Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 42

Chapter 42

The war destroyed almost half of Bolan City, but with the influx of demonic cultivators, it will soon recover to its former glory .

At a newly repaired restaurant, with the smell of paint still drifting within, the guests came in doves . The invasion swept through the Southern Nation, making most of the demonic cultivator’s bags swell with riches, then spending it on food and drinks .

In a private room on the third floor, more than ten high ranked demonic cultivators gathered together, with each of them toasting to the host, sounds of flattery and laughter were heard unceasingly .

“Fellow Daoist Dang Yun fought with the Two-teamed Fiendish Star and survived . This information spread around and saved us, high ranked demonic cultivators, for further losses . You’ve made great contributions!”

“What luck for us to have fellow Daoist Dang Yun, or else who knows how many would we have lost . ”

“Come, come, a toast everyone . Let’s drink a cup in honor of fellow Daoist Dang Yun!”

Dang Yunmo who is only at the 3rd layer of Golden Core realm, never had the chance to be regarded so highly among his peers . His face was flushes red not bearing to accept praises, though the corners of his mouth reached his ears .

He intended to say a few modest words, but was instead made to drink several cups in thanks . The room’s door was suddenly kicked open, and a black robed man started talking coldly, his eyes locked on Dang Yunmo, “Rotten bastard, you killed my family! After twenty years, I have come for your life!”

It could be felt that these resentful words contain a deep hatred . The originally furious men at the table, are now looking at each other in dismay, simply from hearing, the matter became crystal clear: Dang Yunmo slaughtered his family, and now he was seeking vengeance .

Several of them weren’t initially convinced with this Golden Core demonic cultivator, but then shot glances at Dang Yunmo, cursing ’Idiot, so what if a demonic cultivator killed a wife or children! Everyone here did this at some point; but if you did it then also end it, or you’re just asking for trouble!’

The black robbed’s aura wasn’t released, but his killing intent was still present . It is obvious from a glance that he isn’t an easy opponent .

A Golden Core demonic cultivator hesitated, “Brother Dang Yun, this…”

This also confused Dang Yunmo . He forgot long ago what he did twenty years ago . Did he kill anyone’s family then? ‘Seems like it’ . At this thought, his face had slight traces of embarrassment, but soon turned dark . In the best moment of his life, to be sought for vengeance, from a dirty affair no less, caused a Golden Core demonic cultivator as himself, to lose all radiance from his face .

“Hmph!” Dang Yunmo sneered, “I killed your family then, and now I can kill you . If you want revenge, then strike!”

When the people at the table saw him, they immediately got up to pacify the two of them . One persuaded “A Golden Core cultivator is tough, with a Golden Core demonic cultivator even tougher”, while another one said “Someone at the Golden Core realm seized hundreds of women . If the wife was killed, you just take another . ” And the final one did his best to advise “It’s foolish to risk your life for the dead . We must embrace life and carry on towards the beautiful future . ”

The black robbed man sank into silence, apparently moved . Some of the demonic cultivator exchanged a glance, their mind set . The demonic cultivators’ faction might be chaotic, but fights between high ranked demonic cultivators, especially among the soon to clash ones at the Golden Core realms, is strictly forbidden . If Dang Yunmo and the others fight to the death, they will invite needless trouble .

“Come, come . Drink a cup with Dang Yunmo, reveal all your grievances, and then everyone becomes friends!” An outspoken Golden Core demonic cultivator opened his mouth, getting two big cups and pouring wine, even dragging black robbed to sit at the table .

He hesitated again and again, but still lifted the cup .

Dank Yunmo sneered, feeling his face distending, ‘So what if I killed your family, in the end you obediently bowed your head’ and said, after downing the cup, “Be more careful of what you say in the future . If it weren’t for everyone here, I wouldn’t have been so lenient!”

Some at the table inwardly frowned . Good or bad, they are still at Golden Core realm, and speaking like this, if something unexpected happens it will cause a mess to all of them . Fortunately, black robbed stopped a bit but finished the cup, giving the rest a sense of relief while also feeling contempt .

This guy has no resolve!

Dang Yunmo became prouder, thinking of berating him further, once the drinking is done, ‘Let people know that, old Dang, isn’t easily provoked . ’

No one imagined, that the black robbed who swallowed his anger, would attack at this moment . Sending a fist straight at Dang Yunmo and sending him flying into the table, breaking it and spilling wine everywhere .

“I am unable to become friends with you . With this fist, our debts are settled!” Leaving this sentence, he jumped through the window, vanishing from sight .

The people inside the room felt their mouths twitch, ‘Since you attacked, don’t run away . What settling debts . Ridiculous!’

‘Eh? Not good, Dang Yunmo is still a Golden Core in the end . Even after being caught off guard, it shouldn’t be as bad as to not being able to move . ’

Turning their heads around, the faces of Golden Core demonic cultivators contorted . Dang Yunmo’s neck was twisted, already dead, with someone emitting a cold aura taking the storage bag from his chest .



Among the startled cries, a powerful aura exploded . The assassin didn’t give them the chance to strike, disappearing in smoke with an eerie laugh .

“We’ve been had!”

“They’re the same person!”

Their reaction was extremely fast, but when they left the restaurant, the black robed was nowhere to be found .

“Find him!”

“He mustn’t escape!” Shouting as they rushed outside the city .

A moment later, Qin Yu appeared not far from the restaurant . Although he doesn’t have the aura of a demonic cultivator, the killing aura surrounding him caused the people to shiver . This rampant slaughter tainted him with killing aura, making him more demonic than a demonic cultivator, assuring his safety as he left the city .

Who knows where the group of Golden Core demonic cultivator went to .

Several tens of li outside Bolan City, he stumbled upon someone . The surging demonic energy denoted his early Golden Core cultivation, and a loner too .

Qin Yu’s heart was stirred, showing alarm .

“Stop!” The demonic cultivator blocked his path with a shout . He is indeed one of the Golden Cores from the restaurant, eyes cold, “What are you afraid of?”

Qin Yu repeatedly shook his head .

“If you don’t speak the truth, see how I’ll force it out of you!” He then made a grabbing motion, while Qin Yu flew straight at him . But at that moment, his heart suddenly shrank, a calm voice was heard at his ear, “I was afraid you would flee . ”

A fist landed, and creaking of bones were heard, as the caved in chest prevented the demonic cultivator’s call for help . Black Devil then appeared behind, and easily twisted his neck backwards .

Looting everything with practiced speed, Qin Yu recalled Black Devil and soared in the sky . The next moment, several Golden Core demonic cultivators rushed here, and seeing their companion killed violently, they stomped in anger but didn’t dared to chase after the killer .

Very quickly, news of the Two-teamed Fiendish Star being in Bolan City circulated, and that he even killed two Golden Core demonic cultivators . Dang Yunmo’s death triggered a rage, feeling as if the whole demonic cultivator faction was provoked . Thusly, the high ranked demonic cultivator passed down a stern command: no matter what cost, kill Zhu Qingyun and his partner!

In a mountain cave, Qin Yu held tightly a jade slip from Dang Yunmo’s storage bag, smiling brightly, “This Blood Escaping Technique was simply built for me!”

This technique, stimulates one’s blood and burning it through a secret method, increasing the user’s speed by ten times! Qin Yu’s body, refined by taking countless pills is very tough, and with his training in Demon Body, the quality of his blood reached an incredible degree . Dang Yunmo could use it three times at best, before reaching the limit his body could take . But with Qin Yu, even after thirty times it would still pose no threat .

After executing the Blood Escaping Technique, only a Nascent Soul can catch him, while the others would be unable to restrain Qin Yu at all . Like this, freely coming and going on the battlefield, the amount of merits he would rake in would increase dramatically .

Deploying the formation disk for concealment, Qin Yu entered seclusion, spending one month to finish learning the Blood Escaping Technique . After waving his sleeve and collecting the formation disk, he walked outside the cave then soared into the sky with one step . Next, a bloody flame burned, feeling an increase in speed of ten times, his figure appeared akin to a shooting star on the horizon, disappearing from view!

Southern Nation’s location has mild and humid climate, with little distinction between the seasons . The forests grew verdant and lush, sporting green leaves throughout the year, making this place exceedingly common .

Suddenly, a low and deep sound echoed, making the earth tremble slightly . From above, a cleared area could be seen in the deep forest, with many trees uprooted, while others pulverized into dust . In a range of three hundred zhang, as if a plow passed through, cracks spread throughout the area, while beast roars were heard as they ran further and further away .

Qin Yu sent a wild dog flying in a random direction with a punch . The action triggered the pain in his chest, coughing up blood with a pale expression . At his side lay Black Devil’s half destroyed body . Luckily, he isn’t a living being, capable of recovering to its normal state in the Souls Seizing Flag .

If not for Black Devil standing in front of him just now, Qin Yu, even with the Blood Escaping Technique, he would have been also taken out along in the self-destruction of the Golden Core demonic cultivator . Even a Demon Body isn’t capable of enduring such an explosion .

A cold thought went through Qin Yu’s mind, ‘Who would ever guess this demonic cultivator would be determined enough to self-destruct his own Golden Core!’ Taking Black Devil back, Qin Yu swallowed some pills and left, thoughts swirling in his head, aware of the unusualness of this matter .

Half a month later, through the use of Black Devil, Qin Yu found out that the high ranked demonic cultivators issued a kill order on him . He knows he can’t continue hunting . These high ranked demonic cultivators have clearly gone insane; if he were to be engulfed by several self-detonations, he would most definitely die .

Adding the two sneaky kills when he saved Zhu Qingyun, with the unfortunate Dang Yunmo from Bolan City, plus this self-destructing fierce fellow, the amount of Golden Core demonic cultivators that died from Qin Yu’s hands already reached fifteen . Although he is still a bit off from being able to exchange for the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo, what is certain, is the fact there are many opportunities of gathering battle merits .

If he said he’ll leave, that’s what he’ll do, clean and efficiently . Thus, Qin Yu traveled more then thirty thousand li, returning to Juxia City ten days later . The two sides fought tooth and nail here, with Juxia City taking advantage of its favorable location, unyieldingly repelling countless assaults .

Until now, the sects’ Alliance of Southern Nation was standing firmly, and after the initial chaos, they steadily began strike back .

Qin Yu took the identity badge from his ways, and after passing the check without trouble, he was allowed entrance into Juxia City . Without delay, he made a beeline for the Alliance’s barracks . The price on Heavenly Thunder Bamboo might be high, but it’s still first come, first served .

At the Fighting Stage .

As the war progressed steadily, many people in the Alliance decided to gather here in times of respire . Even now, there are a couple of Foundation Establishment cultivators engaged in a fierce fight, drawing cheers from the crowd .

A sudden low sound rose, and the cultivator holding a sword, was blown off the stage, stopping after retreating several steps . Although unhurt, his complexion was still unsightly .

With a cold harrumph he turned and left, almost knocking over the one behind him, then vented, “Don’t you have eyes? Make way!”

In the moment of pushing forward, his movement froze, with the surroundings eerily quiet . Innumerable amount of people stared at him wide-eyed, with a ‘Oh sh*t!’ expression . The sword cultivator’s heart twisted and face pale . He wasn’t stupid and naturally discovered this peculiarity, but the one in front is just a 6th layer of Foundation Establishment . Does he have a high status?

As he was thinking this, the person’s figure flickered and several people rushed forward, bowing in respect before him, “Greetings Venerable Ning Qin . ”

Ning Qin…

The sword cultivator turned stiff!

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