Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 58

Chapter 58

You Ji dropped on the floor, “This lady isn’t crazy . Don’t ignore me . I will immediately take the Earth Demon’s demonic blood and help you break through . ”

She then rushed at the Earth Demonic Beast’s incomplete skeleton .

Qin Yu watches You Ji doing something and sighed inwardly, ‘No wonder the Earth Demonic Beast was unwilling a thousand years ago . Because it was so close to getting out . Maybe it only needed a few more claws, but for some reason, it died right then . ’

But the Earth Demonic Beast’s effort wasn’t in vain . A thousand years later, it gave hope to the righteous and demonic couple, to escape the Sealed Demonic Zone .

Qin Yu tightens his fist .

You Ji is also bleeding seems that many of her methods require the use of her blood . Her finger traced the remains of the Earth Demonic Beast and very soon formed a series of patterns . What's strange though, is that the blood doesn’t darken its color because of drying, but brighter instead, radiating with violet light .

Her face grew pale once again . Her injuries weren’t recovered and this use of her blood took a heavy toll . Yet her finger was steady, her face unprecedently dignified . This clearly reveals her inner thoughts, her yearning for the outside .

With the hope of surviving before them, who would be willing to die?

Using her blood on the skull, along with the final pattern, the remains ignite into a black demonic flame . It burned fiercely, rapidly increasing the temperature in the surroundings . It then can be seen with the naked eye, lines of blood appearing on the bones, converging towards the single horn .

Piece by piece, the bones shatter, losing their final remnant of energy, only to be burned to ashes by the demonic flame . The final two bones, the skull, and the horn are floating in midair, as the demonic flames concentrate on them, increasing to a terrifying degree .

The bloody lines gathered within the horn and it then separated from the skull . You Ji takes out a jade vial, catching the drops of blood leaking from it .

She lands on the ground, swaying slightly, and smiling brightly at Qin Yu, “Done . ”

This woman is too stubborn!

Qin Yu solemnly said, “Then give it to me . ”

You Ji nods, handing over the jade vial .

Qin Yu sits cross-legged, closes his eyes and harmonizes his breathing . He then very soon reached his peak .

You Ji is watching him, eyes flashing with a complicated look . She yearns for freedom because there are many things requiring her attention .

But once she leaves, it will be hard for them to continue in the same way they have been in here .

Maybe, she is already aware of this .

You Ji sighed, putting away the Earth Demonic Beast’s skull .

Qin Yu opens his eyes, bursting with a fierce vitality . Without any movement, his bones start letting out creaking sounds . Maybe from the attraction, the Demon Body felt for the Earth Demon’s blood .

Without any hesitation, Qin Yu opens the vial and swallowed the Earth Demon’s blood!

His heart begins to strongly throb in his chest, pumping blood, surging like a river through his blood vessels! His entire body, every inch of flesh, every piece of bone, they are all crying in joy, frantically absorbing the power of the Earth Demon’s blood .

They began to change, to be refined!

Qin Yu tightens his fists, as his body trembles while sweating a river . This upgrade of his body will bring about an overbearing power, but it's also accompanied by an unimaginable pain trying to tear him apart .

But at the time he first accomplished the Demon Body he also endured its torment . This kind of pain is not enough to crush his will . Qin Yu carefully notes each minute change his body is undergoing, so that he will be able to bring out an even stronger degree of power .

Suddenly, Qin Yu roars!

A violent aura breaks out of his body as if an ancient, terrifying beast was awakened . Many demonic patterns appear on his body, making the demonic energy in the air surge and charge over, forming a vortex as it entered his body .

You Ji’s eyes widened, “Demon General’s Mark!”

She bit her lip as joy was dancing in her eyes . It persistently waited for the chance to return . Who would have imagined this final struggle?

Demon General’s Mark, a Golden Core realm’s Demon General’s Mark!

With a boom, the cave shook, cutting of the joy in You Ji’s eyes . She then reacted by taking out the compass, carefully inspecting it . Her face soon turned gloomy, as the power of the seal began activating, arriving here in mere moments .

Qin Yu was the target!

The new aura released by the Demon Body triggered the seal .

“This lady finally saw a thread of hope . You think you can just take it? Absurd!” You Ji sat cross-legged, hands constantly slapping the floor . Each time her palm lands, all of the demonic energy rushed from the ground forming a wall, arranged in a different direction, with Qin Yu and her protected in the middle .

From the walls of the cave, black lines began to spread, similar to the roots of a great tree .

You Ji clenched her teeth, as the sealing power arrived faster than she anticipated . Fortunately, she sensed it earlier, giving her enough time .

“Sacred Sigil, rise!”

At the same time, the Demon Wall lit up, making a tight sigil to appear above them, thin and dark yet with endless dignity .

The sealing power came at a standstill, as if it could feel a pressure coming from this huge sigil .

After being blocked for a few breaths, a sinister devil face appears . It is precisely the one that appeared when the Sealed Demonic Zone opened, and roared in fury, “Seal destroyer, die!”

You Ji made hand gestures to activate a technique, making the huge sigil shine with a dark golden light, “This envoy was granted the Sacred Sigil, to investigate the Earth Demonic Beast’s death . Withdraw!”

Devil face paused slightly, “There’s no proof to your identity . ”

The seal’s power swept everywhere .

The Demonic Wall shook strongly, on the verge of collapse .

You Ji forced a smile, her blood is too thin . Calling upon the Sacred Sigil isn’t enough to threaten the spirit of the seal . She looks at Qin Yu, feeling anxious, yet didn’t say a word . His breakthrough must not be disturbed no matter what, or there will be no hope left for them .

Little man, hurry up!

Devil face’s cry was increasingly woeful . Under his urging, the seal's power was constantly strengthened, coming from all sides like a flood .

The Demonic Wall started to show cracks, while the huge sigil above, on the brink of shattering .

Qin Yu opened his eyes . He flicked his fingers and a drop of blood landed on the huge sigil . It immediately stabilized, becoming more vivid .

“Get lost!”

With a low shout, the huge sigil burst with a bloody color, greatly increasing its suppressing power .

Devil face shrieked miserably, then disappeared, taking the seal’s power with it .

You Ji was happy, “Success?”

Qin Yu nods with a smile, “It won't be scared for long, we need to leave as soon as possible . Get behind me . ”

He stood in front of the cave wall, inhaled a deep breath, making his chest rise . As his bones popped like thunder, a majestic power rose from his feet, through his waist and shoulder . Along with a step forward and with the swing of his hips, he threw a fist, exploding with limitless power!

An incredibly loud sound was heard and even rattled the entire cave . At the center of the place where the Earth Demonic Beast tore, cracks began to spread like a spider’s web .

The cave was breached and the water came pouring in like an avalanche .

Running wild through the earth, the gray colored freezing river water roared unceasingly . Suddenly, a huge maelstrom appeared in the middle of the river, swallowing the endless amount of water, to the point of almost cutting the river off .

The center of the maelstrom collapsed as a male and a female came out of the water and landed on the shore, gasping for breath .

They are Qin Yu and You Ji .

Drenched, her dress stuck to her body, outlining perfectly her enticing figure . The chest part was a bit torn from the water, revealing traces of soft and unblemished skin .

Qin Yu swept his eyes, then quickly stood aside .

You Ji with a calm expression, pulled at her clothes to cover it, and with a flash of demonic energy, she was dry .

“Finally escaped . ”

Qin Yu nods and watched the maelstrom with creased eyebrows .

You Ji’s pupils flashed, “Relax, the spirit of the seal sensed it . This tunnel will very soon be completely destroyed . ”

Just as she finished, the ground trembled, as if there was a cave-in deep underground . The maelstrom faded away and the great river ran its normal course as if nothing ever happened .

Qin Yu relaxed inside . If the seal were to be broken because of them, the demonic souls in the Sealed Demonic Zone would cause havoc in the human world, tearing at his heart .

You Ji smiled, “I never knew you also had a caring side for mortals . ”

Qin Yu shook his head, “I just don’t want to bear the guilt . ”

You Ji was noncommittal, “Then now, let’s settle our scores . ”

She raised a finger, “At that time, you ruined my plan, along with me almost killing you, that debt can be said it was repaid . ”

The second finger, “I saved you when you failed to break through, and you also saved me inside the Sealed Demonic Zone . This is also concluded . ”

The third finger, “But when you obtained the demonic blood and upgraded the Demon Body, I didn’t gain anything . Not to mention your roaming eyes on me . ”

Qin Yu glared .

“Don’t deny it . There was no difference between my drenched state and not wearing any clothes . Be a man and don’t dare act as if you didn’t see!”

Qy smiled dejected, “Fine, take it as me owing young miss a favor . ”

You Ji smiled proudly, “You said it yourself . But be sure to remember, I will come to find you and settle it . ” She just turned and walked away, throwing over a jade slip, “Before I leave, here’s a little gift, suitable for certain items in your bag!”

Qin Yu caught the jade slip, with the young miss’ faint fragrance still lingering on it . Yet when he lifted his head, the fragrance’s trace scattered .

It came without any notice, yet carefree . But why did it make him feel like she bolted?

Qin Yu grinned, feeling his heart somewhat vacant . He chose a direction and left .

Half a month later .

In the depth of the Northern Dynasty’s wasteland, the sky above a valley suddenly changed . A cloud as black as ink appeared along with a fearful aura .

A thundering sound came from above, carrying boundless power .

The entire valley began shaking, before its might .

Very quickly the weather turned stable again, with the sun’s rays touching the ground .

At the bottom of a large pit, Qin Yu was half kneeling surrounded by the dust of many spirit stones . His hair ends are slightly burnt, with his black-robed damaged . The surrounding earth actually started to melt from the ferocious power of lightning . As the temperature cooled, it became a translucent crystal .

He gets up, releasing a strong aura, filling the air with a sense of pressure .

Above the Foundation inside his Dantian, a plump Golden Core floats, sending countless rays of golden light like a rising sun .

Golden Core realm!

This is the Golden Core realm!

Qin Yu waved his sleeve and the ground was torn . In a range of ten zhang, there are now countless cracks .

A single move . And it's comparable to the might of a 6th layer Golden Core cultivator!

This is the effect of the eighteen failed times to break through, increasing the quality of his energy to this terrifying level .

Suddenly, Qin Yu collapsed the ground with a stomp, soaring into the sky .

A hundred zhang up, he stretched his hand and pointed!

The wind rose powerfully between heaven and earth .

A finger attack broke the wind .

A heaven startling noise arose, and a short mountain crumbled . Rocks flew in the sky and its height reduced by more than ten meters!

The first finger of the Three Azure Fingers — Boundless Azure .

Qin Yu’s face turned pale, feeling dread from this Boundless Azure move . But its might is equally terrifying . With this power and with his Demon Body, he will fear no one bellow Nascent Soul!


A burst of unrestrained laughter echoed .

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