Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 56

Chapter 56

The floor shook, as Qin Yu and You Ji bursts towards the way they came . The lightning exploded behind them, covering the entire scene in violet . Among the crackling sounds, Qin Yunmo’s roars of pain could be heard .

“Youngster, I will definitely kill you!” his exploding rage echoed in the stone cave .

Qin Yu was unaffected, as he used the Demon Body to its limit . He charged forward, with each step, making thumping sounds .

You Ji was struck dumb, and only after a long time did she came out of her stupor . The way she is looking at Qin Yu now changed into sadness . To save her, he attacked Qin Yunmo when he had the chance to escape alone . She was about to say something, but terrifying waves of demonic energy came from behind forming a huge mouth intending to swallow them whole .

“Ahh!” You Ji unconsciously strengthen her grip .

Qin Yu once again released a bolt of violet lightning making the huge mouth of demonic energy collapse in miserable shrieks .

As the danger passed, You Ji’s face reddened, only now finding that she is embracing his neck . She hurriedly relaxed her hand, as her mind was in a panic .

The demonic energy once again exploded, this time condensing into a skeletal hand trying to grab them . Only to be shattered by another violet lightning .

Qin Yunmo raved again and again, but his demonic intent didn’t dare approach . The lightning attack almost tore him to pieces, and if the next one doesn’t kill him, it will surely leave heavy wounds!

The power of lightning has the ability to suppress demonic powers, and the one Qin Yu is using, had an even greater effect .

Unable to block them, Qin Yunmo’s eyes erupted with greater cruelty . He half knelt with his hands on the floor pouring his demonic power into it .

The entire cave started shaking, as minute cracks appeared on the seals in the walls .

The ruthless demonic souls trapped inside came out and threw themselves at the two people .

Qin Yu’s face changed, using the lightning surrounding him to make a soul withdraw in screams . Only for another one to take its place .

The Sealed Demonic Zone is a mysterious and ancient location in this world . The sealed demonic cultivators inside are too many to count . Although the tunnel is in front of them, between them are more than a thousand demonic souls!

The lightning’s power might be outstanding, but in this situation, extremely exhausting .

Qin Yu said in a deep voice, “Find a way to go through, or we won’t be able to escape!”

You Ji bit her lip, “Give me your Guarding Badge . ”

Qin Yu took it out without any hesitation .

You Ji picked the two Guarding Badges, twisting her body so that she had her back against Qin Yu . As she was sticking closely, the touch made her face more delicate and lovely .

The two badges were joined together, with the lines on them fitting perfectly, then pinched it!

A bloody color exploded, enveloping everything . Two tall and strong figures appeared one in front and the other in the back . Their movement was slow and somewhat clumsy, yet each time it released a bloody light . Any demonic ghost that touched it was as if touching a red-hot poker, making them scream miserably while being corroded .

The way was soon cleared and the tunnel appeared before them .

“Run! The Guarding Badge spirits are activated, protecting us for some time!” What she implied is that it won’t go on endlessly .

Qin Yu wordlessly carried her in his arms, taking large steps as he ran .

The two of them passed the demonic souls and into the tunnel, arriving at the three-way split area . But the scene before them made their expression heavy . The place is filled with demonic souls, blocking the way out, while the two Guardian Badge spirits began to turn translucent, unable to hold for much longer .

Qin Yunmo’s roar came from all around them, “I want you to die without a burial!”

The demonic souls went berserk as they charged at them .

Qin Yu turned and rushed through the middle tunnel . It's not that he believes it's safe, just that it had the least demonic souls . You Ji takes out the compass, but the whole Sealed Demonic Zone is in chaos . The needle kept rotating endlessly, unable to show the way .

With two howls, the Guarding Badge spirits dispersed . With their fears removed, the demonic souls once again went frenzy .

With a sudden wind, the Demonic Vine came out of the demonic energy and grew on the ground, then turned its head, “Take young miss and leave!”

Demonic energy surged as Demonic Vine grew unchecked, rooting itself to the walls and floor, becoming a thick and heavy barrier in a single breath .

You Ji’s eyes turned red, yet only bit her lip silently .

Qin Yu shouted lowly, “Take care!” then continued his escape .

Behind, he could hear the Demonic Vine’s weird laughter accompanied by curses .

“You damned ghosts, want to move against my young miss? Keep dreaming!”

“Ouch, biting really hurts . I’ll pull out your teeth and see how you’ll bite me then!”

“Hey! Yes you, bastard . You actually dare to sneak attack me!”

“Don’t be excited . With me here, no one shall pass . ”

The voice gradually weakens, and as the distance increases, it can no longer be heard .

Suddenly, an oppressing sound echoed from behind . You Ji’s body tensed, as tears fell .

This is the first time Qin Yu saw her cry . He doesn’t say anything as this silent crying is incredibly heartbreaking .

“Demonic Vine didn’t die in vain . We will get out . ” Qin Yu said heavily .

You Ji wipes her tears, “You run . No one will escape if you carry me . ”

Qin Yu smiled bitterly, “You think I haven’t considered? But I don’t know the way, and if I abandon you, where would I go?”

You Ji’s mouth moved, yet remained silent in the end . She pasted herself to his chest, sighing as she hears his powerful heartbeat .

Regretful and unwilling, yet also containing some contentment and affection .

In this world, there is finally a man who is willing to live and die with me . As for Qin Yu’s nonsense talk, she doesn’t believe one bit . If he wanted to leave alone, he needn’t incur Qin Yunmo’s rage, so there was no need for him to be so noisy… Truly a stingy little man!

Qin Yu stops, face incredibly grave .

Dead end!

You Ji smiles, “Now even if you want to run, you can’t . ”

Qin Yu frowns, “How come I hear some delight in your voice?”

“That's right . As you said, I am really scared of the dark . And with you accompanying me in death, I feel a lot better . ” You Ji smiled, “Don’t scowl, it's much better to die together, while many men who could save me would never be willing . Ah, I forgot . You still haven’t seen my face . Though sister is very beautiful!”

Qin Yu lowered his head . Her face had a layer of mist that gradually dissipated, making his breath falter .

Ning Ling’s beauty came from not having flaws anywhere on her body, forming a perfect image, as if a goddess was walking among them . Her noble and refined manners made it difficult for anyone to sully her .

You Ji and Ning Ling are two extremes . Her face can charm anyone, each place giving an allure that made others’ hearts increase their pulse . Especially her eyes, limpid and captivating, as if your soul is about to be swallowed . And matching her provocative figure, one glance would be enough to make anyone want to jump her!

The sound of swallowing is incredibly pronounced in this silence .

The two people were quiet .

You Ji’s laughter broke the tranquility . She powerlessly stuck close to Qin Yu, constantly moving to pat him, immensely pleased .

Qin Yu was embarrassed . It was an unconscious act, never imagining he couldn’t resist her lure .

Such an enticing woman!

He quickly shifted his gaze .

You Ji’s laughter subsided, alluringly said, “If there was enough time, sister wouldn’t mind you taking advantage . It’s a pity it’s too late . ”

The crazy demonic souls’ shouts are drawing near .

Qin Yu almost had his head damaged from the blood pressure . He took a deep breath, then smiled forlornly, “Don’t say that and quickly change back!”

You Ji winked mischievously, “No way . Since I'm about to die, sister wants to die still beautiful . ”

Qin Yu’s eyes suddenly brighten, “Perhaps we will live?”

You Ji grins, “One percent chance . ”

Qin Yu ripped his robe, tying You Ji’s body, thinking of the time several years ago when he stayed like this with a young miss in a cave . The situation then was equally deadly, while he survived and she died . His eyes darkened, then soon calmed down, saying in a low voice, “We will both survive . ”

Calm and resolute .

You Ji felt a rush of excitement . Qin Yu, being calm, imposing, confident and determined, has an unexplainable charm .

The first demonic soul entered their sight and roared as it threw itself forward .

Qin Yu lifted his finger, and a Blade Edge flew, beheading the demonic soul .

Yet the next moment, the second, then the third came until their vision was filled with them .

As he battles, explosions sounded constantly!

Each time Qin Yu acted, a demonic soul was crushed . Yet the demonic souls in the vicinity bit at him, making him attack unceasingly .

His body began to be covered in wounds, and despite his powerful Demon Body preventing from having deep wounds, the sheer amount of them became too much . The blood very soon starts dripping on the floor from his clothes .

Sensing blood, the demonic souls increased their fervor, moving like flies around the two people in the center .

The violet lightning erupted, spreading wantonly, and tore apart several dozen demonic souls!

Heavenly Thunder Bamboo was put on the ground, with lightning flashing along its branches and leaves . It shined in the underground, revealing the blood-soaked Qin Yu, and the unharmed You Ji he carries .

“Little man, don’t care about me . ”

Qin Yu untied the cloth, laying her on the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo, “I’m not giving up . ” He then charged at the demonic soul as he takes out the Souls Seizing Flag .

From the top of the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo, You Ji watches the blood-soaked Qin Yu fighting bravely . Even if he knows it will be almost impossible to escape death, the determination in his eyes never wavered .

Fighting for one’s life on the brink of death!

Her eyes were slightly dazed, murmuring, “Mom, perhaps I have found my fated person . The same as you and dad . But, the timing isn’t good . ” She paused, then smiled, making her charm and allure completely disappear, “He hasn’t given up yet, so how could daughter wait for her death? Maybe I can help him live, and even if I die, he will forever remember me . It wouldn’t be so bad . ”

You Ji looked once more at Qin Yu, then closed her eyes .

Violet patterns appear on her body, a stark contrast to her near translucent skin, bringing about an eerie beauty as if an exceptional scroll is slowly unfolded .

You Ji suddenly opens her eyes, her entire body alit with a demonic flame . Black and violet colors intertwined, as it released a heart-shaking aura . The demonic souls that were crazily besieging Qin Yu, are now desperately retreating .

“Demonic Slaughter!”

You Ji said coldly, as the flames flew, avoiding Qin Yu and Black Devil, sweeping away along the entire tunnel .

In a hundred zhang, demonic souls were disappearing like mist .

Once completed, You Ji smiled faintly at Qin Yu, then collapsed .

Qin Yu caught her in his embrace, soaking her clothes in blood . Sensing her temperature slipping, her eyes showed only determination .

Embracing You Ji, and putting away Black Devil, Qin Yu carries the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo . Before the demonic souls reached them once again, he rushed at the wall .

The seal rippled, swallowing them both!

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