Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: A faint blue light

The Patriarch’s Head Disciple was slightly amazed, “You know each other?”

Unintentionally stumbling upon a murder attempt, Qin Yu was terrified, but the more he thought about it the more he understood; quickly judging the situation, turned over and with a deathly pale face “No, no! I don’t know him!”

The eyes of Patriarch’s Head Disciple brightened, his smile increasingly wider “Yet, it seems, junior brother Wei Wei knows you . ”

Qin Yu shook his head many times, very frightened .

Wei Wei in a low roar said “Qin Yu, Han Dong won’t let you be now that you stumbled your way here! He is also hurt and that last hit used all the energy he had left; quickly kill him, or we will both die when he recovers!”

The Patriarch’s Head Disciple with a light smile “How kind of you, junior brother Wei Wei, wanting Qin Yu to die at my hands and use my energy! I truly admire you . ” Looking at Qin Yu he hesitates for a bit then sighs “Many times was I about to lose my life, with Junior Brother’s fate so deep, we will split up the gains . ”

Pointing at Wei Wei, “Kill him . Search him and we will divide his belongings and tonight’s matter will be forgotten . What do you say?”

Qin Yu’s eyes lit up, his face shows interest .

Before he could answer, the ground begins to shake . A black and sharp thing, with a body as big as a calf, rushed its way inside the valley . It was the wild boar, with his exposed tusks was, angered by those who invaded his territory .

All tree looked upon this wild boar, who suddenly stops with a ferocious look . With a raised leg and an imposing air it seems quite ridiculous .

Eating all those spiritual herbs, gave him some awareness . It could naturally sense the tense atmosphere, especially between Wei Wei and Han Dong, their auras are truly frightening .

The wild boar’s eyes fell on Qin Yu, which is, without a doubt, the weakest of the three . Qin Yu also gazes upon it, and sees his raised hoof less leg with a complicated expression .

The Patriarch’s Head Disciple with a light smile “Today really is lively, even this stupid animal came to join the fun . ” Shaking his head thought ‘Just a boar’, even though it has some awareness he still doesn’t pay attention to it . “No need to be afraid . Junior brother Qin Yu, have you come to a decision? I swear that I won’t harm you . ”

Wei Wei snarled “Kill me! The Patriarch will sense it and you will all die…” He abruptly lifts his hand and tree crossbow bolts from his sleeve flew at Han Dong’s face .

The Patriarch’s Head Disciple’s body is surrounded by a faint light, blocking the three bolts from piercing his body . But right away, the tree strands of faint black energy appeared and managed to pass the shield and entered his body . With a stifled groan, Han Dong actually flew in the sky and with a sudden flick of his arm threw a talisman .

Covering the four-five meters distance in an instant, the heavy injured Wei Wei doesn’t have the time to dodge and was hit by the talisman . The odd green flame that the talisman bursts into engulfs third senior brother and without a sound all was left was black bones . The light quickly died out leaving spots of green on the bones that faintly glow in darkness .

In an instant, life and death was decided!

“Cough! Cough!” Han Dong coughed heavily . The three strands of faint black energy made three wounds on his body, the blood flowing from them turned black and had a rotten smell . From his waist he took a jade bottle, opened it and took some pills . With a bitter laugh, “Never expected for a hidden crossbow to be in Wei Wei’s hands, almost died at the end . ”

Finished talking, he glanced behind at the boar underneath the huge tree, still frozen in the same spot, with a satisfied look on his face .

From a random glance at Third Senior Brother’s skeleton, he saw some blue light coming out like the clearest ocean from it . Han Dong’s eyes lit up with a fierce spark, but in the next instant it was gone .

“My promise still stands . Wei Wei’s things, will be split evenly between us, then we each go our separate way forgetting about tonight . But if junior brother believes that is capable of killing me and take everything, then you’re more than welcome to try . ”

Qin Yu appeared interested but very soon became afraid, “Li-little brother doesn’t dare, with half I am more than satisfied . ”

Hand Dong nodded, ”Junior Brother is so fair! I can’t move too well, so could Junior Brother take a look, and see what treasures Wei Wei has?”

With greed in his eyes Qin Yu, while looking at Patriarch’s Head Disciple, moves carefully forward . Turning his gaze, with a solemn face, totally different from his voice that still shows fear, “Senior brother seems to know what Third Senior Brother carriers . ”

One step, two steps .

From behind he hears Had Dong’s voice, “Wei Wei’s spiritual roots are average, for many years his cultivation was slow . But two months ago he has completely changed, in 27 days, from 7th layer Qi Refining to Foundation Establishment . This is the biggest suspicion . ”

Tree steps, four steps .

“Others thought that he was making preparation for advancement, while I completely denied this idea . Because nine years ago, Wei Wei took the sect’s entrance test with me . ”

Five steps, six steps .

“Having good memory, and seen what he did, I couldn’t forget, and remembered correctly Wei Wei’s talent . ”

The voice has a slight mocking tone .

Seventh step .

Leaning with his back on a tree, Han Dong’s eyes are cold . On his fingertips there is a bloody sphere of light, while his mouth turned into a sneer .

At this moment, Qin Yu’s steps are faltering, as if he tripped on something . Han Dong attack stopped for a bit, and the next instant there was a huge noise coming from behind .


Startled, the wild boar let out an eerie roar, rushing forward instinctually . His sudden movement and his silly pose looks really strange while running into Han Dong . Its two tusks pierced his back and went out if his chest, with one actually running through his heart . Patriarch’s Head Disciple’s eyes turn wide, blood spilling out of his mouth . With endless hatred and unwillingness on his face, takes one last breath and dies!

With a fling of its head the boar throws the body away, and in panic runs in a random direction outside the valley . You can still hear the terrifying cries going further away .

The sphere of bloody light explodes in midair, enveloping Han Dong’s corpse and as it falls to the ground it turns to ash . What a pitiful person, believing everything was under control, only to finally die of his own attack, not even a body left .

Qin Yu suddenly collapses, as if he has no bones in his body . He starts sweating all over, soaking his robe, sticking to his body .

Launching the trap and scaring the boar that killed Han Dong… rather that a plan, it seems more like pure luck . One mistake and it would have been his death instead .

Seeing the direction in which the boar fled, Qin Yu, raised a corner of his mouth, “Half a year ago you almost killed me, yet today you saved me . The debt between us is cleared . ”

Gaze falling on Wei Wei’s bones, couldn’t help a rush of excitement take hold of him . That deep blue light, with just a glance it already took his complete attention . Allowing Third Senior Brother sudden rise and Han Dong’s determination to kill a fellow sect disciple, is proof enough of its value .

Qin Yu took a few breaths, struggling to get up and move towards the skeleton . Yet after just a few steps, his body let out a popping noise . His strength went away like a tide, leaving an incomprehensible emptiness and weakness, causing him to almost lose his consciousness . Drained physically and mentally, his state of mind surging wildly, he felt that the extremely weak 2nd layer of Qi Refining suddenly collapsed .

“No!” Qin Yu roared in his heart . He is clear that, once it collapses, he won’t be standing up again .

He is unwilling to die like this!

His body directly collapsed to the ground, Qin Yu’s sight not capable of seeing everithing, yet still used his trembling hand to grasp the earth and inch his way forward .

After an unknown amount of time passed Qin Yu is holding something ice-cold . Not willing to let go of what he is holding, his consciousness sinks into darkness with it in his hand .

Night seems to be sticking to everything like ink not allowing any light to pass through . The wind blowing through the valley bring a faint smell of blood and the faint green lights flickering seem like cemetery lights .

Qin Yu lying next to Wei Wei’s skeleton, under the green light, slightly illuminating his deathly pale face, has his brows furrowed from pain . With his breath incredibly weak, if nothing happens… Qin Yu is going to die here, another lonely soul, wandering the valley .

Qin Yu’s right hand index finger, passed through Wei Wei’s clothes and touched his bones . The spots of faint green light sensed a living being and unexpectedly started crawling their way towards his finger and through it flowing into his body like mercury .

Qin Yu’s whole body is suddenly covered in the same green color and his skin starts to have areas that give off the same light . Although he is unconscious, a painful yell still escaped from his throat while his body was twitching incessantly .

Qin Yu is quite lucky, if the vicious talisman’s power after killing third senior brother wasn’t depleted, he would also be suffering the same fate!

That deep blue and pure light source, despite being grabbed it didn’t show any reaction . But as the poisonous green light enters Win Yu’s body, this peaceful blue light, like the spring wind on a lake surface starts causing ripples . The dreadful poison, as if it was a layer of ice shined upon by the sun, very quickly disappears .

Profiting from disaster!

Instead of dying, Qin Yu, after experiencing being poisoned and being cured, his breath although faint gradually recovered, and his deathly pale face stared to show some color .

Holding the blue light and lying on the ground, he seems to look like he passed out from drinking too much .

As the sky starts to brighten, Qin Yu is roused by the morning bell of Sacred Mountain Sect . After a moment of confusion, with wide eyes quickly stood up . Despite being sore all over and extremely weak, he feels exceedingly happy in his heart and each gasp of breath brings with it a sharp pain .

What’s going on?

Last night clearly…

Qin Yu is suddenly struck by a thought and lifted his head to see his surroundings with a complicated look in his eyes . The stone beneath the tree, the skeleton before him, and also the ice cold item that he still holds in his hand, they all tell him that this is definitely no dream .

In the youngster’s heart panic begins to rise, but very quickly calms down . Opening his hand, Qin Yu’s eyes brighten when looking upon the thumb sized palace lamp! He is finally aware that a part of his index finger became green but doesn’t linger too much on it .

After placing the lamp inside his bosom, Qin Yu cleans the area in a rush . He is only a beginner in cultivation, and not knowing any techniques, can only do his best in removing his traces to not expose himself .

Soon, besides the big stone beneath the tree, the valley seems unchanged .

Third senior brother’s skeleton, clothes, and hidden crossbow were buried by Qin Yu . The jade bottles suffer the same fate, but of course, after removing the pills inside .

Unexpectedly there were also two finger sized rocks . Qin Yu can clearly sense the lively spiritual energy inside .

Spirit stone!

The bloody light released by Han Dong burned himself to ashes, removing one of Qin Yu’s troubles . Yet, couldn’t help and think with some regret, as his identity as Patriarch’s Head Disciple, he must have had a lot of things on himself that the bloody light also destroyed .

Looking around, careful to see if he missed anything, Qin Yu left . His speed somewhat slow, to remove the footprints he left when he came . After leaving the valley, when he found other people’s traces, he rushed to get away from this place .

Even though Qin Yu was hurrying, because he took his time at the valley, other outer disciples roused by the morning bell are going to their work .

However, this is also to Qin Yu’s advantage, all the way until he got home didn’t meet any trouble . Once he closed the door and got inside, waves of exhaustion hit him like a tide .

With great difficulty he removed his clothes, the lamp, spirit stones and the pills hid them in a secret place in the wall above the window’s frame . Whit that done he fell head first on the bed, deep in sleep .

Time passed and Qin Yu was startled awake by a rushed knocking on the door . Looking in that direction he sees the door creaking and falling to the ground, followed by muscular young men coming in moving quickly and standing at the side with heads bowed .

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