Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 43

Chapter 43

More and more people paid their respects, drowning Qin Yu’s figure in the crowd . The sword cultivator might not see him, but sweat never stopped flowing . Seeing the Kong clan’s Venerable crushing a Golden Core cultivator, was one of the most talked about topics in Juxia City . Even if he hasn’t been here for long, the sword cultivator heard it many times, almost making him shed tears .

Qin Yu didn’t expect for others to still recognize him after several months . The people were exceedingly respectful, causing him to nod his head out of politeness . Many were overjoyed, thinking ‘Is it possible senior Ning Qin thinks my talent is outstanding? Should I make use of this opportunity and become his disciple?’

Feeling the fervent gazes of the crowd, Qin Yu didn’t give them the chance to voice themselves, bluntly saying, “There are matters I need to attend to, please withdraw . ”

They felt despondent, but still stepped aside, not daring to disobey him .

This exposed the frozen stiff sword cultivator . Many eyes admiring him, ‘You’re awesome!’

These people were sweating all over, faces pale, while Qin Yu walked forward, slipping past him, and entering the Alliance camp . With neither embarrassment nor staring fixedly at him, just walking leisurely .

Being startled a bit, the crowd exposed their admiration, secretly thinking ‘As expected of senior Ning Qin . Calmly doing things with a broad-minded view, unwilling to make things difficult for him and just passed by . Not even berating him . ’ Recalling that day, when he charged through Han Beishan’s technique grabbing his throat, then jumping down the arena, more and more, the crowd began to feel that he is releasing an overpowering aura, sharp and direct .

Senior Ning Qin is our idol!

In the Merit Hall, the people were making exchanges, checking the identity badge, converting merits, and so on . But the next moment, the place was turned upside-down .

Suddenly, outside the Merit Hall, a big purple bell let out a thunderous sound . The deep and low sound seemed to contain a certain power, spreading far and wide in a blink, and finally enveloping the whole of Juxia City .

This the Alliance’s respect towards the strong . The Merit Bell was especially refined, so that when a person slaying a Golden Core demonic cultivator came at the Merit Hall, it lets out this imposing sound and announce it throughout the city .

The people looked towards the Merit Hall’s entrance with reverence . Capable of killing a Golden Core demonic cultivator, he must definitely be a renown person in the Alliance . Following closely was another bell sound . The faces of everyone changed, ‘He actually killed two Golden Core demonic cultivators!’

But it went on . With the third sound, then the fourth, the fifth…

The unending sounds enveloped the entire city, shocking countless cultivators, and gazing towards the Alliance camp, ‘Is the bell broken?’

At the Fighting Stage .

The many Foundation Establishment cultivators meeting in secret to discuss senior Ning Qin’s feats, heard the unceasing sounds of the bell . Respect and shock was conveyed on their wooden faces . Only to curse in the end .

“Merit Hall is too outrageous; the bell’s sound is so annoying!” An old Foundation Establishment said angrily, drawing the others’ approval .

Suddenly, another one spoke, “What do you think, was it senior Ning Qin?”

Silence . Everyone was scared, fiercely denying it in their hearts .

“It can’t be! That was over then sounds, which means that someone killed more than ten Golden Core demonic cultivators . Senior Ning Qin is strong, but not that strong . ”

“Right, right, it’s definitely not him . ”

“Hehe, it just happened as senior Ning Qin was around . He must also be surprised . ”

Everyone gradually calmed down, yet their eyes unknowingly focused on the Alliance camp’s entrance, while thinking of the Qin Yu’s speedy dispatch of Han Beishan . An indescribable feeling rose from the bottom of their hearts, ‘Is it really him?’

After the bell sounded ten times, the Merit Hall cultivators’ faces flushed . A woman among them suddenly began, “It must be broken . I’m reporting this to the manager!” Unable to wait any longer, or the dignity of the Merit Hall will vanish completely .

She hurried her pace, and on the verge of walking through the Merit Hall’s door she stopped, looking stunned at the scene before her . The purple Merit Bell lit up, with its sounds spreading far and wide, while the black-robbed cultivator bellow it, frowned doubtfully at it .

The female cultivator saw his face from the side, felling he couldn’t be more ordinary, yet possessing a certain attraction . Her face reddened slightly and then saw he is a 6th layer Foundation Establishment cultivator .

Her mind relaxed, face growing redder as she thought ‘Why am I calming down?’, then said flustered, “Whoever you are, step aside, don’t let the broken bell smash you . ” Musing to herself how amusing and ridiculous is the fact that Qin Yu was the one that caused this commotion .

Qin Yu suddenly understood, ‘No wonder this bell sounded as he entered . ’ He quickly walked where he was told, smiling, “Thanks for the reminder fellow Daoist . ”

Just then, the bell stopped after the fifteenth sound .

Seeing the person’s entire face, ‘Truly exceedingly ordinary, but what the hell is with that intense attraction?’ Feeling her face burning, the female cultivator rushed to lower her head , “Why have you come here?” when she was about to speak, her body stiffened momentarily, ‘Why would anyone come to Merit Hall? How laughable . ’

Qin Yu also found it funny . The awkward female cultivator in front of him, made him relax after these months of always having his mind focus . He revealed a faint smile, “I came to see the remaining items on the Hundred Treasures List . ”

Seeing that he didn’t notice her red face, the female cultivator’s heart relaxed a bit . But when she lifted her head, the dazzling smile left her fascinated . Only recovering when a Martial Hall cultivator started welcoming guests .

With disappointed heart, she glared at the youngster, blaming him from interfering, letting this chance slip by, so she could only stand at the side and keep her ears open . As to informing the Merit Hall manager regarding the bell… it’s fine now!

Qin Yu started by asking the current state of the Hundred Treasures List, the scope of the Righteous and Demonic Factions battle, and which cities in the Alliance are allowed to exchange items . So that he can be certain if the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo is still exchangeable, since this place is the most certain to know this .

Towards this stiff faced youth regarding him with hostility before him, Qin Yu was a bit surprised, but soon recalled the dazed female cultivator from earlier . He smiled inside but shows no concern, sending his though inside the jade slip .

10th : Heavenly Thunder Bamboo .

Luckily, no one snatched it .

Qin Yu was smiling faintly, making the youth’s face increasingly ugly . He doesn’t want to admit it, that, although ordinary, his smile is too attractive! A grown-up man having this smile, is definitely up to no good!

“Anything else? We’re very busy!” These hard words, actually revealing his insecurity, a common occurrence with hot-blooded youngsters .

Qin Yu smiled, putting down the jade slip, about to leave .

The female cultivator panicked, glared at the youth, and went over with a reddening face, “He is frustrated from constant work, please don’t blame him fellow Daoist . ”

Qin Yu shook his head, “I understand . ”

His plain manner, unintentionally showed his generosity, making the female cultivator’s heartbeat to speed up, so she quickly changed to a better topic, “Fellow Daoist, want to see the items of the Hundred Treasures List to confirm they are still here?”

It wouldn’t hurt, thus, Qin Yu nodded with a smile .

She relaxed a bit, then hastily added, “In fact, fellow Daoist can use some merits too reserve an item on the list . And on the event that someone with more merits than you wants to reserve or exchange for it, we will notify that the item will be detain by you for seven days . ”

Qin Yu’s eyes brightened slightly, “Then I would like to reserve an item . ”

The youth who saw him in a bad light snorted coldly, “To reserve an item on the Hundred Treasures List, it is required at least thirty percent of its value . The higher it is, the bigger this limit, as to avoid any indignities!”

The female cultivator clenched her teeth, “Shut up!” Then on more carrying voice, “In the limits of my authority, the most I can do is to lower this limit by ten percent . ”

The youth felt it in the pit of his stomach, almost bringing him to tears, ‘Senior sister, how can you so openly show your favor . And what about me!’

Qin Yu smiled, declining, “It’s alright, I have enough merits . Please reserve the tenth item on the Hundred Treasures List . ”

The female cultivator’s heart jumped, ‘Gathering almost half the price in such a short time . He must be skilled . ’ Her voice became softer, “Alright, I will immediately help you reserve it . ” She turned and beckoned, “Shan Shan, quickly take out the records . ”

Seeing her close friend staring blankly next to the restroom, she stamped her foot, speaking annoyed, “What are you staring at . Hurry up and bring it over!”

The youth snorted coldly, “Heavenly Thunder Bamboo? Are you certain fellow Daoist, or are you trying to make trouble for Merit Hall!”

“Positive . ” Qin Yu flatly replied, “The one that I want reserved is precisely the tenth item on the Hundred Treasures List, Heavenly Thunder Bamboo . ”

Everyone in the Merit Hall had weird expressions . The earnest attitude of Qin Yu’s, made them unsure of how to react, ‘Just at 6th layer Foundation Establishment… and you still dare say it!’

The youth let a hearty laugh, “Do you know how much it costs? Do you know there has been no one who has exchanged or reserved the first ten items? Do you know your limits?” He fervently said, ‘Such a fool, seeking fame through any means . I will use this chance to expose his true colors in front of junior sister Zi Qiong!’

Gasping for air, he was waiting for Qin Yu to be embarrassed or to deny it, but it never came . Qin Yu took his identity badge, talking to the female cultivator, “I’ll be troubling you to reserve it . ”

Zi Qiong was a bit dazed, “You… really want to reserve the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo?”

Qin Yu nodded, “Yes . ”

The youth’s rage suddenly peaked, snatching the identity badge, “I’ll help you exchange the deeds into merits first . Let’s see if you deserve to be so arrogant!”

Some cultivators watched Qin Yu with respect, secretly saying ‘When doing everything to chase after women, having confidence isn’t enough . It will end up in ruining yourself, with no dignity left to speak of . ’

Zi Qing bit her lip, considering stopping him from humiliating himself, but couldn’t find an excuse, and only gave a reproaching glare . ‘This guy, really! Did he not understand my intention, and still wants to use this manner to get my attention?’

What should I do? You will be demeaned!

Zi Qing gazed at Qin Yu still unfazed . There was no loath in her heart, but a deep curiosity instead . ‘This guy’s skin is really thick, still acting like it’s an everyday occurrence . Does he want to this method to make me remember him?’ Thinking thusly, her face reddened a bit, her heart suddenly pounding .

What do I do if he asks me to be with him? Do I agree, or… should I agree? Should I be more aloof? Women say that men are fickle . If you’re too easy, he won’t cherish you .

A sudden cry woke Zi Qing from her chaotic thoughts . She raised her head slightly flustered, as if she was caught red handed . All except Qin Yu, stared wide eyed, being shocked to the core . Her heart shrank, slowly turning around and seeing the merit board, a deep, rich and awe-inspiring purple light .

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