Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 390

Chapter 390

hapter 390 – Chessboard of the Heavens and Earth

“I found it!” With a loud shout, an Immortal Sect disciple crushed a jade slip in his hands .

Soon, a massive number of cultivators from the same sect gathered from all directions .

“Senior-apprentice brother!”

“Greetings, senior-apprentice brother . ”

Wenren Dongue walked forward with a faint smile . After carefully looking around, he clapped the shoulder of the disciple who had found this area and warmly said, “Well done . ”

The Immortal Sect disciple suddenly seemed as if he had earned the greatest praise . His face flushed red and he had an extremely excited expression .

The surrounding Immortal Sect disciples all revealed looks of envy . To be praised by senior-apprentice brother Wenren was something anyone could boast about for dozens of years .

Wenren Dongyue turned around . “Junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling, I’ll have to trouble you . ”

Ning Ling nodded . She walked over to the node and then closed her eyes, sensing something . Then, she pointed down a finger .

Hum –

Endless layers of golden light gushed out from the void . They outlined numerous phantoms, each one of them emitting an overpowering momentum and releasing an endless honor and dignity .

Wenren Dongyue revealed a look of praise . This was truly worthy of being the bloodline of god that even his teacher held in the highest regards . The power behind it was simply inconceivable . Even he could feel a faint suppression coming from this golden light .

The other Immortal Sect disciples were even more affected . They all had shocked expressions that turned into awe . They had only heard rumors about the bloodline of god . Today was the first time they had experienced the power of this bloodline, and it was indeed incomparably formidable .

The node gently trembled . Light appeared, condensing into a large shinine door .

Ning Ling drew back a step and the golden light around her vanished from sight . Her expression was still calm but her face was much paler than before . She had clearly suffered a considerable loss .

Wenren Dongyue cupped his hands together . “It’s been hard on junior-apprentice sister . ” He took out a pill . “This pill can help junior-apprentice sister recover quicker . Please accept it . ”

Ning Ling hesitated for a brief moment before accepting it . “Thank you, senior-apprentice brother . ”

Wenren Dongue smiled . He turned and said, “I will lead the way . Fellow junior-apprentice brothers and sisters, follow close behind me . ”

After he finished speaking, he was the first to step into the door of light .

The Immortal Sect disciples all revealed looks of admiration . Just what sort of status did their senior-apprentice brother have? Yet he didn’t even hesitate to lead the way and brave the perils before them . This was a truly rare character .

The Immortal Sect disciples entered into the door of light . Ning Ling was in the center and several fellow disciples followed vigilantly by her side . They had obtained orders from senior-apprentice brother Wenren to protect junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling with all they had . This was because the key to the Immortal Sect’s mission here would all rely on her .

Entering the door of light, everything turned dark for a moment before the surroundings were illuminated once more . Everyone discovered that they were unexpectedly on a giant chessboard . The horizontal and vertical lines on the ground travelled straight to the end of their line of sight . This chessboard was actually so large that they couldn’t even see where the edges were!

Wenren Dongyue’s eyes turned a light gray at this moment . A strange and mysterious feeling emitted from his body . Though he stood there, he actually seemed incomparably distant, as if he were standing in a completely different world .

After a long time, his pupils were restored to normal . He revealed a look of acclaim . “This is a chessboard of heaven and earth . To be called of heaven and earth, although it might seem a bit boastful, the mysteries within it are truly inconceivable! This senior supreme elder possesses transcendent techniques, something that none of us can even hope to understand . It is truly admirable . ”

At the side, a female cultivator had eyes full of admiration and desire . She swept her eyes over his body and said, “Senior-apprentice brother Wenren, my sect’s elders have peeped into the secrets of heaven, but this is the furthest they were able to deduce . As for how to resolve this chess game, all of it will depend on senior-apprentice brother . ”

Wenren Dongyue smiled and shook his head . “Junior-apprentice sister Ding overpraises me . If the elders of the sect are unable to break this puzzle, how could I possibly do that? I have thought of a method I might use as a shortcut, but whether or not this method will work, I’m not too confident in myself . ”

“Senior-apprentice brother could be said to have exhausted every plan . I already know everything . Although this chess game of heaven and earth is mysterious, it cannot block our way forward!” Another Immortal Sect cultivator said . This person had ordinary looks but his eyes were sharp and bright . He was clearly someone with a strong willpower .

“Senior-apprentice brother Jing is correct . I will break through this puzzle and obtain the greatest lucky chance from beyond our world!” The female cultivator surnamed Ding honestly said .

Wenren Dongyue laughed . “Since when were our Immortal Sect disciples so bold and possessing such fearless spirit? Then, I will give it a try with our fellow junior-apprentice brothers and sisters!” At this time, a light flashed in his eyes . “It seems our old friends aren’t too slow . ”

Hum –

A giant six-pointed star appeared, forcing open space . Solemn figures stepped out . An overbearing man arched an eyebrow and coldly said, “Wenren Dongyue, although you cannot fight well, you can actually run well . I can’t believe you managed to reach here before me . ”

The Immortal Sect disciples were all enraged, but as the overbearing man swept his eyes over them, they all lowered their heads, none of them daring to meet his eyes . He chuckled to himself and curled his lips in disdain . But soon, he discovered that one woman didn’t seem too affected by his appearance . His eyes flashed and he suddenly said, “Could this be the rumored bloodline of god that was found in the land of exiles, junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling?”

Ning Ling had a tranquil expression . “Greetings, Demonic Path’s senior-apprentice brother Wuma . ”

“Interesting, interesting . Amongst this group of vulgar losers, there is still someone so beautiful like junior-apprentice sister . I, Wuma, would like to take the opportunity to profess my love towards junior-apprentice sister . I wonder if junior-apprentice sister would be willing to become dao companions with me?” Wuma said with a bright smile .

Wenren Dongyue lightly said, “Wuma Sizhan, although you may be the first of the Demon Sons of the Demonic Path, you should still feel dread towards my Immortal Sect . ”

Wuma Sizhan laughed, “And if I don’t? What are you going to do about it?”

Wenren Dongyue took a step forward and his aura erupted from his body . It was like the arrival of a great sun, sweeping across the highest heavens .

On the other side, the numerous elite disciples of the Demonic Path and their many guardians all revealed shocked looks .

Wuma Sizhan’s smile faded and a tyrannical and contemptuous aura rose into the air, like endless black clouds blocking out the skies .

Both sides were in sharp contention, the air so tense that it seemed frozen . The Immortal Sect and Demonic Path cultivators in the back all found themselves gasping for breath .

Only a small number of strong cultivators on both sides watched on calmly . Their eyes sparkled with icy brilliance as they prepared for battle .

The Immortal Sect and Demonic Path were both formidable influences . Within the Land of Divinity and Demons, they were lofty and distant existences . On the outside, they maintained a semblance of peace in order to prevent the world order from collapsing into pure chaos . But cultivators from both sides constantly battled in the shadows, and both had their hands stained with the blood of their enemies . It was just that this was all kept a secret and both sides deliberately worked in tandem to prevent any of this from being found out by the outside world .

But now they had stepped into the land beyond their world . While they had to work together in order to open the channel, they were already closing in on the final good fortune . If there was a chance, neither side would mind causing heavy losses to their opponents to force them out, or even completely killing them off .

At this moment, another tunnel appeared in the skies above the chess game of heaven and earth, red in color . 16 massive titan warriors emerged, their eyes as large as giant bells . As they appeared and saw the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path cultivators, they all roared out in anger .

“Human outsiders! How dare you come here!”

“This is a desecration of the great Totem! Only your blood can calm the anger of the Totem!”

“We brave titan warriors must kill them and defend the dignity of the Totem!”

Bang –

Bang –

The titans that were able to pass the screening and arrive here were all genuine brave warriors of the titan tribe . Now their killing intent erupted and their billowing blood energy shook the hearts of those present . In particular, Tuba and the several titans around him had formidable blood energies emanating from their bodies . Wenren Dongyue and Wuma Sizhan both frowned as they saw this .

“Calm down!” Tube roared out loud . He stubbornly grabbed onto Tutou whose eyes were blood red . “Do not forget the reason that we came to the Holy Land . ”

The angry titan warriors all revealed looks of unwillingness . They panted for breath, a ferocious look on their faces .

Tuba took a deep breath . His icy cold eyes swept over everyone . “Intruder…my tribe…Totem Holy Land…blood enmity…will be returned…”

He turned around and led the titan warriors into the chess game of heaven and earth .

Wenren Dongyue’s figure flashed in front of them . He cupped his hands together . “We took the risk of intruding into this place only because we wish to seek lucky chances . We have no intention of making things difficult for you titan warriors . But, we have no means of breaking through this chessboard of heaven and earth . I ask that fellow brave warriors help us out . ”

Wenren Dongyue unexpectedly spoke the language of the titan race . They could clearly hear his words and coldly sneered in response . Tutou crazily roared, “Human outside, we have obtained the approval of the Totem so of course we can pass through here . You can all wait yourselves to death!”

“They want us to help them? What wishful thinking!”

“Dream on!”

Wenren Dongyue had a calm expression . He lightly said, “Although I cannot pass, blocking all of you shouldn’t be difficult . The Holy Land is only open for a limited period of time . Once it is closed, none of us will be able to achieve anything!”

Tutou roared, “You dare!?”

The titan warriors blazed with killing intent .

Wuma Sizhan laughed . “Wenren Dongyue, you Immortal Sect people are truly more despicable than we are . To think that you actually thought of such a way . ” He took a step forwards . “Then, consider my Demonic Path as having a part in this . If we cannot obtain any good fortune, everyone will return empty-handed!”

Tuba’s face paled and his eyes filled with anger . However, he knew that if it were only the Immortal Sect stopping them, they might have a chance of breaking through . But if the Demonic Path cultivators joined in, it would be impossible to pass .

“All of you shut up! We must agree with them . Otherwise, if we cannot obtain the blessings of the Totem, our tribe will not last much longer!”

No matter how angry he was, no matter how unwilling he was, he had to endure it .

“Despicable human outsiders, we will agree to bring you in . But, you can have at most five people enter . Not a single one more!”

Unfortunately, this unfair method of distribution had no effect on these two outstanding disciples of the Immortal and Demonic factions .

Wuma Sizhan sneered . “Then my Demonic Path will take five spots . ”

Wenren Dongyue lightly said, “My Immortal Sect will also take five . ”

Tuba roared angrily . “Impossible! The Holy Land allows at most 17 people to enter . There are too many of you, we cannot agree!”

Wenren Dongyue calmly said, “You will agree . Because we can withstand the consequences that will result from failure, but you cannot . ”

Tuba’s body shivered . The perilous situation of the titan tribe was his greatest weak point . His eyes were red but he coldly responded, “Good, I agree!”

Since when had the solemn, brave warriors of the titan race been reduced to being forced back again and again by human outsiders? Many of the brave warriors left behind had tears of humiliation running down their cheeks .

These damned human outsiders!

Tutou suddenly roared . “Qin Yu! I, Tutou, vow upon my dignity as a warrior that I will tear you to shreds!”

“Qin Yu, I, brave warrior Tusen, vow to kill you!”

“Human outsider Qin Yu!”

In the minds of the titan warriors, the only reason the cultivators from the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path were able to enter was all because of that spy Qin Yu .

Thus, the one they hated the most at this moment was Qin Yu!

The name of Qin Yu was extremely strange . The cultivators from the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path were both surprised . Just what had this cultivator named Qin Yu done that the titans would hate him so much? Moreover, what did Qin Yu have to do with the current situation?

But there was one person who widened their eyes with disbelief as they heard the name ‘Qin Yu’

Shua –

Ning Ling flew out from the crowd, anxiously asking, “Do you know Qin Yu? What kind of person is he? Where is he now?”

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