Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 55

Chapter 55

You Ji bit her lip, ‘Exploiting bastard . Just wait for me to finish here, and see if I don’t gouge your sneaky eyes out!’ She took a deep breath to calm her nerves, then lifted a finger with a drop of violet blood seeping from its tip .

You Ji was suddenly pale, while her eyes are increasingly brighter . With a flick of her finger, the violet drop of blood landed in the center of the seal . As if activated, the seal’s lines ignite into a black flame, fusing together with the blood, and revealing a devil face with eyes and mouth .

It opened its mouth, completely dark, leading to an unknown place .

Without hesitation, You Ji put her hand inside its mouth . It then closed it tightly, letting out sounds that indicated it’s swallowing .

Qin Yu's brows creased and put himself in the best position to act . Despite You Ji’s expression being very calm, faced with this strange scene, he can’t help getting prepared .

If before, You Ji’s face was only pale, then now, she was like a sheet of paper . Fine bluish veins can be clearly seen with the naked eye, like a tattoo of a piece of white and blue ceramic, giving her a different kind of charm . But accompanying it, is something extremely disturbing, something that makes one's heart grow colder .

You Ji is on the verge of collapse, close to her limit .

Qin Yu stepped forward .

You Ji gave a frail shout, “Don’t come!”

This woman is indeed stubborn .

Qin Yu frowns, not approaching any more, but he already decided . If she is close to death, then he will immediately act . For him to know where the demon blood is, You Ji must survive . Of course, besides this, there is another reason, like the favor of saving her life . Despite almost killing him a few years back .

Before the opportunity to play the hero saving the beauty came, the devil face relaxed its mouth and let out a satisfied sigh .

You Ji pulled her arm, and on her almost translucent skin, three scarlet dots are the most striking .

The devil face disappears, and the black flame increased sharply . The entire stone melted and fused with the ground, then molded itself into a black metal door .

So, the place she wanted to go wasn’t at the wall, but beneath her feet!

The black metal door slowly opened .

Suddenly, a black tentacle appeared, wiping at You Ji . Rich demonic light breaks out to protect her, but even so, she was still thrown by the hit, then smashed into the stone wall with a bang . Rocks flew as the demonic light collapses, and she coughed a mouthful of blood .

Before she fell down, an invisible force restrains her in midair .

“So this is how the Seal’s Eye is opened . ”

A sigh was heard, as a figure appeared outside the metal door . He held his hands behind him while facing away from them, yet the horrifying aura he released was like a mountain, suffocating .

Black energy rushed from the metal door, forming into shackles darting at him . He disappeared in a flash, then appeared not far away . His appearance is young and fearful, expression gentle and amiable . Not at all like the sealed monsters, and more like a teacher .

“Little miss, let's talk . You remove the seal and I will let you guys go . What do you say?”

You Ji cried in alarm, “Qin Yunmo!”

He was amazed, “You recognize me?”

You Ji was filled with reverence, “The genius eight hundred years ago . Even though the time passed, it still couldn’t diminish a bit of your radiance . Junior naturally recognizes you . ”

Qin Yunmo laughed, “What a silver-tongued lass . Since you know my identity, then you must also know I am true to my word . ”

You Ji smiled dejectedly, “With senior’s status, could it be you don’t know the particularity of the Seal’s Eye? If the opening is interrupted, it cannot be continued by the same person . ”

Qin Yunmo’s face darkened .


“Since you can’t open the seal, what's the use of you two?”

“Please listen to me senior . The Sealed Demonic Zone is already abandoned . I reckon that we are the only people who know of the location and entrance to this place . If you kill us, then I'm afraid you will be trapped here forever . ”

“Lass, what are you saying?”

You Ji cautiously replied, “Perhaps there is a way to help you, senior . ”

Qin Yunmo was unmoved, “Speak . ”

“Three demonic treasure act as the three Seal’s Eyes on which the foundation of the Sealed Demonic Zone rests . These are then connected through the tunnels, creating the seal . Junior can find the other two Seal’s Eyes, and as long as I can take out the other two demonic treasures, the seal will weaken enough for the senior to escape . ” You Ji clenched her teeth, “If senior isn’t assured, you can leave your Demonic Brand in our bodies, thus controlling our fate . At which point we will do our all to save you . ”

Qin Yunmo indifferently said, “I admit you convinced me . But lass, you think I don’t know who you are? To you, the Demonic Brand is a mere joke . ”

You Ji’s body stiffened slightly, “Junior admires the cruelty in senior’s eyes . But you should understand, with junior’s cultivation, it will be a long time before I can awaken my bloodline power . ”

Qin Yunmo had icy eyes, “I am more aware that nothing is certain in this world . I won't risk it . You will stay here lass, and let this youngster break the Seal’s Eye . After my release, I will let you go . ”

You Ji smiled bitterly, “I will listen to senior without exception, but my companion doesn’t know how to open the Seal’s Eye . ”

Qin Yunmo was silent . After several breaths, he lifts his head, giving a strange smiling, “Lass, you're still naïve if you think you can toy with me . As merit for opening a Seal’s Eye, once this is done, I will give you some consideration!”

His body dispersed, and the cold demonic intent whistled as it moved .

Qin Yu’s mind withdrew, as he stepped heavily, making an explosive retreat while throwing a booming fist . The fist struck the demonic intent and felt like it hit a ball of cotton filled with cold water . Qin Yunmo imposing tone echoed in his heart, “Youngster, accept your fate . ”

Qin Yu’s body was suddenly rigid, as if he entered an ancient frozen cave, becoming paler from the bone piercing coldness .

What is more dreadful, is that the demonic intent is now entering his Dantian and into his Foundation!

“Ahh!” Qin Yu roared, as he thrashed around on the floor .

You Ji was pale, “Hold on Qin Yu . If you give up, we will all die!”

Damn it, Qin Yunmo stalled for time to make preparations . He has a way to remove the Seal’s Eye in this place .

We’ve been had!

You Ji bit her lip, for a Nascent Soul’s Divine Sense to seize a Foundation Establishment cultivator, is as easy as flipping his hand… I’m afraid we won’t be able to escape today’s calamity,

In a time as short as a spark, a tender face emerges in her mind . Thinking of being exiled, then sent to come after the Sealed Demonic Zone’s jade slip… It was actually the killing with a borrowed dagger scheme .

Truly a good sister!

You Ji almost drew blood from biting her lip, feeling guilty as she watched Qin Yu’s struggle .

Little man, sorry, we will die together .

Qin Yu’s veins were throbbing, his inner organs twisting as he was sweating a river with even some traces of blood in it . In his Dantian, the Foundation became almost entirely black, with only its center releasing a bleak light, on the verge of being extinguished from the slightest wind .

This light is Qin Yu’s consciousness . Once it disappears, his soul will soon follow, unable to enter reincarnation, never to be free again . As matters stand, in a few breaths, the seizing will be completed .

Qin Yunmo laughed inside . As long as he controls a vessel, he can enter the Seal’s Eye and regain his freedom .

Everything is staked on this attack .

Based on his demonic intent, and since he was restrained by the seal, he can only use ten to twenty percent . But to seize a Foundation Establishment junior, will still be effortless .

Qin Yunmo was brimming with confidence, but as time passes, he begins to frown, ‘This youngster has a very strong will!’

Seizing implies destroying his soul . The degree of pain accompanying it exceeding the corporeal pain by a hundred times, yet he still hasn’t given up .


What’s the use?

Before absolute power, all is futile!

Inside the Dantian a heaven shaking boom echoed . The black demonic intent charged frenziedly like a tide at the final glimmer of light .

It gradually darkens, gradually fainter, reaching the point of collapse .

“You're finished!” Qin Yunmo was incensed . Dealing with a measly Foundation Establishment actually took such a long time . His face is devoid of light .

On the Foundation, along with the black tide’s bombardment, the light in the center came to a standstill, as fine cracks appear, to the point of shattering .

But suddenly, the cracks vanish, and its light abruptly shines stronger, as if a sun was piercing the dark sky .

It became even more piercing, pure and bright!

Seeing Qin Yu’s constant twitching, his black robe soaked with blood, You Ji’s face experienced minute changes . Her admiration couldn’t help but contain a trace of expectation .

Maybe, he can hold on?

Just as this thought arose, Qin Yu suddenly halted his roars . His aura changes, and although weak, it couldn’t hide from You Ji’s perception . She sighed inside, feeling somewhat helpless, ‘In front of a Nascent Soul, a Foundation Establishment has indeed no way of escaping . ’ She actually had such hope . How laughable!

Qin Yu opens his eyes as if there were two flames in their depths, they shined like stars . Quite striking in this underground darkness .

At this, You Ji’s own eyes became big, feeling incredulous, ‘This feeling… how is it possible!’

The ice-cold demonic intent retreated, and gathered in the air, taking the shape of Qin Yunmo, with a darkened expression . Success was in sight, but in the final moment, this youngster spiritual sense suddenly transformed, refined . Although it’s just at the Golden Core, it was enough to resist his assault .

Qin Yu cupped his hand, “Greeting senior Qin Yunmo . ”

Qin Yunmo laughed coldly, “Youngster, you think I can’t kill you since you resisted my demonic intent?”

“Junior doesn’t dare . ”

“Hmph!” The darkness inside Qin Yunmo’s eyes subsides, “Youngster, I will teach you how to break the Seal’s Eyes . As long as you accomplish this, I promise to let you go . ”

Qin Yu shakes his head, “Junior doesn’t trust you . ”

Qin Yunmo’s veins throbbed, almost leaking blood, ‘What a good little bastard . This is the same as saying I will go back on my word!’ But his previous action is still vivid in his mind . Even if he were to be seen beating someone up, no one would dare retort . His gloominess persisted for a long time, then he swallowed his anger, “Then how should we do it, youngster?”

“Very simple . As young miss You Ji previously said, we will break the other Seal’s Eyes, helping senior escape . ”

Qin Yunmo sneered, “Youngster, you take me for a fool? If you want to break them, you will go alone . The lass will stay with me and chat . ”

“Fine!” Qin Yu agreed, “Please let go of young miss You Ji, senior . So that she can teach me how to break the Seal’s Eyes . ”

Qin Yunmo hesitated a moment, then undid her confinement . With his cultivation, why would he be scared of the struggle made by two little things?

Qin Yu takes out a jade slip from his storage bag, “Young miss You Ji, please imprint it with the method of breaking the Seal’s Eyes . ”

You Ji clenched her teeth, ‘This bastard happily agreed . When he leaves, he will definitely take off!’ She thought if she should tell Qin Yunmo, that Qin Yu won't learn how to break them . But this will only drag him down with her . ‘Neve rmind, he already suffered today, staying alive is all up to oneself . As this lady is facing death, I will show kindness!’

Her charming face was frosty as she put the jade slip to her forehead . A few breaths later she threw it at Qin Yu, her cold expression didn’t linger for a moment longer .

Undependable coward, seeing you will dirty my eyes!

Qin Yu's sense explored the jade slip, with only one word inside: Despicable!!

The thick resentment hits him straight on .

His mouth twitched . Qin Yu then sighed and reached for her, embracing her to his chest, “Relax, I will take you with me . ”

You Ji’s body stiffened and almost smiled wryly from anger, ‘This bastard still wants to take advantage of me . Who are you tring to deceive with that warm tone? Hey, enough, you think I won't fight back, holding me so close? I will take you down with me!’

Seeing them inseparable, Qin Yunmo’s mind calmed somewhat . As his eyes landed on You Ji’s body, he hid his smirk as soon as it appeared . ‘What a beautiful lass . If I can get out of this seal, maybe I can let her live as my concubine . This type of girl is said to be wonderful beyond words!’

Qin Yu’s embrace had no other meaning . He peaked at Qin Yunmo with the corner of his eye, sensing his roaming eyes . He flipped his hand and put the jade slip in the storage bag . Then, with a wave of his sleeve, a bolt of violet lightning whistled as it was released!

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