Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 47

Chapter 47

Han Shanmo self-destruct .

By igniting one’s Golden Core, the strength of the detonation will reach a terrifying degree, destroying everything in its path .

Qin Yu’s pupils shrank as his face hardened . He has experienced the self-destruction of a Golden Core demonic cultivator, and he is very clear of its harmfulness . But the one he experienced belonged to an early Golden Core, while Han Shanmo’s is at the late Golden Core . Ku’e’s strength was greater than his opponent, his cultivation higher, but facing this ruthless mutual destruction, all seemed useless .

Jiang Yuanhao rushed to the arena, with a wave of his hand dispersing the dust, exposing a horrifying scene . The ground was torn apart, with holes tens of zhang deep . And the level in the area of several li was lower by a foot perfectly flat, like a broken mirror, with cracks everywhere .

Ku’e was lying among this, his torn robe soaked in blood, and face filled with wounds deep enough to see the bone . On the Alliance platform, not one person wasn’t angry and restless . Their only movement being their rising chests, proof that they’re alive .

Jiang Yuanhao hissed in anger, “Despicable!”

On the Demonic Faction side, a strong demonic cultivator stood, “Life and death are according to heaven’s will . One can only use any means to kill his opponent, brave enough to even sacrifice everything and take him down with you . What’s despicable about this? According to our agreement, this fight is a draw . ”

The boundless demonic energy rose, spreading the cold voice throughout the valley .

On the Alliance viewing platform, a 6th layer of Golden Core cultivator was sweating like a pig . He is next, “Seniors…” He wanted to say something, his meaning very obvious .

The Alliance’s higher-ups sported dark faces, yet said no word of encouragement . Since the Demon Faction was willing to use this cruel method, the result of this next fight couldn’t be more obvious .

Jiang Yuanhao returns with Ku’e, handing him over for medical care . With blood all over and finding the extent of the damage, he immediately flew into a rage, “Monk Ku’e and our Southern Nation had no relation but still climbed the arena . As an outstanding righteous cultivator of Southern Nation, you actually have the intention to withdraw!?”

Ashamed, they lowered their heads in silence .

“Brother Jiang, calm down . With these cruel methods of the demonic cultivators, it can’t be helped for fellow Daoist Lin to panic and think of retreating . ”

“Indeed . None of us anticipated the Demonic Faction’s viciousness . This must be their plan . ”

“We had better think of a way to handle the following match . No matter who climbs up there, they must not lose . Or the Alliance’s morale will collapse . ”

Jiang Yuanmo’s rage subsided . He is one of the people in charge of this meeting, and he is also responsible for this, evident from his unpleasant expression . After an urgent counsel, the Alliance found a solution, but it isn’t very ethical . Even if they believe this is the only way, none is bold enough to say it .

In the end, it landed on Zhu Qingyun .

Holding the jade slip, Zhu Qingyun’s face was ever dejected . He put up all kinds of vehement refusals, but still had to force himself to come here .

“Ning Qin… um, I’m ashamed to say it . Take a look, and if you don’t agree immediately reject it, I will stand with you!”

Qin Yu received the jade slip, and soon after he returned it, “I know . ”

Zhu Qingyun’s veins on his forehead throbbed, “Are you saying that you agree? The Demonic Faction’s intent to win is clear from using self- destruction . If you go there now, you might die!”

Qin Yu’s felt slightly warm inside . He is also not thrilled of the Alliance higher-ups’ decision . But the Righteous and Demonic Factions outcome isn’t the only point of this fight, it also his trial . Today, his spirit and willpower is at its peak . He mustn’t retreat even half a step, or his confidence will suffer .

“Relax, I will win . ”

Zhu Qingyun’s mind blanked for a bit . He doesn’t understand it . Qin Yu and monk Ku’e are the same, not willing for Southern Nation’s to suffer under the hands of demonic cultivators . ‘I am ashamed’, and cupped his hands in respect, “Brother Ning, after your victory . We won’t stop until we’re drunk!” then turned and left in big stride .

A jade slip was quickly sent to the Demonic Faction’s stand, making Liang Taizu smile once he saw the contents .

Li Yunmo respectfully said, “Young master, truly a great plan!”

Shen Haimo’s flashed with content . Coming to realize that his thoughts were correct, that Liang Taizu has a big chance in becoming a future Sacred Lord .

Liang Taizu sensed this and became even happier inside . Shen Haimo is the strongest under him . What a great gain . What is more important, is if he made the greatest contribution at this meeting, it will increase his status in the Demonic Faction and building his foundation for the future .

Up till now, everything was under his control!

Giving up Han Shanmo, getting rid of the strong monk Ku’e of the Righteous Alliance, and even regarding this aspect, was all taken into account . Of course, everything comes down to the results of the final fight . But is there anyone from the Righteous Alliance capable of standing against Po Qianjun?

Liang Taizu waved his hand, “Agree to their request . Let the second fight be considered a draw and let the third one begin . ”

Po Qianjun opened his eyes, killing intent flashing inside . His straightened body isn’t tall, however, had the imposing air of a mountain, very terrifying .

“Once it’s done, I don't owe you anymore . ”

Liang Taizu smiled faintly, “it’s only natural . As one vying for the Demon Lord position in the future, I look forward to facing brother Qian Jun . ”

“Humph!” PO Qianjun snorted coldly, then exploded forward . And like a meteor, he dropped from the sky, a heaven frightening sound rose, as it shook the earth and spread in all directions . He lifted his hand and pointed, “Who wants to die!”

A cacophony of noise broke through . Showing his might, made the Demon Faction’s stand erupt in cheers .

Li Yunmo’s face was contorted, “Young master, he is formidable!”

Liang Taizu’s smile never wavered, “He is all muscles and no brains . Nothing of concern . ” Capable of making Po Qianjun fight shows how much he put in his plans .

His smile stiffened all of a sudden, then slowly straightened his back in his seat, eyes narrowed .

Li Yunmo gave a low cry, “Young master, it’s him!”

The coldness in Liang Taizu’s eyes grew ever stronger . An originally easy matter is now making him feel as if a shadow enveloped his mind .

“Relax, young master . Whether righteous or demonic early Golden Core cultivator, there is no one in Southern Nation who can match up to Po Qianjun . ”

Li Yunmo gave a peal of maniacal laughter, “This guy is seeking death . Might as well use this chance, and have him perish at the hands of Po Qianjun!”

Liang Taizu kept silent, then nodded, “Let’s watch . ”

Not even three years have passed since Dongliu Town’s matter . That small Foundation Establishment kid actually reached Golden Core realm . And since he dared to walk forward after Han Shanmo’s self-destruct, it must mean he has some skill .

Thoughts spinning in his head, Liang Taizu’s heart is far from his calm exterior .

Qin Yu flew from the viewing platform . The Alliance higher-ups knew of his identity while watching, ashamed and expecting . How can they not, when Liang Taizu was betting everything on the third match .

The juniors were all hyped, each commenting in a low voice . Like “Who is he?” or “How come I never heard of him?” and also “Simply wants to die” .

On the sideline, Zhang Zhang’s heart was in chaos, ‘Who would have guessed, that he would be the third fighter’ . But there is nothing that can be done at this time . ’ She could only pray with all her heart, that senior Qin Yu will return safely .

Head Zhang’s expression was ashen . The best opportunity was about to fall on his daughter, which will also benefit the Zhang family . But Ning Qin actually goes to face Po Qianjun . Demonic cultivator Po Qianjun!

Seeing Zhang Zhang with the corner of his eye, Head Zhang sighed inwardly . Although Ning Qin strength is commendable, he isn’t optimistic about the result . What’s regretful is also a rejoiceful . He and his daughter didn’t confirm their relationship, and also not making any significant progress .

The energy dispersed, and Qin Yu planted his feet on the ground .

Po Qianjun’s figure suddenly released his boundless demonic energy . A bloody devilish image formed on top of his head . The demonic skull released a lamenting roar, its aura containing horrifying pressure .

Instantly rushing for the kill!

Qin Yu’s face is unchanged . He lifted his hand and as the mournful howl almost destroyed ones hearing, a Blade Edge more than a zhang across appeared like a broadsword, landing heavily on the demonic skull .

A metal clashing sound was heard, resulting in the demonic skull screaming in pain from being split open . Po Qianjun’s pupils shrank subtly, musing to himself ‘He is strong as expected!’ Since the Righteous Alliance was focused on winning the third match, he long has foreseen his opponent strength, not showing any alarm, just his heart moved slightly then returning to normal .

Regardless of who his opponent is, the result will be the same, now that he ran into him .

He pressed on, nearing him, then Po Qianjun threw an explosive fist . At the same time, a dot of black light appeared behind Qin Yu, striking ruthlessly!

With a boom, the two fists collided . Po Qianjun let a muffled groan, retreating, again and again, each step crushing the earth .

Qin Yu also retreated, an aching feeling spreading from his arm . At this time, his face was slightly pale and stopped for a bit . The black dot behind him was about to strike his back!

Another black light appeared, and with a light ding sound, they repelled each other . With one of them lingering at Qin Yu’s fingertips in the form of a black round nail .

Po Qianjun’s face was heavy, “Corpse Sealing Nail!” The repelled demonic treasure suspended in front of him, fang-shaped, and tremendous killing aura, had its tip somewhat damaged . Caused by colliding with the Corpse Sealing Nail .

On the Demonic Faction viewing platform, several Golden Cores rose up, fear plastered on their faces .

Liang Taizu sighed, “Be at ease everyone . I already know his identity, and he has no relation to us . Killing him will bring us no harm . ”

Some old demonic cultivators brightened a bit, but realizing the Righteous Faction had members who could control the Corpse Sealing Nail still had dark expressions .

Liang Taizu got up and walked in front of the arena, “Brother Qian Jun need not worry . If you kill this person, little brother will promise you that the Corpse Sealing Nail will belong to you . ”

“Martial nephew Liang…” An old furious voice suddenly said .

Liang Taizu didn’t turn around, “I am in charge of today’s meeting . I hope seniors will support my decision . ”

Shen Haimo stood up, a ruthless aura spreading out of his body .

Some old devils’ eyes flickered but remained silent .

Liang Taizu showed no emotion, but hidden in his sleeves, his fists were clenched . Promising the Corpse Sealing Nail diverged from the plan, and also offended the demonic cultivator experts . But he can’t afford to have apprehensions at this time . The strength Qin Yu showed shocked him, and if he doesn’t incite Po Qianjun to give his all, his plan will most likely fail . At that point, all of his preparations would look funny and stupid . Not mentioning his current status, it could even bring harm to his future aspirations .

The process of rising to his status in a vicious sect like the one he is in, yet only reaching this far, is something he is unwilling to accept!

Po Qianjun’s eyes shone . Liang Taizu’s promise moved him . Wielding the Corpse Sealing Nail, as a venerable demonic cultivator, would give him a status akin to a sect leader . If he can have it, he can rise from his low rank .

Taking a long and deep breath, Po Qianjun’s chest swelled . His bones creaked, his robe fluttered, his demonic energy surged and boiled as it increased, while the eyes turned a bloody red color .


The sound hasn’t arrived, as Po Qianjun moved while leaving afterimages, charging straight .

The two viewing platforms were in an uproar!

Who would have guessed, that Po Qianjun, with his deep demonic power, strong body, along with demonic treasures and an impressive spiritual sense, still concealed such astonishing speed?

The two sides strength is mostly the same, so what does it mean for someone to suddenly increase his speed? All of them knew .

Zhu Qingyun smashed the table at his side .

Zhang Zhang bit her lip hard, his charming face pale .

Head Zhang secretly sighed, ‘He can’t escape!’

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