the drug was quite strong. They had no intention of waking up.

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