Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 337 - Went Home to Ask for Money  

Chapter 337: Went Home to Ask for Money

Early the next morning, Yun Xi forcefully pulled the Old Madam to sit on the bus back to the village.

At first, the Old Madam refused to go home no matter what, but the real head of the family still had to be the Old Master. Yun Xi used both soft and hard tactics. She told the Old Master that the Old Madam had been in charge of the money, and also said that she would go home to help the Old Master pick up some winter clothes.

When the Old Master heard this, he immediately agreed. The Old Madam did not dare to rashly disobey the Old Master, so she could only reluctantly get on the bus back to the village.

The Old Madam was still angry when she got on the bus, she complained unhappily, “You, this girl, can’t wait for the other two families to have a bad life, can you? Now that we still have enough money to spend, you insist on demanding money from the other two branches. Is this something a junior like you should do?”

Yun Xi laughed coldly. “You’re right. This is indeed not something I should do. However, so much time has passed. You only spent one of your sons’ money. Is this something an elder like you should do?”

Yun Xi’s words choked the Old Madam. The Old Madam wanted to retort, but she did not know where to start.

The car took a few turns and finally stopped in the village. After a turn, the two of them arrived at the door of their house.

“Mom, why are you back?”

Liu Fang was pouring dirty water at the door. When she saw the Old Madam’s figure, she was very surprised.

“I’m here to help the old man pack two pieces of clothes for the winter. The season is about to change, and the weather is getting cold fast.”


The Old Madam only said that she was here to collect winter clothes, but did not say that she was here to collect money, for fear that Liu Fang would be unhappy.

“Aunt, besides coming here to collect some winter clothes, the main purpose of grandma’s return this time is to ask for some living expenses from your family and Yun Lin’s family. Grandpa has been treating his illness for almost three months, and grandma has been in the city for almost two months, but I’ve never seen you come here to deliver living expenses in these two months. Then, we can only come over and take it ourselves.” Yun Xi stood beside the Old Madam, and she said without any courtesy.

Liu Fang was stunned. She had never expected this to be the reason. So the Old Madam actually came home this time to ask for money. Could it be that she favored the third son after only living in the county for two months? Liu Fang’s expression became very ugly.

Just as she entered the courtyard, Yun Xi continued to add.

“In the past, every time our family came back to give the living expenses of the two elders, it was the amount that you both set. Previously, the living expenses that we gave the two elders were 55 yuan a month. Of course, this was also based on the fact that our family’s salary was relatively high.”

“But your family has to at least take out 30 yuan. These two months would be 60 yuan. Please prepare quickly, aunt. We will catch the latest bus back to the county town after we pack up the clothes for the winter. Also, please tell the second aunt about this. I will go and help pack up our clothes for the winter.”

After saying that, Yun Xi ignored Liu Fang’s livid face and walked into the house with the Old Madam.

Liu Fang was so angry that she gritted her teeth. This Yun Xi was simply too much. She had not even said anything yet, but Yun Xi had already made a bunch of comments first.

Liu Fang thought for a long time and finally gritted her teeth and decided that when she returned home, she would discuss it with Yun Gang properly. She could not let Yun Xi pester her here. A man had to come and support the situation. She could not let her take the 60 yuan.

The two of them had just entered the house and had not even packed a few clothes when they saw Ma Yan, the wife of the second son, running over in a huff. Her tears started to fall.

“Yun Xi girl, if you ask our family to take out 60 yuan now, wouldn’t that be killing us? Our family doesn’t have a job in the city like your family, nor do we can we not work in the fields like our big brother. We are just ordinary farmers, how can we earn so much money?”

“Now, the money we have to buy seeds and fertilizer is a debt that hasn’t been paid yet. 60 yuan is the living expenses of our family of four for several months. We really can’t afford so much money now.” Ma Yan sobbed, she looked very pitiful.

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