Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 372

Chapter 372

Chapter 372 – I Would Like To Apply to Suspend the Auction

When Qin Yu was at the Southshine Nation’s treasury, he had taken the ancient divine sword away on a whim, not too understanding of its true value . Although he was a sword cultivator, his strongest swords were the Five Element Swords fused into his body . The ancient divine sword wasn’t of much use to him so he had simply placed it down with the Great Desolate Lake branch division as collateral for 20 million spirit stones .

In Qin Yu’s heart, he had already given away the ancient divine sword and didn’t really care about taking it back . In truth, Qin Yu’s losses weren’t that high . The ancient divine sword’s value might be around 50 million spirit stones, but since he needed to urgently amass spirit stones before the auction started, selling it at a far lower price was normal .

“With my own spirit stones as well, I have around 30 million . It should be enough to compete for the Infinite Token . ” Qin Yu assured himself . He quietly waited at the inn for the auction to begin .

Three days later, Paradise Auction House was festooned with lights and colored streams . Although this was only a hastily announced auction, the streets were still lined with enthusiastic people .

Qin Yu waited a considerable time before he managed to reach the outside of the auction house . He paid a deposit of 10,000 spirit stones to obtain his own individual number plate .

Paradise Auction House was indeed worthy of its name and reputation . Although it looked ordinary from the outside, there was another world within . Quickly looking around inside, it was clearly far larger than the outside .

Spatial array methods could forcefully expand the amount of space within and could also be used to heavily stabilize and strengthen space . This was to prevent cultivators from teleporting or using secret spatial techniques .

This was a security measure used by all auction houses . Otherwise, if a master grabbed the treasure and directly teleported away, it would be hard to catch them in a situation where they were prepared .

Qin Yu found his seat and sat down, his eyes closed in meditation . Several surrounding eyes swept over him and immediately turned back . A second level Divine Soul cultivator was ordinarily considered decent, but within Square Wave City where numerous powerhouses were now gathered and the number of Divine Soul cultivators had drastically risen, a mere second level one seemed common .

Soon, the auction began .

“I welcome you all to Paradise Auction House . Today, I will be the auctioneer . If no one has a problem, then I will immediately begin the auction . ” On the round stage, a beautiful charming woman waited for a moment . Then she turned around and clapped her hands . “The first auction item . ”

The auction seemed rushed through . There weren’t too many precious items and the vast majority of people had come here for the Infinite Token, so the auction proceeded quickly .

The beautiful auctioneer also seemed to have been given instructions before this . She didn’t care for the chilling atmosphere from the audience . An hour later, she took a deep breath and her face flushed red a little . “Everyone, this is the last item of the auction and also the most precious treasure that the Paradise Auction House has handled since our founding . Yes, it is the Infinite Token!”

Four cultivators lifted a silver metal box onto the stage . Each one wore shackles that connected them to the box . Their eyes sparkled; even the weakest amongst them was at the fourth level of Divine Soul!

After arriving at the center of the stage, the four people each took out keys and inserted them into the metal box at the same time . With four loud clicking sounds, the box opened up .

Inside, within a spherical barrier, there was a palm-sized Infinite Token .

Qin Yu straightened up . This was his first time seeing a treasure naturally formed from the condensation of world rules . The Infinite Token was black all over and a blood red character for ‘Infinite’ was written on the front . The back was covered with numerous complex patterns . Looking more carefully, these patterns were like living creatures as they slowly wriggled around .

“There should be no need for me to explain the function and significance of this token; everyone should be well aware of the details . ” The auctioneer said, her voice bewitching, “For one Infinite Token, the base price is 3 million spirit stones and the lowest additional bid amount is 100,000 . Let the auction begin!”

The second the auction began, the competition already entered its white hot phase .

“5 million!” In the front row of VIP guests, a black-clothed old man spoke up .

Before his voice fell, another VIP guest two seats to the left bid again, “6 million . ”

This silver-clothed youth clearly wasn’t frightened by the black-clothed old man . He directly raised the price by a million, a look of his face that indicated he needed to win no matter what .

“6 . 5 million . ” A third bid came out from behind . The surrounding cultivators had looks of surprise on them as they turned to look . They didn’t think someone with such wealth would be hidden in the normal seats .

Several female cultivators that were near the young man who just announced a bid had particularly heated gazes . Each time a large auction began, these female cultivators would appear . They didn’t intend to buy anything, but came here for the cultivators who rushed to the auction . If they were lucky and snared someone important, they would have no want for food or clothing for the rest of their lives . Moreover, with a powerful backer they could live peacefully .

Qin Yu didn’t care about this . All of them, everyone here, were trying to survive – it was just that their methods were a little bit different . But as he looked at the young cultivator who announced the bid, he shook his head . This person had a calm expression but was barely maintaining it . It was clear that 6 . 5 million spirit stones was nearing his bottom line .

As he expected, after two more bids, the youth’s bid of 7 . 3 spirit stones was broken apart and sweat gushed out from his entire body . He collapsed into his seat in a daze, gasping, as unwillingness filled his eyes .

When the bid broke past 10 million, there were only several people in the auction house still competing . For instance, the black-clothed old man in the VIP section, the silver-clothed youth, a beautiful woman in a flowery dress, and a large one-eyed fellow .

These four people increased the bid the most fiercely and wildly; the lowest increased bid from them was 500 thousand . It was as if this amount wasn’t anything to them at all . Qin Yu secretly rejoiced that he traded in the ancient divine sword for 20 million spirit stones, otherwise he would only have been able to watch on helplessly as someone else won the Infinite Token .

However, besides these four people, there were still several others in the VIP seats who hadn’t yet bid since the auction started . And, Qin Yu could tell that these people didn’t come here just to watch; their expressions were heavy and grim . It seemed that the struggle for the Infinite Token had yet to reach its peak .

“That’s the County City’s iron armored army!”

“That’s their guardian general!”

“He is a truly powerful figure . He himself is already a Blue Sea powerhouse!”

The silver-clothed youth coldly sneered . “So what if he’s a Blue Sea powerhouse? Should I scuttle away with my tail between my legs? This is an auction house, not the military camp of your iron armored army . 17 million!”

“You!” The black-clothed old man was enraged . An ominous light glowed in his eyes .

A rune appeared between the silver-clothed youth’s eyes and a terrifying aura gushed out from his body . “If it wasn’t allowed for Revered Blue Sea masters and above to compete for the Infinite Token, do you still think it could be sold at this auction?”

“You are…” The black-clothed man quickly shut up, as if not daring to say anything more . He lowered his head, no longer increasing the price .

The silver-clothed youth clearly had some incredible origin . The rune he showed actually managed to frighten away the black-clothed old man .

The flower-dressed woman gently smiled . “Wow, little brother is so mighty and strong . You wouldn’t be mad at this big sister for adding another million, right?”

The silver-clothed youth coldly coughed . “Since this is an auction, everyone can speak with spirit stones . ” He seemed to dread this woman a little .

The one-eyed large fellow hesitated a bit . He laid down the number plate in his hands and chose to withdraw .

With only two people left competing, Qin Yu’s thoughts stirred . He looked up towards the VIP section . Those cultivators that had remained silent until now were finally beginning to move .

An incredibly beautiful youth wearing a shawl suddenly opened his eyes, his voice so cold that it was frightening . “20 million!”

He had directly raised the bid by 2 million .

But just as this new high price appeared, it was immediately shattered . “21 million!”

Another silent VIP guest had bid .

“23 million . ”

A third VIP guest intervened .

In several breaths of time, the bid dramatically rose again .

The silver-clothed youth bid 23 . 5 million . The woman hesitated for a moment before shaking her head and laying down her number plate .

While one Infinite Token was incomparably precious, it was clear that a price surpassing 20 million spirit stones was too high .

The Hu Family Third Elder who was quietly paying attention to the auction was both excited and filled with regret . It was beyond his expectations that the bidding for the Infinite Token would surpass 20 million . However, anyone that could take out 20 million spirit stones for an auction was surely no common figure . If the Hu Family wanted to steal back the Infinite Token, he feared this was a hopeless venture .

Qin Yu bitterly smiled . He originally believed 30 million spirit stones was already a great deal, but who would have thought that the cultivators of the Land of Divinity and Demons would be so heroic and brave? If he didn’t bid soon he wouldn’t have the chance to any longer . Without daring to wait, he raised his number plate, “30 million!”

The entire auction house froze for a moment .

The surrounding people flushed red . Even the VIP guests that were constantly raising the bid were shocked .

Big brother, this is 30 million, not 30 thousand . Are you sure you aren’t confused?

But when they saw Qin Yu sitting there with a calm expression, they knew he wasn’t joking .

In other words, he really did bid 30 million!

In the several rows in front and behind, all the seductively dressed female cultivators that could see Qin Yu suddenly had eyes as hot as the blazing sun .

Who would have thought that such a strong and powerful person was hidden right beside them!

Moreover, he was so young and handsome . If they could grab onto his thigh, they wouldn’t need to worry about anything .

Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! I’m such a beautiful woman! If you want, we can go to your bed tonight!

Qin Yu was expressionless, as if he didn’t notice the attention of the entire auction house on him . And the calmer he was, the more people believed that he was some great figure playing the role of a pig to eat the tiger!

“30 million spirit stones, this distinguished guest has bid 30 million spirit stones! Is there anyone that would still like to bid? On the stage, the auctioneer’s face blushed red . As she looked at Qin Yu, her eyes were so hot it seemed as if tears would come out .

“30 million, going once…”

“31 million . ” The one bidding was the silver-clothed youth . The corners of his eyes twitched . It was clear that this price had reached his limit .

The incomparably beautiful youth wearing a shawl suddenly frowned and raised his number plate . “32 million . ”

Qin Yu let out a light breath and leaned back in his chair . He ruefully smiled .

He had been defeated . Even if he took out all the spirit stones from his storage ring, he couldn’t increase the price any more .

However, his eyes still remained calm . Although he didn’t want to do this, he couldn’t worry about it anymore .

The silver-clothed youth maliciously glared . He clenched his teeth and said, “I would like to apply to suspend the auction!”

The auctioneer was startled . She hastily said, “Fellow guests, according to the rules of the auction house, when an auction bid surpasses 10 million, every competing bidder can request to momentarily suspend the auction one time, and this cannot be longer than a quarter hour . ” She gestured her hands and the four cultivators guarding the metal box behind her took out their keys and closed it .

The silver-clothed youth waved his hand and set up a sound-insulating spell . Then, he took out a handphone and dialed some numbers . After several hasty words, he smiled .

“Alright, the auction can continue . ”

The auctioneer nodded . “Fellow distinguished guests, the auction will resume . ”

The silver-clothed youth directly stated, “40 million!” As countless stunned eyes looked at him, he coldly said, “This is my bottom line . If you continue to bid, the Infinite Token is yours!”

The beautiful youth furrowed his eyebrows . He thought deeply for several breaths of time and slowly said, “41 million . ”

Whoosh –

The entire scene was startled . Many people felt their jaws drop open . They didn’t expect for him to continue bidding .

The ground beneath the silver-clothed youth cracked . His complexion paled and he closed his eyes . However, he kept his word and didn’t bid any further .

Of course, he no longer had the energy to continue increasing the bid . 40 million was his absolute limit after paying a tremendous price .

The auctioneer was also frightened by this bid . She didn’t think that anyone would continue bidding . She gulped and said, “If there are no more distinguished guests that would like to continue bidding, then this Infinite Token will be won by distinguished guest No . 16…”

At this time, a voice rose up . “I would like to apply to suspend the auction . ”

Shua –

Shua –

Countless eyes fell on Qin Yu’s calm face .

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