Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Change of fate

Qin Yu’s face stiffened, but soon turned frightened, “Xu Jian, what are you doing? Don’t cause trouble, I’m not afraid of you!”

Maybe because of surging emotions, after he finished talking, was struck by a fierce cough, with a pale face from the unbearable pain .

The middle aged man furrowed his brows as he stepped inside, wearing blue garments of uncommon quality, sweeping his gaze everywhere . An outer sect disciple’s dwelling is usually very narrow, with several more people forcing their way in, it felt even more cramp . But this disciple’s injury is nevertheless extremely suspicious .

Xu Jian with an inquisitive look, said in a stern voice, “Senior brother Han Dong and Wei Wei were murdered last night and the sect is now on lockdown to find the killer . Senior Uncle Li wants some questions answered, if you try to lie, you won’t be spared!”

Turning around, his ferocious face at once changed into a flattering look .

Li Mudui, completely ignores the fawning look of these outer sect disciples, and directly said: “Tell me, where were you last night? Why are you wounded?”

Frightened, Qin Yu, shocked out of his wits and with a trembling voice said: “Disciple stayed here all night . Because my illness erupted, didn’t do today’s work, please be lenient Senior Uncle!”

Li Mudui frowned, this disciple’s frightened answer was evasive, yet he doesn’t doubt him, “Is he sick?”

Xu Jian, was happy for Qin Yu’s trouble, but now he didn’t dare to cast blame and respectfully answered: “Replying to Senior Uncle, Qin Yu was punished half a year ago because of an incident in the herb garden and hasn’t yet recovered . ”

Li Mudui glanced at Qin Yu’s scared expression, mentally shook his head, ‘1st layer of Qi Refining won’t have much to live with this illness; and with his coward behavior, how can he be the killer? But since we’re here, might as well investigate!’

He waved his hand, “Search!”

Xu Jian and the rest immediately got to work, almost everything was turned upside down, making a complete mess .

Of course, nothing was found .

Li Mudui simply turned around, “Let’s go . ”

Qin Yu lowered his head, hiding his face from the others’ sight, with trembling heart, ‘Han Dong and Wei Wei were actually found so fast!’ . Luckily, he hid the palace lamp and the other things, otherwise, if they were found, might not even know how he’ll die!

“Boss Yu! Boss Yu! I just saw Xu Jian; did they bully you? I’ll go and take care of it!” A youth with a tall stature and sturdy body, similar to a human shaped iron tower, the ground shook under his feet as he was rushing over . Though angry, he has a baby face . His soft, smooth feature don’t seem fierce at all .

That is the reason Qin Yu, instead of calling him by his name Lang Tu, jokingly uses the nickname Tu Dou(1) .

Qin Yu waves his hand, “Ignore them and quickly help me . ”

Startled, Lang Tu, hastily took his arm, “How are you feeling?”

Qin Yu inwardly laughed bitterly, since he saw Xu Jian and the others entering, he was pretending . Even though he wasn’t exposed, his heart is still shaking . Now, his hand and feet feel numb, with the help of Tu Dou he lay in bed, with a hand wiping his forehead of the nonexistent sweat .

“Boss Yu, what exactly is going on?” Lang Tu said anxiously .

Qin Yu told him in short simple sentences what happened, causing Lang Tu’s face to show fear, not realizing just how dangerous was just now . But very soon, he started to mock Qin Yu, almost causing him to die of anger .

“Luckily you’re so weak, hard to even kill a chicken, there’s no way you’re the killer, or it would have brought serious trouble!”

Qin Yu glares at him, “Don’t speak nonsense, you’re the weak one! Hurry and make something to eat, I’m starving!”

Lang Tu with a silly smile, “You’re in luck, yesterday I stewed a pheasant and there is still half left . I’ll give the rest to you . ” Walking to the entrance, he scratched the back of his head, “Right, today’s work I’ll help you finish it, don’t worry about the punishment . ”

Seeing him leaving in a hurry, Qin Yu’s heart felt warm . He is very clear of Tu Dou’s appetite, not mentioning a pheasant, even ten would be picked clean by him . Saying that half is left, shows that he did it for Qin Yu .

Finishing the soup and putting down the chopsticks, Qin Yu felt warm in his stomach, filling him with strength .

Lang Tu already left . His talent in cultivation isn’t good, yet his body is naturally powerful . Walking the path of a body cultivator, using several blocks of stone each day for training, his diligence is causing others to be ashamed . Of course, before he left, he helped change the broken door with a new one .

After putting everything in order, Qin Yu did some light exercise and went to sleep . The sun gradually sets, the room slowly darkened and he still remained unmoving with calm and steady breathing . As if it seemed to be asleep .

With the moon high up in the sky, piercing the profound night, half the night already passed .


Qin Yu opened his eyes, clear without a trace of exhaustion . He pretended to get up and listened to his surroundings, lying in bed for a while and then with casual movements and with caution went toward the secret place in the wall .

A deep blue light is revealed, startling Qin Yu . He finds out that it has one-foot radius, and soon relaxed his breath .

Despite not knowing what this thumb sized palace lamp is, he realizes that this blue light turning the night into day isn’t ordinary!

Returning to bed, Qin Yu thought for a bit and took out a knife . Making a small wound on his finger and letting blood flow . Whether good or bad, all cultivators know the basics just like him . For example, what he is doing is the crudest way to make an item recognize its master, with a drop of blood .

Staring at the bead of blood landing on the palace lamp, and then falling from it, Qin Yu feels disappointed and somewhat relieved . In the end the most precious treasure doesn’t easily recognize a master . Turning it over on each side and even using his body’s feeble energy, he still couldn’t find the method of using the palace lamp .

Thinking for a bit, Qin Yu put down the lamp and opened the bag of pills . He didn’t forget, that he is still seriously ill . If he doesn’t hurry, Qin Yu believes that if what happened last night occurs again he wont be as lucky .

The number of pills on Wei Wei’s body is four jade bottles filled to the brim, enough to scare anyone . Qin Yu spent quite some effort, but managed to identify only one type . The one given by the sect to the most outstanding disciples, that increases cultivation speed, Spirit Gathering Pill .

This is because, Qin Yu once saw a sect disciple showing off this pill . As for the other three types, can only put them aside; not knowing what they do, he won’t use them carelessly .

Picking up a Spirit Gathering Pill that lets off a sweet fragrance, Qin Yu is inwardly moved, Wei Wei truly is worthy of being Patriarch’s most important disciple, nowhere in the Sacred Mountain Sect will you find another one like him .

But now they are all his!

Taking a breath and with anticipation, Qin Yu swallowed a Spirit Gathering Pill, and quickly closed his eyes . This is his first time that he takes cultivation pills, and since he has no experience with them he is very careful, not daring to be even a bit careless .

Once the Spirit Gathering Pill entered his stomach, soon a warm current starts to rise, moving around his entire body and giving a comfortable feeling, like he was being engulfed in warm and relaxing waters . As this goes on, the warm pill energy, blends with his flesh, and quickly changes into pure spiritual energy flowing into his Dantian .

Qin Yu fell in love with this feeling in an instant, he never knew there was this unexpected pleasant way to cultivate . He could clearly feel that the spiritual energy inside his body experience a speedy growth, and the constant powerful feeling made him addicted to it .

After an unknown amount of time, the warm current slowly scattered . Qin Yu opened his eyes and without any hesitation swallowed another pill .

Closing his eyes to cultivate and opening them to take a pill .

Unknowingly, the night already passed, and from the east the sun rose . Qin Yu’s energy suddenly changed, and a light wind began to touch his clothes .

2nd layer of Qi Refining!

With excitement on his face, Qin Yu opens his eyes, never thought that after regressing in cultivation he only needed as little as a night to recover it . He jumped up, not at all tired . Even though he spent the night awake, he feels full of energy instead!

Sensing the energy from the 2nd layer of Qi Refining, and his chest relieved of pain, Qin Yu barely kept himself from letting out a hearty laugh, the happiness on his face growing ever stronger . Not only did his cultivation recovered, even his illness was cured, truly a happy occasion .

This made Qin Yu finally understand the power of pills; its importance for a cultivator . Cultivating seven years and only reaching the 2nd layer of Qi Refining; compared to just a night of cultivation, this speed would make anyone speechless! If he could go on this path forever, despite having average talent, could still amaze other by his cultivation speed, even become an authority cultivator in the region .

As this thought rose in his head, Qin Yu quickly suppress it, mocking himself . Refining pills isn’t easy, the rare and expensive ingredients with the high failure rate, are enough to make anyone frightened . Taking pill like food to increase cultivation, not mentioning the small and insignificant Sacred Mountain Sect, even the rumored number one sect in South Kingdom’s territory, famous in concocting pills, the Ancient Immortal Valley, does not have anyone capable of accomplishing it .

“Clearly a hopeless dream, better wake up soon!” Qin Yu mumbled under his breath, calming down, with a pondering look on his face .

Even if he managed to bluff his way through yesterday’s matter, he still needs to be cautious the next few days, and slow down on taking pills . Otherwise, just his cultivation advancing too high in just one jump, is enough to make anyone suspicious and won’t live to enjoy it for long .

Holding the thumb sized palace lamp, the blue light that is given off from it, disappears with the brightening of the sky . This definitely isn’t an ordinary treasure . For Third Senior Brother’s sudden rise, it must have a connection .

Holding it tighter subconsciously, Qin Yu’s eyes reveal hope, although the pills are great, but in his hear the most important is the palace lamp . When he was about to take the remaining Spirit Gathering Pills and the palace lamp back in the secret place in the wall, Qin Yu’s brows furrowed with confusion .

Among the spread Spirit Gathering Pills on the bed, the dozen on the edge seem different . They give of a faint light, somewhat weak but still enough for Qin Yu to be convinced that it is there . Took one and placing it next to and ordinary Spirit Gathering Pill to compare, and the difference is even more obvious .

All Spirit Gathering Pills are the same, Qin Yu is clear on this, even the ones that he took last night . Holding a glowing pill, Qin Yu smelled it, and the pill fragrance entered his nose, actually causing his energy to tremble!

This pill, isn’t ordinary at all .

But how did this happen? In a single night, these pills upgraded themselves? Turning ideas in his head impatiently to find the answer, may times he was close but it was hard to grasp the right reason .



Suddenly, his gaze lands upon the palace lamp in his hand . As if struck by lightning, the fog in his head is lifted .

Palace lamp!

Yes, that’s the reason!

At this moment Qin Yu’s memory is incredibly clear, thinking about last night when he placed the palace lamp to the side, then went on taking pills to cultivate, the several pills that changed, are the ones that were close to the lamp . Or, to be more precise, they were bathed in the palace lamp’s blue light .

With his heart beating out of his chest, and a dry mouth, Qin Yu bit the tip of his tongue, to force himself to remain calm .

This is just a guess, and he will have to wait until tonight to know the truth . But he already has a nagging feeling, that his conjecture isn’t wrong, because Third Senior Brother Wei Wei’s sudden increase in power, which is the best proof!

Qin Yu spent his day in a daze, trying to recover his senses, not leaving his house at all . Lang Tu came over once, to help with his work and after, left in a rush, without finding anything unusual with Qin Yu .

Lang Tu did this diligently each day, without break .

Night arrived right on time .

Qin Yu sitting in darkness, with the deep blue light emitting from the palace lamp on the table, in a foot radius from its center seems to be like the deep sea . The Spirit Gathering Pills are gathered in the middle . The other ten of each type of pills, arranged neatly around the lamp, with half of each category under the blue light and half outside .

This night, Qin Yu didn’t sleep .

When the sun rose from the east, he pushed the door and went outside, standing in the small courtyard welcoming the rising sun, with a dazed look . Of the forty pills, the twenty that were in the radius of the blue light, without exception, they all improved .

After a long time .

Qin Yu let out a long breath, his dazed look cleared, his black eyes seem to be like an ancient well, deep and serene, reflecting inside is a burning determination .

Today, his fate changed!

(1) Tu Dou means potato

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