Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 363

Chapter 363

Chapter 363 – Certain Death

A heavy rain poured down . The skies were filled with black clouds as if night had suddenly arrived .

The temperature of the air began to fall, becoming colder and colder, so cold that it seemed to seep into the bones .

The transparent water swords that fell down from the clouds turned into piercing ice swords and their killing power suddenly rose with it .

More and more people cried miserably and fell to the ground, nailed to death by those thick ice swords .

The speedcar emitted loud banging sounds . The light that shined around it grew increasingly dim; it was clear it couldn’t last much longer .

“Protect the noble one!” A Divine Soul cultivator roared . He flicked his sleeve and magic power condensed into clouds that protected the speedcar .

When the ice swords pierced through the clouds it was like they fell into a swamp . Their speed drastically reduced and they didn’t contain any more killing power .

But at this time, the ice swords falling down on the speedcar began to spin around, forming a vortex of ice swords .

Puff –

Puff –

The clouds emitted a dull sound before they were torn to shreds .

Not too far away, the Divine Soul cultivator who formed the clouds suddenly froze in place .

In the next moment, his body shattered into countless blocks that dyed the earth red .

The ice swords that tore apart the clouds actually traced back to the Divine Soul cultivator through his aura and killed him!

Hu –

The ice sword vortex vanished . The terrifying energy and might that scattered suddenly focused on the speedcar once more, smashing through its defenses .

Whoever helped would die!

A Divine Soul had an aggrieved expression . He teleported into the skies above the speedcar and flung out his sleeves, breaking apart the ice swords .

In the next moment his body froze over . An ice sword pierced through him, breaking him into pieces .

“Everyone, I will be going first!” Another Divine Soul gravely laughed before flying up to block the speedcar .

An ice sword pierced through his chest, impaling him onto the speedcar .

Before leaving the Beast Hunting Battalion, these ten Divine Soul cultivators had all learned that this was a suicidal mission with almost certain death .

But there was still a difference between having a mindset of dying and watching helplessly as people died before you . The six remaining Divine Soul cultivators all revealed expressions of fear .

Luckily, the noble one within the speedcar solved their conundrum for them . “There is no need for anyone to take action anymore . I will do it myself . ”

It was unknown what the noble one did, but golden flames suddenly ignited over the surface of the speedcar .

The flames flickered peacefully . They were uninfluenced by the outside nor did they emit any heat .

But when the ice swords fell into the golden flames they all vanished instantly; it was clear how terrifying they were .

The six Divine Souls all relaxed a little . They hurried forth earnestly . Up above, they could see the end of the black clouds in the distance .

If they left this region then perhaps they could continue living .

From the entire troop, there were only several remaining Nascent Soul cultivators, and all of them were clinging onto the speedcar .

Because those that weren’t smart enough had already fallen on the road and been torn into pieces of flesh and blood .

The majority of the ice swords that fell down from the skies were drawn in by the speedcar, reducing the pressure on the surrounding people .

But the speedcar was only so big . There was a limited number of people who could cling to it .

“Brat, screw off!” A scarred large fellow roared as he slammed out his hand .

Qin Yu frowned . He lifted a fist to meet the strike . A dull thumping sound filled the air but he remained unmoving in place while the large fellow was sent flying back with wide eyes .

The strength that rushed into his body caused havoc, forcing him to lose his protective shields . Over a dozen ice swords stabbed into the large fellow’s body, turning him into a corpse on the ground .

This sight caused the pupils of the surrounding cultivators to shrink, dread rising in their eyes .

As time passed, the ice swords became increasingly strong and even the golden flames on the speedcar couldn’t completely eliminate them . Deep puncture marks began to appear on the body of the speedcar . The cultivators that followed near the speedcar also encountered bouts of bad luck . With horrified screams, three people died, leaving four alive . The situation became increasingly dire .

There was a door on each side of the speedcar . Perhaps because the glass had broken and more protection was required, the coverage of the golden flames had grown a little larger to block any attacks from the ice swords .

Qin Yu occupied one door and the other was taken up by a cultivator with a pale complexion . An ill intent started to form within the eyes of the remaining two other cultivators .

Because they had both seen Qin Yu send that scarred large fellow to his death with a single first, they first looked to the pale cultivator . Suddenly, one of them attacked . With one punch, nine fists appeared . This wasn’t some simple and flowery attack, because each fist phantom emitted a potent aura .

With one punch, nine fists superimposed upon each other . This was equal to erupting with nine times his original combat strength!

The pale man’s pupils widened . In comparison to his pallid complexion, his eyes were particularly bright, like stars in the clear night sky .

Before the nine fist phantoms struck, they gently trembled . Then, as if turning into an illusion, they all dissipated .

Pa –

The cultivator who attacked had a horrified expression just as his body was stabbed through by countless ice swords turning him into a hedgehog . Luckily, he had died before he fell down and didn’t need to feel the pain of a thousand swords piercing through his heart and body .

The man lightly trembled and his face paled further, but his eyes were even brighter . He looked at the other cultivator and closed his eyes .

A cold sweat drenched the robe of the last cultivator . He rejoiced he didn’t attack first, otherwise he would already be a dead man .

This person was far too terrifying; he actually possessed the strength of soul slaughter . He absolutely wasn’t someone that could be provoked .

Then the only one left was Qin Yu .

Clenching his teeth, the man stepped forwards, magic power erupting within him .

Qin Yu suddenly flicked his sleeve . For a thousand feet outwards, all the ice swords instantly crumbled to powder .

The cultivator stiffened . After stimulating his strongest magic power, it was like a rod smacked his head and over half of it had scattered away .

With a stuffy cough, blood gushed out from his nose and mouth . He had actually been injured by the reverberations of magic power . In the next moment, he was killed off by an ice sword .

On the other door, the pale-faced cultivator suddenly opened his eyes and revealed a look of deep fear .

But Qin Yu didn’t even glance at him . He kept his head down and raced forwards . The other person naturally didn’t dare to provoke him .

Beyond the black clouds, atop an ancient sky-reaching tree, a blue-clothed cultivator stood tall with his hands held behind his back . Space was twisted in front of him, covering his face so that one couldn’t see who he was .

“Revered Rain, they are going to escape!” Another black-clothed cultivator said as he frowned . There was a bit of tenseness between his eyebrows; it was clear his status wasn’t ordinary .

Revered Rain lightly said, “I have already taken action . Since she hasn’t died, this is her fate . ”

The black-clothed cultivator grew anxious . “Revered Rain, you have already accepted the reward; how can you not keep your word?”

Revered Rain chuckled . “I only said I would take action, I never said I would kill her . So, what you just said is an affront to me . ”

Another person hurriedly said, “Revered Rain, please show mercy…”

Puff –

The black-clothed cultivator’s head exploded and red and white goo splattered downwards . A headless corpse fell through the thick tangle of branches before crashing into the ground .

Revered Rain faintly said, “To affront a Blue Sea is a crime worthy of death!”

The other cultivators fell silent . No one dared to say a single extra word .

Taking a step forward, Revered Rain vanished from sight . In the distance, the troop had paid a heavy price before finally making it out alive .

“To affront a Blue Sea, he is guilty and deserves to die . According to the rules, I will replace him as leader! Even if these people made it out alive they are all exhausted to the bone . I order a full-out attack . Let us strike and send them all to hell . ”


Whoosh –

Whoosh –

The cultivator leapt out from the ancient tree . With loud shouts, another hundred figures appeared, flickering back and forth between the ancient trees as they rapidly approached .

There was the sound of breaking air . The pale-faced cultivator that rushed through the sword rain together with Qin Yu was suddenly pierced through the back by an arrow .

There was still a happy expression on his face of someone who had survived a disaster . But, as he fell backwards, his eyes were actually filled with fear .

Looking at the black-clothed cultivators rushing towards them that blotted out the skies, the six Divine Soul cultivators all revealed relaxed expressions instead .

To die in a bloody battle was always better than dying completely aggrieved like everyone who had perished in the sword rain .

Knowing that this was their final resting place, the six Divine Souls didn’t hold back anything anymore . They erupted with the entirety of their terrifying strength .

Although there were over 15 Divine Souls amongst the black-clothed cultivators, they were still stubbornly held down and weren’t able to break through the defense line .

“Everyone go! Whoever kills the person in the car will be generously rewarded!”

A massive number of black-clothed cultivators rushed forwards, their eyes blazing with vicious cruelty .

After Qin Yu left the curtain of rain, he had already left the side of the speedcar and was prepared to withdraw . But, he didn’t escape the sight of the black-clothed cultivators .

“The lord has decreed that no one can escape . Kill him!”

A team of black-clothed cultivators turned and rushed forwards . Compared to killing that person in the speedcar, they were much happier killing this little insect .

This was a princess of the Chu Empire…just as this thought appeared their hearts shivered before they forcefully suppressed it .

They had already attacked and there was no more turning back . The only choice was to make sure everything was finished neatly and watertight, without anything leaking . Only then would they have a chance of living .

So, this little insect had to die!

“Kill him!”

Eye-catching saber lights swept out . They surrounded Qin Yu like a vast and powerful tide, blocking his escape paths .

Bang –

With a heaven-shaking ring, a giant plume of dust rose from all over . But, the complexions of the several people who attacked suddenly changed because they didn’t smell the scent of blood .

Whoosh –

Two people rushed into the dust cloud and quickly roared, “He’s not here!”

“Find him! We cannot let him escape!”

Once today’s events were leaked out, all of them could only suffer the fate of being eliminated as a potential risk .

Shua –

Two Divine Soul cultivators arrived . One of the six Divine Soul cultivators from the Beast Hunting Battalion had already died .

“Useless trash . Go and kill the person in the speedcar . We will chase this small insect!”

The two Divine Souls teleported away .

Revered Rain’s attack just now hadn’t been able to kill the little bug, but the little bug’s body was already stained with his aura .

To the senses of these two Divine Souls, this aura was like a lighthouse in the dark night . They were fully confident they could find him .

Qin Yu emerged from a shadow . His complexion changed and he stepped back into another one .

Just as he vanished from sight, two Divine Souls appeared where he had been . They lightly coughed, their eyes growing colder .

“You cannot escape!”

Shua –

The two teleported once more .

Even after using Shadow Step over ten times, he was still overtaken soon after . Qin Yu knew there had to be some reason why he couldn’t avoid these two hunting him down .

He couldn’t let this continue any longer . Otherwise, once the slaughter on the other side finished and more Divine Soul cultivators mobilized against him, things would become dangerous .

Emerging from a shadow, Qin Yu no longer fled . His ice cold eyes looked forward .

Hum –

Space rippled and two Divine Souls walked out .

“Little bug, how come you’re not running anymore?”

Qin Yu stepped forwards and the ground collapsed beneath him as he exploded forwards . He had no thoughts of making idle talk with these two . Since they wanted to fight, he would naturally take the initiative .

Unable to defend in time, a Divine Soul hastily rushed out and collided with Qin Yu .

Five divine colors instantly erupted . White, black, blue, red, yellow – these colors wove together and swirled around . The Divine Soul cultivator cried out miserably as one half of his body blew apart .

Shua –

His soul escaped, anger and hatred etched on his features . “Brat, I want you to die without a burial ground!”

A vortex appeared in the shadows beneath Qin Yu’s feet . A terrifying suction force erupting, dragging the Divine Soul’s screaming soul within .

The second Divine Soul cultivator turned and fled . But at this time, Qin Yu lifted a bronze mirror in his hand .

Shua –

The Soul God Light landed on the man’s body . He froze in place, no longer able to move .

Qin Yu flew forwards and smashed apart the man’s head with a palm strike . The vortex appeared, swallowing up the soul again .

In just several breaths of time, two Divine Souls had perished, their souls extinguished .

Qin Yu used Shadow Step without hesitation, immediately vanishing into his shadow .

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