Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 389

Chapter 389

Chapter 389 – Underworld Guards

Qin Yu’s soul opened his eyes . He looked at Spirity for a moment before sincerely saying, “Thank you . ”

Spirity smiled . “As your Partner Soul, my destiny is joined with yours . Helping you is the same as helping me . ” She paused for a moment before continuing, “When you are strong enough, I will tell you everything . What matters the most now is to find a way to pass this test . Trust me, what you encounter here will be your greatest good fortune . You must do your best to obtain it . ” As she spoke she turned and vanished with a single step .

Qin Yu’s soul revealed a dignified expression . He looked up to see a purple moon sparkling . Bathed in its purple light, his soul began to recover what it lost at an alarming rate . And, this was only the reward for crossing the threshold to the test . Once he truly passed the test, what he obtained would surely be astonishing .

Two hours passed in the blink of an eye . The image punctually said, “It’s time . ” The one speaking was an old man with black hair . His body was stiff and straight and his complexion was solemn, without the slightest hint of emotion in his eyes . He flicked his sleeve and a black cage emerged from thin air, shrouding Qin Yu within .

“After a moment, Underworld guards will appear in this cage . Do your best to kill them . The more you kill, the better your chances of passing the test and the richer your rewards will be . If you cannot persist then shout that you admit defeat . You will be transmitted out . ” The black-haired old man vanished and a cold voice echoed in the air, “Begin!”

Shua –

Within the cage, black fog suddenly gushed out from nothingness and a figure walked out . Its face was blurry; all one could see was a pair of crimson eyes . It was 30 feet tall and emitted a crazy, ferocious, and destructive aura .

This was the Underworld guard!

With a loud roar, it raised its hand and a saber appeared in its grasp . Black flames burned over the saber, but it was icy cold and didn’t emit any heat .

The saber slashed down . Qin Yu raised a hand and punched out . A wild strength erupted, instantly breaking the saber . The punch continued to overwhelm the Underworld guard . In a moment, the guard disintegrated, turning into black fog that dispersed into the air .

It was actually this weak? Qin Yu was startled . But at this moment, another Underworld guard appeared from the black fog . It condensed a similar saber and slashed out .

Qin Yu didn’t dare to underestimate it . But after punching out a fist, the Underworld guard was directly struck dead .

This was the test? This was too simple!

Outside a giant temple .

The temple was thousands of feet high, as if it were the dwelling of a deity . Although there was no one inside, it still emanated a heaven-shocking aura .

The temple entrance had two black sculptures guarding it . One was a monkey wielding a great stick and the other was an eagle with its wings spread .

Not too far away, dozens of cultivators stood together . As the person in the lead looked at the two sculptures, he revealed a dignified expression .

He turned around and discussed with several people behind him . After finishing preparations, he smiled at a female cultivator standing not too far away . “Junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling, you don’t need to approach . There will be a more important use for your strength later . ”

Within the crowd, many female cultivators revealed looks of envy . Although their senior-apprentice brother had a warm and temperate personality, he had never been concerned with them . Although they were jealous, they didn’t dare reveal any of this . This was because they knew that their junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling had the noblest bloodline of the Immortal Sect flowing through her body .

It was said that if her bloodline fully awakened, she would have the chance to inherit the Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace . At that time, she would be one of the highest existences in the Immortal Sect .

As the crowd approached, the two sculptures rapidly revived . The black stone fell off from their bodies, revealing their true forms .

Rumble rumble –

A terrifying aura swept out like a billowing tide, erupting without any warning!

Outside a black rock garden sculpture, another group of cultivators was staring intently at the base of the structure . As they saw a purple flower blooming there, their eyes filled with burning heat .

“This is truly worthy of being a spatial fragment that comes from beyond our world . There is even something so wonderful here like a Demon Origin Flower . ” A young cultivator with an overbearing aura calmly said . “Kill!”

Bang –

Billowing demonic energy shot into the skies . In the space around the Demon Origin Flower, the phantoms of two life forms appeared . They howled and rushed towards the cultivators .

Qin Yu punched out a fist, shaking back the saber of the Underworld guard and causing it to step backwards . Qin Yu rushed forwards, punching at the Underworld guard’s chest . It instantly broke apart and turned into black energy that rapidly vanished .

At this time, Qin Yu didn’t have the smallest bit of joy on his face . Instead, he was bitterly smiling . This was because he finally realized just how abnormal and freakish this test was .

The Underworld guards were endless . They were indeed weak at the beginning, but as Qin Yu killed more and more of them, they continued to grow stronger and stronger .

Right now, Qin Yu needed two fists or even three fists to kill one . But as soon as it died, another Underworld guard would immediately condense . There wasn’t any chance for him to catch his breath .

Hu –

From the black fog, another Underworld guard appeared . Qin Yu’s pupils shrank . This was because this Underworld guard was unexpectedly wearing a suit of armor .

It lifted a hand and formed a saber . Black flames ignited on it as it ruthlessly struck out!

Qin Yu’s heart skipped a beat . He could feel the threat from this saber . He lifted a hand and a sword appeared . It erupted with dazzling sword lights, incomparably sharp .

Five Element Sword – metal .

Saber and sword collided . The saber snapped and the sword light continued towards the Underworld guard’s neck . In the next moment, a head flew into the air .

Whoosh –

The defeated Underworld guard’s body collapsed and dispersed .

In an instant, another one appeared .

Outside the massive temple, the corpses of the stick-wielding monkey and the winged roc were lying on the floor . Their bodies were covered in wounds, yet not a single drop of blood flowed out . Rather, a strange and ghostly dim silver light flowed around their pieces of flesh .

“This sort of puppet art is simply inconceivable . Even my Immortal Sect is far from being able to compare . ” A senior-apprentice brother said with a face full of praise . He ordered people to put away the two puppets and then with a flick of his hand, the phantom of a lamp appeared in the air and flew into the temple .

Several breaths of time later, the senior-apprentice brother faintly smiled . “There aren’t any dangers . Let’s go . ”

At the base of the rock garden sculpture, the last shadowy life form was pierced through the chest by a fist . It stiffened for a moment before fading away into gray fog .

“Humph!” The overbearing young cultivator drew back his fist . He grasped forwards and the Demon Origin Flower flew towards him . After carefully looking over it and revealing a satisfied expression, he placed it in his storage ring .

“Continue onwards!”

The group of cultivators passed through the rock garden sculpture . At this time, a rock wall appeared in front of them .

Five-colored sword lights swirled, turning into a vortex that covered the Underworld guard puppet . With a cruel roar, the five-colored sword lights vanished and the Underworld guard was killed .

Qin Yu’s complexion was pale . He forced a smile . Ever since the first armored Underworld guard appeared, their strength began to grow at a drastic rate . Now, only by erupting with the power of the Five Element Swords was he able to smoothly kill them .

Roar –

From the black fog, a new Underworld guard appeared . Its crimson eyes flashed with a trace of silver light . After being locked on to by these faintly silver eyes, Qin Yu’s heart shrank . Without hesitation he stepped forwards and the Five Element Swords erupted, turning into a vortex that came falling down .

But this time, the Underworld guard was actually able to block the slaughter of the Five Element Swords . It roared and slashed out with its saber again and again .

Qin Yu’s expression rapidly changed . This was because he discovered that the more times the saber cut out, the more horrifying the strength it erupted with would be . It was like each saber could superimpose on the others . According to this rate of growth, the Underworld guards would soon be able to tear open the Five Element Swords .

Without any delay, Qin Yu shouted out loud . The power of his Demon Body erupted and his combat strength rapidly rose .

Puff –

Puff –

Puff –

The Underworld guard split apart, vanishing into fog .

But in the blink of an eye, a new Underworld guard appeared . This one had even more silver light shining in its eyes .

Hum –

The vortex of the Five Element Swords descended . As soon as the Underworld guard emerged from the black fog, it was immediately killed off . Then came a third, a fourth, a fifth…when the ninth Underworld guard appeared, Qin Yu’s all-out Five Element Sword technique was blocked by it . Then, it slashed out its saber once, twice, three times, four times…

Qin Yu blanched . The saber potential of the Underworld guard grew increasingly strong . Each saber strike was more ferocious than the last . Unless he erupted with the power of the burning heavens, this was his limit . 172 Underworld guards…he had no idea if this was enough to complete the test . As he thought about Spirity’s earnest warning, his face revealed a look of hesitation .

But soon, Qin Yu suppressed the thoughts of using the power of the burning heavens . There were far too many losses related to using that ability . He could maintain it for two or three breaths of time at the most, and that was only enough to kill several Underworld guards .

Just as Qin Yu was prepared to ‘admit defeat’, the summoned life form suddenly appeared from the shadow below his body . The Hundred Nether Sword in its hand slashed out like a cunning viper, instantly piercing through the Underworld guard’s body . The guard slightly trembled before breaking apart into black energy .

But at this moment, the summoned life form drew in a deep breath . A bit of black energy fell into the location that should be its mouth . Qin Yu could clearly feel its excitement .

Shua –

The black-haired old man appeared and locked his eyes tightly onto Undying . “If anyone intervenes in the test, that is considered failure and they must also undergo severe punishment!”

Undying responded in a tranquil tone, “I am master’s summoned warrior, so of course I can fight for him . Is that still considered to be against the rules?”

The black-haired old man frowned . He lowered his head and thought for a moment . He raised his hand and a black sphere of light appeared above his palm . “My Lord, in the test, are summoned warriors allowed to help fight?”

The black sphere of light remained calm, without any response at all .

The black-haired old man waited for a moment . Then, he formed a hand seal . The black sphere of light changed color, a bit of silver appearing in the darkness . The old man spoke again, his voice much more respectful . “Commander, I am taking the liberty to interrupt you . May I ask, are summoned warriors allowed to help in the test?”

There was still no response .

The black-haired old man revealed a bit of hesitation . After a long time, he clenched his teeth and formed more hand seals . Once again, the silver within the sphere of light grew brighter and now there was even a bit of gold . “This subordinate is impolite . To disturb the Temple Master is truly a crime worthy of death! But, there is a question that this subordinate needs to confirm . In the test, are summoned warriors allowed to assist?”

It was peaceful once more .

The black-haired old man’s complexion paled . It seemed as if sweat was beginning to form on his forehead . He glanced at the black sphere of light with bits of silver and gold and then after several breaths of hesitation, put it away . His expression became indifference once more and he coldly said, “According to the rules, if the higher ranking officials are silent, this will be considered tacit agreement . Thus, a summoned warrior helping is considered conforming to the rules . You may continue the test . ”

Shua –

The black-haired old man vanished from sight .

Undying cackled in a macabre fashion . He plunged towards the Underworld guard that had just appeared from the black fog . The Hundred Nether Sword was like a bolt of black lightning as it pierced through the guard’s head . Then, with another deep breath, a wisp of black fog flew into its mouth and it roared in excitement .

Qin Yu had a strange complexion . The seemingly imposing image of the black-clothed old man appeared to be very rigid regarding the rules, and this allowed Undying to take advantage of the loopholes .

However, this was clearly a good thing!

Seeing the Underworld guards being chopped up like vegetables by Undying, Qin Yu’s eyes slowly lit up with excitement . In a short period of time, with Undying killing more and more Underworld guards, the number soon broke past 200 . Undying still easily killed them . In fact, as it absorbed more and more of that black fog, its actions grew increasingly swift .

If things continued like this, completing the test would be a breeze!

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