Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 374

Chapter 374

Chapter 374 – Entering the Infinite Realm

Multi-colored flows of light swirled around him, condensing into a space channel . Although he couldn’t see outside, his intuition told him that this transmission speed was faster than what he had experienced in the past .

In several breaths of time, the transmission reached its destination . Space wildly distorted and Qin Yu’s figure appeared . He vigilantly looked at his surroundings and subconsciously furrowed his eyebrows . The cultivators assigned to this entrance had considerably poor luck .

No one knew where the Infinite Realm was truly located . Whenever it opened it would be completely random, with several entrances appearing throughout the Land of Divinity and Demons . The locations where these entrances formed were without any rhyme or reason to them . If a person was lucky, then the entrance would appear in a place completely barren of people . Besides the cultivator being transmitted through that token, no one would be able to discover it . This was because even if there were people that were transmitted without any warning, the entrance would only maintain itself for an hour . After the cultivators with Infinite Tokens were sucked in, the entrance would vanish without a trace .

But if one was unlucky, the entrance would appear in a densely populated area and as a result, they would face immense troubles . One characteristic of the Infinite Token was that it couldn’t be placed in any type of storage space . In other words, as long as someone killed a cultivator who possessed one, they could directly replace them!

At Square Wave City, when City Lord Kong learned that Qin Yu wanted to enter the Infinite Realm, he couldn’t guess his status and decided to collect information for him as a gesture of goodwill . Inside were records of similar events . 3000 years ago, an entrance to the Infinite Realm opened up in the skies above a city of the Song Nation . Even though Blue Sea realms were not allowed to fight near the entrance of the Infinite Realm, the field was still littered with countless corpses . In a short hour, hundreds upon hundreds of Divine Souls had died and every Infinite Token on the field had exchanged masters multiple times . It was a brutal and chilling battle .

Qin Yu looked around . The entrance here was located above a city . From its size, although it was relatively large, it wasn’t at the level of a county city so the number of Divine Soul cultivators should be limited . Just as this thought appeared, Qin Yu’s eyes turned icy cold, because he could suddenly feel several frosty senses locking onto him .

“Kill him!”

“Seize the Infinite Token!”

“If you don’t want to die now then hand it over!”

Four figures instantly approached . The one in the lead lifted a palm and thrust out . Countless ripples immediately appeared in space, like the surface of a lake during an earthquake .

These ripples contained a formidable imprisoning strength, directly suppressing Qin Yu .

“Haha, nothing but a second level Divine Soul cultivator! It looks like we’ve stepped into some dog shit luck . This is our stroke of luck to obtain the Infinite Token!”

“Hurry and kill him! If other people are drawn here, things will become troublesome!”

A cultivator holding a dagger instantly dispersed, vanishing from sight . In the next moment, an ice cold aura came crashing down from above Qin Yu’s head .

Qin Yu coldly snorted . His aura recovered like an awakening volcano, instantly erupting . The imprisoning spatial ripples collapsed and he raised his hand and punched out .

Bang –

The grinning cultivator up above suddenly grimaced with horror . He was struck back like a rubber ball, sent soaring away . A giant hole was blown open in his chest and his dagger was sent flying away .

Shua –

His soul appeared, looking at Qin Yu with horror before running away in panic .

“This is bad, delay him and run!”

“Damn, he was playing as a pig to eat the tiger!”


The remaining three people turned to leave . Qin Yu coldly coughed and didn’t bother chasing them . He swept his icy eyes around .

Since those four people wanted to kill him, he couldn’t show mercy when striking back .

Moreover, it was best to expose his strength in this situation so that others watching in secret wouldn’t try anything against him .

As he thought, as he destroyed the mortal body of a fifth level Divine Soul with a single punch, half the eyes on him suddenly vanished .

But there were still some eyes that didn’t leave .

Qin Yu frowned . He looked up to see three figures flying rapidly towards him . After they came to a stop, the light around them scattered to reveal two men and one woman . The man in the middle was surprisingly tall and burly with a body and posture that resembled a tower . He said, “Fellow daoist, your strength indeed isn’t weak, but you are alone and there are three of us . Hand over the Infinite Token and we will allow you to leave!”

Bang –

These three people simultaneously erupted their aura; they were all eighth level Divine Soul cultivators . Moreover, looking at their sharp eyes, they should still have other hidden methods .

Even though this wasn’t a county city, he still encountered three Divine Souls that had decided to collaborate . Qin Yu was left speechless for a moment .

In truth, this was a complete coincidence . These three people all originated from the same sect and were dispatched on a mission to escort a valuable treasure . They just happened to be here when the entrance to the Infinite Realm opened .

The three were overjoyed and immediately decided to steal a token . Although the Infinite Realm was full of dangers, there were also countless lucky chances to be found within .

Because there were only three of them, even though they weren’t weak they still didn’t dare to fight any large team of cultivators . Before this, they had killed off two other cultivators who had transmitted here together and had taken their two Infinite Tokens . Now, they only needed one more .

Qin Yu had delivered himself right to their door . While he wasn’t weak, the three people were confident that if they joined forces they could suppress him . Naturally, they couldn’t miss out on such a chance .

Seeing Qin Yu’s silent expression, the man on the left with cruel eyes roared out loud, “Senior-apprentice brother, why waste words on him? Kill him and take his token!”

The first large fellow nodded . “Since you won’t give it to us, then don’t blame us for losing your life . Attack!”

He was the first to step forwards . He swung his arms out wide and the phantom of a mountain appeared above his head . A terrifying suppression arrived .

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed . He had stepped into the Divine Soul realm and his soul was able to sense the rules of the world . Thus, he learned the secrets of this boundary of cultivation . As a Divine Soul sensed and meditated upon the rules, they could form their own supernatural arts . The suppressive spatial ripples sent out from the last cultivator and the mountain phantom above this large fellow’s head were essentially all manifestations of the power of the rules .

If not for this, then with just a disparity of magic power, how could a Divine Soul cultivator completely overwhelm all Nascent Souls?

When it came to the power of the rules, Qin Yu was still a rookie . He hadn’t yet condensed any supernatural art using them . However, his original combat strength had already reached the degree where he could easily roll over these simple rules .

This is what ‘one strength shatters 10,000 methods’ meant .

So at this time, when facing the mountain phantom that came falling down from above the large fellow’s head, all he did was lift his hand and punch out!

Weng –

The entire mountain phantom wildly shook . The side of the mountain was hollowed in and although earth-yellow divine light crazily flowed around it, it still broke in the end .

Kacha –

Kacha –

Cracks appeared and started to rapidly spread in all directions . The large fellow’s complexion paled and fear colored his eyes .

Bang –

The mountain phantom collapsed . This represented that his rules were directly broken and the strength of the backlash rushed straight to his soul . The large fellow screamed in pain and his aura vanished as he plummeted to the ground .

There was a large crash as a giant house was smashed into pieces . The area for several miles around also quaked . It was clear that this cultivator’s mortal body was astonishingly heavy and powerful .

Unfortunately, he was indeed too weak when it came to the soul . The backlash had shattered his soul, killing him on the spot .

“Senior-apprentice brother!” The cruel cultivator cried in sorrow . He rushed over, blood red light rising above him, a savage light in his eyes .

The female cultivator to the right clenched her teeth . She lifted her hand and thrust out beams of green light . Qin Yu dodged to the side and listened as the air crackled with corrosive sounds . This green light was apparently highly poisonous .

The cruel cultivator punched out a fist . Qin Yu coldly snorted and neither dodged nor evaded . Two fists collided in the air and the sound of breaking bones rang out .

“Ahh!” With a shrill scream, the cruel cultivator’s arm was twisted up like a vine . He tumbled to the ground, cutting off the entire street below . Luckily, most ordinary people in the city had already fled . Otherwise this battle alone would have drawn in countless civilians to their deaths .

The female cultivator screeched out loud and the phantom of a scorpion appeared behind it . It opened its mouth and spat out a mass of black poison gas . Then, she turned and flew towards the ground, picking up the severely wounded man and running away .

Qin Yu avoided the poison gas, killing intent surging in his eyes . But in the end, he didn’t continue chasing those two down . This wasn’t because he was kind and benevolent, showing mercy twice, but rather because countless eyes were still staring at him . If he chased them down, he would have no choice but to expose more strength .

This wasn’t a good idea before entering the Infinite Realm . He only wanted to find Ning Ling; he didn’t want to stir up more trouble .

“Humph!” Qin Yu took several steps out and landed in the city . Within the chaos and debris, he found a roadside tea stall .

The hot water was still boiling and the tea leaves were placed haphazardly on the table . Qin Yu picked up a teapot and started to brew tea without a care in the world . After those two brief battles just now, he had already displayed sufficient strength that other cultivators shouldn’t bother with him again .

In truth, Qin Yu’s two battles might have been short, but they shook the hearts of many people .

“That large fellow who summoned the mountain phantom has incredible defensive abilities and his rules should have had an extremely strong ability to weaken other attributes . Yet, a single punch broke his rules and caused a backlash that killed him . His soul cultivation was indeed bad, but that black-robed cultivator’s strength is absolutely terrifying!”

“This person is incredibly strong and what he revealed is a peak Divine Soul combat strength . He might even be hiding more . If we can recruit him, he will surely be a great help . ”

“Hurry over and contact that person . Allow him any benefits . As long as he can help me obtain the secret sword heart mantra from the Infinite Realm, satisfy any conditions he wants!”

Qin Yu had just drunk a cup of tea when a cultivator scurried over . The cultivator smiled and said, “Fellow daoist, how do you do? I am from the county city’s Wang Family . My family’s young master has invited fellow daoist to join us . As long as fellow daoist agrees, we will immediately give you 5 million spirit stones, and fellow daoist can also have a share of the harvests we obtain from the Infinite Realm!”

5 million spirit stones in addition to more harvests, this could be considered a sincere offer . But, Qin Yu wasn’t entering the Infinite Realm to seek out good fortune .

So, he shook his head .

This Wang Family cultivator tried to persuade Qin Yu a few more times, but after seeing that he wasn’t moved, he darkly sighed and then bid his farewells .

Just as he left, an old man walked over . He trembled as he walked, as if he would fall over at any time . He said in a hoarse tone, “Fellow daoist, how do you do? I am from the Heavenlike Family . I would ask you to join us so that we may rush into the Infinite Realm together . ”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed . He had a certain understanding of the Infinite Realm thanks to the information he was given . This spatial fragment only allowed Divine Soul and below cultivators to enter and seek out their own good fortune . But because there were many perils within the Infinite Realm, in order to prevent any accidents from happening to their young elites, the influences with deep backgrounds would often dispatch guardians to follow them .

These guardians were mostly extremely old, without any potential left to make a breakthrough . However, their cultivations were all at the extremes of Divine Soul and when they went all-out they could erupt with a strength that surpassed the limits of Divine Soul . Once a life or death crisis occurred, they would protect those young elite juniors even at the cost of their own lives .

In order to obtain an Infinite Token, Qin Yu had competed in an auction and finally won it for 94 million spirit stones . Although he only paid 40 million in the end, this proved just how precious the tokens were .

Thus, it could be said that those who had the qualifications to send out guardians were all formidable influences with incredibly deep backgrounds .

Although he didn’t know what this Heavenlike Family was and where they came from, if they had a guardian then they likely had many people in their troop and they were likely also considerably strong .

If he really was a lone master who entered the Infinite Realm to seek out lucky chances, then joining such a troop would undoubtedly be a good choice .

This was because the more formidable an influence was, the more they cared about face and the less likely it was that they would betray those they invited . In terms of safety, it was relatively high .

Unfortunately, this didn’t hold any attraction to Qin Yu . So he shook his head to express his refusal .

The old man had a surprised look . Without saying anything, he turned and left .

The Heavenlike Family had their own sense of dignity and pride . Since their invitation was refused, they wouldn’t ask a second time .

Following that, two more troops sent invitations to Qin Yu . They both left without any success .

At the same time, throughout the entire city, the sound of thunder often erupted . Massive buildings were swept up in terrifying waves of strength and ripped apart .

The seizing of the Infinite Tokens still carried on and became increasingly horrifying with time . This was because the one hour time limit was drawing near .

Across a long street, amongst a large stretch of ruins there was a relatively intact restaurant . A group of people sat around a table on the second floor . They emanated a terrifying aura that drove away countless cultivators .

“To enter the Infinite Realm alone is extremely risky . If that person has refused so many other groups, it appears he might be waiting for a better choice . If he can remain so calm, he must have something to rely on . ” A young cultivator around the table slowly said . Two people stood behind him . They looked middle-aged with a sharp light flashing in their eyes .

“Come! Let’s go over and take a look and see whether or not this black-robed brother is willing to join us . ” The young cultivator tossed down several spirit stones and stood up to leave . However, it was simply unknown whether or not anyone would have the courage to collect their bill right now .

“Cousin, this person might have a peak Divine Soul combat strength, but that isn’t enough for you to personally go and invite him . How about sending me?” A delicate female cultivator humphed .

The young cultivator wore a purple-gold crown . He faintly smiled, “People with skills are usually proud . Since we want to invite him, we naturally must show sufficient sincerity . ”

“Alright, alright . I do want to take a look at just what skills a person you’ve settled on has!”

Soon, the group arrived outside the tea stall . Qin Yu looked up, a dignified look in his eyes . This troop had 11 people, each one with a strong cultivation . In particular, two middle-aged men in their group had long faces and deep breaths, and every action and movement they made gave off an invisible oppression .

Besides them, there was also a white-haired old granny . She leaned over a walking stick, her aura so weak that it was nearly imperceptible . But in Qin Yu’s eyes, she was the most terrifying .

Three guardians!

The purple-gold crowned young cultivator smiled . “Fellow daoist, I wonder whether or not you are willing to join us? We can divide the harvests in the Infinite Realm depending on how much we each contribute . ”

Qin Yu laid down his teacup and said, “I’m used to wandering about alone, but I do thank fellow daoist for the good intentions . ” Since this group had come over to personally invite him, such sincerity was worth him standing up and bowing .

“You don’t know what’s right or wrong! My cousin invited you because he thinks highly of you . ” Within the group, an arrogant girl widened her eyes, her lips ruthlessly moving .

The purple-gold crowned youth frowned . He scolded, “Shut up . Everyone has their own ambitions, so how can we force them? My little cousin here has been spoiled since she was a child, so I must ask fellow daoist to excuse her behavior . ”

Qin Yu shook his head . “It’s fine . ” If he were to fight with all his strength, he could even contend with a Revered Blue Sea . He couldn’t get angry at a little girl like this at all .

But his indifferent expression caused that younger cousin to almost explode her lungs in rage . She wickedly glared at him .

The purple-gold crowned cultivator said, “The Infinite Realm is filled with perils . If fellow daoist is travelling alone, you must be extra careful . ” As he finished speaking, the vortex above the city released a suction force . Then, the youth faintly smiled . “Fellow daoist, I’ll be going on first . ”

Shua –

Shua –

Shua –

The 11 people shot up into the skies, instantly vanishing into the vortex .

Qin Yu looked up at the vortex, anticipation in his eyes .

Ning Ling, I hope you will appear in the Infinite Realm .

Shua –

He flew up, entering into the vortex .

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