Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 44

Chapter 44


The exquisite purple felt as if a stone came off his chest .

Qin Yu flatly said, “How many merits do I have?”

The youth unconsciously swallowed, feeling his entire body numb, murmuring, “One hundred and sixty-seven thousand…”

All were struck by lightning, staring fixedly at him, with a ‘Are you certain?’ expression .

The youth scowled miserably, “I-it’s true!” Burning inside from embarrassment .

Qin Yu was calm, “Is it enough to reserve Heavenly Thunder Bamboo?”

“Yes…” the pale youth, looking as if he was gazed upon a wolf, twisting his insides .

Qin Yu nodded, “Reserve it,”

“Y-yes!” Th youth suddenly collected himself, and finding that Qin Yu had no bad intentions, color returned to his face . He almost ran the entire distance, and in not even half an hour, he presented the warrant with two hands, “Please receive it senior . You can use it when you want to pay the rest . ”

Zi Qing paled, her ears hummed, not expecting to have such good foresight . Yet… it was a bit too good . She wavers no longer, because in the end, they belong to two different worlds .

A girl’s naïve, pure and sweet love, died on the spot .

This is the cruelty of the world!

Qin Yu looked on a bit apologetic, then taking the warrant, turned around and left .

The entrance slightly flashed, and Zhu Qingyun entered with big steps, eyes shining, “I knew it, that … . you returned!” Just as he was about to say the disrespectful word ‘kid’, he swallowed it . He just doesn’t want to admit, but as he looks upon Qin Yu, he feels admiration .

He moved unhindered through the demonic cultivators’ area, killing fifteen Golden Core demonic cultivators, earning the name Fiendish Star, and angered the high ranked demonic cultivators . Zhu Qingyun wants nothing else but to cut him open and see if there is an old freak hiding inside . Just how did he do it!

“Greetings Elder Zhu!”

Zhu Qingyun waved his hand, “Let’s leave, I want to ask you something . ”

Qin Yu frowned, “I am somewhat tired, and would like to rest . ”

“Hehe, you have no choice!” Zhu Qingyun laughed coldly, then lowering his voice, “Don’t make me reveal the name of Fiendish Star, or the demonic sects will definitely come to greet you . ”

Qin Yu’s brow tightened .

Zhu Qingyun laughed contently, “Let’s go . ”

At this moment, several figures entered Merit Hall, led by a person with a refined scholarly air . He smiled and then said, “Brother Zhu, long time no see . Still as refined as before . ”

Qin Yu’s eyes were slightly unfocused but soon recovered .

Behind the middle-aged cultivator, Zhang Zhang had a puzzling look . The dull expression of the other’s eyes couldn’t escape her noticed, ‘Does he know me?’ But after careful searching, she has no recollection of him .

Zhu Qingyun and the middle-aged man exchanged a few lines, plainly looked behind him, then said his goodbye .

Qin Yu focused on keeping up with him .

Zhang Zhang watched his rear view, feeling it somewhat familiar, and frown slightly .

Next to her, Zhang Hua was gloomy, “Zhang Zhang, he dared to disrespect you . I will go and teach him a lesson!”

Zhang Zhang hadn’t yet spoken, and the eyes of everyone in Merit Hall landed on him, akin to looking at an idiot .

Head Zhang’s heart jumped, turned around and chided, “Shut up, don’t act brazen!”

The next moment found the Zhang clan leaving the Merit Hall . Head Zhang pondered a bit, then said, “Zhang Zhang, did you recognize him?”

Zhang Zhang hesitated briefly, then shook her head .

At the Fighting Stage .

In the wake of Zhu Qingyun and Qin Yu, a peak Foundation Establishment cultivator couldn’t reign his curiosity any longer, and said loudly, “That fellow Daoist knows someone in Merit Hall . Is it possible to ask and clear our confusion?”

“Right, right, I also want to know!”

“If it were someone else, I would have thought it was a joke, but for senior Ning Qin to be implicated, I feel somewhat ill at ease . ”


A female cultivator stood up, “I am a junior sister working at Merit Hall . I will be back shortly . ”

A while later, when everyone thought she left at some point, the female cultivator finally appeared in their sight, dazed and pale . As if she was terrified .

Zhu Qingyun lived in an exquisite garden, with water gathering from the mountain, making it a quiet and secluded scenery . He stands at the edge of the lake, sneered, “Do you like that girl?”

Qin Yu refrained from looking at him .

Zhu Qingyun wasn’t angry, “Then you must be old sweethearts . Even if you don’t admit it, I have very good eyes . Don’t think you can fool me . ”

Qin Yu simply said, “If you only want invade my privacy, I will take my leave . ”

“Stop!” Zhu Qingyun gritted his teeth, “That being the case, let’s get straight to it . Say, why am I included in the Fiendish Star? Did you know I can’t take even a step outside Juxia City, for fear of being surrounded and killed by a crowd of demonic cultivators? How are you going to solve it?”

“I saved you . ”

Zhu Qingyun was hopping mad, “I took the fall!”

“I saved you . ”

“Shut it . I want an explanation! You did such a good job, so why did you drag me down!”

Qin Yu calmly stated, “I don’t understand what you’re saying . I saved you then . ”

Zhu Qingyun was boiling with rage, but thinking of something, he calmed down, and was even pleased, “Ning Qin, you’re dreaming if you think you can continue acting like you’re weak and hide yourself! Isn’t it odd, how Merit Hall bell sounded?”

Qin Yu’s face changed slightly .

Zhu Qingyun laughed pleased, “That is the Merit Bell, heard when someone killed a Golden Core demonic cultivator . What was heard before was fifteen sounds, fifteen Golden Cores! No wanted the high ranked demonic cultivator were enraged, putting a kill order on you . ” Recalling being dragged into this, his face darkened a bit but became more elated soon after, ‘Where are you going to hide now? Come with me, and reveal yourself to the demonic cultivators’ raging vengeance!’

Qin Yu was feeling glum, if he could, he would go and beat those who set the Merit Bell up . Never expecting for his journey through the demonic cultivators’ area for several months to be exposed like this .

Seeing Zhu Qingyun’s smiling face, Qin Yu snorted coldly and walked away . He knows he can’t keep his identity secret . Even if the Alliance sent a silence order, Demonic Faction’s spies would definitely know of this and report back . But luckily, he has some contingencies .

Walking by a corner, Qin Yu turned and stood, “You must be happy, thinking that now, I would be going with you, right?”

Zhu Qingyun’s smile froze, “What are you trying to say?”

Qin Yu replied, “That you’re too naïve . ” He pointed at his face, then turned around and left with big step .

Zhu Qingyun blanked out briefly, then reacted, cursing in anger, “Despicable . What a rotten bastard!”

Hearing the curses behind him, Qin Yu smiled . Perhaps people’s encounters are fated, finding Zhu Qingyun to his liking, ‘This guy looks dignified yet vulgar inside, but is also very fascinating . ’

If there’s a chance, maybe we can be friends .

But very soon, Qin Yu felt regret when thinking of this, wondering if it’s possible for him to truly remove Zhu Qingyun from his life .

Because this guy, is a loud mouth!

“Ning Qin, do you know Elder Li of Western Mountains Sect? If not, I will tell you . He is over three hundred years old and unexpectedly married a eighteen year old female disciple belonging to the Patriarch of Rainbow Immortals Sect . I even doubted if his waist would hold in bed . Tch, you don’t know, but this old guy is very dignified in front of people . ”

“Ning Qin, you want the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo? Don’t look at me like that, I am still an Alliance Disciplinary Elder, that also gives me the right to check this information . Relax, I won’t fight you over it, moreover I don’t have enough merits . Let me remind you, Heavenly Thunder Bamboo is not easy to grow, very picky about its environment . Wouldn’t it be tragic if it were to die in your hands?”

“Ning Qin, the red carp in this lake are very restless recently, I will need to find someone to check if they’re alright . Do you know why? Hehe, estrus! That’s right, these red carps are in heat . It is the first time I see a fish in heat . According to a veterinarian, it is because they can detect the situation in Juxia City, feeling danger, thus eager to lay eggs and leave descendants . ”

Too much!

Even ignored, Zhu Qingyun in front of him, keeps on yapping for several hours, unceasingly .

The days thusly pass, one by one, after the event at Merit Hall!

As Qin Yu was reflecting, whether or not to skip town in secret, Zhu Qingyun finally brought a useful information .

“There’s excitement!” This guy is hyped, “A new report say that the demonic cultivators that attacked Juxia City without results, have sent a letter of challenge, to decide the owners of the city with three fights . If demonic cultivators lose, they will retreat three hundred li, not invading for another half a year!”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed, “Can I get merits?”

Zhu Qingyun with a ‘You’re quite smart, kid’ expression, “Yes, a lot, a whole lot!” The three battles are divided into initial Golden Core realm, middle Golden Core realm, and peak Golden Core realm . Each win will bring thirty thousand merits, the same as killing three Golden Core demonic cultivator .

Qin Yu revealed a smile .

Zhu Qingyun threw him a glance, “What, you want to go?” An attitude that says, ‘Quickly ask for my help . Ask, and I will make you content with my help’ .

Qin Yu indifferently said, “Since you leaked this information to me, they would let me participate . ”

Zhu Qingyun’s mouth twitched, showing disappointment, “You’re too sharp, how boring . Truly boring!” Feeling inside, ‘I feel refreshed, since this mission has a reward from the Alliance . Hehe, Ning Qin, even if you’re crafty you still have to drink the water I used to wash my feet . ’ (1)

Qin Yu shook his head, “Don’t force yourself . If you want to laugh, laugh . There must be a reward for convincing me to participate, while I only care about merits . Don’t be disgusting and think of whatever feet washing water, or i’ll leave . ”

Zhu Qingyu’s face changed, blurting, “You can read minds?”

Qin Yu’s eyes were dejected, “Zhu Qingyun, you actually though of feet washing water?”

“N-no way . I still have stuff to do, bye!” Zhu Qingyun turned and walked away .

Seeing him leave, Qin Yu relaxed a bit, ‘It’s finally quiet today . ’ Since the Alliance asked for Zhu Qingyun to come, it’s obvious this matter is settled . It will soon be done, and I will obtain thirty thousand merits, closing in on the price left for exchanging Heavenly Thunder Bamboo .

Several days later, Zhu Qingyun payed a visit, bringing confirmation: the fights will be held thirty li outside the city, in Hidden Wind Valley . The side with two wins out of three is the victor . Once on the stage, the lives of the participants will be up to heaven’s will .

In regard to Qin Yu, this makes no difference .

(1) It means that he will eat this loss . Left it like that since there’s a follow up .

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