Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 59

Chapter 59

Only after a long time, did the laughter stop . Qin Yu flipped his hand, taking out a jade slip and began exploring it .

“Little man, if you have this sister in your heart, then immediately search the jade slip, to avoid any suffering . If not, then you are a cruel, vicious and ungrateful bastard who wants an early death . Demonic patters appeared when the Demon Body was upgraded, and you need to kill a Golden Core demonic cultivator as a sacrifice . If not the Demon Body will cause you a backlash in a month's time, so painful as if you were boiled alive . Don’t ask why, sister also doesn’t know, but you’ll be fine if you do this . I suggest you go after the late Golden Core demonic cultivators, as they will have the best effect . ”

“I found by accident that you have some monster fish fangs in your storage bag . You had better remember the Sacrificial Refining Method I put in here, it might save your life someday . You still owe sister a favor, so make sure you survive and wait for me to come collect it . That’s it . Little man, I'm sure we’ll meet again someday . ”

Typical You Ji .

Qin Yu’s face was covered in black lines, as this crazy hag is only now telling him this important information . He recalled her character, and realized this is just her normal way of doing this . He continued to read the rest, and after half a day he took back his trace . In the next moment, the jade slip shattered .

It was definitely one of You Ji’s tricks . She wasn’t worried about the information spreading, and wanted to know instead if he truly suffered a backlash from the Demon Body . Qin Yu smiled dejectedly, even when gone this woman still won't let him rest . But what she left, was indeed very useful .

“Offering Demonic Faction’s Golden Core to avoid the Demon Body backlash? Might as well check it out, since Shen Haimo is the only one who knows of my connection with Ling’er . Killing him will also help avoid future complications . But before that, I should first finish learning the Sacrificial Refining Method . ”

Qin Yu sat cross-legged, inside a simple dugout cave, with 108 monster fish fangs arranged neatly before him . He opened his eyes after careful consideration and made sure everything is in order .

He made hand gestures, and while his robe was fluttering, the 108 fangs began to feel something as they started trembling .

Suddenly, Qin Yu stretched a finger and a drop of blood entered one of the monster fish fangs .

It lightly shook, becoming dark red in an instant then released a fiendish aura .

Qin Yu stared . That was it . He was silent for a long time, then picked up the fish fang sizing it . Only after a while did he confirm that it was done . A total beginner in refining actually accomplished it on his first try . ‘Demonic Faction’s tool refining skill is rough after all, but still useful!’

Persevere .

Hand gestures, condensing blood and dripping it on the monster fish fangs .

Even if it's simple he had to avoid being relaxed .

Qin Yu became more proficient . With a day of rest in between, three days later, the 108 monster fish fangs were completely refined . Qin Yu felt almost no exhaustion, except for his pale complexion, from slight blood loss . He merely finished the magical treasure Drifting Arms according to what You Ji left behind .

Drifting Arms needed to be refined from materials coming from the same source . When fighting an enemy they can all be launched in an instant . However, what was most dreadful is that after the attacks, it exploded . This had a high chance of dealing heavy damage or even killing the enemy .

Each attack used up a great number of precious materials . What it's really frightening is the fact that each material needed to be fed blood essence . Since Qin Yu possessed the Demon Body, it posed little threat . For others, just the essence blood expended to refine the 108 monster fish fangs would have barely left alive .

In short, Drifting Arms’ simplicity and cruelty wasn’t for naught . But anyone was capable of using them!

Qin Yu waved his arm, and the fangs were put back in the storage bag . With this set of Drifting Arms, then even when faced against a Nascent Soul will he escape unharmed .

Three days later .

Qin Yu flew away after he recovered the lost blood essence .

“Shen Haimo, I'm coming to kill you!”

After the Righteous and Demonic meeting in the Hidden Wind Valley, the morale of the later plummeted and retreated to stabilize the situation . But after three short months, the Demonic Faction found an excuse and broke the agreement . They regrouped and charged stronger and more violently than ever, igniting once again the flames of war . Thus, along with the fall of Juxia City, more than half the Southern Nation’s territory fell under their control .

Perhaps for the purpose of washing away their shame and disgrace, Juxia City was almost razed to the ground . Only some dilapidated parts of the wall were left here and there, as they added to the desolation .

Under a pavilion, Li Yunmo was holding a wine jar and smelled of wine . Because Liang Taizu was killed, he was severely punished by the Seven Murdering Demonic Sect and ordered to defend Juxia City .

Is there any point to guard a destroyed place, a city under the control of the Demonic Faction in some backwater area? Li Yunmo was very clear that this was concealed exile . If he did not have any use as a Golden Core, he would have been dead already .

But even so, his life was over, with all great prospects completely out of reach . As he thought about it, Li Yunmo’s eyes were red with anger . He smashed the jar of wine and raged, “Qin Yu! I will cut you into a thousand pieces!”

Sounds of footsteps echoed .

Li Yunmo didn’t turn and shouted, “Get out!”

“Li Yunmo, long time no see . ”

This voice…

Li Yunmo’s body froze, his brow covered in sweat, half sobered from the scare .

Demonic energy exploded and fled without even looking back .

Outside the pavilion, Qin Yu showed a mocking grin, ‘Is this how he wants to cut me into a thousand pieces?’

Li Yunmo’s face paled, eyes filled with terror, ‘It's him, It's definitely him!’

Qin Yu came back!

Yet inside, he wanted to eat his flesh and drink his blood . But even Po Qianjun died at his hands, so how would he fair? ‘I’m not fleeing but send the message he is here . Shen Haimo is just outside Juxia City in seclusion . As long as he is warned, Qin Yu will soon be dead . ’

Li Yunmo used his demonic energy frantically, as he fled outside the city . He felt a chill behind him, and when he looked back he was scared stiff .

Qin Yu wasn’t far behind him . He moved leisurely, as if he could overtake him at any time .

“Righteous Faction spy is here . Kill him and I'll give a great reward!”

In the city, several Golden Core demonic cultivators in the middle of cultivation were pissed . Li Yunmo might be finished, but he was a Golden Core after all .

They might not have put him in their eyes, but they still wouldn't let him be humiliated by a righteous cultivator spy, or what dignity would they had left?

“Daring to act arrogant in Demonic Faction’s territory; you're looking for death!” A Golden Core demonic cultivator blocked his path as he cut down with his saber .

The black saber shined in waves as it came whistling .

“Its Hei Daomo!”

“Ah, my idol . I never knew senior Hei Daomo is at Juxia City . ”

“This spy is finished, he might have easily chased Li Yunmo but facing Hei Daomo, only death awaits . ”

Qin Yu was expressionless . He threw a fist, destroying the saber inch by inch .

Hei Daomo was sent flying . He who made a name for himself with the huge saber, had his chest caved in with blood dripping from his seven orifices . In a blink, he was a corpse .

The city was instantly eerily quiet!

Some who were about to act froze .

Li Yunmo was so scared he relieved himself . Indeed, a warm feeling flowed down his clothes, as he couldn’t take it anymore .

“Ah!” he screamed as he rushed out of Juxia City . Then he shouted at the top of his lungs, “Shen Haimo, Qin Yu is here!”

Qin Yu…

The ones who just remembered, had their eyelids twitching, and almost cursed out loud . That bastard Li Yunmo used them as shields!

Too bad for Hei Daomo, he acted without knowing the facts and died unjustly .

But Shen Haimo was actually here, this couldn’t be better . He was a late Golden Core expert, enough to crush Qin Yu .

The time for dividing merits has come!

Even if the biggest share belonged to Shen Haimo, with them close behind, they will also get something . This heaven-sent merit must not be wasted!

Demonic energy flashed as four Golden Core demonic cultivators rushed outside the city .

“There's nowhere to run Qin Yu!”

“Stay and accept your death!”

“Your end is nigh!”

The catch phrases were very touching, but don’t you think you’re a bit too far from the fight? With clear intentions of fleeing too . But no one mocked them for this . The demonic cultivators inside Juxia City looked outside of it and waited for Shen Haimo to show . The dignity of the Demonic Faction will be redeemed, senior will resolve the crisis in the end!

A black dot appeared in their vision, approaching with amazing speed . It made the surrounding spiritual energy chaotic and accompanied by rumbling sounds .

The demonic energy scattered and revealed Shen Haimo’s figure . He stared at Qin Yu, with eyes filled with killing intent, “Today, you will have no chance of escaping!” He waved his sleeve and took out a black tortoiseshell, that grew more than a zhang in an instant . It released a black wave of demonic energy and sealed everything in a hundred zhang radius .

Juxia City’s demonic cultivators were deeply moved . As expected of senior Shen Haimo, he never disappoints .

This little thief Qin Yu will die!

Li Yunmo relaxed and only then sensed the foul odor around him . His face went red with anger and yelled, “Qin Yu, you're dead!”

Four Golden Core demonic cultivators finally dared to approach and shouted in unison, “Kill him!”

Qin Yu smiled, “Li Yunmo, thanks . ”

Li Yunmo blanked for a moment .

Shen Haimo’s pupil shrank, as a feeling of immense danger welled from within .

Qin Yu’s power exploded with a step, seemingly able to briefly twist the space, as he charged forward like a sharp arrow .

Shen Haimo shouted, “Seeking death!” he waved his arm and the sea like demonic energy burst forth then submerged Qin Yu in an instant .

The cheers from the demonic cultivator in Juxia City shook the heavens .

“Senior Shen Haimo’s power is limitless!”

“Kill Qin Yu, show them our might!”

“This Qin Yu is going to his doom!”

Shen Haimo’s face held no delight, as the feeling of danger kept growing . Then, the demonic energy tide was broken from and generated a loud sound .

Shen Haimo groaned and paled, as his eyes widened in disbelief . But he had no time to think, as a fist was fast approaching his head . He lifted his arm to defend as his demonic energy suddenly trembled and nearly crushed his arm . Terrifying power rushed over and made half of his body numb . Even the bones in his arm groaned in pain .

This youngster was stronger . No, much stronger than before!

How was this possible!

As Shen Haimo retreated, he shouted angrily in his heart . At that precise moment, his body stiffened and shouted his agony .

He felt as if a knife was hacking at his mind and splitting his head apart .

Spiritual attack, it was a spiritual attack . I am a late Golden Core, so how could this youngster’s Divine Sense be this strong!

A clenched fist struck Shen Haimo ruthlessly . He quickly used his demonic energy, to take most of the blow, yet he still spat blood from the rest of its force and flew away like a punching bag .

“Ah!” Shen Haimo roared, as he moved the demonic energy erratically . Before he could stabilize from the previous blow, another spiritual attack came . And as he was laying stiff, he was once again sent flying .

Among the huge sounds, Shen Haimo seemed to have become a big punching bag .

Qin Yu was only an early Golden Core cultivator, but his Divine Sense was incredibly strong and it was all thanks to the pills he took . And the time he had his mind sieged had an even greater refining effect . Plus, demonic cultivator’s methods weren’t good at resisting Divine Sense, so Shen Haimo was helplessly crushed with each blow!

Li Yunmo’s legs shivered . Just as he regained his courage, it had once again collapsed… Qin Yu was so powerful, that he was able to suppress Shen Haimo!

Unknowingly, the four Golden Core demonic cultivators already retreated more than a hundred zhang away, pale-faced and with an expression as if their parents died .

Juxia City was deathly quiet as demonic cultivators felt their hearts collapse . What removing the crisis, what redeeming dignity?

If it’s a nightmare, please let us wake up soon!

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