Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 69

Chapter 69

A narrow entrance laid before them that went through the mountains . It was so steep that it seemed to be made with a sword’s slash . The black and blue stones on the walls were exposed to their eyes as they shone like metals . There was an old stele outside the entrance—more than a zhang tall— and said: restricted area, no entry without approval .

The fact that there were no guards, showed how confident the Ancient Immortal Valley was regarding its defense . The guide walked a few steps and carefully took out a jade badge . It shined then flew out of his hands and inside the mountain crossing .

Out of nowhere, a ripple appeared—soft and tranquil as a lake’s surface—but Qin Yu's mind suddenly went cold, rooting him in place . If he touched this ripple accidently, nothing would remain of him, not even his soul .

An Alchemist's Divine Sense was stronger than that of a normal cultivator . The other nine people beside him also turned stiff . Wait, except for one . IT was the mysterious cultivator who was shrouded in the dark and gloomy aura . He was calm, even calmer than before .

The ripple left and was followed by the guide’s words, "The Radiant Scarlet Tree is in the center of the valley . Remember to not use your power without approval!"

He was the first to enter and Qin Yu the last . It suddenly opened up after a dozen meters and revealed a five-six li valley . But no one paid the surroundings any heed, as they were all staring at the ancient tree supporting the heavens in the center of the valley .

It was close to a hundred zhang in height and needed seven-eight people to surround it . Its exposed roots were similar to hands, grasping the soil firmly . The crown covered almost half of the valley . Scarlet light came out of the trunk, branches and leaves then landed on every inch of the valley—bright and dazzling—as it was eternal flame from ancient times . The dark red fruits hanging on the branches became increasingly captivating .

The ancient, rich and ever-changing aura birthed an instinctual reverence in their hearts .

Radiant Scarlet Tree!

This was the Radiant Scarlet Tree!

The guide showed admiration along with, "You need to grasp this rare chance and not miss it . "

A raging aura exploded—as a figure flew out of the group—and in a short time a red-black crow like-locust charged at the Radiant Scarlet Tree .

It was that guy!

Qin Yu was startled .

The guide's face grew heavy but soon laughed coldly . He didn’t need to stop him even if he charged at the tree .

The sound of wings buzzing was heard as, one by one, insects began to fly from the Radiant Scarlet Tree . The scarlet light hid them before, but they were actually the Blue Winged Ants who devoured those three Golden Cores!

They were raging from being disturbed, and flew straight at the black crow, to tear him to pieces . That person was frowning while shouting . His body ignited into a bloody light, and avoided the ants with his explosive speed, then reached the Radiant Scarlet Tree

A frightening energy wave erupted, creating a loud sound . This cultivator was so outrageous he actually self-destructed! The trunk of the Radiant Scarlet Tree swayed slightly, as the scarlet light came out in waves, dissipating the attack . Not even the self-destruction of a Golden Core could damage it!

The guide's face changed as the Blue Winged Ants returned to the tree, "You have one month, then leave . If you overstay, you will be attacked by the Blue Winged Ants . The result will be obvious to everyone . "

He quickly left once he finished . This attack on the Radiant Scarlet Tree wasn't normal, and he had to report it to his seniors .

The valley was covered in silence, as they could still feel some fear when gazing upon the Radiant Scarlet Tree . One of them just died without a corpse, and it might have been out of ill will, but they were still shocked by it . Of course, it was all from fear of the Blue Winged Ants, none daring to step forward .

Their scalp went numb when thinking of being right below these vicious ancient spiritual insects .

"There’s no need to worry everyone, as the Ancient Immortal Valley already made preparations . " The Drifting River Sect's Wang Zifeng spoke . His charming and smart manner—uncommon—earned hit the third place from refining the Soul Shrouding Pill .

"That's right, a month will pass very quickly . With everyone reaching this place, it would be a pity to not make the most of it . "

Among the nine, the Golden Cores Alchemists exchanged glances and walked forward, each taking a wide area under the Radiant Scarlet Tree . As Golden Core cultivators, they wouldn’t lower themselves and stay with these juniors .

Wang Zifeng, "Junior sister Xue Qing, how about we go there together?"

Yun Xueqing shook her head, "Many thanks senior brother for his kind intentions, but I will cultivate by myself . " This girl was the one to refine the Nine Revolving Golden Pill, ranked seventh . Although ranked near the end, she was a refined beauty, standing out the most .

Wang Zifeng's smile never faltered, "Alright, please be the first to choose, junior sister . " His eyes swept behind and on a much colder tone, "Everyone, the two seniors have already chosen, and so did junior sister Yun . How about the rest of us chose according to ranking? Of course, a certain someone will be last . "

"Alright, just as brother Wang said . "


"Someone indeed!"

Wang Zifeng smirked disdainfully, incredibly displeased by Qin Yu for using a back-door . And even more so for declining Daoist Wang’s pleading .

Yun Xueqing gazed upon Qin Yu, curtsying, "Xue Qing is thankful for fellow Daoists stepping down . " And glided towards the Radiant Scarlet Tree .

Wang Zifeng was not far behind, soon followed by the other five—each with their own choice—taking most of the good spots bellow the Radiant Scarlet Tree .

A certain someone silently sought a corner, where he closed his eyes and began cultivating . As for anger, rage and the like, sorry but he was not in the mood .

Qin Yu closed his eyes and entered cultivation . By operating the cultivation method—his pores opened—and absorbed the spiritual energy of heaven and earth .

This was the first time he felt—based on his talent—relaxed and calmed as he absorbed spiritual energy at such speed . Of course, this high speed was merely relative .

. . .

In The Ancient Immortal Valley, the core area .

Two figures faced each other in the Main Hall . The mist surrounding them moved with each breath, mystical .

"A disciple just reported that a Golden Core infiltrated the Ancient Immortal Valley and self-destructed in front of the Radiant Scarlet Tree . " The one on the left spoke gravely, pausing briefly, "Moreover, this matter seems strange, the one in which fellow Daoist Jiang Li used the Great Elements Sword Formation to chase away the three Demonic Faction's monsters . They seem to have had a long battle . "

The old man sitting across had a dark red dot between his eyebrows as if the blood was lingering with killing intent, "The Ancient Immortal Valley has held on for over a millennia, so how can it be afraid of some puny demons? Send the order to tighten the guard, and act accordingly . I want to see what scheme did the scoundrels from demonic sects cooked up!"

The one on the left thought a bit, then nodded, "That is best for now . "

. . .

A low rumbling sound persisted, as nine whirlpools of spiritual energy formed beneath the Radiant Scarlet Tree, with the ones above the two Golden Core Alchemists being the largest . But their speed was a stark contrast to the absorption speed of Wang Zifeng, Yun Xueqing and another male who was the fastest . The last three were not far behind, but they were impressive nonetheless .

Yet Qin Yu's whirlpool was rather shabby, barely formed and incomparable to the others . Everyone could see this from the corner of their eyes, as contempt rose in their hearts . ‘As expected of a back-door user . Just what did Daoist Wang saw in him?’

One's affairs were best known by himself and Qin Yu had long ago lost hope regarding his talent . He felt a bit helpless at this but soon calmed down . He sensed their eyes, yet ignored them . A month later—if all went according to plan—he would have a root of the Radiant Scarlet Tree . And with Little Blue Lamp's help, it would soon grow into a fully-fledged Radiant Scarlet Tree .

At that time, there would be no shortage of Radiant Scarlet Fruit . Today he would sleep under the tree and tomorrow above it . How could this possibly compare to you guys?

Time passes quietly . In the Domain created by the Radiant Scarlet Tree, people were bound to break through—thanks to the outstanding speed in cultivation . Even the Golden Core cultivators advanced a layer . While everyone was deeply immersed and unwilling to stop, on the branches of the Radiant Scarlet Tree countless compound eyes were seen as the buzzing of wings spreads throughout the valley .

The two Golden Core Alchemists opened their eyes in anger but was soaking wet from fright, as eyes stared unwaveringly at them . They found—with great disappointment—that a month has passed .

"It's been a month already?!"

"How time flies!"

"It would be great if I can continue cultivating like this!"

They all get up one by one while sighing in regret, knowing from the behavior of the Blue Winged Ants that they weren't playing around . If they didn’t leave quickly, there would be nothing left of them .

Wang Zifeng advanced three layers in this month, reaching the peak of the Foundation Establishment realm . He was satisfied that there was now only a thin line separating him from the Golden Core realm .

He moved lightly and appeared next to Yun Xueqing, cupping his hands, "Congratulations, junior sister Xue Qing . "

Amazingly, Yun Xueqing also broke through three layers, reaching the 9th layer . With this improvement, even the calm and mild Yun Xueqing showed a faint smile, "Likewise, senior brother Wang . "

Wang Zifeng's smile grew, "My father and the Ancient Immortal Valley made an agreement that if I enter the top ten, I will be allowed to cultivate here for half a year and study Alchemy . Junior sister Xue Qing, will you also stay?"

Yun Xueqing noded, "I will also remain in the Ancient Immortal Valley for half a year . "

Wang Zifeng clapped, "Great, then we could help each other in the future . "

A voice came from outside the valley, "The month is over, quickly come out!"

Wang Zifeng smiled and made a gesture, "Junior sister Xue Qing, please . . . "

Yun Xueqing noded and when she was about to step forward, she frowned, "That person . . . "

Wang Zifeng looked over then sneered, "He definitely heard the buzzing of the Blue Winged Ants . It’s his choice to remain . "

Yun Xueqing pondered then shook her head, "In the end, we're still acquaintances . " She shouted, "Fellow Daoist Qin Yu, a month has already passed!"

All eyes converged on him .

Qin Yu felt helpless inside . ‘If you don’t go how will I get the chance to obtain the Radiant Scarlet Tree's root and the Blue Winged Ants?’ But Yun Xueqing showed earnest concern, so he opened his eyes and smiled in thanks . Then he closed them again .

Wang Zifeng coldly said, "So ungrateful! Junior sister Xue Qing, forget about him and let’s leave . "

Yun Xueqing also looked at him, nodded repeatedly and walked towards the exit . She already reminded him, yet Qin Yu didn’t leave . It was his choice .

The two Golden Core Alchemists were leading when they were suddenly pulled out of the valley as the group left the range of the Radiant Scarlet Tree . The same person who led them here before swept his eyes and frowned, "Why is one person missing?"

Wang Zifeng cupped his hands, "Reporting to senior brother Qi, we reminded him, but Qin Yu still didn’t want to leave, so were forced to leave him behind . "

Qi Jiang shouted lowly, "It's his funeral!" He made some hand gestures—wanting to forcefully pull him out—but a buzzing sound was heard clearly, and even they were able to feel the terrible power .

Qi Jiang sighed as he stopped his hands, "Too late . " The Blue Winged Ants were ruthless and reached their limit for being forcefully silenced for a month . Now that they regained their freedom, they would instantly rush at Qin Yu .

The ability of the Radiant Scarlet Tree to increase cultivation speed had an allure akin to an addiction, especially to those unable to progress their cultivation . Even the Ancient Immortal Valley had many people—over the years—that died at the hands of Blue Winged Ants for being unwilling to come out .

Qi Jiang shook his head, "Let’s go, this place will soon be sealed . "

The group disappeared inside the mist .

An invisible ripple of power was then shortly released from the center of the valley, sealing a ten li area!

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