Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 391

Chapter 391

Chapter 391 – Underworld Great Commander

Tutou roared, “Qin Yu has already been eaten by me! You want to know where he is? He’s right here!” He slapped his belly, causing dull thumping sounds to ring out .

Ning Ling’s thoughts were a chaotic mess . She took a deep breath and suppressed her tumbling heart . “If you tell me where Qin Yu is, I promise you that I won’t take the initiative to attack you first!”

“What, with just you?” Tutou sneered .

Wenren Dongyue revealed a look of surprise . He hesitated for a moment and said, “Junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling has a tyrannical bloodline and is the key to my Immortal Sect’s foray here . If she promises to not attack you on her own initiative, that is a great sincerity that you should grasp . ”

Tutou’s complexion changed . With Wenren Dongyue’s strength and status, he shouldn’t be lying about this . The Immortal Sect and Demonic Path had a total of ten people while the titans only had seven . If Ning Ling agreed not to attack them, that would undoubtedly reduce the pressure .

Tuba said in a low voice, “Qin Yu is a human outsider . He came to the Holy Land with us, but just when we arrived he suddenly vanished . Even now we have no idea where he went . ”

Ning Ling glanced at Wenren Dongyue with gratitude . She said, “And what was his appearance like?”

Tuba shook his head . “In the eyes of us titans, you human outsiders are all little fellows that look around the same . Oh, he did have gray hair . ”

Ning Ling had a gloomy expression . Gray hair? That shouldn’t be Qin Yu then . Could it be that fierce person who appeared on the Ancient Perishment Decree?

A trace of bitterness crossed her lips . Only after arriving at the Land of Divinity and Demons did she realize how difficult it was to cultivate in the land of exiles . Qin Yu would have almost no chance of entering the Land of Divinity and Demons, and even if he did, it was impossible for him to grow so much in such a short period of time that he would be able to enter the Infinite Realm .

Caring for someone and worrying over them would often muddle the heart . She had just been overthinking things…she took a deep breath and nodded in gratitude . “My promise is still valid . I will not attack the titans on my own initiative . ” She turned and went back to where the Immortal Sect cultivators were .

The Immortal Sect cultivators all had strange expressions . They couldn’t understand why someone so highly regarded within the Immortal Sect, who ignored the goodwill of countless male disciples and possessed a bloodline that allowed her to be a proud daughter of heaven, would be thrust into such confusion by a mere name .

Moreover, just from hearing the name ‘Qin Yu’, one could tell it was a man’s name . The implications from this were immense, and one couldn’t help but think about it .

Yu Bai’s face darkened . He had carefully revealed his affection towards her at the Qi Empire, but she remained cold and distant towards him . Yu Bai wasn’t too worried about this . After all, amongst the younger generation of cultivators in the Immortal Sect, he did have some fame . It was only after entering the Infinite Realm did he obtain news from the Immortal Sect that it was determined Ning Ling possessed the bloodline of god . Her status had leapt considerably and now her importance could compare to the several most important core disciples in the Immortal Sect .

And what left him angry but also helpless was that Wenren Dongyue seemed to have some unspeakable design towards Ning Ling . The difference between Yu Bai and Wenren Dongyue was too great, so great that he immediately restrained all his thoughts towards her and maintained a respectful distance . But though Yu Bai feared Wenren Dongyue, he still held a certain pride . Who was this Qin Yu that he could touch the heart of junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling?

If he lost to Wenren Dongyue, he wouldn’t dare say a single word . But, he couldn’t bear losing to someone that was completely unknown . Yu Bai’s heart filled with hate and he transferred all his grievances towards this person called Qin Yu .

“Don’t ever let me meet you!” Yu Bai quietly roared in his heart . He was also curious about what Wenren Dongyue was thinking, but as he glanced over at him, he seemed completely unaffected as if he didn’t care about this at all .

Tuba nodded . He swept his eyes around . “You each choose your five people and follow us!” He turned and started speaking with the titan warriors . Soon, they decided on seven people .

The strongest titan warriors were certainly all on the list . After all, the things within the Holy Land represented the chance for their tribe to live on . They had to do everything they could .

The Immortal Sect’s five people were Wenren Dongyue, Ning Ling, a man surnamed Jing and a woman surnamed Ding . There was also a white-haired old man; he was clearly a guardian .

The Demonic Path’s five people were Wuman Sizhan and four brothers, all of them quadruplets . Their appearances were identical and their movements were synchronized . Their complexions were as hard and stiff as a rock .

Tuba shouted, “Follow us!”

Leaving behind everyone else, the group of 17 people stepped into the chess game of the heavens and earth . After taking several steps in, their figures vanished from sight .


Undying revealed a bit of distress . He had already been forced to the point of using the bronze mirror’s Soul Calming God Light . Only then could he thrust the Hundred Nether Sword into the Underworld guards and kill them .

These were clearly illusory puppets condensed from the black fog, but when the Hundred Nether Sword pierced through them, there was a sound as if the sword were penetrating through dozens of layers of thick cowhide . It was immensely difficult, and one could tell from this that the current Underworld guards had already reached an inconceivable boundary .

Qin Yu had a premonition that even if he erupted with the power of the burning heavens he still wouldn’t be able to kill a single Underworld guard . They had become far too horrifying .

Luckily, at this point, the speed at which the Underworld guards appeared had slowed down considerably . It seemed that condensing such powerful Underworld guards was a great burden on the black fog .

After a moment, the black fog tumbled and another Underworld guard walked out . This guard was different from the others . The helmet it wore was sealed, revealing only a deep pair of purple eyes . It wore a glorious suit of purple armor and its body was not stocky, but instead gave off a slender feeling . It had a sword blade adorned with seven black crystals . A faint light circulated around it that released a heart-shaking aura .

Undying cried out, “Underworld Great Commander!” He lifted the bronze mirror in his hand and the Soul Calming God Light howled out once more . In the hands of Undying, the power of this strange bronze mirror spirit treasure actually rose drastically . Even after using it dozens of times, he was still able to activate it .

But this time, the previously undefeated Soul Calming God Light was broken apart by a sword slash . The Underworld Great Commander’s deep purple eyes revealed a strange look . It swept its eyes around and started to speak, “May I ask which great being summoned my projection here?”

His voice seemed to carry a horrifying shaking force . It pierced through all impediments and resounded throughout the entire arena .

Shua –

The phantom of the black-clothed old man appeared . He said without expression, “Complete your duty . There is no need for you to ask about things you need not inquire into . ”

The Underworld Great Commander’s eyes instantly lit up . “Just a forced projection . It seems that the master of this place has already perished in the endless river of time . ” He stopped and then immediately started to let out a deep and hollow laugh . “Did you know that to summon an Underworld Great Commander, you must pay a sufficient reward? Your master is already dead, so who here can stop me? Then these two…no, I can smell the scent of three souls . One is fresh and young, one is so delicious that it leaves me trembling, and there is one that incites a deep sense of loathing in me . But, I am most interested in this loathsome soul . Then, let these three souls become this Underworld Great Commander’s, Long Adenaisi Kucha, sacrifice for descending upon this world!”

The black-haired old man phantom roared out loud, “Evil creature, don’t be so insolent!” He lifted a hand and countless runes began to appear in the skies above the arena .

The Underworld Great Commander coldly coughed . “If it was your master activating this array formation, it could have instantly erased me . But with just a mere puppet projection…break for me!”

With a deep roar, he raised the long sword in his hand and the black cage instantly shattered . The dark gray sword light represented death and endless despair . As it crashed into the runes, it caused them to collapse and disappear .

The black-haired old man phantom angrily glared at the Underworld Great Commander . But then it was casually smashed into pieces with a palm strike .

Qin Yu’s head was still dizzy . A moment ago, the voice of the Underworld Great Commander had caused his soul to tremble . It was so uncomfortable that it felt as if he would blow apart . When he recovered, he saw the scene in front of him .

The host of the test had unexpectedly been killed . Hey, wasn’t this game a bit too much and now it had spiraled out of control? What about admitting defeat and ending the test? Was that still useful?

“I admit defeat!”

Indeed, there was no response .

The Underworld Great Commander took a step forward . “What an interesting boy . I’m sure your soul will be a true delicacy; I’m looking forward to tasting it . But, there is a more important matter to attend to right now . ” The deep purple eyes beneath the helmet flared up and glared tightly at Undying . “Your scent causes me to feel disgust, but I actually have no idea where it comes from . As an Underworld Great Commander, this sort of matter leaves me surprised . If you can tell me your origin, I might forgive you and bring you back to the Underworld to be my personal guard . ”

Undying was silent for several moments before sneering . “There are many Underworld Great Commanders and yet I have never heard your name . You should be someone that was just recently promoted . One of the Underworld’s three Dark Moons, Long Adenaisi Blackstream, just what is his relationship with you?”

The Underworld Great Commander paused, a dignified expression on his face . He first bowed to show respect and then politely said, “I am Long Adenaisi Kucha, a bloodline descendent of our Ancestor Blackstream . 13,000 years ago I was successfully promoted to the position of Underworld Great Commander . Since you know my ancestor and also many secrets of my Underworld, you should be a powerhouse of this world . But, how come I can’t sense the aura belonging to your world?”

Undying sneered . “You don’t need to care about that . All you need to know is that I am someone you cannot provoke . Now, immediately screw back off to the Underworld, otherwise don’t blame me for not giving face to my old friend from the past . ”

Qin Yu let out a long breath of relief . Although he was a bit shocked by Undying’s tone, he could tell that the Underworld Great Commander really was shaken by its words . If he could overcome this danger just like this, that would certainly be the best result . But at this time, he suddenly received a sound transmission from Undying . “Little master, things have really become troublesome this time . In a moment, I will go all-out . The woman in your soul space can no longer be relied upon . Take care of yourself!”

Qin Yu was startled .

At this time, the Underworld Great Command reared back his head and laughed . “If you know the name of my ancestor, that means you were once a formidable existence that touched upon the world . But what a pity, your world has collapsed, leaving behind nothing but a weak and decrepit strength . What a pitiful sight . Rather than living such a sad and pathetic existence, you might as well offer your soul that was once purified by the world to me . Become a part of my soul flame and open up the path for my advancement . ”

He lifted a hand and slashed out . The seven black crystals immediately erupted with a dazzling light . Then, in the skies above, seven black suns suddenly appeared!

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