Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 54

Chapter 54

Before him there is only darkness, feeling it tearing at his body . The same feeling Qin Yu had when training in the Demon Body . Only this time is somewhat different . You Ji’s body was tense, holding strongly on to Qin Yu’s hand . He can hear how labored her breathing is becoming .

Qin Yu hesitated slightly, then reached out and embraced her, feeling her warmth and fragrance .

You Ji’s body froze, then gradually softened .

The process seems to last longer then he imagined . Just as Qin Yu was doubting whether or not they will forever be trapped in this darkness, the tearing force abruptly vanished .

He loosened his arms and stepped back . You Ji stood straight and looked around, her ears turning faintly pink .

Qin Yu breaks the silence, “In what direction do we go?” Their current position is in an immense stone cave . The walls are covered in caverns, winding and complicated, leading to an unknown location .

You Ji relaxed a breath, then takes out the compass, studies it carefully, and then put it back, “Follow me . ” She stopped her pace, reminding him, “Always wear the Guarding Badge . ” Then she rushed forward .

Qin Yu smiled, catching up to her .

Entering a cavern, the light suddenly dims, and even though it isn’t narrow, it still gave a suffocating feeling . In this cold silence, besides the black stones, there is nothing to look at . But watching You Ji carefully treading forward, Qin Yu was inwardly taking precautions, not daring to be even a bit careless .

With no prior indication, following a woeful howl, on the left side in front a big rock suddenly protrudes . The black seal outlines a wizened figure, that made a sudden grabbing motion at You Ji .

Her body leaned, and despite straightening very quickly, she doesn’t reveal a hint of fear on her charming face when looking coldly at the stone . But from the slight paleness and the drops of sweat on her nose, exposing her true thoughts .

Truth be told, Qin Yu was also startled . For her to be able to adjust herself in such a short time isn’t easy . As expected, her flirtatious and delicate manner was all a lie . At heart, she is stubborn and hardened . Even scared she remains the same .

After more walking, Qin Yu suddenly said, “Let’s rest . ”

You Ji stopped, and replied without turning, “You’re seriously annoying!” She carefully considered, then turned and sat down without asking .

Qin Yu tactfully withdrew a distance, and close his eyes to recover .

You Ji bit her lip, reached with her hand to massage her ankle, then her eyes swept at Qin Yu, softening somewhat .

Of course, this is something she will never let Qin Yu see .

Moments later, You Ji rose, “Let’s go!”

Qin Yu opened his eyes, smiling .

The two people continue penetrating deeper . The cavern expands outwards as a rotten and decrepit skeleton appears in sight . You Ji’s face changed, muttered a bit, then said, “Be careful . ”

Qin Yu slowly nodded .

After walking some more, they found a place where the seal was interrupted, revealing a big hole .

You Ji stepped forward to investigate, and sometime later, said, “The seal weakened, allowing him to escape . But was still hurt by its power, and died in the end . ”

Qin Yu looked, seeing nothing special about the dark green cave mouth . For You Ji to say that she must have a basis .

They then arrived where the cavern splits in three and You Ji fishes out the compass . She fiddles with it for a long while and seems to have encountered a problem .

“You try, it might react to your blood . ”

Qin Yu closed his eyes, emptying his mind, and then opens them after a few breaths, pointing, “The left . ”

You Ji looks at the compass, frowning with worry .

“Anything amiss?”

You Ji sighed, “It seems, it’s won’t be as easy as I wanted, to find it . Out of the three tunnels, the left one is the most dangerous . ”

Qin Yu frowns, “How dangerous?”

“Very . ”

“… should we go?”

You Ji’s pupils brighten, “Yes! This young miss isn’t afraid!” She breathed in deeply, “If you can’t hold it, you can feed the Guarding Badge with… Forget it, you’re not a demonic cultivator . Stick a bit closer . ”

This sticking closer a bit, allowed again and again for the delicate fragrance to assault his nose . Looking down, he can also see the fair and clean neck of the young miss along with some fine and sparse hairs .

You Ji threw a criticizing eye, implying that there is no need to stick so close .

Qin Yu feints ignorance .

Sealing Demonic Zone; although the road so far was peaceful, who knows when trouble shows up .

Besides, it’s obvious there will be danger . He must be an idiot for not being careful and sticking closer!

You Ji grinds her teeth in anger, but feeling the breath coming from behind her, she has to admit that her heart is a bit more relaxed .

Forget it, this matter is more important . This young miss will endure!

Going through the left tunnel, their expressions turn heavy . Not only is the way dark, and You Ji is forced to use the Light Pearl for illumination, what is more important is that the air is suffused with faint demonic energy .

In a place like Sealed Demonic Zone, where monsters are sealed, there’s bound to be some demonic energy leaking out . But they encountered this only in this part of their journey… moreover, according to You Ji’s compass, this way is judged to be the most dangerous .

Their pace slowed down drastically, with neither in the mood for talking, only hearing the sounds of their footsteps .

Suddenly, You Ji’s body stiffened . Qin Yu doesn’t know what happened, but was preparing out of instinct .

The faint demonic energy in the air began to boil, like a sea, and what’s astonishing is that it’s rate continually increases . What is clear, is the fact that traces of demonic energy constantly seep out of the walls around them, resounding like a mournful cry in their ears .

This isn’t a real voice, but a mixture of countless demonic intents, in an attempt to assault their minds and take control of them .

With a lovable shout, the Guarding Badge from You Ji’s hand shines faintly, enveloping herself and the close sticking Qin Yu, shielding them from the attack of the demonic intents .


Grabbing Qin Yu, she rushed forward . As if it realized the demonic intents had no effect, the demonic energy began condensing . Twisted shadows appear one by one, throwing themselves at them with eerie cries .

You Ji’s eyes flashed, “Ignore them, they’re illusions . ” Sure enough, the shadows ran through the two of them and scattered .

“Don’t run!”

“Stay, join us!”

“You can’t escape!”

Whether high or low, whether pleading or heartbroken, they all resound inside the tunnels from people of all ages . Then, from the seals on the two walls, malevolent shapes of demonic energy protruded outwards, rushing to grab at the two people in the middle .

You Ji quickly dodged . She seems to have been training in an exquisite footwork, as the frenzy attacks from the sides are unable to touch her . She warned, “Don’t resist, let me lead you, or once you touch the seal, we’ll both be sucked inside!”

Qin Yu nods .

But at that moment, his eyes shrank . He suddenly put his foot down and pulled You Ji close as they stopped .

Caught off guard, she was almost grabbed by one of the figures rushing at her from the seal . In a sorry state, You Ji turned, intending to reproach him, as Qin Yu bent his arm and sent a fist forward .

A loud sound echoed, colliding with a shadow running at them, destroying it and leaving behind a black dagger .

You Ji paled . If Qin Yu hadn’t discovered it, the outcome would have been obvious . Her lips moved, wanting to say something, but was cut off by Qin Yu, “Run quickly!”

Of course, while at it, he also picked the black dagger .

Unable to capture the couple, the demonic figures silently retreated one by one back inside the walls .

Very swiftly, the two people rushed out of the cave and arriving at another large underground area .

You Ji released her hand and started to comb her messy hair, “This is a demonic treasure, it’s quality should be quite high . Being soaked in demonic energy all this time, allowed it to have a consciousness . ”

Qin Yu’s eyes brightened .

Whether it’s a magical treasure or a demonic treasure, the ones that are able to gain consciousness, are known as spiritual treasures .

“Don’t let your imagination run wild . This dagger, at best, is at the start of its awakening . It’s just a shadow of spiritual treasure, a long way to go before it can become a real one . ”

Qin Yu laughed, putting the dagger away, “Since I picked it, whatever happens in the future is all up to its luck . ”

The words are broad, candid and carefree, making You Ji’s pupil flash . To cover it up she turned, “Rest . ”

Qin Yu nods, “You rests, I’ll keep watch . ”

Up till now, everything was done by You Ji while he had it easy .

You Ji didn’t hold back and sat down, then took out a pill, opening her mouth to swallow it . The pill was black, suffused with traces of violet, and releasing a subtle fragrance . Among the pills Qin Yu knows, none matched the one she took . ‘You Ji’s identity is so mysterious . ’

After a while, You Ji opens her eyes, now with two traces of violet inside, then disappeared with a flash yet still held a certain dignity .

“Not bad . ”

Qin Yu turned, watching the cave, “Young miss You Ji, the demonic cultivators sealed in this place should be here for a long time . Why aren’t they dead yet?”

You Ji shakes her head, “Most of them are already dead . But their resentment inside the seal hasn’t dissipated . ” She seems to be in a talkative mood, “From its reaction, where should we go?”

The underground area is very big, unable to see its limit, while vision is also affected by the darkness .

Qin Yu closed his eyes and opened them after a few breaths, expression grave, “It seems we have arrived . ”

He then lifted his hand, pointing in front .

You Ji was delighted .

Walking along the uneven terrain, they soon see a jade slip emitting a feeble bloody light, suspended on a big stone protruding from the ground .

The two of them were in no rush to advance . Carefully inspecting the surroundings, and after not finding anything amiss, You Ji’s eyes showed excitement, unable to hold herself back .

Qin Yu retreated several zhang .

You Ji grinned, ‘This guy is quite tactful . ’ She stepped in front of the big stone and took the jade slip with her hand . She seemed to be checking for something, then put away the jade slip, with a growing smile on her face .

It’s here!

She takes out a storage bag, and with a flash of demonic energy, a jade bottled appears . It was translucent, allowing to see the contents, filled with a scarlet liquid . Opening it, a strong bloody smell spread in the area in an instant, with red mist rising from the mouth of the bottle . The mist, as if attracted, entered the stone . Very soon, all of the liquid evaporated, and the mist enveloped the big stone entirely .

The bloody mist gradually thins as it’s absorbed by the stone, now sporting the same color as the liquid . Its surface began to shift, as if alive, with lines appearing on it, twisting and intertwining as it moved, forming a strangely round seal .

Qin Yu frowns, this item looks to be the emblem of a race .

You Ji’s expression was grave . Her entire demonic energy suddenly boiled, letting out steam, and soaking her entire black dress, sticking it to her skin .

Even at this crucial moment, Qin Yu still couldn’t restrain himself from having his eyes linger a few times . The back, waist, her protruding rear, are all incomparable .

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