Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 35

Chapter 35

Among the startling cries of the crowd, Qin Yu sneered coldly in his mind, it seems that the sellers were found . But no matter how much they wrack their brains, they still won’t believe that Black Devil is inside Souls Seizing Flag and his storage bag hidden in the inky jade Ruyi Scepter .

This demonic treasure isn’t forged from materials, its essence containing condensed pure demonic energy, fluctuating between illusion and reality, therefore able to contain the storage bag and also enter the Soul Seizing Flag . Qin Yu therefore changed his plan because of this discovery .

And he is very pleased with the results .

After three days, Bolan City’s fervor subsided, with Qin Yu turning to a tavern, then along with the people, left this great city . When he was ten li away, he turned his head looking at the imposing view of it, vowing that next time he won’t leave in this cautious manner and use his power to deter anyone who has ill will towards him!

He stomped his foot, rushing inside the forest, finding Pheasant King who was waiting for him, and without delay went towards northeast .

Half a month later, the travel-worn Qin Yu, stood outside the outstretched mountain range, carefully checking his surroundings, eyes lighting up in satisfaction .

With how dangerous the terrain is, hardly any normal person enters, and what it is even better, is the extremely thin spiritual energy making it unappealing to cultivators . The fact that demonic cultivators are far away from here also makes it a good place to train in seclusion .

Qin Yu entered the mountain forest carefully inspecting the place for a day, unexpectedly finding a desolate area inside, a valley surrounded on all sides by mountains . The steep cliffs tall enough to hide this place in the deep mountain range, makes it hard to find .

This is the spot!

When others choose a place to train in seclusion, the main point is spiritual energy, but for Qin Yu this has no hold on him, whoever knew him aware that his cultivation is based on pills .

Building a house from the trees, with the help of Foundation Establishment cultivation and Demon Body is light work, and after half a day a wooden house rose up from the ground, while using the rest of the wood to make a simple table and chair . Having a place to stay, the next part is a bit difficult, to set up a simple formation . A concealing formation to hide from the outside view .

This is also one of the reasons Qin Yu exchanged some of the materials into spirit stones .

The art of formation is wide and profound, and Qin Yu never studied it . But this formation isn’t an advanced one, with even the Sacred Mountain Sect inner disciples capable of arranging some formation to guard their dwellings by copying the method and using spirit stones .

After three days of continuous effort, burring 400 spirit stones, the whole valley was covered in dense mist concealing its bottom .

Qin Yu climbed on a mountain top, seeing the first formation he set with his own two hands . The fog in the surroundings not too high blended perfectly with the mist from the formation, made him smile .

Returning to the valley, Qin Yu lifted his head to look at the bright sun, and sighed when thinking of the miraculous effects of formations, planning to delve deeper in this area when he has the chance .

Now, is time to cultivate!

Heading inside the wooden house, being familiar with it since he made it, he directly sat cross-legged on the praying mat .

Eating and cultivating!

The perfect quality pills give a thrilling feeling from the abundant energy inside, something that ordinary people can’t experience . Therefore, Qin Yu doesn’t pay it any mind and closes his eyes focusing on the task at hand . It’s sad that most of his pills were sold at the auction, and has to temporarily stop after a few days despite his intention to continue .

As someone who is in possession of the Little Blue Lamp, it is shameful to not have enough pills . Qin Yu called upon Black Devil to take out the storage bag, then laid down a cauldron beginning his work .

Of the twelve thousand sets of ingredients for Primal Soul Pill, Spirit Increasing Pill and the Body Molding Pill, a third for each type, based on Qin Yu’s current accomplishments, he can refine at least six thousand pills . Plus, under the help of Little Blue Lamp, if he doesn’t reach Golden Core stage, he might as well kill himself!

A half a month later, nine hundred pills were freshly taken out, with Qin Yu collapsing asleep, and maybe from being in a place made by himself, the sleep is very deep . Waking up at dusk, Qin Yu takes out Little Blue Lamp, starting the process of upgrading the pills . Even though he has seen each time the pills bathed in the blue serene light, turning the ordinary pills slightly azure, it still gave him a strong feeling of admiration .

Little Blue Lamp, truly a treasure that can change fate!

And along with cultivating this way, taking pills as if he were an addict, two months passed in a flash .

When Qin Yu suppressed his happiness from reaching 6th layer of Foundation Establishment, he suddenly frowned, feeling as if he forgot something, but soon slapped his forehead, shaking his head while laughing bitterly, “The place is hidden, and even used spirit stones to lay a formation, but I actually forgot to grow spiritual plants . ”

Wasting two moths time of growing potential, yet better late than never, Qin Yu took from his bag an impressive machete made of special iron, resting it on his shoulder, as he left the house starting his life as a farmer .

But he didn’t anticipate, that this impulsive act actually opened an important door for him, becoming a great help on his road of cultivation!


Pushing the door open, a youth in black slowly came out, taller and more upright than before, with his previous somewhat tender face, now, completely tranquil . Standing in the wide doorway, he stretched releasing cracking sounds, as the wind lightly fluttered his robe while sporting a faint smile .

This youth of course, is Qin Yu!

Today marks the two-year period of being in seclusion, with his cultivation reaching the peak of 9th layer of Foundation Establishment, needing just a single step to reach Golden Core stage .

A flying bamboo dragonfly landed on his shoulder, and Qin Yu once again supplied it with energy, making it fly away and disappearing from sight . The bamboo dragonfly has a trace of his consciousness inside, alerting him if there is anyone intruding in the valley . Only needing to supply it with energy each month .

The big valley was tilled, irrigated by the close mountain spring, with all kinds of spiritual plants growing, forming a lush and green medicine field .

Speaking about spiritual plants, it’s not that easy to grow them . Especially when pollinating the flowers, it needs extra care not to be contaminated by other types of pollen . Even with The Art of Medicine having detailed records, Qin Yu’s path in growing spiritual plants is arduous, needing extra care from his part to grow successfully .

The only complaint he has is that they grow slowly, and the most precious the plant, the slower it’s growth . From the three types of Golden Core seeds it can be seen, that in they are still only saplings after two years . To mature they surely need several decades .

This thought made Qin Yu frown, knowing that to advance to an even higher realm he will need even more precious spiritual plants . It seems that even with Little Blue Lamp, he still won’t have a smooth journey!

Looking over the medicine field, certain that there are no urgent issues, Qin Yu entered the field tending to the plants . Tilling, pulling weeds, killing pests and watering, differing from plant to plant . Like the Fire Grass for example, who doesn’t need much water, or the Flowing Flower which on the contrary, needs to be watered thoroughly to maintain a normal growth .

These trivial matters don’t make Qin Yu impatient, his expression calm and his arms steady, his whole mind entering into a state of relaxation . This is also a kind of cultivation, one of the heart, as he walks a peaceful path . After the event with Ning Ling, his method of refining became more profound .

Finishing the last part of the medicine field, Qin Yu let out a relaxed breath, then went to the water ditch to wash his hands . Not far he sees two dried sprouts, making him frown unconsciously .

Walking over, even with following The Art of Medicine to the letter, they still worsen by the day, not having much time left, and making Qin Yu regretful . These two are the ones from Black Devil’s storage bag, growing smoothly at beginning until they reached this size, but very soon turning up like this .

If they were common spiritual plants it wouldn’t matter much, but from The Art of Medicine he confirmed they are an extinct ancient plant, Thousand Gold Tree . Coincidently, Qin Yu found that in the Beast Manipulating Art from Black Devil, there is a list of one hundred most ancient insects, and number 73, Blue Winged Ant is one who can be reared with the Thousand Gold Tree .

In the Southern Nation there is a rumor, that in the first sect, the Ancient Immortal Valley, uses the Blue Winged Ants as spiritual beast protectors, and if he could grow the Thousand Gold Trees… It’s a pity, these two are going to wither away .

The wooden house is very simple, inside the pills are very elaborately arranged on a wooden support, moving slowly by the water coming from a bamboo, so that the Little Blue Lamp above can, in time, upgrade all the pills on the support .

Looking around, Qin Yu casually put the two Thousand Gold Trees in a corner of the support, then entered his cultivation room, sitting on the prayer mat calming himself down . Some time later, when his state is tranquil, he waved his sleeve making five jade bottles appear before him, with each having thirty Spirit Increasing Pills, totaling a hundred and fifty .

This time, Qin Yu wants to use all of these perfect pills, to reach Golden Core stage! He opened a bottle and swallowed four Spirit Increasing Pills in one go . From experiments, he found that taking four of them gives him the quickest, the best and the optimal results . Any more and it would be wasteful .


The power from the pills spread throughout his body, blending with the spiritual energy in his flesh, quickly absorbed in the Dantian, with a constant flow entering the foundation . At the 9th layer of Foundation Establishment, the foundation hasn’t increased, and only the color deepened to a blue hue, shining like a jade, containing a feeling of dignity that knows no bounds .

Time passed one day at a time, with Qin Yu’s foundation in his Dantian filled with energy, and the blue color at its peak, letting out waves of light with increased cadence .

Suddenly, Qin Yu opened his eyes, swallowing up to ten Spirit Increasing Pills at once . He can’t afford to be stingy now, because of the banging noise in his Dantian, like the winter ice’s first crack in the sun, the waves of light gather inside the foundation .

The entire foundation dimed, with only a spot in the center burning like the sun, sending a blinding light . At this moment the profound foundation, that went through countless prosses of accumulating energy, began to nurture this spot to completion and then release it!

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