Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 338 - Go All Out

Chapter 338: Go All Out

“Yes, yes! You know the situation of our family recently. The house has been occupied by others, and the situation is not as good as second brother’s family. It’s difficult for us to take out 60 yuan at once,” Liu Fang imitated Ma Yan’s appearance and began to say with a grievance.

Yun Xi laughed coldly in her heart.

It was not easy for these two women to act in front of her. Yun Xi thought of Ma Yan acting like she was crying and felt disgusted.

Yun Xi did not reply. She just stood quietly at the side and watched them continue to sing. She accompanied them to finish this bitter scene.

Liu Fang and Ma Yan were used to acting in front of Yun Xi. They were so engrossed in their actions that they did not notice Yun Xi’s expression. Instead, it was the Old Madam who noticed.

The Old Madam had always been biased toward Yung Gang’s family, but at this moment, in order to prevent the Yung Gang’s family from taking out money, she had to also be biased toward Yun Lin’s family.

“You lass, how can you speak to your elders? You are really an uncultured lass. Your aunts have already said that they can’t take out this money now, so why are you forcing them here? After all, the final beneficiary of this money is me. I won’t ask them for this money now. There’s no place for you to speak here!”

The old lady’s words made Yunxi sound like an insensible child, and she even said it righteously.

Liu Fang also took the opportunity to continue the conversation.

“Isn’t that right? What your grandmother said isn’t wrong at all, and you don’t have the right to ask for this 60 yuan now. If you have nothing else to do, then quickly leave this place. Isn’t your grandfather still waiting for his winter clothes?”

“Grandma’s words make no sense at all. Don’t tell me you don’t have to take care of your elders just because your conditions aren’t good? Even if you don’t want to ask them for this money, grandpa said that he wanted these people to take out the money before we left. Even if we deduct grandma’s share of the money, each family would still have to take out 30 yuan. In addition, grandpa’s current medical expenses are quite expensive. It shouldn’t be too much to ask for 50 yuan per family for these two months, right?”

Yun Xi retorted unhurriedly.

The old lady was rendered speechless.

“You should pack up these winter clothes first! Our family head will be back soon. I still have to report to him about taking the money. I’ll give you an answer in a while.”

Liu Fang could only think of a way to stall for time and wait for Yun Gang to come back to settle this matter.

“Hubby, I don’t know what’s wrong with that girl from the third house. This time, when she came back, she actually asked for money from the two of us. She even asked for 50 yuan at once. If it wasn’t for the fact that our house was occupied by someone else, how could we let the Old Madam move to that place to live?”

“Now that Yun Shan’s family doesn’t need to bring back the living expenses. I can’t possibly get any more money from the old lady. I can only bring back some chicken, duck, and fish from their place when I go to the county. I already feel like I’m losing out. Now, even Yun Shan’s family is asking for money from us.”

Yun Gang could not help but frown when he heard his wife’s words.

“Then what is our mother’s attitude?”

Yun Gang had always been at odds with this girl from the third son, so he did not care about her thoughts. Instead, he wanted to know which side the Old Madam was on.

“Of course, this Old Madam is on our side. Just now, when that girl asked for money, she even spoke up for us. Moreover, I told the Old Madam before that we should try our best to get some money from them. Look at this pair of gold earrings. The Old Madam bought them for me with the third brother’s salary.”

As Liu Fang spoke, she also showed off her gold earrings.

Yun Gang was not a fool. He immediately understood the Old Madam’s thoughts. It seemed that the Old Madam still had his family in her heart.

“Isn’t it just the girl from Yun Shan’s family who came back this time? As long as she’s not around, everything will be fine. Why don’t we go all out…”

“This won’t do! We can’t kill people just for this bit of money. If we’re discovered, we’ll have to pay with our lives.”

Although Liu Fang hadn’t studied much and her awareness of the law was relatively weak, she still understood the principle of paying with one’s life.

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