Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 373

Chapter 373

Chapter 373 – Obtaining the Token

The charming auctioneer was stunned before she began to gently shiver . If someone applied to suspend the auction, then there was only one reason to do so .

41 million spirit stones wasn’t the limit…heavens!

Her legs trembled and an inexplicable heat rushed into her head . Her voice shivered as she said, “Distinguished guest No . 1937 has applied to suspend the auction . The time cannot be longer than a quarter hour . ”

The beautiful youth’s eyebrows tightened even further, but he soon closed his eyes . He leaned back in his chair in meditation .

He had obtained an ancient inheritance and an entire spirit stone vein . He wasn’t afraid of competing in terms of wealth at all . The Infinite Token – he had to win it!

The silver-clothed youth’s eyes shook and he bitterly smiled . He thought he had made sufficient preparations but who would have imagined that the price would reach such a terrifying degree .

His loss wasn’t an injustice!

Qin Yu stood up . “Please help me prepare a quiet room . ”

The auction house master personally appeared and led him to an appraisal room .

“Honored guest, please rest assured that this room is absolutely safe . No one will be able to spy on you . ” After he spoke, he turned and left .

A light flashed in Qin Yu’s palm and a token appeared . This was something that Qin Wushang had given him just before he left the Southshine Nation’s capital city; it was a token that represented his official status within the Southshine Nation . Originally, before the Good Fortune Tablet fully recognized him as master he didn’t plan on appearing in the Southshine Nation Old Ancestor’s field of vision . But to obtain an Infinite Token, he had no choice but to diverge from his original plan .

Qin Wushang represented the will of the Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor . Thus, as someone who controlled the entire state apparatus, the token he gave shouldn’t have a low position . With a thought, he poured magic power into it . Light shined on the surface before it calmed down .

A message was directly transmitted in an extremely secretive manner .

Qin Yu put away the token . If it was useful, the person who received the information would soon arrive .

Several minutes later, there was a knock outside of the quiet room .

Qin Yu said, “Enter . ”

The auction house master stepped in, shock and awe on his face as he respectfully bowed . “Honored guest, the City Lord would like to see you . ” As he spoke, his body trembled .

The Square Wave City Lord was the official ruler of this area and possessed supreme status; he was a lofty and aloof character . In the surrounding hundreds of thousands of miles, all great families, clans, sects, and other influences needed to be at his beck and call in order to survive . And right now, that solemn City Lord had suddenly arrived at his auction house and even respectfully requested to meet the guest within the quiet room .

This guest had just applied to suspend the auction and the City Lord had immediately arrived . If he said things weren’t related, he wouldn’t believe it even if someone beat him to death .

Qin Yu’s heart stirred . “Please ask the City Lord to come in . ”

“Yes . ” The auction house master fell back and a scholarly middle-aged man stepped into the quiet room .

The auction house master closed the door behind him . Under the cold eyes of several guards, he retreated far into the distance .

The City Lord’s eyes flashed with surprise . He cupped his hands together and said, “I ask noble one to please show identification . ”

Qin Yu felt this was a bit funny . Not too long ago he had saved a noble one of the Chu Empire from death, but now he was unexpectedly also called a noble one .

This world was truly marvelous and strange .

He took out the token and the City Lord’s suspicions were immediately dispelled . As the ruler of a city, he could be considered a relatively high senior official . He could naturally see that this was something issued by the royal family; it wasn’t something that couldn’t be faked .

“Square Wave City Lord Hong Mingxin greets Your Highness!”

It seemed that the status the Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor gave him wasn’t just a regular one . Qin Yu put away the token and said, “I need to borrow spirit stones to compete in the auction . ”

Hong Mingxin said, “Very well . ”

He unexpectedly agreed even without asking about the situation .

Qin Yu pushed open the door and walked out . Kong Mingxin followed two steps behind . As the guards outside saw this, their eyes filled with awe and they lowered their heads in deference .

The auction house master’s heart shook . He could see the respect that the City Lord was showing, and he felt that this honored guest was even more unfathomable .

How could he dare allow Qin Yu to return to his original seat? The auction house master eagerly led the way, bringing Qin Yu to the very front of the VIP section .

City Lord Kong stood behind like a steward or a guard . But, he was mostly covered up in darkness and his head was lowered, so no one discovered that this low key middle-aged person was the formidable existence who ruled the entirety of Square Wave City .

After seeing the eyes of the auction house master, the charming auctioneer quickly said, “Everyone, distinguished guest No . 1937 has returned . We shall resume the auction . ”

Qin Yu lifted a hand . “42 million . ”

The beautiful youth’s complexion didn’t change . “43 million . ”

“44 million . ”

“45 million . ”

The two people didn’t increase the bid at too quick a pace, but they actually didn’t stop . Soon, the bidding price broke past an astonishing 60 million . The entire auction house had fallen silent and the only sounds left were the calm bids of the two people .

In the shadows, City Lord Kong frowned . He bent down and spoke some words in Qin Yu’s ears . After several breaths of time, he slowly nodded .

City Lord Hong stepped forwards and lightly said, “No matter how much anyone bids, my young master will bid one million more . ”

As soon as he spoke these words, everyone’s eyes widened . Just how much courage and energy did one need to speak such words? If someone were to casually quote a bid of 100 million, would he still dare to add another million?

The beautiful youth violently clenched his fists and anger rose in his eyes . He coldly said, “What great words . I have 93 million spirit stones in hand . If you can put out more, the Infinite Token is yours!”

City Lord Kong looked up, his two eyes shining in the darkness . “Alright . My young master bids 94 million . ”

The beautiful youth froze . A terrifying aura had locked onto him .

Several figures rapidly approached . Although they all wore civilian clothes, the cruel and ruthless killing intent rolling off their bodies immediately showed that they came from the army .

Moreover, these were army masters who had killed countless enemies!

“If you have 93 million spirit stones then you will be safe . Otherwise, you can forget about leaving today . ”

The beautiful youth blanched . He angrily roared, “Just what do you plan on doing? This is Square Wave City, a place governed by laws! It is not a place where you can be so dissolute!”

City Lord Kong stepped forward and his body appeared beneath the bright lights . “In Square Wave City, I am the law . ”

Just how arrogant were these words?

But in the entire auction house, not a single person dared to despise him, because all of their hearts were quivering at this moment .

City…City Lord…

As the supreme official who ruled over Square Wave City, it wasn’t an exaggeration to call him the embodiment of the law .

Everyone looked over at Qin Yu, endless awe in their eyes .

To casually summon the City Lord here and have him be so respectful like a servant, the background of this young cultivator must be greater than any of their imaginations .

With all sorts of loud cries and gasps echoing in his ears, the beautiful youth’s face was completely drained of blood . He shivered as he took out nine deep purple spirit stone cards from his storage ring, as well as three black spirit stone cards . He simply didn’t dare to resist, because doing so would mean he would be executed on the spot!

The army cultivators mercilessly took the spirit stone cards for investigation and then tossed them back after several breaths of time . “City Lord, there really are 93 million spirit stones . ”

City Lord Kong nodded . “Since it’s like that, it’s fine . ” He looked around, sweeping his eyes over the audience . “Is there anyone else that still wishes to compete with my young master?”

Since the City Lord personally arrived, let alone a terrifyingly high bid of 94 million spirit stones, even if it were only 94 spirit stones no one would dare raise their name card .

City Lord Kong nodded . “Little girl, since no one is bidding, announce the result . ”

“Ah…yes, yes, yes . ” The auctioneer was frightened . She hurriedly said, “The Infinite Token has been won by distinguished guest No . 1937 . The final price is…94 million spirit stones . ”

As soon as she spoke, her complexion paled and fear filled her heart .

This was the City Lord…94 million spirit stones was clearly far too much . But, what good was there in having such benefits? If there was even a single mistake, the cost would be her life .

Beneath the stage, the auction house master also had a horrified face .

As for the Hu Family’s Third Elder that was secretly watching the auction, he froze in place . He never imagined that such a terrifying existence would appear at the auction . With your status, it would be simple to obtain the Infinite Token . Is there a reason to come here and frighten everyone?

The Third Elder cried without tears . The Infinite Token was the Hu Family’s . Did he really dare to go to the City Lord and beg for 94 million spirit stones? That was the same as courting death!

As for trying to fish in troubled waters and seize the Infinite Token again in the chaos, he completely dropped this thought . With the City Lord’s support, even Revered Blue Seas would bow their head in deference . This was because he represented the will of the Southshine Nation .

A massive number of cultivators with ill intentions and ominous eyes all felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over their heads . Their killing intent was instantly extinguished and they all hurried up to send out messages .

“Stop all preparations and leave as soon as possible . This person isn’t someone we can provoke!”

“Don’t bother with small talk and hurry out of the city . Even City Lord Kong has appeared . If you want to seek death then don’t drag me along with you!”

“Everyone run away and don’t return within a hundred years . We were blind this time . We actually wanted to move against someone with such a terrifying background!”

Outside the auction house, a large number of suspicious cultivators with dangerous eyes suddenly revealed shock and panic . They all turned and left without hesitation .

In several breaths of time, all of them disappeared without a trace .

The auction had come to an end . Within the auction house’s highest level VIP suite, the auction house master respectfully passed over the Infinite Token with both hands . Afterwards, he could no longer suppress the fear in his heart and fell to his knees . “Noble one, City Lord, I have eyes but failed to see . I have offended you . We had no intention at all of manipulating today’s auction!”

What he feared the most now was that the City Lord would assume the beautiful youth was the auction house’s co-conspirator . If so, then their auction house would truly be beyond redemption! And, the key point of this was that there simply wasn’t any need to investigate it . The result all depended on what the City Lord’s thoughts were!

And within Square Wave City, although this City Lord seemed kind and scholarly, the reality was that he had handled affairs ruthlessly and mercilessly for all these years . This caused the auction house master to fall into even deeper despair .

Qin Yu frowned . He slowly said, “City Lord Kong, I don’t like to be stained with karma . Since we participated in the auction, we should follow the rules . ”

City Lord Kong sighed inwardly . The auction house could only thank the heavens that their luck was good . He never thought that this Highness would be such a benevolent individual . Of course, the City Lord didn’t reveal his thoughts at all . He warmly smiled and cupped his hands, “What young master says, this subordinate was originally planning to do that to begin with . ” He turned his hand and a seven-colored spirit stone card appeared . “Fellow daoist Mao, there are 100 million spirit stones here . Take a look at it . ”

Not only was the auction house master not happy, but he became even more frightened and panicked . If the City Lord didn’t honor his debt then there would still be a slim chance of survival . However, if he really did receive these spirit stones, all he could do was wait for some future day when his family would be exterminated and all their belongings confiscated!

“City Lord, please consider this Infinite Token a gift . Think of it as our auction house’s apology to this noble one . We cannot receive these spirit stones . ”

As for the Hu Family, they should already be overjoyed if they managed to make it out of this storm . What nonsense could they dare spout out? Even if there was trouble afterwards, he didn’t mind completely overturning relations with the Hu Family . It was much better than being kept in the City Lord’s thoughts .

Qin Yu frowned . He didn’t want to delay further . He directly said, “Then we will go with 40 million spirit stones . Rest assured and accept them . No one will bother you in the future . ”

City Lord Kong smiled . “Since the young master told you to accept it, then accept it . ”

The auction house master’s lips moved but he didn’t dare say anything further . With an utterly disturbed expression, he received four new purple spirit stone cards that the City Lord took out .

Qin Yu cupped his hands together . “City Lord Kong, I really must thank you this time . As for the spirit stones I borrowed, you can report this to the capital city . No one will make things hard for you . ” Since the Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor gave him this status, he naturally wouldn’t care about a mere 40 million spirit stones .

City Lord Kong smiled . “With young master’s status, all of this is within the scope of what is allowed . I will simply send a letter to explain the situation . ” He cupped his hands together . “The Infinite Realm can open at any moment . How about allowing me a chance to entertain you? This will also help you avoid being disturbed by some minor characters . ”

Qin Yu thought for a moment and nodded . “Then I’ll have to trouble City Lord Kong . ”

Soon, under Kong Mingxin’s arrangements, Qin Yu moved to a beautiful garden located in Square Wave City .

The Great Desolate Lake’s manager had already notified headquarters and obtained a response . When he learned about what happened at the auction he immediately guessed Qin Yu’s identity and rushed over to request an audience .

Qin Yu received him . The manager apologized profusely again and again . He offered the ancient divine sword with both hands, asking for him to take it back .

But in the end, Qin Yu refused and told him to accept it without worries . Since he took 20 million spirit stones, he couldn’t take advantage and not give something back .

The manager had a bitter expression . With nothing he could do, he helplessly called White Fengfeng’s handphone and passed it over so she could decide upon this matter . White Fengfeng’s first words were so full of injustice that she almost cried . She said that her Big Brother Baoyu didn’t love her and still hadn’t revealed his true appearance to her .

After using a considerable amount of effort to comfort her, White Fengfeng agreed to accept the ancient divine sword . But, she requested that Qin Yu come and visit her later .

Waving his hand and sending the manager away, Qin Yu smiled . Although this White Fengfeng was troublesome and bratty at times, she still made one feel warm . In the future if he had a chance, he really might go and visit her . But, the most important thing now was entering the Infinite Realm and finding Ning Ling .

The Southshine Nation Old Ancestor clearly knew Qin Yu’s tracks but didn’t send anyone to bother him . It was as if he thought everything was under his control .

Concerning this, Qin Yu coldly sneered .

10 days later, as Qin Yu was calmly cultivating in a chamber, he felt the Infinite Token in his chest emit small fluctuations . He smiled .

It had finally opened!

He poured magic power into the Infinite Token . A black light wrapped around Qin Yu and then he vanished from sight .

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