Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 68

Chapter 68

The third day of the Alchemy Gathering .

When Qin Yu arrived at the Alchemy Mountain, an Ancient Immortal Valley disciple informed him that he wasn’t required to participate today . Once the competition was over, he—along with the first nine—would be taken to cultivate before the Radiant Scarlet Tree for a month .

Once done, the disciple gave him the cold eye, snorted and left, no longer concerned with Qin Yu . If voting took place for who was the current most unwelcome participant, Qin Yu would win it, hands down . Luckily, he became immune to these looks from seeing them so many times along the way .

This must have been the intention of Daoist Wang, being fond of talent . But whether it was because of the Radiant Scarlet Tree, or the Little Blue Lamp that no one knew about, he could only refuse . Thus, his heart was somewhat guilty .

Shaking his head, Qin Yu stepped aside, already content and carefree for not needing to participate . But not for long, since Daoist Wang soon arrived, snorting arrogantly and not sparing him a glance .

Can you not be happy, and don't stand so near . Even if I pretended, it was still hard to fake that I didn't see you .

Qin Yu scratched his nose, then cupped his hands, "Greetings senior Wang, thank you for your care!"

Daoist Wang laughed coldly, "Your direct advancement has nothing to do with me . You're thanking the wrong person . "

Qin Yu was stumped . I haven’t said anything about it, was this a direct confession?

Daoist Wang thought to himself that Qin Yu's enthusiasm was dampened, improving his mood . Thus, he drew his attention towards the third day's test and no longer paid Qin Yu any mind .

The third day of the Alchemy Gathering was still being held on the Alchemy Mountain . But there was a sudden change in rules, refining was to be done on its surface .

The nine who refined the most precious and best quality pill were the winners .

Qin Yu's back was covered in cold sweat . Good thing he didn’t join or—based on the fierce competition— it would have been obvious whether or not he would qualify . In the end, this competition involved Southern Nation and Northern Dynasty's younger generation Alchemists . With more than ten percent being hidden talents .

Truth be told, Qin Yu’s cold sweat wasn’t for nothing, as many participants in this third test—eighty-four—had a skill they were counting on . Today there would be no holding back . The pills refined from using all of their power and skill were bound to be incredible and exquisite .

Daoist Wang grins, "The fourth kid on the front-right ain’t bad, he must be a junior from the Northern Dynasty's Drifting River Sect . He is refining the Foundation Establishment ranked Soul Shrouding Pill, allowing the user's soul to have a shield form around it . Its quality is quite high too, and able to resist a strike from a Golden Core's Divine Sense . "

Daoist Wang kept grinning, "That eighth girl on the center-left is refining a Nine Revolving Golden Pill . Its effect is not as formidable as its name, but disputed to be one of the best among the Foundation Establishment ranked pills . Her skill is rarely seen and it seems she is almost done refining . If this continues, one spot will be hers . "

Daoist Wang is still grinning, "The top guy in the back-right is enveloped in a dark and gloomy aura . Don’t know where he comes from, but his refining skill is incredibly high . The pill he is refining right now should be the early Golden Core ranked, Insane Poison Pill . Hmph, he’s not bad for refining a Golden Core ranked pill at Foundation Establishment realm . "

His gin wasn’t disdainful—but relaxed—pointing out outstanding Alchemists and crucial points . It was unknown for whom he was speaking, but Qin Yu heard it perfectly, feeling as if he was taking advantage of him . How amusing, but Daoist Wang's level in Alchemy was extremely high!

Qin Yu saw a familiar person, the one Daoist Wang pointed as having a dark and gloomy aura . He was the one who yelled five hundred spirit stones when Qi Jiao sold him the sword sheath . Qin Yu didn’t expect him to be a formidable Alchemist . Looking carefully, he found his refining skill strange, but he couldn't say where . One thing was certain though, he was definitely not a good person .

After two hours, the Alchemy Gathering ended . Daoist Wang didn’t say per se, but the people he commented on were all among the nine winners . They revealed their talents and stood out from among several hundred people . They were quite outstanding and had more pride than usual . They might not say much to Qin Yu—who used a back-door—but their eyes did the talking for them, conveying arrogance and contempt .

Zhao Xin was solemn, as he spoke in a heavy voice, "Alchemy Gathering has now ended . There will be someone guiding you to the location of the Radiant Scarlet Tree shortly . Let me remind you, don’t get any ideas and take no chances, or you’ll be buried among corpses!"

The ten people's eyes flashed, eager to go! The ancient Radiant Scarlet Tree created a Domain from the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, where a day was equal to a month of cultivating outside .

Countless people looked on with envy and admiration . If there was anything wrong about this view, it had to do with a certain black-robed guy . An average guy who used his dogshit luck to pass the first test suddenly has a spot . Truly ridiculous .

"Ancient Immortal Valley was somewhat unfair in today's choosing!"

"Even if you say that all of this was provided by Ancient Immortal Valley . So even if they reserved a spot it was still acceptable . "

"For precisely this reason is the situation so peaceful, or how could the participants agree to it?"

"This Qin Yu kid is so damn lucky!"

The discussion was heating up, not loud, but enough to be clearly heard by the cultivators' ears .

Many of the nine winners looked with increased coldness and disdain .

Qin Yu lowered his head, appearing oblivious . Since he obtained real benefits, there was no need to provoke the crowd .

Two Golden Core cultivators flew over, exchanging greetings with Zhao Xin . They seemed to have a grudge with Daoist Wang and ignored him .

"Keep up!"

The two of them were about to leave .

The sky rumbled suddenly, as clouds gathered and turned it darker . A pitch-black and enormous arm came crashing down, with the demonic energy on its black scales surging wildly .

The two Golden Cores in midair had their cold and arrogant expressions vanish as they let out a miserable cry and sent flying like a kite without strings .

The ground quaked as seven pillars of light charged at the sky, forming the Big Dipper . Then a golden colored Eight Trigrams appeared, meeting the pitch-black enormous arm . A staggering thundering sound ruptured the sky, making many cultivators groaned and paled, while the weaker ones had blood flowing out of their mouth and nose .

Three figures appeared with a whoosh high in the sky, flooding it with demonic energy . All of their auras were domineering, shaking the people's very souls .

Nascent Soul demonic cultivator, and three of them!

"You've overstepped your bounds Ancient Immortal Valley, to dare stop my Demonic Faction's might . Today, your blood will flow over a thousand miles as not even a dog will be spared!"

Supported by his powerful cultivation, the words came crashing down on the Ancient Immortal Valley .

The three Demonic Faction's Nascent Souls lifted their arm and pushed down at the same time .

The pitch-black enormous arm exploded with power, shaking the golden colored Eight Trigrams . Cracks began to appear one by one, close to collapsing .

"Hmph, since when was Ancient Immortal Valley a place where you can do what you like!" A silver-haired old man showed himself, his clothes fluttering from the intense power . He was the one who stopped the Blue Winged Ants that day .

He began making hand gestures, and a flying sword pierced the sky, then landed in his palm . He raised a finger at the heavens .

Sounds could be heard as the sword cut through the sky!

Innumerable sword images appeared—thousands, tens of thousands—whistling all over like a river .

The golden colored Eight Trigrams broke apart and the pitch-black enormous arm pressed on, only to be met with the incoming sword images . The swords attacked from all directions and halted its movement .

The three Nascent Souls shouted, increasing the demonic energy of the enormous arm . With the added power, it swept away countless sword .

The silver-haired old man's eyes shined, "I will make you bear witness to the Ancient Immortal Valley's legacy . Great Elements Sword Formation, activate!"

In the sky, the sea of sword images moved unhindered as their cries increased . They lit up with white, blue, black, crimson and yellow colors while absorbing endless amounts of spiritual energy and taking shape of a gigantic spinning ring .

The five colored light engulfed the pitch-black enormous hand and made quick work of it, then crumbled with a bang .

A Nascent Soul demonic cultivator roared in pain as an arm dropped, releasing a rain of blood throughout the entire sky .

"Ancient Immortal Valley! This hatred will be returned ten-fold!"

Demonic energy erupted and crushed the five colored ring then broke away .

The silver-haired old man snorted, then released the flying sword from his hand, sending it away along with the five-colored light .

Then the silver-haired old man vanished with a rustle .

A Nascent Soul level fight was brought to a close in mere moments .

Daoist Wang's fists were clenched as his eyes were moved but sad nonetheless . Nascent Soul, this was the Nascent Soul realm . Such a pity . . .

Zhao Xin patted his old friend on the shoulder, then stepped forward and spoke in a deep voice, "Alright, the demons were repelled by the senior from the valley . There is no need to worry . "

He waved his hand and Ancient Immortal Valley disciples immediately rushed out to restore order and help the wounded .

The arrogant winners stood before the Alchemy Mountain with grave expressions . The Nascent Soul fight was very short but it let them understand what it meant to be powerful along with the huge gap between them .

This was not the first time Qin Yu witnessed a Nascent Soul's might . When he used Drifting Arms' self-destruction and the Blood Escaping Technique to flee couldn’t be considered a fight . The slightest touch from today's display was enough to give him a gruesome death .

Nascent Soul!

Just when would he reach this realm?

With a deep breath, Qin Yu's eyes showed conviction . Cultivation had to be done step by step, as rushing things would offer no help . With the Little Blue Lamp—as long as he was careful and cultivated hard—he would definitely enter the difficult Nascent Soul realm .

He didn’t realize it, but after this event, Qin Yu's will became stronger, tougher, and at the same time, calmer .

The wounds of the two Golden Core who suffered from the explosive aura of the Demonic Faction's Nascent Souls weren’t light as they were already sent for treatment . The Ancient Immortal Valley words were true . When they said they would send them to the Radiant Scarlet Tree, then even the three Nascent Soul’s invasion couldn’t change this .

A new guide arrived shortly that took Qin Yu and the rest flying towards the Ancient Immortal Valley’s core area, the inner valley .

This made them scared and unsettled but soon calmed down . To the point of reaching extreme calmness .

The Ancient Immortal Valley's defensive formation was very powerful, as proven by the Great Elements Sword Formation . Even if the one guiding them had a jade slip, they still feld the chillness raising their hairs on end as they pass through certain areas .

The group soon landed and began walking, since the valley wasn’t much further . Mist filled the air, preventing them from seeing the surroundings . With their entry, the mist churned and let out faint rumbling sounds .

The guide solemnly warned, "Follow me closely, watch your step, and make sure not to walk astray, or trouble will follow . "

It wasn’t needed since they were all cautious . They might not know what was inside the mist, but any one of them wanted to go and see .

Moments later, the guide relaxed once the mist region was crossed, "We've arrived . "

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