Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Qin Yu suddenly spoke, “Han Beishan is already on stage . ”

Zhu Qingyun’s face became even more unsightly, ‘What a great clan, the head feints ignorance while a mere junior, dares to just say a Golden Core cultivator’s name directly . Such impudence!’

“Kong Xuan, take care of your juniors . If he dares spew lies once more, I won’t forgive him!

Qin Yu’s expression was flat, “Why didn’t you stopped Han Beishan before he walked on stage? And now you want Kong clan to retreat, does this count as a difference in treatment?”

“Shut your mouth!” Zhu Qingyun angrily said, “An ill-mannered junior like you, dares to act cheeky with me! I will definitely teach you a lesson, and cure you of your arrogance!”

Kong Xuan shouted, “You misunderstood, Senior Zhu . He truly is Kong clan’s Venerable!”

As Zhu Qingyun turned his head to the register area and seeing several people hastily nodding, his expression became weird . ‘A Foundation Establishment Venerable? Has the Kong clan gone crazy or has the world turned upside-down, just when did a Foundation Establishment cultivator dared to challenge a Golden Core expert?

His face darkened to an unprecedent degree, and looking at Qin Yu, in a deep voice, said, “Ridiculous! I will deal with this instead of Han clan . Kong Xuan, take your junior and get lost . If he truly wants to die, there are plenty of chances fighting the demonic cultivators . ”

Although the words were harsh, they were said with the intent of saving Qin Yu’s life . Thinking of this, Qin Yu found that Zhu Qingyun isn’t so bad, and smiling said, “Rest assured, no one will die . ” And then walked away .

Kong Xuan gave a hurried and courteous gesture, then quickly caught up with Qin Yu .

Zhu Qingyun was getting angrier by the second, since when could a Foundation Establishment cultivator ignore him like this, ‘This junior is too rampant! He definitely reached this far only through fortuitous encounters . Not knowing his place, and daring to despise the Golden Core realm with a few tricks, he really wants to die!’

Then, he started deliberating if he should stand aside, ‘But his cultivation at 6th layer of Foundation Establishment at his age isn’t bad, only, it would be a pity to perish on the stage . Never mind, let’s just watch the fight and save him after he endured some hardship . Hmph, how great will you be then?’

Zhu Qingyun walked away, feeling his anger lessening, and even revealing a slight smile . He might not admit it, but he is starting to like this youngster .

The Fighting Stage is the place where the cultivators of the Alliance settle their grievances . As long they don’t overdo it, and revenge being the exception . Yet even so, the fights are still extremely vicious, with the difference between wining and loosing often comes down to spilled blood . Which in turn covers the holes in the arena, pervading it with a baleful aura .

Han Beishan was standing on the stage, with a deep and insurmountable scholarly look in his slightly closed eyes, many sights landing on him, each filled with reverence .

“As expected of a Golden Core cultivator, even at the initial stage, his demeanor is also out of the ordinary . Such a huge gap between us!” a 9th layer of Foundation Establishment cultivator sighed, eyes filled with admiration .

The people next to him weren’t much different, nodding again and again . They are already at the peak of Foundation Establishment realm, the sheer number of them clearly denoted the great disparity between the Foundation Establishment and Golden Core realms .

A burly man with a darkened face cursed, “I wanted to witness a Golden Core fight today, to realize the extent of my cultivation . Yet I was actually fooled . After today, someone must definitely go and pay a visit to the Kong clan for this!”

“Foundation Establishment Venerable, what a dumb joke . Wonder if the Kong clan was too terrified, or they’re just buying time!”

“Come on, everyone, just treat this as a farce . I want to see how great this Kong clan Venerable is when he fights with senior Han!”

Kong Xuan rolled his eyes at the heated discussion around them, ‘Morons! Foundation Establishment realm? With a flick of his wrist he sent two Foundation Establishment experts of the Han clan flying, even making the old freak Han retreat . What a joke! Senior Ning Qin is absolutely at the Golden Core realm, just that I don’t know what method he used to hide his aura . He might not be as strong as old geezer Han, but he can at least defend himself . ’

Just wait and see!

Kong Xuan respectfully said in a low shout, “Please climb the stage Venerable . ”

The already waiting Kong clan cultivators, also spoke in unison, “Pleas climb the stage Venerable . ”

It would be hard for him to remain hidden after this .

Qin Yu instantly came under everyone’s focus, with many stunned or shocked . It can be said that only now were they finally certain that Kong clan brought a Foundation Establishment Venerable .

The place immediately sank into pandemonium .

On the Fighting Stage, Han Beishan opened his eyes, releasing his mystical aura of a Golden Core cultivator, as if he was a huge python looking downwards, the coldness within chilling to the bone .

The chaos was silenced on the spot!

Countless faces paled, crying inside, ‘A Golden Core cultivator is truly formidable . ’

Qin Yu’s eyes stared fixedly as their gazes met halfway, then steadily made his way towards the stage, the crowd automatically splitting before him .

Zhu Qingyun who rushed to arrive, felt the corner of his mouth twitching, ‘What a show-off, a Golden Core’s gaze isn’t that easily received . With the pressure from a small amount of spiritual sense released by Han Beishan, it is likely he is forcing himself forward . ’

‘Hehe, a Golden Core isn’t just hot air, what is wonderful has yet to come . ’

Qin Yu arrived before the stage, and with a simple stomp he jumped steadily on top of it .

Han Beishan’s pupil shrank .

Behind, Zhu Qingyun had a solemn expression, he clearly sensed, that Qin Yu showed no sign of using any energy . That is to say, he relied only on the strength of his body to jump on the Fighting Stage, a zhang above the ground . Anyone who cultivated the body for a bit could achieve it, but someone who can make such a calm and simple stomp, reaching more then a zhang high, is exceedingly rare to find!

‘Could this kid’s trump card be physical strength?’ The corner of his mouth rose, suddenly feeling that the kid is becoming more appealing . Who doesn’t know of Watchful Land’s Zhu Qingyun, his valiant rise to fame in his youth through the use of his body’s strength!

Qin Yu cupped his hands, “Fellow Daoist Han, please . ”

Han Beishan breathed in, “Let’s fight!”

He lifted his hand, palm outstretched, creating a fierce gale, like a whirlwind of blades .

Zhu Qingyun slightly startled, began cursing, ‘Never would have thought Han Beishan would use his full strength against a Foundation Establishment junior . Even if I am here, I still can’t reach him in time to save him . ’ Thinking of the junior he took a liking to about to be turn into a pile of flesh, his face contorted so much that it could almost squeeze water .

Qin Yu’s eyes were narrowed stomping heavily, his body exploding with fierce strength like a tiger, forcingly charging into the whirlwind, exceeding everyone’s expectation, with even Han Beishan in a slight daze . But very quickly, he stared wide eyed in disbelief .

The anticipated splashing of blood and shredded clothes didn’t happen . Qin Yu marched forward, forcing the experienced Han Beishan to begin moving backwards, but just as he was about to move, he stopped . A hand with an iron grip grabbed his throat, with the blood from the wounds falling on the Fighting Stage .

With his clothes damaged and hair in a mess, Qin Yu opened his mouth, “You lost . ”

The world sank into a deathly silence!

Qin Yu relaxed his hand and moved back a step, turned around then jumped down from the Fighting stage . As if a mountain was thrown into the sea, the crowd below rushed to retreat, eyes filled with astonished reverence .

Han Beishan’s body was stiff, clothes soaked in cold sweat . If this would have been a battlefield, he would have already been a corpse . This thought made his scalp numb, difficultly opening his mouth and speaking in a rough voice, “The grievance between Han and Kong clan is wiped clean . ”

Qin Yu slightly stopped, nodded his head, and continued forward .

Kong Xuan along with the clan’s cultivator, followed behind ecstatically, finding that their knees were trembling with joy .

He won!

Venerable actually… won!

The Fighting Stage was once again in uproar .

“Resisting a Golden Core’s technique and overpowering senior Han in one move, his strength is so overwhelming… ” Said a cultivator at the peak of Foundation Establishment, the light in his eyes scaring the ones around . If he could learn this method, wouldn’t he also be able to crush a Golden Core cultivator?

All of the people in the vicinity were thinking thusly, their faces brightening, with a single ideea swirling in their minds: ‘Does senior Ning Qin accepts disciples?’

Suddenly, someone faintly said, “Jus who spoke before, of paying Kong clan a visit?”

The dark faced burly man turned and left, with a ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ attitude .

Several people watched him leave, mouth twitching and eyes filled with derision . Yet they soon realized, that this guy chased after the Kong clan, and cursed him for being despicable, ‘How can we let you be the first?’

In a blink, there was almost no one left at the Fighting Stage, as the countless cultivators competing against each other in the rush to Kong clan! Zhu Qingyun just stood there . As an Alliance Disciplinary Elder, on a normal day in Juxia City, no one dared to slight him . But now, he was treated like air, with nearly a hundred Foundation Establishment cultivators flew by, having no intention of stopping .

His mouth twitched while mumbling, “What an oversight!”

Qin Yu had somewhat foreseen this situation, and so he separated from Kong clansmen not long after they left, then away from prying eyes, donned the black robe . When he left the remote area, he was met with a fanatical flock of cultivators charging towards the Kong clan . Without hesitation, he walked away, in the direction of the city gate .

With an identity in the Alliance, and Kong clan’s crisis averted, Qin Yu, didn’t want to wait any longer, since if the only Heavenly Thunder Bamboo was to be exchanged by someone else, it will cause him endless troubles .

Three months later .

In the wilderness, the surge of demonic energy pierced the silence, revealing a pale faced Golden Core demonic cultivator with a deep-seated fear in his eyes, ‘Never imagined I would actually encounter the Fiendish Star . ’ The day before, the information said that he was still thousands of li away, so how could he appear here, making the demonic cultivator howl inside: ‘These useless spies will be the death of me!’

He suddenly turned his head, cold energy coming out from the back of his head, with several strands crumbling and terrifying him .

Curse it, this is clearly just a Blade Edge, a trashy Foundation Establishment technique; but it’s so powerful .

Scared out of his mind, he has no desire to fight, only thinking of fleeing . Right then, a sound was heard behind him, the demonic cultivator cursed inside, ‘Not again!’

After dodging a black flag’s attack, with no time to relax, demonic energy moved and a black figure suddenly came from within, smashing downwards the inky jade Ruyi Scepter in his hand . The Golden Core demonic cultivator was the verge of evading, but a sudden pain in his mind made him froze stiff, watching helplessly as the Ruyi Scepter dropped .

The headless corpse fell on the ground, in a fountain of blood!

After killing a Golden Core demonic cultivator in one hit, the pitch-black figure dissolved and entered the flag, then flew towards a youngster’s hand . He put the flag on the ground and took out a badge; watching the light flashing, his mouth smiled faintly, “The tenth . ”

This youngster, is precisely Qin Yu .

Juxia City was already at war, the righteous and demonic cultivators fighting unceasingly . He didn’t join the fight, and instead infiltrated the areas under the demonic cultivators’ control to hunt for powerful demonic cultivator . The Alliance merits gathered depend on the cultivation, with the quickest way being hunting high-leveled demonic cultivator .

Just a Golden Core demonic cultivator, is actually more valuable than a hundred Foundation Establishment cultivators!

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