Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 57

Chapter 57

The gentle rays of the Light Pearl shine upon the cave, revealing You Ji laying covered by the black robe . Her aura is extremely weak and her face has some traces of red .

Not far from her, Qin Yu sat cross-legged . His wounds already formed a scab . Half of his face is covered in darkness, while the other is increasingly clearer .

Heavenly Thunder Bamboo was placed at the entrance . Each time lightning flashed, a demonic soul is destroyed . Black Devil kept far away of the lightning’s range, absorbing the fragments of the crushed demonic souls . His body is becoming increasingly darker as if it is about to blend in with the darkness .

Suddenly, a light sound was heard, incredibly weak and yet incredibly enticing .

Qin Yu opened his eyes, quickly coming over .

You Ji’s long eyelashes trembled and after a few breaths opened her eyes . Her pupils watch him as her mouth grinned, “I'm actually still alive . ”

Qin Yu relaxed a breath, stating, “Your luck is good . ”

You Ji’s mouth twitched, not exposing him . The restorative medicinal effect inside her is the biggest proof; along with saving her and the hundreds of years old spiritual plant . Her eyes flowed to her surroundings, “Where are we?”

Qin Yu sternly said, “I want to ask you . Do you know how to break the seal?”

You Ji languid eyes froze, her mouth twitching, “Say that again . ”

Qin Yu smiled dejected, “Yes, we are inside the seal . ”

Heavenly Thunder Bamboo flashed and another demonic soul was shattered, while Black Devil’s carbon face showed a pleased smile .

You Ji was silent for a while, then faintly said, “Even if I knew, how would I get out? I am barely alive . ” She suddenly had a serious look, “I also have a question . ”

“Speak . ”

“Who is more beautiful between me and Ning Ling?”

Qin Yu’s face was covered in black lines, “Shouldn’t you be worried about more serious matters, like how to escape?”

You Ji smiles, pleased, “At first I thought you wanted to die . But I’m still alive right now, and even gained something, so there’s no need to overthink it . ”

Qin Yu was silent, “is there really no way out?”

You Ji rolled her eyes, “Qin Yunmo only managed to get his demonic intent out . And you think our own bodies can?”

Simple explanation!

Qin Yu smiled dejectedly, “Such a sad story . ”

You Ji gave a lovely smile, “At least its safe for now . With enough time, won't you do something unexpected?”

Qin Yu restrains himself from swallowing, and walks away, “Get better!”

You Ji covered her delicate laughter, feeling a bit more satisfied when seeing his back .

Being enticed and yet restraining himself from taking advantage, this lady’s insight is good as expected .

She then frowned, ‘Compared to that girl from the Ning clan, I seem to be a step ahead, maybe even further ahead . ’ You Ji revealed a bit of pride on her face . Trapped in the Sealed Demonic Zone, a man and a woman living together; it will give her plenty of opportunities to get ahead .

Demonic souls instinctively reject the seal, so even with the unknown method Qin Yunmo used, there will only be a single demonic soul charging in . And because of this, Heavenly Thunder Bamboo is capable of holding them back .

Once night descended, he put it away in his storage bag, where the Little Blue Lamp is still capable of using its effect . The foot-wide blue sea can then help the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo quickly recover . It’s a pity that the storage bag’s space is limited, only enough to put the bamboo inside, while the two Thousand Gold Trees have to bitterly stay in another bag .

After days of absorbing fragments, Black Devil’s power showed remarkable progress . Coinciding perfectly with the time needed for the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo to recover, it took its place .

Seven days later, with the vitality of Demon Body and adequate pills as a supplement, Qin Yu made a complete recovery . Hereafter, his suffering began, in the form of You Ji’s endless harassment .

“Little man, sister's chest feels stuffy . Can you check it?”

“Little man, I am cold, hold me . ”

“Little man, sister rear is numb, give me a massage . ”

Every time, Qin Yu fled in defeat, only to hear the rampant laughter of an enchantress .

Too much!

This is bullying to the extreme!

Qin Yu feels he can't take much more of this . How will he preserve his dignity as a man?

You Ji seems to have sensed it, the danger floating in Qin Yu’s eyes . Despite taking liberties, he doesn’t stick too close to her . Seeing him hesitating, again and again, secretly gnashing his teeth, made her laughter even more rampant .

Two days later, the demonic souls disappeared . Outside calm sets in, as if Qin Yunmo gave up on killing them . With Black Devil out of the way, You Ji’s somewhat settled heart once again became restless .

Qin Yu finally reached his limit and exploded . He put his hand on the stone wall, forcing her into a corner, “Young miss You Ji, if you continue, you can't blame me for what will happen . ”

You Ji’s delicate face showed shyness, “Are you going to be a beast?”

Qin Yu clenched his teeth, “This young master has already been less than a beast for more than a month!”

You Ji laughed delicately with a coquettish look as if to convey ‘Come, come!’ Her eyes were half closed with a come-hither stare .

He was under suppression from the Sealed Demonic Zone and the enchantress’ countless provocations . And now seeing her delicate blushing face, while smelling a delicate fragrance, Qin Yu almost lost it .

Yet right then, his movement froze .

You Ji breathed, “Little man, you don’t dare?”

Qin Yu took a step back, face entirely red, yet his eyes returning to calmness, “Maybe we can leave . ”

You Ji eyes widened .

“Step back a bit . ”

Qin Yu knocked on her previous location, then punched .

A stone flew!

The Sealed Demonic Zone has a confining seal, that turns the walls incredibly tough . Unless the seal is broken, or if he can overcome its tolerance, he will never damage it .

The seal is intact at the moment, yet this rock was taken out of it .

Qin Yu eyes brightened, ‘Something’s definitely fishy!’

Blow by blow, the body’s energy started to boil, as the power of the Demon Body reached its peak .

After a large rock fell, a black green cave mouth appeared in front of his eyes .

The two of them entered it .

The cave is very huge . Its height and width of several meters, spreading before their eyes, with crudely cut marks everywhere . It was dry inside, and under the rays of the Light Pearl, a huge hoofprint appears before them, bigger than an adult .

You Ji’s face changed, as if recognizing something, then frowned, “Be careful . ”

They walked deeper into the cave, without meeting any danger along the way . Just that the crude cutting marks are increasingly rough, with scales laying on the ground .

Qin Yu squatted and touched one . It instantly turned to dust, “It must be more than a thousand years old . ”

You Ji muttered, “Never imagined that the Sealed Demonic Zone actually is sealing it . Let’s go faster, this place shouldn’t have any dangers . ”

With a flash of demonic energy, she flew forward .

Qin Yu quickly followed her .

The cave began to twist, as both sides are now showing signs of being struck . The scales scattered on the floor turn to dust from the wind they made when passing by . This exposed many spots of a dark color, that resembled traces of blood .

Without any notice, an immense skeleton lay before their eyes . It is more than a dozen zhang long, with a sharp horn, malevolent tusk, straight back, as well as a tough and solid tail, incredibly fierce .

The skeleton lay on the floor . Before its death, it still continued to dig, to the extent of having its left claw embedded in the stone . The eye sockets stare fixedly ahead, and even if a thousand of years have passed, it still emanated a strong feeling of attachment and unwillingness .

You Ji held a complicated expression, sighing, “Even an Earth Demonic Beast died here . We definitely won't escape from here . Sigh, we were happy for nothing . ”

Qin Yu frowns, moved at the end of the cave and let his fist explode .

A deep sound echoed . Suffering the backlash of the blow, he retreated several steps, feeling the blood in his chest in disorder .

The wall showed no damage .

“Don’t waste your strength . ” You Ji simply stated, “Even with my cultivation, it still won't be enough to break the seal’s power . ”

Qin Yu looked up at the skeleton, suddenly saying, “You Ji, I feel like something from inside of it is pulling me . ”

You Ji’s arched her eyebrow, “Are you certain?”

Qin Yu nods, “Yes . The reason why I found this cave, is because of this feeling . Something inside the skeleton drew me, and now this feeling is stronger . ”

You Ji liked her lips, “Little man, if you're not wrong, then you're extremely lucky!” Demonic energy flashed, and she arrived at the Earth Demonic Beast’s backbone . Her eyes ran over the seventh vertebra and struck .

The Earth Demonic Beast’s skeleton collapsed with a rumble . Many bones were crushed, but starting from its horn connected to the skull, and finishing at the tail, they all remained intact .

You Ji’s eyes shone . With a swish of her arm, a powerful wind rose, removing the rest of the broken bones and leaving the intact ones . After a careful inspection, she showed delight, “It's actually true, a preserved Earth Demon’s blood essence!”

Qin Yu was stirred, “Earth Demon’s blood essence?”

“That’s right . This can help you upgrade the level of your Demon Body’s demonic blood, and not just a little . ” She sighed, “Sealed Demonic Zone actually held demonic blood of suck quality . It’s a pity I'm incapable of training in the Demon Body since I'm not a man . ”

Qin Yu’s face became ugly, “In other words, the things you said about this place having demonic blood was a lie?”

You Ji let out a peal of delicate laughter . “Don’t be angry . Heres the proof that what I said was true . Look, this is an Earth Demon’s blood essence . ”

Qin Yu was cornered, not knowing how to reply, ‘Damn witch . Even when exposed you still dare to say you’re right?’

Breathing deeply a few times, he found it difficult to swallow his anger . But right then, Qin Yu’s breathing faltered . He hurriedly took deep breaths, then said, “Did you feel that?”

You Ji inquired, “What?”

Qin Yu reached a part of the wall, jumped and grabbed a protruding stone . He then reached to feel the cracked wall . This was caused by the final blow from the Earth Demonic Beast . He felt with his fingers, then revealed a smile .

“What is it?”

Qin Yu landed, spreading his fingers, “Water . ”

You Ji was startled, then happy . After she flew to inspect it herself, she let out a cry, then fell on Qin Yu’s back, massaging her head, “You're so smart! You're so smart! Hahahaha, this lady knew that I won't die this easy! Little miser, did you think this lady is finished? Be at ease, I will definitely return to settle our score!”

Qin Yu was sweating bullets, ‘Is this witch crazy?’

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