Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 49

Chapter 49

Thus, the curtain fell for the Righteous and Demonic Factions meeting . The Demonic Faction stood true to their word by promising to formally leaving three hundred li after three days, not returning for at least half a year . Why three days later? Well, it’s the will of the higher-ups, wanting to witness the end of the one who ruined their plans!

Jiang Younhao with a dark face, “Reckless! How can Ning Qin agree to go to their camp? I don’t approve!”

“The Demonic Faction hates fellow Daoist Ning to the bone . Stepping inside their camp, is akin to stepping inside the lion’s den!” Another Alliance higher-up added calmly .

“Is it something inappropriate? If he explains it to us, the Alliance will do everything to help fellow Daoist Ning overcome this crisis . ”

“That’s how it should be! Zhu Qingyun, you and fellow Daoist Ning are fairly close . Can you bear to watch him throw his life away?”

Like this, Zhu Qingyun instantly became the center of attention . Facing harsh stares, he smiled dejected, “I have used everything but was still useless in the end . This concerns Ning Qin’s private matters . He will definitely go, so please don’t try to persuade him . ”

Jiang Yuanhao brows tighten, “Is there no way to change his mind?”

Zhu Qingyun shakes his head, then, after some thought, “Ning Qin said, ‘The Alliance should prepare itself . ’ What he meant, I am not sure . ”

Jiang Yuanhao and the others’ expressions changed . These words had many meanings, and after a bit of pondering, a scary thought formed . How can this be? But he wants to enter the Demon Faction camp, and besides Nascent Soul, who can cause an upheaval? However, Ning Qin isn’t one to speak without thinking .

“Fellow Daoist Ning Qin really said that?”

Zhu Qingyun replies, “Yes, how could I treat it lightly?”

Jiang Yuanhao nods . Watching Qin Yu’s place, he said, “Alright, we won’t stop him . Hope that fellow Daoist Ning Qin will return unscathed . ” Turns around, “Gentlemen, we must make our preparations . ”

The Alliance’s higher-ups had apprehensions, but Qin Yu’s display left them shocked . Maybe not overwhelming, but enough to denote, that with some carefulness he can return alive .

They left in a rush .

Zhu Qingyun lets out a breath, but still can’t help the bitterness in his smile to appear, “Using his own power to enter the demon’s nest . Even close to death, he still makes waves . Something must be wrong with my head, for me to believe this outrageous matter . ”

Zhang Zhang anxiously greets, “How is it, dad?”

Head Zhang felt gloomy . He slaps the table, “Arrogant fool, he doesn’t know his limits! I was wrong about him!”

“Ah!” Zhang Zhang cried, “Senior Ning Qin still wants to go?”

Head Zhang snorts, “Jiang Yuanhao, Sun Siyuan and the others, went to persuade him, to no avail . And even told Zhu Qingyun for the Alliance to make preparations . What preparations? Thinks he can turn the Demonic Faction camp upside-down! Killing Po Qianjun inflated his ego . It’s good that nothing happened between you, or perhaps it might not be so peaceful today, and it might involve him in the future!”

Zhang Zhang coyly said, “Dad, don’t talk nonsense . Daughter is only grateful for senior Ning Qin’s assistance . There… there’s no other meaning . ”

“That’s good! If there is even a bit, we need to remove it . Ning Qin is not a good husband . Act like you don’t know him . Hmph! In any case, he won’t be coming back after this!” Head Zhang left with a brush of his sleeve .

Zhang Zhang opened her mouth, but didn’t say anything . She is very confused in her heart, ‘Why would senior Ning Qin go to his doom . What my father said is true about his arrogance? This is such a disappointment . ’

The third day .

Qin Yu leaves the tent . Zhu Qingyun who guarded him greeted, “Ning Qin, you can still change your mind!”

“I must go . ” Qin Yu shakes his head, following, “Have some faith . Since I said it will be fine, then surely will be . You still owe me that drink . ”

Zhu Qingyun shook his head, “Hope you won’t regret it . ”

Qin Yu smiled and soared on the other side of the Hidden Wind Valley .

In the Alliance camp, countless eyes followed him, some with admiration, but more with confusion and regret .

A promising youth, entered the enemy camp just like that . It is no different than handing himself over to die .

Zhang Zhang bit her lip, looking distracted at his retreating figure .

“Hmph! I said that Ning Qin is too arrogant . He earned a decisive victory and now seeks disaster!”

“Even senior Jiang along with the others went to change his mind, but Ning Qin was unmoved . What telling the Alliance to be prepared? I only see arrogance!”

“The win clouded his judgement . Just wait and see . When he regrets, it will be too late!”

Among the mocks of the juniors, Zhang Zhang’s heart shook strongly, ‘What my father said was really true?’

Suddenly, a junior female says, “I have something to say . It is something senior Zhu Qingyun slipped . Why Ning Qin went alone, is because of Little Master’s threat, regarding a girl . ”

“No way! Ning Qin is already a Golden Core, with more than five hundred years before him . How can he give his life for a girl?”

“Yes, this is complete bullsh*t!”

Zhang Zhang’s charming body froze, not listening any more . Her mind holding one thought: Ning Qin went to the Demonic Faction camp, because a girl was threatened .

It must be so!

Moreover, what saddened Zhang Zhang the most, is that all this time, Ning Qin had never talked with her . Silently bearing the gossips, protecting her from wind and rain, and in this danger, a sprout began to grow inside .

Knowing this, Zhang Zhang easily guessed what happened . Liang Taizu entered the valley and threatened him with her! It is not hard to confirm it, with many witnesses at that time . Zhang Zhang flew away, quickly finding the worried Zhu Qingyun .

“Senior Zhu, please tell me . Senior Ning Qin entering the enemy camp, was it all for a girl?”

Zhu Qingyun sighed, “Yes, such infatuation . Tried everything, but still didn’t work, and gave the others the chance to kill him…” He was suddenly on guard, “How did you know?”

Zhang Zhang was already crying as she flew away .

Zhu Qingyun was dazed, ‘This… seems to be a misunderstanding . ’ He was about to go after her but refrained from chasing . Whether Ning Qin returns or not are two different things . What’s the use of explaining?

‘For me! it’s actually for me!’ Zhang Zhang eyes ran dry, as her heart felt so unbearable that it would explode .

Head Zhang seeing her loving daughter, was alarmed, “Zhang Zhang what’s wrong? Did someone bully you . I will make it right!”

“Dad!” Zhang Zhang’s cried mournfully as she embraced him, “For me, he went there for me . You were wrong, they are all wrong!”

Head Zhang froze, “Zhang Zhang, what are you saying?”

“Liang Taizu threatened senior Ning Qin with me . So he agreed in entering his camp, for the opportunity to kill him! Dad, I am so sad, very sad!”

The Zhang clan members’ eyes were blank . Up till now they were still criticizing Ning Qin . Who would have expected this reversal?

Willing to accept death for the sake of young miss Zhang Zhang? Qiu Qiu was moved, with Gu Ling’er at the side crying her heart out .

“Don’t cry Ling’er . Young miss found someone who cherishes her, we should be happy . Senior Ning Qin might not die, he will come back alive!” Qiu Qiu said .

Gu Ling’er wiped her eyes, to no avail . She is not only moved, but also taken by an unbearable feeling . That day, when senior Ning Qin rescued them, she felt familiarity, but was afraid of the others’ mocking, to speak up . Seeing through her tearful eyes his retreating figure, the desolation in her heart grew, similar to that year when her mother departed .

“Brother Yuan Hao, you truly believe, Ning Qin can cause a chaos at their side?” An old man frowns .

Jiang Yuanhao was silent, then, “I don’t think so, but it’s always better to be prepared…Hope he will return alive . ”

The people next to them sighed while shaking their head . They might not voice it, but their manners reveal it .

Easier said than done!

Qin Yu lands outside the Demonic Faction camp, where several defenders looked on coldly with a trace of admiration . Their leader said, “Sir, Little Master is waiting for you in his tent . Please follow me . ” His tone was rather respectful .

“Lead the way . ”

Entering the camp, he was instantly the focus of many cold stares . The frosty killing intent is unmistaken . Qin Yu frowned, but calmed soon after .

This behavior made many demonic cultivators raise their eyebrow, following with an increase in killing aura . With such a character, he mustn’t be allowed to grow, and must be killed on the spot .

If they weren’t concerned about Liang Taizu invitation, Qin Yu would have already been attacked by an impatient expert, killing him with a bang .

The demonic cultivator brings him before a red-black gorgeous tent . Cups his hands and, “Little Master is inside . Please enter sir . ”

Qin Yu lifted the tent flap and entered .

Liang Taizu clapped his hand, “Fellow Daoist is so brave, please sit . ” He reclined in a chair, calmly . Shen Haimo stands at his side, eyes looking at a dead man .

Qin Yu stands, coldly speaking, “No need . Since I am here, do you promise not to hurt her?”

Liang Taizu’s eyes flashed, “Seems she is very important to fellow Daoist, making Little Master curious of your relation . Of course, it’s irrelevant . What’s more important is the outcome, right? This Little Master swears, that only me and Shen Haimo knows about this . After today, no matter what the outcome, there will never be a third person, or let my body be devoured by a thousand demons!”

Qin Yu turns, watching Shen Haimo .

Shen Haimo opens his eyes, stating, “What young master said, I also swear . ”

Qin Yu nods, “Good!” Before he even finished, the Corpse Sealing Nail was launched at Shen Haimo with a flick of his wrist .

Shen Haimo’s eyes exploded with a fierce light, “Seeking death!” The demonic energy bursts from his arm, trapping Corpse Sealing Nail .

At the same time, his face contorted .

The Corpse Sealing Nail exploded, tearing the demonic energy . Caught off guard, Shen Haimo jolted in retreat . Qin Yu moved then, shaking the ground with each step, the bloody flame around him increasing his speed ten times, and throwing a fist at Liang Taizu .

His head was crushed, with red and white flying everywhere .

Demonic cultivator Little Master Liang Taizu, died!

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