Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 46

Chapter 46

The Golden Core demonic cultivator’s sternness faltered slightly, “Little girl, I am pleased by your manners, but I still need to punish you for this mistake . Come, follow me for an inquiry . Once you explain it clearly, I will let you go . ”

Zhang Zhang’s face stiffened . Of course, they can’t agree to this, or else once inside the Demonic Faction territory, not words would be enoug . Besides, this old devil’s eyes makes her feel terrified and incredibly disgusted! Taking a deep breath, she lightly stressed, “Senior, this matter, in regard to the identities of us juniors, can’t degenerate . How about letting us go, since nothing happened?”

The ruthless eyes of the demonic cultivator showed hesitated, “Alright, I will let you leave . But you must stay!” Not wishing to part with the meat already in his mouths .

Zhang Huo was pissed, “Old demon! My master is high ranked in the Alliance . You won’t escape if you dare touch young miss!”

A wave of his sleeve sent him flying, while the demonic cultivator’s eyes grew sinister, “I want to know, how exactly will your master make me suffer!”

“Stop . ” The sweet smiling Liang Taizu came over with his group, “Withdraw, don’t be rude to this young miss . ”

Li Yunmo respectfully agreed .

Liang Taizu eyes swept around, sighting inside, ‘Because of Li Yunmo’s cultivation method required females that he lacked, his body had an accident . ’ But Zhang Zhang’s beauty is unexpected, and cupped his hands, “My subordinate was rude, and startled young miss . ”

Zhang Zhang felt shocked inside . The old man in front of them, had a deep and unfathomable aura, probably the strongest of the group . Who is this youngster, being this extravagant?

“Senior wasn’t deliberate, young master exaggerates . ”

Liang Taizu’s eyes showed admiration, “Young miss is magnanimous, Little Master won’t feel embarrassed . But since my subordinate wants someone, please choose one of your two servant girls, then you can safely depart . ”

The two girls behind Zhang Zhang, had their expressions greatly change .

Qiu Qiu looked next to her in panic, and seeing her pale face, she was sure inside, ‘I accompanied young miss since childhood . She couldn’t bare abandoning me . ’ The other person must also think this, as seen from her eyes . It is somewhat regretful, but in no way can she say it, or would she expect for Qin Qin to replace her? Ridiculous!

Gu Ling’er bit her lip, with a pleading expression .

Zhang Zhang forced a smile, “Young master…”

Liang Taizu was impassive, “Young miss, don’t make me take back my promise . ”

Gu Ling’er felt despair, unable to stop her tears from rolling down her cheeks .

Li Yunmo licked his lip, indicating, “Young master, this servant thinks that girl isn’t bad . A tear stained beauty has a certain flavor!”

Zhang Zhang’s body went rigid . Everything was already settled .

In this silence, a black trace shifted through the valley, someone extremely ordinary, yet held eyes as deep as the sea .

“Such excitement!” The cold voice, entered everyone’s ears .

Zhang Zhang turned around suddenly . She met with an unfamiliar face, but his steps denoted a certain bearing… It’s him, it’s definitely him!

Happiness bubbled in her heart, as she rushed to greet him, “Greetings… senior . ”

Zhang clan’s group and the demonic cultivators, had all weird expressions . Can a Foundation Establishment cultivator change anything?

Li Yunmo’s face changed . His gloomy expression laded on the black-robed youth, then whispered something in Liang Taizu’s ear .

Liang Taizu’s eyes shined briefly, shut his eyes and took a deep breath . After a pause he opened them, his mouth tracing a smile, “What familiar smell . We meet again . ” He swept his eyes around, “And where is Grandmaster? Little Master could never forget the kindness he showed me that day . ”

The black-robed youth was unfazed, “I don’t know what you’re talking about . ”

Liang Taizu faintly smiled, “it’s alright, we have plenty of time . It would be better to come to my camp, and discuss it thoroughly . ”

The black-robed youth replied impassively, “Liang Taizu, the Righteous and Demonic meeting is near, holding the will of the higher-ups . Even with your status, if you destroy their plan, you will still have to pay the price . You won’t have the same respect as before . Think carefully . ”

Liang Taizu smile grew more resplendent, “You seem to know a lot . But if you all remain here, who is to know of what I’ve done?”

The black-robed youngster gazed upon the old man, “You can try . ”

The old man slowly raised his head, aura instantly peaking, as invisible blades were on the verge of ripping the surroundings!

Liang Taizu focused on the small changed of Qin Yu’s face, then raised his hand, “Uncle Hai . ”

The old man lowered his head and returned to being unremarkable .

He smiled weakly, “As Grandmaster’s disciple, I leave you with some respect . Since you interfered today, we’ll leave it at that . But this Little Master is starting to dislike you more and more . You better not run into me in the future, or I will end you . ”

All of the demonic cultivators turned around and left .

The air was broken by a fierce sound, as Head Zhang landed, alarmed, “Zhang Zhang, are you alright?”

Zhang Zhang’s eyes reddened, suppressing her grievance, “Thanks to senior Ning Qin’s assistance, the demonic cultivators retreated . ”

Head Zhang hesitated, “Fellow Daoist Ning Qin?”

Qin Yu was helpless, why is it that he meets people who can easily identify him? He nodded, “Please keep my identity a secret . There are still matters that need my attention, goodbye . ” As his eyes land on Gu Ling’er, he paused briefly, then left .

Zhang Zhang wanted to say something, but seeing his back her eyesight grew dull . He might have an average appearance, but his character, along with is cultivation are first class . The composure he had when driving the demonic cultivator away, made him more dignified . This Qin Yu, is like a killing blow for the heart of a young lady yearning for love .

Head Zhang witnessed everything, a smile creeping on his face . The way he sees it, today’s involvement of Qin Yu, is proof enough of what is in his heart… The important thing, is Zhang Zhang’s acceptance . If it succeeds, their marriage will bring endless fortune to his daughter and Zhang clan .

But for some reason, Head Zhang suddenly though of the kid with the spoken marriage, freezing his smile .

His daughter is now the disciple of Rainbow Immortals Sect, reacheing Foundation Establishment in three years . Her talent is first rate and with an appearance of a fairy . She now finally has karmic luck and met her companion in life, incomparable to that country bumkin in every way .

Zhang Huo already told him about this, ‘I thought I was too cold, but now I believe what I did was right!’ His daughter isn’t someone anyone can set his sights on .

Li Yunmo wasn’t content, “Young master, that kid’s appearance might have changed, but his aura is unmistaken . The storage bag is still on him, and today was a good chance . So why didn’t you capture him?”

Liang Taizu touched his forehead, simply stating, “You think, he can act arrogant before me just based on his Foundation Establishment cultivation? Even with Uncle Hai present?”

Li Yunmo was startled, “Are you saying, that that Grandmaster reached Nascent Soul?”

Liang Taizu nodded, “Even if it’s just thirty percent chance, I still can’t risk it . Or else we would be burned to ashes by a Nascent Soul’s rage . ”

“But…” Li Yunmo continued .

Liang Taizu smiled, “The storage bag is in his hands, with the materials for Demon Body still inside . The chance to kill him will come at Righteous and Demonic meeting . But in this matter, we must be the victims . If he himself comes to kill me, yet dies instead, then even if his master reached Nascent Soul, he will still be unable to move against me . Or else, he will have to face the might of the Demonic Faction and be hunted down . ”

Li Yunmo shot a glace at Shen Haimo, contently saying, “Brilliant, young master!” As Shen Haimo is faithfully devoted to young master .

Also, young master’s veins, talent, character, and methods are all exceptional, with high probability of becoming a Sacred Lord .

Someone like him, is worth following .

“Subordinate will investigate their whereabouts!” Li Yunmo then left in a rush .

Liang Taizu suddenly said, “Uncle Hai?”

Shen Haimo’s tone was serene, “In a hundred li range, there is no Nascent Soul . ”

Liang Taizu smiled, “Good, everything is going according to plan . After these events, I will become the undisputed first in my generation!”

Thus, the time of the meeting arrived .

On the two sides of the steep valley, a portion was cut into them to make room for a viewing platform . Righteous and Demonic Faction cultivators sat here to watch the coming fights, a fair distance between them .

Despite restraining themselves, invisible auras were released, forming a red pillar that seems to reach the ninth heaven, and changing the weather .

Behind, stood each of the Faction’s armies with an imposing presence, eyes fixed on the Hidden Wind Valley .

The first match begins .

Liang Taizu’s seat isn’t remarkable in any way . He turned and said, “Go . ”

Behind him, a suntanned cultivator rose and gave his respect, “Please take care of my family young master . ”

Liang Taizu spoke in a deep voice, “The Demonic Faction won’t forget your loyalty . ”

The suntanned cultivator soared in the sky, landing on the arena in a blink, roaring, “Demonic Faction’s Han Shanmo, 7th layer of Golden Core realm . Who will fight me?”

The deep sounds akin to metal, engulfed the platforms . The Alliance gazed upon the arena, with some higher-ups frowning slightly, then turned around .

Jiang Yuanhao explained, “The Alliance decided that the sequence of the fights will be settled by the Demonic Faction . ” He turned and said, “Brother Ku, the Demonic Faction’s momentum isn’t bad . You must be vigilant!”

Ku’e lowered his head, exposing his Jieba(1), and joined his palms, “For all of the living beings in Southern Nation . This monk will give his all . ”

The Alliance’s high ranked people cupped their hands .

Southern Nation did not have buddhism . Ku’e was an ascetic monk, who dedicated himself to spreading it everywhere . His cultivation as a buddhist was unfathomable, with a noble and admirable character to venture through this danger .

Calmly stepping forward, without releasing his cultivation, Ku’e arrived on the arena, and began preaching, “Demonic Faction’s invasion caused endless slaughter . This karma must be avenged, entering the sea off bitterness from which there is no escape!”

Han Shanmo let out a big laugh, “The extent of our slaughter is meant to cover the world . I will kill all living things in this world . If you want me to stop, you’ll have to kill me!”

Demonic energy soared, surging into a thick smoke, dark and sinister, in all directions . A loud sound was heard, with some of the valley’s red rocks cracking all around, as Hai Shanmo, like a berserk bull charged forward . Every area he passed couldn’t handle the frightening pressure, and one by one the rocks were smashed apart, as if it came from a meteor’s impact .

Ku’e slapped his hands forward, his aura of a buddhist giving birth to countless Buddhists images, each one of them staring angerly, in condemnation!

Han Shanmo charged into them, and as if they were touching a mountain, they gave of a tremendous explosion on contact . Each of the images collapsed without the slightest resistance . He rushed through easily, his killing intent astonishing, as if a great demon descended to crush all living things .

The Alliance watched from afar, as the juniors cried in alarm, eyes filled with fear, caught by surprise by Han Shanmo’s violence .

Jiang Yuanhao and the others had calm expression, Not only were they serene, their eyes actually held some joy . It seems as if Han Shanmo held the advantage, but the Buddhists images didn’t scatter, and gathered instead, with him in the middle, forming layer after layer of suppression .

A Buddhist’s method of cultivation is patience and perseverance . A crude boor like Han Shanmo, is unable to resist with just his demonic power .

If this goes on, the result is set .

Jiang Yuanhao and the others were smiling .

The next moment, they suddenly got up, the smile frozen on their faces .

“Hahahaha!” Han Shanmo laughed maniacally, “Bald donkey, since you want to challenge my demonic cultivation, then join me in the Underworld River!”

He grew almost a foot, the veins on his skin exploding . A devastating and chaotic energy exploding from his body .

A heaven shacking and earth-shattering sound erupted, making an area of a li in radius be filled with dust . On the two cliffs cracks appeared everywhere, as countless rocks fell .

As if a lightning surged through .

On the Alliance viewing platform, the higher ups had ashen expressions!

(1) Monks inscribe nine dots on their forehead . This is the Jieba, and these dots indicate that a monk has finished his training . Each of the nine dots represents a tenet in the Shaolin discipline, and each monk undergoes a long ritual before earning the Jieba on his head .

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