Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 365

Chapter 365

Chapter 365 – Devil Apostle

The pool of crackling thunder on the ground started to shrink and the blinding light shrouding the pit also began to gradually dissipate . The leader waved his hand and a Divine Soul cultivator nodded before quietly fluttering over to the edge of the pit . After a brief moment of hesitation, he laid down a curtain of water in front of him before peering in .

Puff –

The water curtain was pierced through . Then, without slowing at all, it continued to penetrate through the assassin’s head . Blood and brains spray out from the back, causing everyone behind to leap in fright, their eyes subconsciously widened . The terrifying heavenly tribulation just now actually hadn’t been able to kill that boy; a cold chill started to rise within everyone’s hearts .

“Kill him!” The leader angrily roared, even as worry began to color his eyes . When that boy was at Nascent Soul his combat strength was already terrifying enough . If he actually succeeded in his breakthrough, it was bound to be even more horrifying . If this was a battle to the death then perhaps he might be able to slowly wear him down until he died, but if that person wanted to run away…he feared he couldn’t stop him .

However, they had already stepped into today’s events . If they were to complete the mission cleanly then they might have a chance of surviving, but once any kind of accident occurred, once there was the tiniest leak, all of them were doomed . Thus, before his roar fell, the leader already attacked first . It was unknown what secret technique he used but a massive amount of blood energy emitted from all over his body, contracting in and out as if it were breathing .

His face rapidly thinned and his skin started to wrinkle and wither, as if he were dissolving . As he slammed down a palm, the blood energy rapidly rose above him, forming a horrendous bloody ghost face that silently howled towards the pit .

The complexions of the assassins changed . This was their leader’s ultimate final move . Every time he used it he would have to pay an enormous price . Seeing this, no one dared to hold back anymore . In an instant, the lights of numerous supernatural arts and magic arts shot into the pit, causing it to shake with powerful fluctuations of strength .

Even if the heavenly tribulation couldn’t kill you, it should have severely wounded you . With all of us working together, you should still die…just as the leader thought of this, there was a sound above his head and the point between his eyebrows cracked open without warning, blood wildly gushing out . In the next moment, any assassins who used supernatural arts that attacked the soul all shivered and paled as blood spurted out from their mouths and noses .

Bang –

A five-colored divine light erupted from the pit . In the next instant, an opening was torn in the radiant kaleidoscope of light . Qin Yu grabbed onto the noble one and soared out from the pit .

“Stop them!” The leader shrilly screamed .

With a demented expression, the leader lifted his hand and tore open the wound between his eyebrows, ripping apart the flesh so that more and more blood gushed out quicker . But, this blood didn’t drip down his face . Rather, it gathered in the air and then the leader raised his hand and used the blood as ink, rapidly writing blood runes in the air that quickly took form .

An invisible imprisonment suddenly appeared in this space . And as the leader’s finger moved faster and faster, the imprisoning strength grew stronger .

Qin Yu frowned . Without stopping, he lifted a hand and slammed out his palm . Five-colored divine light exploded outwards . The Divine Soul assassin across from him had a panic-stricken face but there was simply no way for him to dodge . In the next moment he blew apart in the air!

He had killed someone with a single palm, and that person had been a middle Divine Soul master .

This terrifying display of skill caused the surrounding Divine Souls’ pupils to shrink . They couldn’t help but hesitate for a moment, and in this brief hesitation an opening was created .

Qin Yu’s eyes brightened . He activated the Blood Escape Art without hesitation . Flames ignited on his body as he held tightly onto the noble one and the two rushed out like a blazing meteor .

His body lightened as the feeling of imprisonment scattered . Qin Yu took a deep breath and the noble one in his arms grimaced as he exerted more strength . Then, he stepped forwards . Ripples appeared in space . Although they were faint, the two of them were eventually enshrouded and then vanished from sight .

“Chase them! We cannot let them escape!” Just as the leader spoke, the blood rune he drew collapsed in half . His field of vision darkened and he fell backwards .

The mountain peak was arched like a large dragon holding up its head . A 100,000 foot long waterfall rapidly flowed downwards, crashing into a pool below and emitting earthshaking rumbles . A giant black alligator kept its eyes quietly closed on the edge of the pool like a piece of dead wood, waiting for its prey to arrive .

Suddenly, within the rapidly flowing waterfall, space twisted and two figures appeared . Just as they stepped out, they were directly slammed downwards by the heavy waterfall and sent crashing into the pool .

The alligator’s eyes opened and revealed an excited color . It splashed around, changing directions . Its speed was astonishing and it shot through the water like an arrow .

This was because it smelled the scent of fresh blood, and this blood was incomparably delicious . To possess such delicious blood, it must be from some powerful existence . But this existence was unexpectedly struck by the waterfall, so it had to be severely wounded . If it could eat up this strange existence there was a chance that it could complete its evolution .

Puff –

Dull ringing sounds were common amongst the thundering crashes of the waterfall . A massive plume of blood rose up from below the water before it rapidly flowed outwards . In just several breaths of time, two figures broke free from the waves and fell onto the shore .

Qin Yu’s shoulder was covered with blood and one could even see white bone . If it weren’t for the Demon Body being so formidable, he feared he would have been torn apart by that alligator just now .

Puff –

Qin Yu spat out a mouthful of blood, his face as pale as paper . He looked around at his surroundings, grabbed the noble one, and ran .

He checked his condition and felt his racing heart stabilize a little . Although his wounds were heavy, he still had a massive amount of pills in hand as well as the Demon Body’s incredible regenerative properties . He would be able to recover most of his strength in two to three days . At that time, he would be safe . His most critical problem now was to find a safe place to recuperate .

A moment later, Qin Yu forced himself to use the Five Element Sword and carved open a temporary cave dwelling in the mountain . He laid down the noble one and glanced at her, “I have to stay here and heal myself . If you want to leave then I won’t stop you . ”

He sat down in the cave and took out Ninth Province . After ordering it to activate a protective array, he took out a pill and swallowed it .

Xiong Yuane rubbed her blue and purple wrists, icily staring at Qin Yu . Without a word, she turned and sat down . She didn’t know where she was right now and there were likely still people outside hunting her . If she were to leave this cave she likely wouldn’t live long, but if she stayed here there might be a favorable turn in her situation .

Time slowly passed . The cave was incomparably tranquil . Xiong Yuane restored her magic power and then took out some spirit water and drank it . She glanced at Qin Yu and furrowed her eyebrows together . The wound on his shoulder from where the alligator had nearly torn him apart was now stitched back together, and she could even see his flesh and blood wriggling about . He would more or less be healed up by tomorrow .

What a potent mortal body!

Xiong Yuane suddenly hesitated . She wondered whether or not she should stare blankly on as Qin Yu continued to heal himself . Or, perhaps there was something else she should do? After a long period of time, the hesitation in her eyes was replaced by an icy cold decisiveness . She had recalled that dead Captain Shi . Although the chances were low, she had to be prepared . She had to grasp her destiny in her own hands .

Looking carefully around for several moments, she found that Qin Yu’s eyes were still closed in meditation and it didn’t seem as if he would be awakening any time soon . She turned her hand and a light flashed . In her palm, there was now a transparent white jade bottle . Inside it were very beautiful small stars . These stars floated about, sometimes shrinking, sometimes stretching, all of them in a rainbow of soft and gorgeous colors .

Taking a deep breath, Xiong Yuane tore off the cork . There was still another seal on the mouth of the bottle, momentarily blocking the little stars from flying out . And on the surface of the bottle, there was also a shackle condensed from a rune that firmly sealed in a pill .

At this time, the rune slowly disintegrated and the pill was taken out by Xiong Yuane . She opened her mouth and swallowed it down . The mouth of the bottle began to darken . Soon, the last seal would vanish and these small stars would be freed .

It was unknown what she suddenly thought of, but between her calm expressions, there was a trace of denial .

Suddenly, within the cave, Qin Yu opened his eyes . Xiong Yuane was given a fright, but she soon discovered that he wasn’t looking at her .

“Ahh!” With a pained roar, blood vessels exploded on the surface of Qin Yu’s eyes . Then his entire body began to tremble . The wound caused by the alligator abruptly broke open once more and blood wildly gushed outwards .

Kacha –

Kacha –

The crackling sounds of his bones rapidly growing filled the air as Qin Yu’s body immediately doubled in size . Black scales began to form on the surface of his skin and his hands and feet transformed into sharp claws .

Xiong Yuane trembled . She stared right at the point between Qin Yu’s eyebrows and watched as a horn drilled its way out . Her face drained of blood .


With a scream of fear, this noble woman retreated backwards, deep fear and loathing on her face .

Within the Land of Divinity and Demons, the Great Dao was prosperous and glorious . Although relations between the immortal and demonic paths weren’t harmonious, both sides still managed to live together . Sometimes, they even became friends .

It was often said that immortals and demons could not coexist . This didn’t apply here because the Land of Divinity and Demons had enough resources and land to allow both the immortal and demon sides to survive and multiply .

Still, there was one kind of existence that was not tolerated by either immortals or demons; these were the devil apostles that lived outside their territory . Through betraying their souls and signing a contract, they could obtain the strength of the devil and become incomparably powerful . But with this sudden rise in strength, once some special condition was reached or when one became powerful enough, it would cause one to completely lose control .

At this time, a cultivator would lose all rationality and their body would transform into that of a devil . They would become the living incarnation of death, a machine that only knew slaughter and destruction .

Every devil incarnation would instinctually swallow a massive amount of souls before their death . This meant that each time they appeared, life would fade away like coals in the wind . Whether it was the immortal path or demonic path, or whether it was the great empires, all sides issued an absolute kill command against all devil apostles . Once it was discovered that someone had obtained the strength of a devil they would be immediately killed .

Within Xiong Yuane’s eyes, Qin Yu was undergoing a transformation into a devil . Although she was crawling backwards, fear and despair colored her pale face .

Devils loved to eat human souls; it would be impossible to escape . She thought back to the fables she had learned . It was said that souls swallowed by devils would plummet into the abyss, where they would experience the inextinguishable flames of hell for all of eternity . Thinking of this, Xiong Yuane began to shiver .

Pa –

The jade bottle fell to the ground .

“Run!” A deep howl echoed from the depths of the cave . The trembling words seemed filled with pain .

Xiong Yuane was stunned . Wasn’t it said that a cultivator who was transforming into a devil would lose their ego and mind? But, there was no time to think further about this . She instinctively turned and fled . Even if the wilderness was dangerous, she couldn’t care about that right now .

To die in the jaws of a monster beast was still better than having her soul swallowed by a devil!

Deep within the cave, billowing demonic energy erupted, completely submerging Qin Yu’s figure . Within that pitch black darkness, one could hear his suppressed roars .

On the ground, the seal on the mouth of the bottle finally disappeared . Those beautiful and delicate little stars were finally freed . Then, as if smelling something delicious, they stretched out their bodies and flew deep into the cave, rushing into that pitch black demonic energy .

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