Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Pill Disposal Facility

After half a month, the sect’s lockdown is slowly being lifted . The fierce chase for the killer, also gradually settled .

But, the missing bodies of Han Dong and Wei Wei needed an explination . In the end, the blame was pun on the demonic sect . After all, the demonic sect is every cultivator sect’s arch-enemy, these years who knows how may attacks they made? Adding another one won’t affect them .

Qin Yu let a relaxed breath, but felt dejected inside . In this world, the most painful is to have treasure and not being able to use it . This half of month, he used the little blue lamp to upgrade all his pills, if he keeps taking them then he will breeze through the cultivation layers .

But he doesn’t dare!

Wei Wei’s 27 days’ break through from 7th Qi Refining, brought too much attention . If not for the disaster he suffered, Qin Yu would have followed in his footsteps .

Will he have no choice but to let it gather dust? Qin Yu felt an annoying headache, only if he can avoid the outside world’s eyes can he use it, if not it would remain an unsolvable problem .

Lang Tu, was holding a fat pheasant, with bright and colorful feathers, right ahead you can realize that this is the pheasant’s leader, their king, the most outstanding out of all fowls . But now that ship is sailed, with his head bowed dejectedly and tearful eyes, awaits its fate .

“You damn chicken! You’re actually crying! Where has all that strength to peck me go to?” Lang Tu’s hand shook, “Don’t be sad, I had my eye on you for a long time . At first wanted to let you have descendants, an unending supply of fat chickens wasn’t bad, but my little brother’s body isn’t too well, and have no choice but to give you to him so he could recover . ”

“Relax, I will bury your feathers to let you rest in peace . Hehe, I know how to be grateful!”

Pheasant King rolled his eyes, doesn’t know if he should be moved or scared, rolled his head on the side and lost consciousness .


Lang Tu yelled his throat out, “Quickly open the door, Boss Yu, I brought something delicious!”

Qin Yu opened the door, lazily looked at the pheasant in his hand, letting an “oh” sound, turned around and left . He is not at all affected by this scene .

Lang Tu mumbled dissatisfied, “Hey! I bring you a fat chicken and you could at least show a smile . You don’t know how to be gratefull!” Finished talking, he nervously continued, “Boss Yu, did your illness erupt? Don’t scare me!”

Slapping his forehead, Qin Yu grinned, ‘this fellow’s strength is great, yet his head is filled with rocks’, “Don’t shout at me! I feel great right now!” and then said, “Tu Dou, tell me how could…”

Qin Yu closed his mouth and shook his head helplessly . ‘Tu Dou’s methods are so amazing, that asking him would be a waste of energy . ’

Lang Tu scratched his head, with a baffled look, “What did you want to say? If you’re having trouble, I can definitely help!”

This fellow is truly simple .

Qin Yu annoyed said: “Don’t ask! Go cook, I’m hungry!”

Lang Tu turned around and walked away .

Suddenly, the courtyard’s door is kicked open and a line of burly youngsters walked inside .

Lang Tu’s face changed, and in a low roar, “Xu Jian, you bastard, want some more beating? If you still dare to pick on Boss Yu, today I won’t let you off!”

Xu Jian with an unsightly face, pointed at him, “Lang Tu, well settle our debt later . Today I haven’t come here to play, bur for work . ”

His eyes landed on Qin Yu, with an evil smile, “Junior Brother Wang in charge of Pill Disposal Facility died, and when Manager of Affairs asked me for a replacement, I recommended Junior Brother Qin Yu . Tch, such an easy task, being in charge of this simple job, shouldn’t you thank me, Qin Yu?”

Lang Tu raged, “I’ll kill you, you bastard!” Before he could move, was stopped by Qin Yu . Afraid of harming his weak body, Lang Tu didn’t struggle, but kept on roaring, “Let me go! This bastard wants to kill you, I’ll send him off first!”

With veins surfacing on his red face, Lang Tu looks like a man eating beast . Xu Jian took an unconscious step back, with a flushed face he wanted to retaliate, but didn’t dare to face off with him .

“This is the Manager of Affairs’ order . Qin Yu, go and report today! And Lang Tu, don’t be to rampant . Let’s go!”

They all rushed to leave .

Lang Tu shouted, “Qin Yu, why did you stop me? You know what the Pill Disposal Facility is . Xu Jian wants to kill you!”

Qin Yu let go of him, using all his strength, even if Lang Tu didn’t struggle out of consideration for him, the little strength he used still made his arms go numb, ‘This fellow, is more like a human shaped ferocious beast!’

“Don’t shout! I know, but Xu Jian miscalculated this time . ”

Lang Tu flew into a rage, “You’re crazy! Pill Disposal Facility, that is the Pill Disposal Facility! Sealed from outside, once you enter, you need to handle the failed pills, and all kinds of poisons attacking your body, in your condition you won’t last three months!”

He clenched his teeth, turning to leave, “I will leave now, and go and plead the Manager of Affairs to replace you . ” Seeing his angry look, filled with determination, Qin Yu found it funny and was even more touched, holding him from leaving, “Lang Tu, who do you think is smarter between us?”

Lang Tu straighten his neck, “Of course it’s… you . ”

Qin Yu raised an eyebrow, “If you know, then you believe, that I am seeking death?” With a straight face, seriously said: “Tu Dou, you’re my best brother, I won’t lie to you, so relax, the Pill Disposal Facility is a death sentence for others, but not for me . ”

Qin Yu lowered his head, when he looked at his wrapped up right hand index finger, there was a light flashing in his eyes .

‘Xu Jian, this time, I do need to thank you!’

He already knows what the green color on his right index finger is . Two days ago as he was pulling weeds in the vicinity of the herb garden, he witnessed something dreadful . With a light touch, the plant whose roots were so difficult to pull, dried up and died, turning completely green .

Qin Yu’s eyes flew wide open, instantly reminding him of Wei Wei’s skeleton . After several experiments he is clear, that in his finger is gathered a frightening corrosive poison! Once it entered his body, his narrow escape could only be attributed to little blue lamp .

Because, that night, it was the only variable .

After some experiments, Qin Yu’s idea was proven right . In the vicinity of the herb garden he carefully searched for some plants with little poison . Making careful not to harm himself, at night he poured the poisoned extract on the lamp .

The resulted threads of black poisonous gas, under his watchful eyes gathered around his finger without causing any harm . He even risked with a stronger poison, enough to kill a bear, and yet it still didn’t harm him .

Like this he found out the little blue lamp’s second effect: poison removal .

Perhaps it’s the more overbearing poison immunity!

Due to this exact reason, facing Xu Jian’s plot, he is still calm, even delighted inside .

For cultivators, pills bring endless benefits, but while failing at refining pills, besides the medicinal property there will also be some poison . This poison, appeared because of this process, and very difficult to remove .

Only those with a profound cultivation base can suppress it, but even so, it will make progress hard and the cultivation speed is slowed to a crawl . Many who are injured, have no choice but to shout in grief from this deadly torment .

It’s not that all wasted pills have poison . But the possibility of having it, no one is willing to ignore . Therefore, generally all sects have a place of disposal, and using an extreme method they destroy the wasted pills .

Qin Yu with the little blue lamp in hand, doesn’t even care about the poison, instead he thinks it’s even better .

First of all, everyone knows that the Pill Disposal Facility is poisonous, no one stepped inside for an entire year, it is a sealed place . Qin Yu, without worrying about others finding out, can cultivate with pills without a care in the world .

Secondly, each year in the Pill Disposal Facility, there are an unknown amount of pills thrown away . He can use the little blue lamp to improve them, maybe it will work on these wasted pills too . Thinking about it, he is starting to feel impatient .

Also, Pill Disposal Facility holds quite a few alchemical books . A rumor says that over the years the people that went inside and studied these text, after they came out they had profound knowledge, but for Qin Yu is already good enough to have the texts .

It is hard for Qin Yu to imagine that there are all kinds of complete texts . Out of all the departments in Spirit Mountain Sect, is there a better place more suited to him?

That is why, Qin Yu, not long after Xu Jian left, without wasting any more time send off the perplexed Lang Tu, sorting out his home and with big steps walked to his new life .

Along the way accompanied by a chicken!

Indeed, a chicken .

According to Lang Tu, ‘Boss Yu, your body’s condition, maybe not even stronger then this king of chikens, today you can’t eat it anyway, so you should take it with you . And if there is a day you can’t stand him, you can just cook him!’

Listening to a hard headed and a muscle bound guy’s preaching is really hard, because using his silly reasoning, will cause you to feel defeated . Experiencing this before, Qin Yu knows to just agree, thinking, ‘The day that I won’t stand the hunger, won’t be bad to have a snack . ’

Pill Disposal Facility’s location is in a remote place . Hurrying along the way, Qin Yu was slightly out of breath and with a flushed face, all the while smiling .

His appearance makes the other disciples slightly stunned, thinking, ‘This guy doesn’t know the meaning of death!’, ‘Has he given up on himself?’ . But not caring about others, he closes in on his destination, felling slightly cold .

Releasing the outer restriction on the door by pointing at a place and repeating a few words, the cold air that came out made the other disciples run away in fear .

Qin Yu was a little startled bur soon was smiling, with this kind of effect, no one will come and bother him, and said to Pheasant King, “Little fellow, it seems from now on, we can only depend on each other . ”

The restriction is considered very precious for a cultivator . The Sacred Mountain Sect set up a formation so that the poison won’t leak, which pleased Qin Yu quite a lot .

With the restriction on the entrance, and not charging in, no one could enter inside the Pill Disposal Department without his say, providing another layer of protection from prying eyes .

The restrictive formation is used by Sacred Mountain Sect for protection, but Pill Disposal Facility doesn’t have it for this reason, as it can be seen .

This place is a round cave dug in the mountain, the surroundings are filled with faint mist . To handle the wasted pills, caution must be used .

Qin Yu sucked in a breath, used his energy to open the formation, and a sudden strong suction force left him empty in an instant . His vision turned dark, almost causing him to faint, sweating from every pore, wetting his robe .

The formation on the door gave of a faint light, the light mist in the cave responded to it, and parted to reveal a tunnel .

Qin Yu was gasping for breath and feeling the pressure on his chest release a bit, looked at the formation on the door with a bitter smile . 2nd layer of Qi Refining is truly weak, if it was any weaker, the door wouldn’t even open!

Not knowing for how long it will stay open, Qin Yu doesn’t wait, and steps inside, and the mist behind him returns to normal .

Entering the cave, just now he found the extent of the Sacred Mountain Sect’s cautious nature . Pill Disposal Facility isn’t inside the mountain; the tunnel was leading towards the underground!

The gloomy passage, even with light formations, being to faint still couldn’t see the surrounding, but to Qin Yu it felt like daytime .

Looking around, his eyes suddenly contract, although seeing the stone steps and many traces of people, what is astonishing is that the stone walls are filled with blood stains, even signs of digging .

In the darkness, the bloodstains seem ordinary, and aren’t visible from a far . Layer by layer and stain by stain, they seem to permeate the inside of the stones!

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