Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Great progress in cultivation

What’s going on? Qin Yu at once was on guard, not sparing a glance at Pheasant King, from his chest took a Spirit Gathering Pill and swallowed it .

After bathing in the little blue lamp’s light, the pills’ medicinal property is greatly increased, more than three original pills combined . The roaming medicinal energy quickly turned into spiritual energy, and soon Qin Yu not only recovered the spent energy, it even increased his cultivation slightly .

It’s too late for regret . Thus, after wasting a Spirit Gathering Pill, Qin Yu leaned on one of the stone walls, slowly making his way down . He already decided that the Pill Disposal Facility is the best choice for him, and can’t let it go to waste .

Of course, what determined him to make this decision, the most important reason is that over the past seven years Pill Disposal Facility had went through only a dozen people . The shortest time someone was here was two months . It is clear that even though there was danger inside, for a short while, at least, it isn’t fatal .

The way was quiet .

Besides his footsteps, there were no other sounds . Qin Yu doesn’t dare to be careless, carefully looking everywhere several times . After making sure there is no danger he let out a breath, on his face a pondering look .

Since there’s no danger, then the traces near the entrance of the tunnel and the blood stains could only be done by the previous cultivators .

But why?

Qin Yu is very puzzled, but couldn’t find an answer and can only be careful while he cleans up the place . From the mess in the living area, it seems that Senior Brother Wang’s final moments must have been really painful . Despite not caring about how the living area is, he will still be living here for quite a while and might as well clean it up a bit .

It seems there are some things that will happen in the future .

Sitting cross legged on the meditation mat, Qin Yu takes out all his Spirit Gathering Pills . Finding that there are 37 of them, he could help being excited . He already patiently endured countless days, and within this safe place, he can’t restrain the thought of how much these 37 pills will improve his cultivations .

Taking a pill, closing his eyes, absorbing the energy!

Qin Yu is completely immersed in cultivation, with incredible speed, he experiences constant increase in power .

As the final Spirit Gathering Pill finished increasing his energy, Qin Yu slowly opens his eyes, a spark flashing through them, incredibly dazzling in the dark . He doesn’t show any change from before, only his complexion is slightly rosy, but when he stretched his body he accidentally releases a different aura .

Imposing, steady, confident!

As if he is reborn!

He senses that in his body, the flow of energy is many times stronger . Qin Yu couldn’t help but smile at that .

5th layer of Qi Refining!

The 37 Spirit Gathering Pills, actually increased his power by three layers, and that is because of his average talent . With slow absorption of spiritual energy, he wasted some of the pill’s effect . Otherwise he would be four layers higher .

But Qin Yu is already satisfied . Before, he never thought of reaching the 5th layer of Qi Refining . Too bad there are no more Spirit Gathering Pills, the other types he still isn’t cleat on their effects, and can only stop his cultivation for now .

Stretching and twisting his body, he can hear popping sounds from his bones . Figuring out the time, Qin Yu is amazed that almost seven days passed . He wasn’t aware at all, and it only seemed to be a moment .

“Immortals spend countless years, hundreds of years in a flash …’ I finally begun to understand this saying . ” Qin Yu lamented, and after clearing his thoughts, got up and went in another room . When he was cleaning, he found out that this is the study room, with many alchemical records . Because he was too impatient to cultivate, he didn’t linger .

It is now time to inspect it, and find out what the rest of his pills do, so he can quickly return to cultivating . Experiencing this phenomenal speed in cultivation, Qin Yu is completely entranced by this feeling .

Speaking about the study room, it is actually just a cave, with a few holes in the wall, and except a stone table there is no other furniture . On the table there is an oil lamp for illumination and beside it some papers laid out in disorder .

Qin Yu ignores the lamp, and looks at the papers . It was filled with curses containing bitter resentment, without any use .

Throwing it away, he then took a book without a title .

The first page .

“I, Xu Mou, all my life have studied alchemy, but my talent was poor, and is hard to reach the next level . I will leave all my knowledge for the later generation, in hope that junior can find it helpful…”

Eyeing it a few times, it seems to be full of complaints, then turned the page .

Very quickly, Qin Yu is trembling .

This cultivator Xu Mou’s record is actually very detailed, containing his processes of concocting pills . This book is actually an alchemy journal . Even more wonderful is, that he wrote down all the pill’s effects, this was what Qin Yu needed the most .

Flipping through the book, possibly because of his increased cultivation, Qin Yu memory has also improved, able to remember most of the contents after a short while, particularly the pill’s descriptions which feel even more clear .

Xu Mou’s cultivation wasn’t high, and could only concoct low level pills . This is exactly what Qin Yu wanted, to determine what his remaining pills do .

But he isn’t careless and takes out the pill catalog again, flipping it open to verify if there are any discrepancies . Only then is he certain of what the name of the three types of pill are: Spirit Increasing Pill, Strengthening Pill and Fasting Pill .

Spirit Increasing Pill and Spirit Gathering Pill are similar, they both improve cultivation, but they are separated by rank, with stronger effect .

Strengthening Pill’s main use is to increase the body’s strength, and somewhat cultivation .

Fasting Pill, as its name implies, after taking it there is no need to eat for a month .

Qin Yu was smiling . Spirit Increasing Pill is definitely a good pill . Strengthening Pill, is also useful to him, with it, it won’t be long before his frail body will be transformed .

As for Fasting Pill, the pill’s spiritual energy will allow a body not to feel hunger, and it might come in handy .

He is very satisfied with what he got!

Anyway, let’s continue cultivating!

But this time he doesn’t take Spirit Increasing Pill, instead he chooses the Strengthening Pill .

The reason is quite simple . A Qi Refining cultivator’s power is weak, he also doesn’t have any attacking techniques, and if he meets any danger can only rely on his physical strength .

Training the body before increasing one’s cultivation is also a failsafe . Pill Disposal Facility might look safe now, but Qin Yu has some suspicions .

The Strengthening Pill lives up to its name, known by all Qi Refining cultivators to be an essential pill, with its strong effect in increasing body strength!

Ten days, after refining his body with the 44 Strengthening Pills, Qin Yu’s height increased by a head and defining his muscles . With this new explosive strength, he can now say goodbye to his former weak self .

If Lang Tu knew, he would be in tears . He suffered untold hardships to have that kind of strength, and yet he might not be stronger than Qin Yu .

Qin Yu was smiling, inwardly he decided on finding a way to give some Strengthening Pills to Lang Tu . All his brains are in his muscles, and walking the path of a normal cultivator is useless . Body cultivation is more suited to him anyway .

With little blue lamp, Qin Yu is convinced that he can go very far on his cultivation path, but without friends, won’t it be too lonely?

Tu Dou is very fortunate to have such a good brother!

In the dark underground, it is definitely peaceful, as if time flows faster here . When Qin Yu woke once again from cultivation, he’s been in Pill Disposal Facility for a month . All the Spirit Increasing Pills have turned into spiritual energy, increasing his cultivation to 8th layer of Qi Refining!

In one month he reached 8th layer in Qi Refining .

“For cultivators, pills truly are heaven defying, granting the best results!” Qin Yu couldn’t help exclaim .

He is already certain, Third Senior Brother’s 27 days of reaching Foundation Establishment from 7th Qi Refining is all because of the little blue lamp . It’s a pity he was too obvious, like a shooting star, he fell as fast as he rose .

“The bird whose head sticks out is shot! Wei Wei’s death should be a lesson and a warning . ” Qin Yu’s eyes turned solemn, little blue lamp has become his most important secret . No matter what, he must not reveal it . Or else taking into account his low status, he will be destroyed by other powerful cultivators .

With the pills’ supply ending, Qin Yu’s cultivation has also temporarily stopped . Although he stayed in the underground for a month, completely sealed from the outside world, he doesn’t fell bored at all, “It seems, cultivating isn’t without perks, at least I didn’t feel lonely . ”

Just as he finished, Qin Yu’s eyebrow slightly rose, his eyes reflecting a bright light, “It’s actually you, little guy . ” What appeared before him, is exactly the Pheasant King that he brought with him in the Pill Disposal Facility . On the day he came here, because he was focusing on cultivation, he completely forgot of its existence .

Now, the Pheasant King’s colorful plumage lost its original luster, with his fiery crown drooping and the light in his eyes darkened, he seemed completely devoid of strength . It looked at Qin Yu, wanted to approach but afraid, feeling hesitant .

Qin Yu quickly understood, looking at his right hand green index finger . Sure enough, the color turned darker . Pill Disposal Department is filled with poison, enough to cause anyone who stayed here for a month to have the poison inside of them erupt . He has immunity to poison thanks to little blue lamp, but Pheasant King wasn’t so lucky .

He actually lived until now, truly worthy of being the Pheasant King .

Thinking about it, Qin Yu slowly opened his hand, and the blue light filled a one foot radius area . Soon the Pheasant King’s eyes turned wide, exposing his excitement, his sharp claw scratching at the floor, but restrained himself from rushing forward .

This fellow, it actually has awareness?

Qin Yu was surprised but soon calmed down, on this world nothing is too strange . If he could find the little blue lamp, Pheasant King could also encounter opportunities to increase his intelligence . At first he thought of saving it to keep him company, and now that he has awareness it couldn’t be better .

“Little guy, come here, let me help you remove the poison . ”

As if he understood, the Pheasant King little eyes rolled back and fell to the ground .


Qin Yu doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, it seems this little guy payed attention to him . So close to dying and still won’t come closer, is proof enough that his intelligence isn’t too low .

Picking up the Pheasant King, and letting the blue light shine on him, small threads of dark energy are entering his claw, gradually turning it black .

He began assesing him, and find out that he is nice and plump, even more than when they entered the Pill Disposal Facility .

Qin Yu rubbed his chin deep in thought . This month he hasn’t seen Pheasant King at all, what did he ate?

The black energy stopped going inside and the poison was eliminated . But Pheasant King still kept its eyes closed, with no intention of waking up . Yet since he fainted, how come its tail feathers are shaking with excitement?

It’s on purpose, Qin Yu thought . Then with a wicked laugh, “Get up! The poison is already gone, right in time for dinner!”


Pheasant King suddenly struggled, if Qin Yu wasn’t prepared, it might have escaped . Struggling to brake free it found that his hand are like iron vices . Pheasant King could only expose a miserable look towards Qin Yu, its tears falling slowly on the ground .

This little guy, is really funny!

Funny pheasant?

What a comical name .

Qin Yu revealed a smile .

Pheasant King immediately started, trying to act adorable . Even though your wings are shining, why is your tail feathers shaking all over?

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