Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 67

Chapter 67

There was no need to mention Ancient Immortal Valley pill refining skills, as they were in charge of the Alchemy Gathering . Even more so when the fastest ones were their own cultivators . The ones before Qin Yu were taken care of in a short while, as each had his identification evaluated accurately . The crowd once again bared witness to the Alchemy skill of the Ancient Immortal Valley, drawing many looks of admiration .

The last one .

The Alchemist from the Ancient Immortal Valley had his enthusiasm waning, not understanding one bit why the elders would want to hold this gathering . Were these outsiders worthy enough to call themselves Alchemists with these meager skills? They were tarnishing this noble title .

Sweeping his eyes on the 4th layer of Foundation Establishment cultivator, his last thread of expectation vanished . Zhao Wu said indifferently, "What pills did you make?"

Qin Yu cupped his hands, "Foundation Establishment ranked Hemostatic Pill, Antidote Pill and Small Recovering Pill . "

Zhao Wu was amazed . He appraised several dozens of pills, but this was the first time he met a Small Recovering Pill . Though these three pills weren't be considered difficult, he didn't give them too much thought . He took out one pill at a time, inspected them, smelled them, and frowned .

The Hemostatic Pill and the Antidote Pill were of normal quality, but the Small Recovering Pill was barely acceptable, hardly considered finished . This pill would be considered a failure in the Ancient Immortal Valley, but this Alchemy Gathering was quite important . If it was a failure then the second test would also be failed . Zhao Wu hesitated, but still said, "Hemostatic Pill and Antidote Pill are average, while Small Recovering Pill is poor . "

Even though it was poor, it was passable at least .

Ancient Immortal Valley disciple wrote it down, and it soon arrived in the hands of Daoist Wang .

Qin Yu cupped his hands in thanks, then left with the qualification to participate in the third test .

He barely took several steps, when Daoist Wang's voice boomed, "Who refined the Small Recovering Pill? Bring him over at once!"

Zhao Wu was a faithful admirer of Daoist Wang . Towards this Alchemist, who does not belong to his clan, he held a great amount of respect . His heart jumped when he heard this, thinking something was wrong, "Stop him!"

In an instant, several Ancient Immortal Valley cultivators had Qin Yu surrounded .

Among the crowd, Qi Jiao let out a low cry as her hands were held tightly together, "Senior sister, senior sister, what's going on?"

Senior sister placated her, "Don't worry, it must be a misunderstanding . " While she doesn’t believe her words at all .

Qin Yu's heart took precautions, while his face showed confusion, "What's wrong?"

Zhao Wu waved his hand, "Bring him over!"

Yet before they could act, Daoist Wang rushed over impatiently, constantly sizing Qin Yu from top to bottom, "Did you refined the Small Recovering Pill?"

The peak of Golden Core!

Qin Yu's mind shivered a bit, then cupped his hands, "It is indeed made by junior . "

Daoist Wang's face was weird . He muttered a few words—seemingly disappointed—then turned around and chided, "Who appraised it? Are you so useless that you cannot see evens such a small issue? That he used his own ingredients?"

Zhao Wu was embarrassed, "Reporting to Senior Uncle Wang, this person's appraisal was done by me, but . . . but disciple truly didn't find any issues . "

Daoist Wang cursed loudly, "Useless! Trash! How could he refine the Small Recovering Pill with this kid's cultivation? This went by you completely . Go into your cave later and dig through books, and don't come out! What a disgrace! "

Zhao Wu was on the verge of crying . In the end, he was still a youngster of the Ancient Immortal Valley that had some renown . He didn’t dare to utter a single word while he was scolded in public and cursed at again and again by Daoist Wang .

Zhao Xin frowned and coldly said, "Alright, aren't you afraid of losing your dignity in front of so many people?" He coldly gazed upon Qin Yu, and waved his hand, "Take him away, any violation must be strictly punished!"

The crowd was in an uproar, but they soon despised him . He clearly witnessed how yesterday the Ancient Immortal Valley had a way of identifying its ingredients, but he still dared to break the rules . How reckless!

Tch, Ancient Immortal Valley's punishment was definitely severe . It was said that the one from yesterday had to be carried on a stretcher!

Qi Jiao's face was deathly white, "What do we do, senior sister?"

Senior sister smiled dejectedly . What could they possibly do at this time? And why would this Qin Yu do such a dumb thing!

Qin Yu watched the approaching Ancient Immortal Valley disciples, and frowned, "You haven’t even checked this junior's pill, senior, and just decided I used my own ingredients!? Isn't it going overboard?"

Daoist Wang was unfazed, "This paper is the best proof, still not convinced?"

Qin Yu nods, "Yes . "

Daoist Wang laughed from anger .

Zhao Xin coldly said, "Bring his pill . The Ancient Immortal Valley's conduct is always open and upright . I will make you accept it . "

Zhao Wu ran over, "Clan Uncle, Senior Uncle Wang, here is the pill . "

Daoist Wang faced the sky, disdaining from gazing upon it .

Zhao Xin flashed with helplessness . He took out the pills and had his face frozen soon after . Based on Zhao Xin cultivation and eyesight, he easily identified the Hemostatic Pill and Antidote Pill of being average and in the norm . While the Small Recovering Pill was somewhat lacking, but still considered finished .

After he sank into silence, he later spoke with a dark face, "Daoist Wang, you tell me . Where's the issue with this pill?"

Zhao Wu wanted to cry . ‘Clan Uncle doesn’t see it either, I am completely innocent!’

Daoist Wang sneered, "You actually can’t see such a simple matter, . Zhao Xin, you haven’t cultivated till your brain turned to stone, have you?" He grabbed the pill in anger, "Look, just where does it look like this Small Recovering Pill 's ingredients are mi- . . . "

He instantly jolted to a stop .

Daoist Wang stared wide-eyed as if he saw a ghost in broad daylight, "How can this be, just how . . . "

All Ancient Immortal Valley disciples paled, then withdrew with a cough .

Zhao Xin's face was so dark and gloomy that it was about to leak water . When had the Ancient Immortal Valley ever lost face to such an extent in public? ‘If he can’t turn this around, he is guaranteed that Daoist Wang will finally experience the methods of the Disciplinary Hall!’

Daoist Wang was ecstatic—so moved—that he grabbed on Qin Yu, "Kid, how did you refine this Small Recovering Pill?"

The quality of the pill wasn’t high and was classified as a pill consumed by Foundation Establishment cultivators . Everyone looked at each other in dismay, not knowing if this great senior of the Ancient Immortal Valley has gone off his rocker, showing too much excitement . ’ Is he perhaps trying to get out of this embarrassing situation? Please don’t insult our intelligence, alright?’

Qin Yu struggled to free himself but was still held tightly . With no choice, he said, "The ingredients junior used were three Blue Branch Sprout . One damaged and the others were lacking as standard ingredients . But junior's luck was really bad, of all the ingredients, I could only make Hemostatic Pill, Antidote Pill, and the Small Recovering Pill, as no other choice was a viable solution . I just had to force myself through it . The Blue Branch Sprout that was damaged still had medicinal value and used it together with the weak ones to barely refine this Small Recovering Pill . "

Daoist Wang's face flushed, with shining eyes like he saw a treasure . He laughed hard, "Kid, you will be my disciple . I will do everything I can to teach you, and turn you into one of this generation's greatest Alchemist!"

This time, not only the crowd was endlessly shocked, but also the disciples who had their entire eyes turn red .

But the crucial point was why?

Zhao Xin's face was delighted, "Congratulations Brother Wang! But you still owe them an explanation . "

Daoist Wang shot a glance at the people he brought from the Alchemy Mountain and laughed coldly, "My apprentice already explained . The ingredients you have chosen were carefully prepared by me . After refining the Spirit Increasing Pill, the rest of the ingredients could only be used to refine Hemostatic Pill, Antidote Pill and Small Recovering Pill . Each of you had three Blue Branch Sprout, one half-damaged and two of inferior quality . When my apprentice—only at the 4th level of Foundation Establishment—was still able to refine them, what could you possibly say to that??"

Zhang Yucheng's face was ugly as he left with clenched teeth .

The rest of them also disappeared, downcast .

Daoist Wang turned his head as his face immediately bloomed like a beautiful chrysanthemum, "Good apprentice, come walk with your Master!"

Qin Yu felt awkward .

Zhao Xin frowned, "What! You aren’t willing?"

Qin Yu cupped his hands, "Not at all, but junior already has a Master . I don’t dare to cast him aside . "

Daoist Wang blanked . Who would have thought that the disciple he found was already taken? He couldn’t contain his anger, "Damn it! Who's the wicked bastard that was faster than me . This is outrageous!"

The crowd, Ancient Immortal Valley disciples and Zhao Xin, all had black lines on their faces . ‘Your words are even more outrageous!’

Daoist Wang was angry, "What's your name?"

"Junior Qin Yu . "

"Good . Listen to me well Qin Yu, the path of Alchemy is boundless and deep as the sea . A good master is needed to guide you and reach new heights . I might not be an elder in the Ancient Immortal Valley, but if I wish, I could be immediately ranked in the top ten . All of the benefits this status brings will be used to nurture you . As for my refining skill, whoever your Master is, he can't even compare . Make your choice, if you want or not to take me as your Master . "

All eyes were now on Qin Yu, filled with admiration and envy . ‘Such a good opportunity . Quickly agree!’ The disciples from the Ancient Immortal Valley who attended to senior shed two rows of silent tears . Even if they wanted to speak, they were choking on emotions .

Qin Yu was silent for a long time, then cupped his hands, "Many thanks for senior’s care, but junior doesn’t dare receive it . "

He declined!

If eyes could kill, Qin Yu would have been cut thousands of times by the Ancient Immortal Valley disciples . They glared angrily at Qin Yu and straightened their back at the same time . ‘Senior Uncle Wang looks at me, look at me, please! Disciple is here! With a simple nod, I will immediately come pay respects . As for this ungrateful bastard, the farther he was the better . Or the rage of the Ancient Immortal Valley disciples would never subside . ’

Daoist Wang coughed, and struck a killing blow, "Qin Yu, as long as you take me as your Master, there will be no need to participate in the rest of the competition . You will be one of ten allowed to cultivate before the Radiant Scarlet Tree . "

Qin Yu was tempted, but if he really accepted, he would definitely be exposed . Seeing him silent, Zhao Xin said in a deep voice, "You must not hesitate . As an elder, I can attest to this promise . "

The ones who passed the second test had their hearts filled with curses and slander, yet they didn’t dare show it on their faces . Radiant Scarlet Tree belonged to the Ancient Immortal Valley . Others needed to qualify, so why would you—juniors with backing—complain? And who could have seen it coming, that Daoist Wang was actually nervous to this extent? If he were to stand out any more, he would be embarrassed to death!

Qin Yu coughed .

Daoist Wang had a gloomy look, "Think well, kid . I can’t keep giving you chances!"

‘What is this, a threat?’ Everyone felt dizzy . ‘You still need to act on your status . Why is it that you don’t have any dignity when it comes to accepting a disciple?!’

Qin Yu cupped his hands, "Junior can't accept . "

Daoist Wang was exasperated, stomping, pointing and all the while cursing at Qin Yu . ‘So pigheaded and unreasonable . His youthful ignorance shows no limits . For wasting such a talent, he should be hacked to pieces by heavenly lightning . It’s so sad to watch him destroy his own future . It’s as if accepting him as an apprentice is a wicked and evil act!’

Qin Yu scratched his nose . He had to admit that even though Daoist Wang was angry and enraged, he still regarded him favorably .

After a while, Daoist Wang’s gasps stopped and pointed at Qin Yu, "My door is open for when you change your mind!"

This was a complete reversal .

Ancient Immortal Valley disciples were crying, ‘How can a man of your status disregard all integrity?!’

‘’Look at us, look!

Watching his old friend leaving, Zhao Xin found that his walk was unsteady, then his face grew colder, "Qin Yu, don’t come to regret today's decision . "

He then stormed off in a huff .

Among the countless shocked, confused and sneering expressions, Qin Yu left with a forced smile . Qi Jiao wanted to chase him and speak to him but was held tightly by senior sister .

This Qin Yu could even withstand the attraction of becoming Daoist Wang's disciple . He definitely came for the Radiant Scarlet Tree . She couldn’t just stand by as junior sister threw herself into a fiery pit!

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