Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 364

Chapter 364

Chapter 364 – Breakthrough to Divine Soul

Within the wilderness, the scent of decaying leaves and detritus filled the nose . Qin Yu raced through, using his shadow to speed along .

He used Shadow Step dozens of times to flee hundreds of miles away . This was a relatively safe distance in the wilderness .

However, when those two Divine Soul cultivators chased after him, Qin Yu knew that they must have locked onto something on his body . Since he didn’t know what the reason was, he could only escape even further . Only then was there the chance that he wouldn’t be hunted down .

Otherwise, if over a dozen Divine Souls were to reach him, even if he had considerable combat strength he would still undoubtedly die .

When he managed to instantly kill two Divine Souls, that was because he had taken the initiative while they had underestimated him and he also had the power of the bronze mirror spirit treasure .

It wasn’t as simple as it seemed from the outside!

The skies gradually darkened; night would soon arrive . Qin Yu stopped and took out several pills, swallowing them . He sat down in the shadows and quickly refined their medicinal efficacy .

To continuously utilize Shadow Step caused a great loss to him .

Moreover, Qin Yu could faintly feel that the summoned life form hidden in his shadow had weakened a great deal .

It was obvious that Shadow Step mainly relied on its strength .

He feared that if he used Shadow Step a few more times, it would no longer work .

Qin Yu revealed a hesitant look . He had the Deva Soul in hand, so after refining it, he could become a Divine Soul .

But right now he was just a thin line away from making a breakthrough .

Moreover, he had fled almost a thousand miles away . While a Divine Soul cultivator was powerful, they might not be able to sense him .

He restrained the idea of using the Deva Soul and put all of his strength into refining the pills . An hour later, he opened his eyes, a sharp light flashing within them .

Although he hadn’t fully recovered, he couldn’t stay here any longer . As he prepared to use Shadow Step to leave, his complexion changed .

Bang –

Space shattered in front of him without warning . A woman staggered around, her long dress already ruined beyond repair .

The two glanced at each other with shock and were both given a fright . The fist that Qin Yu winded back paused in place . His complexion grew increasingly ugly .

This woman was actually the Chu Empire’s noble one who was in the speedcar!

Qin Yu had no idea how she managed to escape, but there was one thing he knew: she would soon bring great trouble along with her .

The Chu Empire’s noble one also seemed to have recognized Qin Yu . Looking at his ugly complexion, it wasn’t hard to guess what he was thinking . A cold light flashed in her eyes . Just as she was about to say something, a deep blue emerald fell in front of her and broke apart, turning into powder .

The noble one’s expression changed, revealing a bit of panic . In the next moment, a terrifying suppression gushed out in the space around them .

“Where do you think you are running off to? Be a good little girl and die, and all of our problems will be solved . ” With an ice cold voice, 14 figures emerged from the space distortion, each one emitting a powerful Divine Soul realm aura .

The cultivator who spoke had his entire face covered with a black mask . Only his sharp eyes were revealed . He swept his eyes over Qin Yu and smiled . “I never thought you would unexpectedly help us find this little insect . You’ve saved us a great deal of trouble . ”

He waved his hand and a Divine Soul cultivator from behind him glared stubbornly at Qin Yu, and a cold chill shot forth from the depths of his soul . But in an instant, this ice cold chill was crushed to pieces .

Shua –

Within Qin Yu’s soul space, Spirity opened her eyes . She lifted her hands and grasped forwards .

“Ahh!” The Divine Soul cultivator cried out miserably . Blood gushed from his nose and he slumped to the ground .

The black-masked man’s pupils fiercely shrank . “It looks like the two people chasing you have suffered an unfortunate accident . You little insect, you’ve actually surprised me .


With a loud shout, he stepped forwards and slammed out his hand .

If Qin Yu had a tyrannical soul force then that might be because he had a fortuitous encounter of some sort . But it was impossible to fake one’s cultivation . A Nascent Soul was a Nascent Soul; the disparity against a Divine Soul was wide beyond imagination .

Moreover, he was a solemn ninth level Divine Soul . He could easily kill this person!

Qin Yu cursed inwardly . If there was medicine to heal regret he would certainly have bought ten of them and then refined the Deva Soul without hesitation .

What sort of breakthrough was he waiting for? Even if he wanted to refine it now, there wasn’t any time .

There wasn’t much time to think . The cruel and overbearing aura rushing towards him caused his body to tense . He retreated backwards, readying himself to use Shadow Step to escape .

As for the Chu Empire’s noble one…sorry, but you’ll have to ask for your own miracle!

However, as he moved, Qin Yu discovered something was wrong . The suppressive strength that flooded space actually limited his Shadow Step .

Without anything else he could do, Qin Yu raised his hands to block the punch . Unfortunately, he had lost the initiative and gave a hard cough as he was forced backwards . His feet plowed through the ground, leaving a long ditch .

The eyes behind the black mask became increasingly cold . “Junior, I never expected you to have such formidable combat strength . It seems I’ve really looked down on you . ”

Someone with a Nascent Soul cultivation was able to block his fist and his soul was incomparably powerful . Even when placed within the Land of Divinity and Demons, this person could be considered a peak proud son of heaven .

But what a pity, he would definitely die here today!

With a loud shout, the assassin leader approached once more, his fist becoming a palm that came falling down .

Bang –

With a loud ring, everyone’s eyes widened . Within the roiling shockwaves, the assassin leader was sent flying backwards and spitting out a mouthful of blood .

“Cough cough…this is impossible, just who are you?” The assassin leader shouted out loud, his gaze full of fury and anger .

He had actually been injured in an exchange, and his opponent was just a mere Nascent Soul!

“This boy is strange . Do not let him escape . Join forces, suppress and kill him!” With loud roars, the other 12 Divine Soul cultivators instantly separated, placing Qin Yu in the center . They moved their fingers in hand signs and runes immediately starting to appear around them, gathering in the air and transforming into a mountain .

Qin Yu’s complexion changed . The space around his body instantly froze as boundless pressure surged around him . It was like there truly was a massive mountain pushing down on him from above!

Crack –

Crack –

His bones groaned and trembled!

There was sudden movement near his feet . Qin Yu lowered his head and saw the Chu Empire’s noble one hugging onto his thigh, her body shivering .

Suddenly, he had the thought that people couldn’t be judged by their appearances . Even though she seemed as flat as a plate, her chest was unexpectedly large .

But as soon as this thought appeared, Qin Yu couldn’t help but curse at himself . He could die at any moment soon and yet such an obscene thought had managed to make its way into his mind!

Above his head, the pressure from the mountain phantom grew increasingly heavy . His complexion immediately changed . He never thought that this suppression killing technique would grow stronger over time .

If this continued, he would be crushed flat sooner or later!

His field of vision started to turn blurry . Faint traces of blood began to flow out from his nose, mouth, ears and eyes .

He seemed to clearly hear the light cracking sounds of breaking bones in his ears .

Within his soul space, Spirity suddenly raised her head . After a brief sigh her body turned into a stream of light that fused with Qin Yu’s soul .

In that moment where their souls synchronized together, the stimulation it brought caused him to cough . He forcefully restrained himself and grunted .

A young girl’s voice turned into ancient yet simple syllables that echoed through his soul space . Strange fluctuations appeared along with it .

After an unknown period of time, there was a clear shattering sound that resounded from within Qin Yu’s soul, as if some invisible chain had been broken apart .

Spirity flew out . Her eyes flickered and she turned and vanished . It was unknown just where she had hidden herself .

Shua –

Qin Yu opened his eyes . In front of him, the world wasn’t any different from before, but it was also no longer the same as before .

His eyes appeared a little vacant . How could he have broken through so suddenly…could it be because of this mountain?

Qin Yu thought that this didn’t seem right, but before he had time to contemplate it further, he was covered by an invisible pressure from up above .

Rumble rumble –

In the skies above, thunder roared and billowing black clouds appeared from nowhere .

The assassins all looked up with stunned gazes, their eyes widening with disbelief .

Was this the legendary ‘breaking through in battle’?

The leader’s eyes shook . When Qin Yu was at the peak of Nascent Soul, that was enough to injure him . If he were to break into Divine Soul…

“Hurry, quickly kill him!”

With a loud shout, the leader lifted his hand and thrust down . The entire suppressing mountain sent out a thunderous rumble .

Qin Yu stuffily coughed . His feet submerged into the earth, but a cold smile appeared in his eyes .

Although he had yet to cross tribulation, he had already broken past the barrier of enlightenment . The Five Element Nascent Souls within his body were already transforming and his strength was rapidly rising .

This suppressing mountain couldn’t kill him!

Rumble rumble –

Thunder roared as it came sizzling downwards from the black clouds above . It was like thunder flood dragons riding along the wind as they smashed into Qin Yu .

Ordinarily, when heavenly tribulation was blocked by something, it would simply teleport to its target . But, the suppressing mountain these assassins summoned actually covered this space .

Thus, the first thing that withstood the heavenly tribulation was the suppressing mountain . Or, to be more precise, it was the assassins who summoned it .

With miserable screams, 12 Divine Soul cultivators were shaken and sent flying away . Their eyes all widened in shock .

What sort of heavenly tribulation was this? It was actually formidable to such a degree!

The leader coughed up blood . With wounds added upon his previous wounds, his chest felt incomparably suffocated . However, he let out a sigh of relief .

It was fortunate that the might of this Divine Soul heavenly tribulation was completely unreasonable . No matter how monstrous this boy was, he would still be severely wounded .

At that time, they could easily kill him!

“Draw back! No one approach that heavenly tribulation!”

With deep shouts, the assassins all dodged backwards .

Bang –

Qin Yu was submerged in lightning!

The noble one trembled and subconsciously screamed . She grasped onto Qin Yu’s thigh even harder . She had no idea just how many advantages she was giving away by doing this .

She thought that she would die, but she never imagined she would die by being split asunder by heavenly tribulation .

Mm? How come it doesn’t hurt…am I already dead…?

The noble one opened her eyes and discovered that the owner of the thigh she was hugging now resembled a black hole in human form . When the heavenly tribulation thunder fell onto his body, it immediately vanished from sight .

With the two of them together, she actually didn’t suffer any attacks from the heavenly tribulation’s strength . Feeling like she survived a disaster, she began to take deep gasping breaths . As her chest heaved up and down, she vigorously rubbed against his leg, causing Qin Yu’s complexion to turn strange . Luckily, he was covered up by the lightning so no one could see his expression .

Bang –

Before the first strike of heavenly tribulation vanished, the second strike of tribulation thunder ruthlessly arrived .

The assassins all revealed looks of surprise . They all wondered just how many heaven-angering sins this boy must have committed to draw in such terrifying heavenly tribulation .

They looked to the ground . That dazzling lightning, that endless power of thunder that rolled and spread, it all seemed to accumulate into a giant pool of thunder .

The earth around this terrifying power of thunder was directly destroyed into nothingness . A massive pit began to form below the two people . The Divine Soul assassins felt their hearts loosen . If that brat was together with the noble one, then their bodies and souls must have been completely annihilated already . Strictly speaking, if the two of them died beneath heavenly tribulation then their deaths had nothing to do with them .

As soon as this thought appeared, many people revealed joy in their eyes .

After all, they had heard rumors of the bloodline curse possessed by the Chu Empire’s royal family, and no one wanted to experience it themselves .

Bang –

Bang –

Tribulation thunder fell again and again, its amount far surpassing that of ordinary Divine Soul heavenly tribulation . The watching Divine Soul assassins started to feel numb . Moreover, they also began to feel worry . With such a massive commotion occurring in the wilderness, if they somehow drew in a powerful monster beast then things would become miserable for all of them .

As if sensing the thoughts of the assassins, a strong wind swept over them and the black clouds in the skies started to vanish without warning .

The heavenly tribulation had ended .

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