Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 45

Chapter 45

Zhu Qingyun said in a low voice, “Qin Yu, you must understand, these fights between the Righteous and Demonic Factions doesn’t involve just Juxia City, but also the two side’s morale, to the point that it affects the entire war in Southern Nation . As far as I know, the high ranked demonic cultivator sent some powerful people, with astonishing strength compared to their generation . These fights are absolutely not as simple as they appear!”

He paused, “You might be strong, but there is no certainty you’ll win . Thirty thousand merits can be earned by you in a short time . There is no need to face such great danger . If you don’t wish to go, I can explain it to the Alliance . They can’t force you”

Qin Yu felt a bit of warmth inside, smiling, “Causing you to be so anxious, indicates that they are clearly known . Who are the ones the demonic sects sent?”

Zhu Qingyun never doubted his intelligence, sighing, “If you don’t withdraw, your opponent will be the most talented demonic cultivator of the younger generation, Po Qianjun . Reached Golden Core realm at twenty-seven, although only at first layer . When he was still in Foundation Establishment realm, he once killed a Golden Core in straight combat . His strength must now be terrifying, impossible to fathom . ”

Qin Yu’s mind shivered, the cultivator ranks in this world are harsh . A higher ranked cultivator when speaking to a lower ranked cultivator, can almost control his life and death with but a word . As there are fewer cultivators in higher ranks, the ones that can fight higher ranks are few and far between . But these people, are either geniuses, or their body have an incredible high talent, or maybe they had outstanding techniques . Whichever the case, they are all extremely hard to deal with .

But on the surface, he is calm, thinking, ‘The big waves are far from turning into a storm . ’ Killing a Golden Core at the Foundation Establishment realm is nothing, even he could do it . And not just one!

Seeing his expression, Zhu Qingyun was worriedly shaking his head, “I know, that you won’t withdraw . How can you be scared of a little devil, when you enter alone in the Demon Faction’s area, killing left and right . ” He turned around, “Let’s go, follow me to the Alliance . The secret information regarding Po Qianjun might be of some use . ”

Qin Yu nodded, “Alright . ”

Confidence isn’t arrogance . Po Qianjun is definitely strong, and knowing about him beforehand, can help him decide on an effective counterattack .

Alliance camp .

The one tasked with receiving Qin Yu is the 7th layer of Golden Core realm, Jiang Yuanhao . His status shows, that he is higher than Zhu Qingyun, yet his attitude towards Qin Yu is accompanied by a bright smile . After Qin Yu requests information regarding Po Qianjun, he immediately stopped the conversation and sat at the side with the jade slip in hand, his elegance stirring admiration in the hearts of men .

After receiving the jade slip, Qin Yu expressed his tanks . Then sank into searching the information within, and only much later did he raised his head, eyes flashing . Countless information converged in his mind, piecing together Po Qianjun’s figure, giving a brief and basic knowledge about his situation .

Deep cultivation, powerful body, holding demonic treasures, and fierce like a god… Qin Yu frowned, feeling that this person’s behavior is somewhat familiar . And finds, that it isn’t his imagination!

The many coincidences, cautiousness, luck and dangers, are what tempered his cultivation . Po Qianjun, having this power and even reaching Golden Core realm, through numerous experiences, brought him very close to Qin Yu’s strength . He is expecting an even harder fight .

Just thirty thousand merits . Are they worth the risk? As this though arose, Qin Yu immediately suppressed it . The meaning of walking the path of cultivation is to change one’s fate . If he backs away now, it will leave a shadow in his mind, affecting his determination .

Opening his eyes, Qin Yu’s expression was focused, drawing the eyes of the other two, and spoke, “I will enter seclusion until the fight . ”

Jiang Yuanhao’s heart relaxed slightly, but his smile ever brighter, “Of course . Fellow Daoist Ning Qin can stay in the camp, with no one disturbing you . ”

Qin Yu stood up, “Also, I won’t be fighting as Venerable Ning Qin of Kong clan . ”

“No problem . ” Jiang Yuanhao agreed, “I will take fellow Daoist to your place of seclusion . ”

Zhu Qingyun lagged behind, his eyes sweping over .

Qin Yu didn’t say anything, just nodded, face calm and undisturbed .

So what if it’s Po Qianjun? Who’s weak or strong, will be revealed after the fight!

The Alliance’s cultivating area is strictly guarded, with even a great spiritual energy gathering formation set up . One need only pay a small fee and will have a safe room to practice .

Jiang Yuanhao guided Zhu Qingyun and Qin Yu . He was treated highly, with the one in charge of the cultivating area arranging it personally, sending people to immediately prepare the best room .

Coincidently, the Zhang clan is also here, waiting for someone to come out . Jiang Yuanhao’s coming here and his actions, attracted a lot of attention, and Zhang Zhang among them had her sight land on Qin Yu . She is unable to get over just who, this extremely average youngster is, capable of even having a senior from the Alliance accompany him .

Right then, Head Zhang came out of his room with a pleased smile . Of course he would be happy, since staying several days in seclusion allowed him to reach 3rd layer of Golden Core realm . Seeing Zhang Zhang’s group, as he was about to greet them, he paused briefly . He turned around, finding Jiang Yuanhao, and after a slight hesitation, walked over, cupping his hands, “Greetings fellow Daoist Jiang, fellow Daoist Sun, fellow Daoist Zhu . ”

His smiling face clearly shows his intent of getting close to them . But except for Zhu Qingyun returning his greeting, the others only nodded faintly, resuming their conversation .

Head Zhang’s smile felt forced, feeling the blunt coldness, unable to walk nor leave . Quite embarrassing .

When Zhang Zhang saw her father being ignored, her heart ached, eyes reddening, biting her lip and barely stopping herself from shedding tears .

The observant Qin Yu, muttered something, then cupped his hands, “Greetings fellow Daoist Zhang . ”

Jiang Yuanhao blanked briefly, watching Qin Yu, his expression calm, concealing his thoughts, then smiled, “Fellow Daoist Zhang, we’ve seen each other a few days ago . ”

Head Zhang’s heart was moved, hurriedly replying, “Y-yes, when I came to Juxia City, I met fellow Daoist Jiang once . ” His eyes gazed upon Qin Yu, filled with gratitude and confusion .

The one in charge with the cultivating rooms, Sun Siyuan, also exchanged a few phrases with him . This caused Head Zhang’s face to flush red, replying with the intent of meeting more often in the future .

Although he wanted to continue, Head Zhang restrained himself, gave a respectful goodbye and left . His group was moved, bowing endlessly, worshiping gazes landing on the clan head .

‘Jiang Yuanhao and Sun Siyuan, the Alliance’s high ranked and famous people . What status does our clan have for them to talk so closely with clan head? Giving us such respect!

Zhang Zhang was overjoyed, “Congratulations dad!”

Head Zhang smiled, gazing unconsciously behind him, at the people who took their leave after preparing the room, then at Zhu Qingyun leading Qin Yu inside . Upon seeing this, his heart jumped briefly, then along with his group, they left the cultivation area .

At their residence, each went left and right, leaving father and daughter alone . Zhang Zhang couldn’t help but say, “Dad, senior Jiang and senior Sun are so friendly . News of this will spread and bring you benefit, so why are you depressed?”

Head Zhang dejectedly smiled, “Ah, daughter . You truly think, Jiang Yuanhao and Sun Siyuan have eyes for your father? They were like this today, because of someone else . ” Immediately recalling Qin Yu rescue from embarrassment .

Zhang Zhang let a sound of surprise, shocked, “He is only a Foundation Establishment cultivator, not much stronger than me . How come he has such great respect…”

Head Zhang’s eyes shined, “Wait! Foundation Establishment, Foundation Establishment . I should have realized it’s him . Yes, it’s definitely him!”

“Who are you talking about, dad?”

“Kong clan’s Venerable, Ning Qin!”

Zhang Zhang gave a low cry, “It’s him!?” Not long after arriving in Juxia City, this name was heard many times by people filled with respect .

“I should have realized sooner . Who besides him would have such status, making someone like Jiang Yuanhao and Sun Siyuan to change their attitude . ” Head Zhang muttered .

Zhang Zhang hesitated, “Dad, senior Ning Qin might be strong, but how could he affect senior Jiang and senior Sun?”

Head Zhang smiled bitterly, “Of course he can . Ah, Zhang Zhang, do you still remember the fifteen sounds of the Merit Bell?”

Zhang Zhang’s pupils widened .

“It was him . The Alliance gave a silent order regarding this . If not for finding this by chance, how could I have known . ” Head Zhang shook his head inwardly, thinking, ‘It’s truly regretful we didn’t become friends at the time we met outside the Merit Hall . ’

But, why did Ning Qin help him?

Head Zhang’s eyes landed on her loving daughter, suddenly speaking, “Zhang Zhang, you really don’t know him?”

Zhang Zhang shook her head, “I do not . ”

Can it be that, Ning Qin is interested in Zhang Zhang? Head Zhang’s pulse quickened, ‘This explanation is plausible, and if it’s true…’ Hesitatingly, he doesn’t say anything, then ‘If it’s true, Ning Qin will definitely approach us again, and it won’t be late to mention it . ’

Six days later, the Righteous and Demonic Faction met at Hidden Wind Valley . From an unknow intention, or perhaps from Zhu Qingyun finding something, Jiang Yuanhao sent Head Zhang an invitation . With the later very moved, brought Zhang Zhang and a few remarkable disciples .

Surprised by Jiang Yuanhao’s invitation and Sun Siyuan friendly greeting, the Alliance cultivators felt apprehensive . When talking to Head Zhang they weren’t cold, letting him feel endless joy, entering this circle after countless tribulations . Every day bussing himself with meetings .

Compared to the subtleness of the seniors, the younger generation are using simple cruelty, not even putting the Zhang clan in their eyes . Some ardent people, felt how Zhang Zhang was looked on differently, and in their hearts drew a clear line between them and the other juniors . Thus, they walked alone, appreciating the scenery around the camp .

Hidden Wind Valley had a great depth and complicated terrain . Inside, there are countless places intertwined like a spiderweb, with the wind blowing through it, hardly ever coming out; thus earning its name . The scarlet and bared mountain rocks, plagued by countless winds and sunny days, cracked and split, bringing about a desolate view .

Here, Zhang Zhang felt her emotions settling a bit . Zhang Huo was happy as he is intending to chat with her and accompanied her throughout the valley .

“Zhang Zhang look at these tens of crack interconnecting, giving an image from afar . Doesn’t it look similar to a bear?” Zhang Huo with a wide smile pointed, but the next moment, his face froze .

Across this cracked area, suddenly stood many cultivators . Just from seeing them, he could feel their cold aura .

Demonic cultivator!

Zhang Zhang said in a low voice, “Big brother Zhang Huo, let’s go . ”

Zhang Huo recovered and hastily nodded .

But just then, the opposite demonic cultivators already discovered them . After a brief halt, one figure among them flashed and barred their way .

Golden Core!

Zhang Huo’s heart shrank, “Senior, what is the meaning of this?”

The demonic cultivator’s eyes were frosty, “I want to ask you, why are you intruding on our territory?”

Zhang Zhang hurriedly turned around, while the flustered servant told her, “Young miss, we haven’t crossed the border!”

“Girl, are you calling me a liar?” the cold killing aura struck her, making Qiu Qiu’s face draining of color .

Zhang Huo grinds his teeth, “This isn’t worthy of your status, senior!”

Golden Core demonic cultivator sneered, “Shut up . You have no right to talk to me . Hurry up and give me an explanation, or no one is leaving!”

Zhang Zhang prevented Zhang Huo from continuing, and gave a bow, “Junior pays respect to senior . Today, juniors came to enjoy the scenery, and unknowingly crossed the border . I beseech senior to be benevolent and spare us . ”

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