Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 48

Chapter 48

The faces of the higher-ups on the Alliance side were ashen . Once Ning Qin lost, they will have to bow their heads and give Juxia City to the Demonic Faction . The great effort the Alliance has put into establishing a foothold is about to be wasted . This will make Southern Nation’s situation take a turn for the worse .

“Congratulations young master . You’ve won!” Li Yunmo said .

Shen Haimo smiled .

The tense demonic cultivators relaxed somewhat . Liang Taizu great contributions made them feel unsatisfied, but held it in, as long as Juxia City is captured .

The result seemed obvious .

Liang Taizu’s nervous heart eased up, and seeing the distant Qin Yu, smiled, “In the end, you’ll still die before me . ”

Qin Yu raised his hand, stopping the life-threatening fist of Po Qianjun . This threw him backward and landed on the ground with a pale face .

“Pointless . How much longer will you be able to resist now that I triggered my blood?” Po Qianjun spoke coldly, “You should be proud for making me go all out . ”

Qin Yu shook his numb arm, smiling, “Is this your trump card? Doesn’t look like much . ”

Po Qianjun was unaffected, “What a sharp tongue . I won’t waste any more time; this is the end!”

He bursts forward, with a terrifying killing intent to match!

His fist landed on his chest, yet Po Qianjun’s expression changed since Qin Yu didn’t resist . As he was about to retreat, an iron grip caught his wrist, “Got you!” Qin Yu said .

A fist was thrown!

Po Qianjun shouted, but despite his reaction, another fist came .

At the same time, two hits landed on his chest . Like beating a leather drum, making him groan as his bones creaked . In a blink, the rocks turned to dust, enveloping the two of them . The endless sounds coming from it showed that inside, a battle of life and death was unfolding!

The Demonic Faction’s atmosphere was heavy . Not expecting for Qin Yu to use such a crude and simple method, thus countering Po Qianjun’s advantage . The fists might be fast, but regardless of their powerful bodies, the final winner will be the one who hits the most . This eased their minds a bit, but Qin Yu’s fierce decisiveness, caused them to secretly sigh .

If he’s not ruthless enough to himself, Po Qianjun speed is enough to kill him . ‘How is this man a righteous cultivator, he is more like us! Regretfully, he will die today!’

With fast and powerful blows, and without much difference between their bodies, the result is just as predicted, but they didn’t consider one thing .

Chest heaving, eyes, ears, and mouth bleeding, are all symptoms of having his inner organs crushed . Each gasp was excruciating, tearing at his lungs .

Po Qianjun stared wide, wanting to ask, ‘Why aren’t you dead yet?’ He struck three times, while Qin Yu only once . From the start, he had an expression akin to expecting him to drop dead at any moment . However, Po Qianjun was severely damaged instead, and what he wants to say now is that his power didn’t lessen at all . Each blow to the chest shook his bones, with even minute creaking sounds rising to his ears . That is proof of his body collapsing .

The more time passes, the confident Po Qianjun began to feel fear . He is aware that it was a trap from the start . How could a righteous cultivator have such a formidable physique? Po Qianjun doesn’t want to believe, unwilling to accept it . So he chose to crazily attack Qin Yu in a flurry of blows in an attempt to end him .

However, his body is getting increasingly weary . His fists start to lose most of the strength, while on the other side, Qin Yu was still going . Heavy and tyrannical, making his chest burn .

Po Qianjun finally realized he’s been had . His eyes show unwillingness and rage, but he can’t avoid it . Never imagined, he will go down like this, feeling his bright future lose all of its splendor .

His eyes dimmed, but in the next instant, shined like never before . ‘Since I’m destined to die, I will take you down with me!’ The demonic energy inside went wild, followed by a groan, as if a hard nail pierced his mind, turning his body rigid .

He wasn’t the only one with a powerful soul!

A fist strikes his face, blowing his head to smithereens . White and red scatters all around, while the headless corpse landed heavily on the ground .

It ended .

As the booming noise dissipated, a faint smell of blood assaults the nose, making it clear to everyone who is the victor .

On the Demonic Faction side, everyone was delighted . Even more so from the berserk assault of Po Qianjun that was hidden from them . Fortunately, Po Qianjun advantage in speed blew his opponent to pieces, not giving him the chance to self-destruct .

As expected of our number one junior, exceedingly strong . Who knows where the Righteous Alliance found that freak, but in the end, he was still killed by Po Qianjun .


Simply excellent!

Across, the Alliance side was deathly silent . Each had extremely sullen looks .

Zhu Qingyun’s eyes reddened, body shaking constantly, “Bastard! You died, you actually died!” He regrets dragging Ning Qin into this . With his talent and potential, he had a high chance of reaching the Nascent Soul realm .

Zhang Zhang was saddened . With red eyes, she barely held herself from crying, feeling empty inside, gasping for breath from sorrow .

Head Zhang sighed, “Ning Qin was too careless . Although possessing an unyielding strength, in the end it wasn’t above Po Qianjun’s . If he refused to go up there, it would have never come to this . Such is youth!”

“Dad!” Zhang Zhang shouted lowly .

Head Zhang shakes his head, “Alright, I won’t say it . Don’t feel sad, it’s all in the past . ” He is once again happy . Nothing happened between Zhang Zhang and Qin Yu, or trouble will follow .

Liang Taizu breathed out, back straight . His entire person seems to glow, and turns around with a smile, “The outcome is certain . In the next few days, Juxia City will be ours . ”

“Haha!” An old devil laughed, “Martial nephew Liang is a marvelous young hero . With today’s merit, your future is limitless!”

Liang Taizu cupped his hands, “Senior exaggerates . Junior is still lacking in his naïve ways . Today’s victory belongs to seniors . ” No one can fight him over the contribution . Saying these beautiful words was to make the others feel satisfied, that costs him nothing .

Obviously, the old devils' smile grew . Even praising Liang Taizu for being a dragon among men .

“Cough!” Finally, there was one who intervened, “Since the outcome is certain, we should tell the Alliance to fulfill the agreement . ”

“Alright! I am eager to see what expressions our old friends have . ” Another laughed eerily .

After many modest refusals, the strongest and the highest ranked of old devils was chosen . After glancing admiringly at Liang Taizu, he stepped forward proudly, “The outcome is clear . When will you withdraw from Juxia City?”

The Alliance side is eerily quiet .

Despite foreseeing defeat, hearing it let the higher ranked Alliance cultivators feel as if a rock was pressing down on them . Handing over Juxia City will cause all of their effort to collapse . Who knows what efforts will require to stand back up again . Or maybe… this is how Demonic Faction defeated them!

Suddenly, a calm and hoarse voice rose from within the dust, “Who said… I lost!” The world turned still . All seem to freeze, with everyone watching the mess inside the valley, shocked and lifeless .

Footsteps can be heard, as a tall and straight youth slowly comes into view . He left the area obscured by dust, presenting himself before everyone’s eyes . He cut a sorry figure, with a ruined black robe, yet serene expression . Facing the Alliance viewing platform, he cups his hands, “Fortunately, I didn’t fail!”

More than a thousand people sucked in a cold breath in amazement .

The Alliance side was resurrected, as explosive cheers resounded .

Zhang Zhang covers her tears of joy . Her heart had only one thought, ‘He’s alive . He is still alive!’ Experiencing loss and happiness, on this roller coaster, her heart seems to float far away .

Head Zhang was happy, nevertheless embarrassed . Fortunately, his previous voice was lower, or his words would feel like a loss of dignity . Ning Qin killed Po Qianjun . Whoever has him as a son-in-law will be able to sleep smiling .

The atmosphere on the Demonic Faction is so cold as if the air was about to freeze over . The old man who asked the Righteous Alliance to hand over Juxia City had a dark face . He turns, glaring at Liang Taizu, and in a cold, ruthless voice, “You had better give me an explanation!”

Then soared, disappearing in a flash .

The rest of the old devils didn’t leave, but also had cold looks as they gazed at Liang Taizu, a stark contrast from before . Sacrificing Han Shanmo, along with the talented Po Qianjun, only to have the plan fail in the end… ‘What marvelous hero, what dragon among men? If who said that gets up, see if I don’t kill you!’

Li Yunmo shouts, “He is at Foundation Establishment, not Golden Core . We agreed to a fight between early Golden Core practitioners . The result is void!”

Zhu Qingyun rushed into the valley, roaming his eyes all over Qin Yu . Seeing him unharmed, and hearing this, got him angry, “Nonsense! Why would brother Ning like to play the pig to eat the tiger? If there is a Foundation Establishment demonic cultivator who is so great then let me see them!”

Li Yunmo wanted to argue . But then cold looks suddenly focused on him, and lifting his head, he saw the unpleasant expressions of the higher-ups, making him swallow his words in fear .

The Demonic Faction might be violent and ruthless, but not irrational . A loss is a loss, and concealing it will only make it more shameful . Another reason for admitting their loss was because Qin Yu showed the power of an early Golden Core when fighting with Po Qianjun . Or fallout would have followed .

These old devils never would have guessed, that this hole found by Li Yunmo, is precisely the reason for losing this match . The truth would have been known if they made Qin Yu prove he is a Golden Core cultivator .

Liang Taizu shouted, “Return!”

Li Yunmo retreated in a rush .

Demonic light flashed, and Liang Taizu jumped off the platform, and in the valley .

Zhu Qingyun is alert, “What? So angry that you want to kill?”

Liang Taizu is serene, “A loss is a loss . Demonic Faction will keep its end, but there is something I want to say to him . ”

Qin Yu waves his hand . Zhu Qingyun stands at the side, but still watchful .

“It doesn’t matter what you’re called, I don’t even want to know . But I really want to kill you, from the first moment I laid eyes on you I wanted to kill you . It seems my intuition was right, that you are the bane of my existence . All my life I only suffered twice, and each of them because of you . Perhaps the third time I will die by your hand, so I will do my best to kill you first . ”

Liang Taizu smiled, lowered his head, then said, “Do you remember that day you intervened? It seems like everyone believes you did it for young miss Zhang Zhang . But I know that it was for that servant girl . It was Gu Ling’er, right? I was thinking, that after obtaining Juxia City I would act . But you got me to experience an overwhelming defeat . I truly hate it . ”

“Therefore, I will very soon make my move . I want to make you see how she dies bit by bit after endless torment . This, I promise you . ”

Qin Yu was silent, then said, “You want to provoke an attack from me, to cancel the agreement . ”

Liang Taizu shakes his head, “You are an intelligent person . It’s not so simple . What I ask, is for the opportunity to kill you . Give me this chance, and I will let her be . ”

Qin Yu nods, “Alright . ”

Zhu Qingyun anxiously said, “Be reasonable Ning Qin!”

“I am very reasonable . ” Qin Yu watches Liang Taizu, “After three days if you are still here, I will visit your camp . ”

Liang Taizu smile dropped, “Little Master welcomes you!”

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