Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 366

Chapter 366

hapter 366 – Blood Pond

Qin Yu wasn’t a devil apostle and his current transformation had nothing to do with devilization . This was all because he had broken into Divine Soul in advance while the Demon Body was still stuck in the previous realm, causing a backlash to occur . Every inch of his body seemed to burn with blazing red flames, evaporating all the blood . Cruel and destructive emotions rose from the depths of his heart, causing Qin Yu to want to annihilate everything .

From this angle, the result of a Demon Body’s backlash was somewhat similar to a devil apostle’s devilization .

Unfortunately for Qin Yu, a devil apostle that underwent devilization would be able to live afterwards for a period of time . But, in a situation where there was a backlash from his Demon Body, Qin Yu’s body would soon collapse and even his soul would be erased . He tried to resist it but it was useless . He could only listen as his heartbeat quickened until it exploded with loud bangs .

The Demon God Armor fused into his body and a demonic head appeared on his back . There were two horns jutting out from its head and its eyes were closed shut, as if it were feeling pain . At this time, the demonic face opened its eyes, a trace of joy emanating from them .

In the next moment within the pitch black demonic energy, small stars that sparkled with a weak light pierced through the fog and cheered as they fused into Qin Yu’s body . The blood vessels beneath the black scales covering his body suddenly bulged outwards . Qin Yu’s eyes widened and he reared back his head, his mouth wide open, but he couldn’t emit a single sound . Those small stars that drilled into him were like burning hot iron needles, stabbing into his body and soul!

Qin Yu had been forcefully enduring the pain that came from the Demon Body backlash, but he could no longer withstand it now . His consciousness immediately faded . On his back, the demonic face’s eyes completely opened and a happy smile lit up its face .

Pa –

Pa –

The body that seemed to become the incarnation of a devil suddenly started to crack open . Crimson blood wildly swelled out, flowing onto the ground . More and more gushed out, gathering into streams that seemed to possess a mind of their own as they spread outwards .

A large blue and white spotted snake had its body tightly wrapped around a little beast . Just as it was about to eat the animal, it gave a small cry and its eyes instantly turned red . It tossed away its prey and then rushed off . Wherever it went, it would cause the ground to rumble, even knocking down a large tree along the way .

Soon, this large snake passed through a mass of thorns and reached a stone wall covered with icy . It violently swept out its tail and with a large bang, a newly carved open cave appeared in front of it .

The large snake’s crimson eyes fell onto the blood leaking out from the cave . Endless greed shined in its eyes . It licked and gobbled up the blood as fast as it could, but it didn’t notice the blood red markings slowly growing on its body .

Pa –

Pa –

As the blood red markings grew, the large snake’s body began to collapse . And, the creepy part was that it didn’t notice anything at all . Even when its head disintegrated it was still wildly sucking up the blood leaking out from the cave . The giant snake’s body rapidly dissolved into the blood, finally becoming a part of it .

Roar –

A white tiger tore through the thorns and arrived . When it saw the pieces of the large snake dissolving into the blood, its crimson eyes revealed a bit of hesitation . But in the end, it couldn’t suppress the desire in its heart and it threw itself forward, gobbling up as much blood as it could . Soon, the white tiger followed the path of the large snake . Its body was torn open by the blood red markings that covered its body and it became a part of the pool of blood slowly growing on the ground .

And this was only the beginning .

This blood exuded a tempting taste and scent that the monster beasts were completely unable to resist . As time passed, the scope of the smell grew larger and larger . More and more monster beasts arrived here, swallowed the blood on the ground, and finally dissolved, becoming a part of it . This caused the amount of blood to grow . But, what was strange was that this blood didn’t continue spreading outwards . Rather, an invisible strength seemed to cover it, causing it to rise upwards and form a pool .

Soul space –

The eyes of Qin Yu’s soul were closed in meditation . In front of him, two figures faced off against each other . One was his Partner Soul, Spirity, and the other was a black shadow . The shadow had no facial features and its aura was completely restrained . It was like a true shadow . Yet, its presence placed Spirity in a critical situation, as if she had encountered a mighty enemy .

“Just who are you?”

The shadow smiled and chuckled . No one knew how, because it had no mouth, but it still did . “I’m not asking you, so why are you asking me? At the very least, you and I are both servants of our master . ” It paused for a moment and then said, “Moreover, master’s current situation is not good . You and I must work together to overcome this crisis . ”

Spirity furrowed her eyebrows . “I don’t trust you . ”

The shadow continued to smile and its voice was icy cold . “Me too . ”

Spirity hesitated for a moment before she said, “What do you want me to do?”

The shadow said, “I am too weak right now and while master is in the wilderness, he can encounter danger at any moment . So, I need to borrow some of the treasures in master’s storage ring . ” It waved its hand, “You are master’s Partner Soul, so you can freely open his storage ring . Of this I am sure . ”

Spirity remained silent . The shadow seemed to frown, “Hurry up . You don’t have time to hesitate . ”

Several figures rapidly rushed through the wilderness . One of them suddenly said, “Have you discovered that the surroundings are too peaceful? I feel that something’s not right . ”

The other people with him all changed their expressions . They raised their wariness of their surroundings and their eyes became dignified .

“Be a little more careful, they might be nearby!” The man speaking had a pale complexion but his eyes burned with hatred . If it weren’t for that little bastard, they would have already completed the mission by now .

These people were all the assassins who had just tried to kill the Chu Empire’s noble one .

Suddenly, there was a howl from up front . The eyes of several cultivators flashed .


Shua –

Shua –

Several people quietly approached .

Soon they came across a massive area of ruined thorns . These black and spiky thorns were incredibly hard and also extremely poisonous; there were few monster beasts in the wilderness that were willing to touch them . Yet, this massive swath of thorns had been nearly trampled flat by monster beasts . It was clear that there was something that had drawn them here as this was the only reason they would act so crazily .

They carefully passed over the trampled thorns and turned over a slope . Then, even though some of these people considered themselves experienced, they still sucked in a breath of cold air . In front of a cave, they saw a blood pool rising into the air . Several monster beasts were soaking within, swallowing the blood in great heaving gulps . But after several mouthfuls their bodies disintegrated without warning and melted into the blood pond, becoming a part of it .

As everyone was horrified by this sight, they heard a loud rumbling from behind . A pack of jade rhinos came rushing in, leaving an almost flat path wherever they went .

These cruel and vicious jade rhinos were considered an extremely powerful race of monster beasts even within the wilderness . In particular, since they lived in packs, there were very few monster beasts willing to provoke them . Even the crowd of Divine Soul cultivators leapt up in fright . If they were struck by this stampede of jade rhinos, even if they didn’t die they would be half-dead .

But what shocked the Divine Soul cultivators was that these jade rhinos didn’t notice these human cultivators that they normally hated the most . In fact, the jade rhinos didn’t even spare them a glance as they all rushed into the blood pond .

Gulp –

Gulp –

The sound of swallowing was incomparably loud . The pack of jade rhinos swallowed up the blood, causing the pond to clearly diminish . But soon, a horrifying scene occurred .

“Look at the blood lines on their bodies!” One of the assassins cried out in alarm .

In truth, he didn’t need to say anything . Everyone had already noticed the changes on the bodies of the jade rhinos . More and more blood lines snaked up around them before they finally proliferated through their entire bodies .

Suddenly, the right hoof of a jade rhino burst apart . Its massive body staggered to the side but it didn’t seem to notice this at all as it continued swallowing up blood . Then, in the next three minutes, all of the jade rhinos followed the fate of the first as their bodies started to slowly collapse . Even their translucent jade horns melted into the blood .

The diminished blood pond soon restored itself to its original state, and then became even larger and deeper . That pack of jade rhinos had added itself to its mass .

Gulp –

It was unknown who gulped, but the sound was particularly loud in the silence . “We…we should leave…” But just as these words were spoken, the person who spoke them revealed a bit of unwillingness in their eyes .

The leader’s heart chilled as he thought of a terrifying possibility . Just as he was about to speak, a figure rushed forwards .

“Get out! All of you get out! It’s mine, it’s all mine, mine, mine!”

Pa –

The person dove head-first into the blood pond . As he drank the blood, a look of incomparable ecstasy filled his face . Blood red lines began to rapidly spread over his body .

“Eleven, what are you doing!? Hurry and come back!” A Divine Soul cultivator prepared to save him .

The leader shouted out, “Stop! Do you want to die!? Fall back with me!”

The remaining people reacted and all revealed looks of horror . They never imagined this blood would be similarly effective on cultivators .

Once they retreated far back, the Divine Soul cultivator in the blood pond seemed to be utterly drunk . He floated in the pool of blood .

Then, just like the monster beasts before him, he dissolved into pieces and melted into the blood .

This sight was far more impactful than the death of the monster beasts . The numerous cultivators paled, their chests tumbling .

The leader took a deep breath, “Check the surroundings . If it doesn’t have anything to do with our target, we will leave immediately . ”

The Divine Soul cultivators spread outwards . They soon discovered something . Not too far away from the cave entrance, stuck on a patch of thorns, was a piece of cloth . This sort of opulent feeling and magnificent color…it was surely a part of Her Highness’ dress!

The leader paled . He had really hoped that he wouldn’t have to cross paths with that terrifying blood pond, but now it seemed that he had no other choice . He swept his eyes over the other panicked people and said in a low voice, “Everyone, we are all here following orders, and if anything were to occur, we will die all the same . But, while this blood pond is ghastly and strange, if we rush in a little it might not be hopeless . ”

This was the cold truth . The panic-stricken Divine Soul cultivators all had incomparably ugly complexions, but they had calmed down a great deal compared to before .

The leader swept his eyes around . “Four, Nine, you two go to the cave and investigate . Remember to be careful and don’t look at that blood pond!”

These two were both trusted subordinates . At this time, the leader could only have them take this risk . They clenched their teeth and nodded .

With Four in front and Nine behind, the two stayed 20 feet apart as they flew forward . If any accident were to occur, they could rescue the other person .

Watching the two people fly into the cave, those outside could only nervously wait . In the quiet atmosphere, they could only hear the sounds of their increasingly loud heartbeats .

“Ahh!” A miserable scream spread out from within . In the next moment, a figure exploded out from the cave – it was Nine .

His face was pale and his eyes were filled with dread . “Devil apostle…it’s a devil apostle…”

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