Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 41

Chapter 41

In these three months, Qin Yu moved unhindered thousands of li, even killing nine Golden Core demonic cultivators creating a huge commotion, that resulted with the name Fiendish Star . Although the ones he eliminated were in the early Golden Core realm, it was still a loss the demonic cultivators’ side couldn’t bear, thus they started sending men to hunt him down .

Qin Yu sensed this, and relying on the power of the Demon Body, cut across thousands of li a day, until today’s event of hunting this Golden Core demonic cultivator .

As the ground crumbled from his step, Qin Yu soared, vanishing from the place of battle . Being in an area controlled by demonic cultivators, he must be twice as cautious, when even a slight mishap could bring a great danger . The fact that he changed areas each time he killed, helped him to move freely for three months and also take out ten Golden Core demonic cultivators .

An hour later, Qin Yu flew above a lake, and directly entered its waters, sinking to the bottom next to a large rock . He circulated his energy, a thin layer of light appeared, and the so called rock is now actually a cave entrance .

Qin Yu flashed inside, using his energy to turn his soaked body into steam, drying his clothes, and then walked forward .

The cave wasn’t big, with traces of rough digging . This is one of Qin Yu’s places used in laying low . With early Golden Core stage demonic cultivator as his targets, even with Black Devil mounting a sneak attack, their strength still left some wounds on him afterwards, thus needing a place to recover .

As for the formation concealing the cave, it was actually from a formation disk he found on a demonic cultivator he killed . This item could be activated using any energy, and deploys its formation once used, making it a heaven sent for any novice in formations .

Sitting cross-legged, Qin Yu took some pills, replenishing his energy . Today was a smooth battle without receiving any wounds, thus, he opened his eyes an hour later, to check his storage bag of what he gained .

He couldn’t help express his admiration towards demonic cultivators . Even after giving him so many merits, they were still magnanimous and admirable enough to fill his storage bag .

His only regret being that all demonic cultivators have demonic treasures, so even if he could bind them with blood, his energy isn’t able to activate them and he was left with no choice but to throw them in a corner somewhere, gathering dust .

But it seems that his luck has turned, as the tenth demonic cultivator unexpectedly had useful treasures: Cloud Stepping Boots, a magical treasure that allows a cultivator’s speed to reach extreme heights .

Qin Yu tried them on at once, and in a flash, appeared at the cave entrance, a smile on his face . Worthy of the name Cloud Stepping Boots, with the help of this treasure, his speed increased almost one-fold, and if he were to use the forbidden aspect of Wind Walk, the speed would be comparable to a late Golden Core cultivator .

‘Thanks again, demonic cultivators!’

As he was tidying up his things, Qin Yu figured that ten Golden Core demonic cultivators and some Foundation Establishment demonic cultivators should amount to half of the required merits needed to exchange for the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo . It’s not that the Alliance had a dark heart and set a sky-high price, but because it’s an ancient spiritual plant, with only the eight hundred years stalk left .

This huge price could also mean that there was no one else fighting him over it . Three more months should be enough to gather the rest of the merits . And when he breaks through to Golden Core realm, his power would increase many times over, enough to at least defend himself in this time of war .

Qin Yu was smiling, intending to cultivate for several days on the bottom of the lake, and avoid the recent ruckus he made from killing a Golden Core demonic cultivator .

Yet after only a day, he was roused from of his cultivation . He rushed outside the cave and saw the turbulent lake waters, mumbling, “To actually come at my doorstep to die, should I use this opportunity and finish them off?”

Zhu Qingyun was filled with frustration . Ordered by a higher-up in the Alliance, he entered the demonic cultivator’s area to destroy a formation, preventing them from taking the items inside . At first everything ran smoothly and allowed for an easy completion of the mission . Only to be discovered as he was about to leave, with a Golden Core demonic cultivator barring his way .

With his 5th layer of Golden Core realm, he could have gotten rid of this demonic cultivator in a short time, but he never thought, that this area had so many experts hidden . And once the third Golden Core demonic cultivator came, his situation started turning from bad to worse .

He was retreating and fighting while arriving above this lake, having four Golden Core demonic cultivators attacking him . He would have already been dead if it weren’t for his cultivation along with powerful magical treasures and strong body .

Yet even so, he can’t hold on for much longer, thinking ‘My life is over!’

His opponents were also aware of his state, akin to a spent arrow, and began showing their excitement, ‘Slaughtering powerful demonic cultivator with your higher cultivation, today is your turn to die!’

Correct, the four Golden Core demonic cultivator believed that Zhu Qingyun is the famed Fiendish Star . He was suffering in Qin Yu’s stead, because these experts laid in wait for him .

“Die, Fiendish Star!”

“Revenge for the fallen demonic cultivators!”

“Finish him!”

“Flay his skin and pull his tendons!”

Zhu Qingyun was anguished, wanting to shout, ‘You’ve got the wrong man’ but it won’t save him, so he might as well save his energy .

The four Golden Core demonic cultivators’ attacks were growing ever fervent, all wanting to finish Fiendish Star themselves, adding the fact that Zhu Qingyu had a slower reaction, gradually weakening his defense .

The surface of the lake suddenly exploded, with Qin Yu shooting out, instantly closing in on a demonic cultivator, bursting forth with his fist, after using Mind Stab .

A head exploded high in the sky . Caught off guard, he died on the spot!

Almost at the same time, a demonic cultivator not far from him, shrieked miserably as his chest bursts open, a huge hole left behind by the black Corpse Sealing Nail as it passed .

In a blink, two demonic cultivators suffered a cruel death!

Zhu Qingyun narrowly escaped death, almost cried from joy, but when he saw Qin Yu, his face suddenly went rigid .

Qin Yu lowered his voice, “Each man gets a target to finish them quickly!”

Recovering, Zhu Qingyun was ignited by a sudden fury, ‘Four surrounded to kill me, now, I should show my might . ’

Activating his magical treasure with a roar, Zhu Qingyun started pressuring his opponent, the barrage of attacks turning him into a sorry sight . It won’t be long before the fight will end .

The final Golden Core demonic cultivator, seeing the tragic turn of events chose to flee . Qin Yu’s energy exploded as the Cloud Stepping Boots flashed, leaving afterimages behind .

‘When it comes to speed, I am unequal!’

The demonic cultivator turned his head showing, no fear in his cold smile, as a bloody flame enveloping him, increasing his speed ten times, disappearing in a flash . The ‘unequal’ Qin Yu had a dark face, watching helplessly as the demonic cultivator’s figure grew ever smaller . He then stopped and frowned .

All this time, each of his action was completed without a hitch, none of his targets managing to escape . This caused his arrogance to grow unknowingly, and the demonic cultivator’s escape came as a rude awakening, crushing his overconfidence . In this world there are countless fortuitous encounters, with other people holding hidden methods or trump cards as him . If he were to maintain his previous mentality, he was bound to suffer .

Qin Yu stared deeply in the direction the demonic cultivator fled . To certain degree, he is quite grateful towards this enemy, but if the chance reveals itself, he won’t hesitate to kill him . The method to increase one’s speed ten times piqued his interest .

When he flew back to the lake, Zhu Qingyun’s battle concluded, exploding the demonic cultivator before him into pieces, painting the surface of the lake red .

“What arrogance? What flaying and tendon pulling? This old man will blow you into a thousand pieces first! Come, chase me again! Kill this old man!”

Qin Yu’s mouth twitched .

Zhu Qingyun then coughed drily, showing his awkwardness .

Qin Yu waved his hand, “No need to thank me, and leave quickly . This place will soon be crawling with demonic cultivators . ”

He then sank into the lake, took the formation disk and disappeared in the distance .

Zhu Qingyun heaved a long sigh of relief . He was known as a stubborn person, one who did everything to keep appearances, thus, he felt as if his body was torn apart when lowering his head in gratitude .

“Wait a minute!” Zhu Qingyun stomped as he rained curses, “Ning Qin, you bastard! They thought I was you!”

Hearing the faint roars behind him, Qin Yu mouth drew a smile, as his body stuck close to the ground while rushing forward . He can’t stay here after getting rid of three demonic cultivators in one go .

Along with wearing the concealing black robe as he moved, after two days, Qin Yu traveled more than three thousand li, arriving at Bolan City while taking care of any Foundation Establishment demonic cultivator on his way .

This city that was once big and flourishing, has now, most of the wall collapsed, with the remaining areas covered in marks, marks left from the devastating war .

After taking out the Soul Seizing flag, with a thought, Black Devil’s figure appeared . On his surface, demonic energy moved about, changing his appearance into that of the black robed Qin Yu .

The two of them strut inside Bolan City, Black Devil in front, Qin Yu behind .

The demonic cultivators standing guard were filled with reverence, only straightened their back once the two people disappeared from their sight .

The ranks of demonic cultivators are very strict, and with their ruthless nature, often killing low ranked demonic cultivator, they wouldn’t dare to offend an obvious Golden Core cultivator like Black Devil .

Many times, Qin Yu avoided demonic cultivators chase by using this exact method . No matter how much they wrack they brains, they still couldn’t guess that he openly pranced inside a city controlled by demonic cultivators .

With Black Devil stepping forward, a residence was quickly found . The original owners respectfully greeted them and left voluntarily . This is an open rule of demonic cultivators —power above all else!

Qin Yu was relieved, sitting down and cultivating with pills . Many times before, he used Black Devil to wander Bolan City, killing his targets by using the ‘traitor’ excuse .

He doesn’t know why, but the demonic cultivators seem to be quite tense these days, with Golden Core demonic cultivators sticking together when leaving the city . Pondering for a bit, Qin Yu soon found the cause of this, realizing it is because of the escaped demonic cultivator at that time revealing what had happened and making the high ranked demonic cultivators take precautions .

With Black Devil’s subtle inquiries, he soon confirmed it . From the escaped demonic cultivator mouth, the Fiendish Star isn’t a single person, but a pair of two Golden Core cultivators, with one of them belonging to the Righteous Alliance, the powerful Zhu Qingyun . The other person was unknown, but his strength seemed to be above Zhu Qingyun, killing two great Golden Core demonic cultivator in a split second .

As this news traveled, the demonic cultivators cursed the despicable cultivators from the Righteous Alliance . The experts they sent were assassinated, making them itch for revenge, vowing to slaughter these two cultivates, so that they never return! Yet, revenge is revenge, while cursing is cursing, all of them despised this Fiendish Star team, but they showed their fierce character by killing three of the four Golden Core demonic cultivators .

Because of this, the Golden Core demonic cultivators formed teams when going out, careful in each movement, and returning at the first sight of danger, giving Qin Yu no opportunities to exploit .

“Leaving matters unsolved brings endless troubles!” Qin Yu smiled bitterly inside, having no alternative but to patiently wait for a chance .

Several days later, Qin Yu, not waiting for an alone Golden Core demonic cultivator, saw someone familiar through the eyes of Black Devil .

The fleeing demonic cultivator!

In his room, Qin Yu suddenly opened his eyes, and after a bit of reflecting, exposed a chilling grin .

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