Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Underground space

“Alright, I will cook you . So there is no need to remove the poison in the future . ” Qin Yu relaxed his hands . The Pheasant King didn’t fly too far and returned dejected .

Qin Yu smiling said, “So smart . There is pill poison everywhere, without my help to remove it where can you run?”

Pheasant King was shaking, as if to say ‘I am stupid and don’t understand’ .

Qin Yu ignores him, and bluntly, “Tell me, this month where were you hiding and what did you eat? Don’t try to lie to me! Of course, if you want do end up for dinner then you can ignore my warning . ”

Pheasant King showed puppy eyes at first, but after listening he turned stiff . It helplessly let out two sounds and pointed his wing at the holes .

Qin Yu frowned, he has never heard of a chicken to make these sounds; sharp, like an old crow . But now is not the time to think about it since from the Pheasant King’s reaction it seems he found something .

“Lead the way . ”

Going up the stone steps, Pheasant King, with a flap of his wings quickly increased his speed . Fortunately, after he took the Strengthening Pills, Qin Yu said goodbye to his former body, and followed in a relaxed manner . Soon they arrived at the entrance where he once again sees the bloodstains, that are giving an oppressive feeling .

Looking around and not finding anything, Qin Yu stares at the Pheasant King .

The little guy lets out two prideful sounds, stretched his wings and flew a circle overhead . And with a cry entered a hole in the wall .

Qin Yu expression changed slightly, he never thought there was another meaning behind these man made holes . Probing with his hand, he finds that there is a two foot hole, that takes a sharp turn inside . In the dark and looking from the outside, you couldn’t find it .

Good thing Pheasant King was here, or even if he stayed here for a hundred years, he still might not find this place .

Where does it go?

Qin Yu, after thinking, moved to the side . Soon, the Pheasant King appeared with a seed in his beak and release it in Qin Yu’s hand . He found out that it is still dry and not germinated, which means that it is a fresh seed .

Smelling the earth on the seed, Qin Yu’s eyes brightens .

It is clear that in the space connected to this hole has plants growing in it .

The Pill Disposal Facility actually has this kind of underground space . It has to be special!

Must check it out .

But this hole…

Qin Yu looks at it grudgingly .

Pheasant King was strolling, with and arrogant demeanor, his cocky eyes sometimes watching Qin Yu . This style seems to say: ‘So what if I told you? You still can’t go in . Hehe!’

‘Of course, if you want to ask me, what I saw inside, hehe, it doesn’t mean I have to tell you . Guess!’

Qin Yu’s eyes suddenly turn cold at the Pheasant King’s provocation and attitude, “If you want to live, listen closely!”

Although Pheasant King just became aware, he has the mind of a five or six year old child, and can only behave, under Qin Yu’s threat . It flew again and again trying to express what it has seen .

A pheasant and a young man’s comprehension, obviously aren’t the same, the process is complicated and difficult . At first, Pheasant King still looked arrogantly at Qin Yu, as if to say ‘You hopeless idiot!’ but later he rolled his eyes tiredly .

Qin Yu continually modifies the sketch on the rock, according to Pheasant King’s information, while his eyes shone brighter each time .

He is now certain . The hole continues downwards and connects to a crevice . Underneath it there is a secret place in which there are plants growing . Analyzing the angle and judging the direction, he can estimate the distance . This place isn’t far from Pill Disposing Facility .

In other words, this facility might have another entrance!

With its tongue sticking out, Pheasant King lays tired on the ground . Qin Yu returns to Pill Disposing Facility in large strides with his eyes sweeping everything slowly, finally landing on the bedroom’s entrance . If he guessed correctly, this room is the closest to the secret space .

This is his second time in this room, and taking a long look around his brow furrows . This so called bedroom, has a stone bed and a stone table with a few stone stools at the side . Not one stool in one piece .

From the entrance, Qin Yu starts lightly knocking on all the walls to check if they are hollow . After a round of knocking the walls seem solid, they are clearly normal . Tearing open the simple and stained bed, after the same process, he comes out empty .

The only thing left is the floor, but it has a smooth surface, without any gaps . If there was any secret tunnel it would have been found a long time ago .

Sitting on a stone stool and tapping the table, he accidently looks at a dent in the table, as if it was made from a stool smashing on it . He also inspects the stone fragments left in the corner of the room .

The stone table is really hard, instead of breaking like the stone chair that hit it, it only had a few fragments chipped of . Thinking about it, Qin Yu’s face changed, took a few steps back and watched everything more carefully .

The table had a smooth polish, looking at the traces on the edge, who knows how many years ago they were made, it seems to be one with the floor .

But this table is rather big .

If he’s not mistaken, this table shouldn’t be suspicious . But a thought occurred to him, even the study room has worn down table and chair, isn’t it weird for the bedroom to have such a good table?

Qin Yu fixed his eyes on the table’s location, eyes shining .

Thanks to Third Senor Brother’s Strengthening Pills, or even if he found this suspicion it still couldn’t do anything with his old frail body .

Holding the table with his two hands, with a low shout all his muscles are stretched taut, this is the first time he used his strength after he took the Strengthening Pills . He figured that his strength isn’t any less than a horse, but even with this power he could only shake the table slightly, and after no matter how he tried he couldn’t budge it anymore .

As if it was one with the floor!



Qin Yu was sweating like a pig and gasping for breath helplessly, but felt more excited than ever . At first it was only doubt, and now he is certain . The stone table is hiding the tunnel to the secret space .

Soon he calmed his breathing, humph coldly and walked out of the room . Even if the table is strong and he could not move it, that doesn’t mean it will be able to stop Qin Yu .

Opening a thick stone door, Qin Yu holds his breath, set his sight on a black iron rod, lifting it he finds that it weighs 300 catties . Even with the little blue lamp effect, he still doesn’t want to spend too much time in this facility .

Returning to the bedroom, Qin Yu tore a cloth, wound it around the metal rod, and holding it tightly with a shout smashed with all his strength!


With a loud noise, the rod hit the table, and started to shake . Qin Yu’s hands felt so numb that he almost dropped the rod . But this rod is amazing, it actually managed to make fine cracks on the table .

After a small rest, he took the rod and smashed again!



Dull heavy rumbling sounds are heard everywhere . In the underground there is no need to worry about others noticing . No matter how strong the stone table is, with Qin Yu’s barbaric method, it can only turn to pieces . When only the two feet table support was left, Qin Yu stopped banging and used his strength to lift it .



The sounds make someone’s hair stand on end . The leg of the table seemed like a bamboo, and eventually managed to pull it off then throwing it to the side .


A strong wind suddenly appeared, lifting the dust . Qin Yu narrowed his eyes, smelling the fragrance . A black cave mouth astonishingly appears before him, extending downward and with a faint light at the end .

But for Qin Yu, this is enough!

Looking inside the cave, although the manmade stone steps are crude, it still made his heart race .

Pheasant King already confirmed that there is no danger down there and without hesitation began going down the stairs .

After around ten meters, the stairs end, and Qin Yu looked down to find a three-four meter drop . Since this distance can’t harm him, he jumped down .

Gazing around, even though Qin Yu prepared his heart, he was still stunned .

This place is approximately a li big . With soil on the ground and with growing plants, it is actually a herb field . Lacking care over the years, the herb field was filled with leaves, seeds and dried plants, with fruits laying on the ground letting out an attractive fragrance .

Despite being only an outer sect disciple, Qin Yu was fortunate to work near a herb garden . Working for seven years allowed him to recognize the plants inside .

Now, with a sweep of his eyes, he recognizes Snake Orchid, Thousand Safflower, Blue Cloud Vine, Earth Lotus and other precious herbs . With each of the herbs being taken care of even more meticulously than the Sacred Mountain Sect . This three hundred zhang large herb field, is akin to a hidden treasure!

But the next second, Qin Yu looks like a demon, turned around and bellowed, “Bastard! I will kill you!”

With a few glances he finds that that good for nothing pheasant has long disappeared . Who knows where its hiding?

He finally understands why Pheasant King became aware, why he survived a month in an environment filled with pill poison, why he became so fat . This useless bastard . He dared to eat these precious spiritual plants!

Just now, when he was startled he took quick glances, and didn’t see everything . But now after calming down looks more carefully .

The fruits on the ground should be Jade Cloud Fruit . The process of blooming, bearing fruit and ripening needs at least sixty years . It is a miraculous healing sacred fruit, with astonishing effect on an injury, and could even regrow limbs .

Sacred Mountain Sect’s herb garden has two, but after being struck by rain and snow and passing through the seasons they were almost destroyed . Yet now, these fruits are half eaten, left to rot, with only the bright skin left . s

And that Snake Orchid, similar to a python, needing more than four hundred years to grow, might not necessarily be found in Sacred Mountain Sect, a truly valuable spiritual plant . Yet now, it looks like a bald stick, the leaves almost picked clean, with a few lonely ones here and there, and even these in miserable condition!

Earth Lotus, with its thick earthen smell, being a spiritual plant used in refining pills, its body itself is a treasure, that can purify the heart . For the Buddhist Sect’s cultivators, it is priceless . But several of the Earth Lotuses are empty as if a bandit passed through .

Qin Yu closed his eyes, not wanting to see anymore, afraid he will faint, that he won’t be able to hold in his rage and grab the Pheasant King to break him in eight pieces!

But he was quick to calm down and in a rush, afraid that these spiritual herbs and plants will lose their spiritual energy and become useless .

Qin Yu silently got to work, carefully searching, his heart sometimes twitched, like being stabbed by a dagger . Again and again, and again!

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