Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 36

Chapter 36

A powerful absorption from the foundation engulfed the energy of the ten Spirit Increasing Pills . Qin Yu then lifted the jade bottle swallowing the remainder of pills, thinking this is the moment to break through and reach Golden Core stage!

The light coming from the center of the foundation became increasingly brighter, the surging power of the swallowed pills strenuously reached the foundation, but right then Qin Yu’s body shook slightly with a muffled sound, his nose and mouth dripping blood .

He opened his eyes, incomparable dim, showing disappointment .

Failed .

It is fortunate he has the experience from reaching Foundation Establishment, not expecting to succeed in one try . He took a breather removing some of the disappointment, then started inspecting his body .

In his Dantian, the light in the center of the foundation scattered, with the foundation itself dimming, clearly damaged from not succeeding . But its color seemed to be more concentrated . Moving his energy around Qin Yu was dumbstruck .

Apparently… its been purified slightly . Strange, he never heard of anyone having this benefit after failing!

Qin Yu’s face was gloomy, in the depths of his eyes a light shined . If his body’s energy would be considered a bucked of water with a hundred percent purity, then after breaking through, the remaining energy, of more than half would be at ninety percent purity(1) . Everyone knows the benefit of having a pure energy, but to accomplish it, a highest cultivation method who can refine it is needed . That is how all those disciples from great sects can pressure others and become outstanding!

No matter if it is techniques or treasures, when the others use the same amount of energy, he only needs to use half to achieve the same results . This is where the energy’s purity shows its strength .

Qin Yu’s method of cultivation is Sacred Mountain Sect’s damaged, three pages long, True Wood Art . But today, he discovered, a way to forcefully change the purity of his energy!

The others who failed in reaching the Golden Core stage, have their bodies suffer under the attacks of their energy, ending with some grievous wounds . But he only had a slightly pale face from his inner organs being shaken up a tad bit, that with his powerful Demon Body, just from some sleep will be as good as new .

This outcome allows Qin Yu to attempt a break through every few days, so that even if failing it would at least purify his energy . Making so that the more he does this the better his energy and the stronger he becomes .

Delaying entering Golden Core stage might be more sensible, for the purpose of purifying his energy . If this opportunity is missed, he might need to wait until he reached the peak of Golden Core stage to encounter it again .

As this thought swirled in his head, his heart became more relaxed, and used the Body Molding Pills to restore his body . This proves that Demon Body is much stronger than he imagined, with all his wounds healed after one full day . The several Spirit Increasing Pills enter his stomach releasing a surge of energy, while gazing inside at the dazzling foundation in his Dantian, a grin taking shape on his face .


Opening a bottle and downing it, the power of the foundation once again focused on its center . After an hour and a muffled noise, Qin Yu wiped the blood from his mouth, sporting a smile when discovering the purer energy inside .

Then, eating pills to recover his body .

In theory, the process of breaking through requires one to concentrate his energy, with the aim of rushing at the right moment to succeed in promoting your realm . Therefore, even though he failed in breaking through, the process increases the purity of the energy .

But no one can be as overbearing in taking pills as Qin Yu, using perfect ones to recover his to peak condition and therefore the others who also failed and had went through this purification can’t hold a candle to him .

Even more so with the power of his Demon Body . If his body is compared to a bucket, the stronger it is the more is able to stand against powerful blows, and the purifying result would be more pronounce . Not to mention that the strength of the blows weakens as they hit his flesh, resulting in lesser injuries .

This is the difference between Qin Yu and the others . Using the process of breaking through to purify his energy, is not something that can be replicated easily .


From the cultivation room a low smothered sound came, with the sudden force that followed breaking the windows and causing fine cracks to spread on the ground like a spider web .

Qin Yu’s eyes opened spitting a mouth full of blood, the stab of pain in his abdomen making his face pale . Inspecting himself, the happiness is soon replaced with worry .

This is the seventh time he failed, and along with the increasingly pure energy, the power from the backlash also rose with it . As the first time only gave him some flesh wounds, this one truly hurt .

Now, it might not bother him, since after some days of rest he can recover . But what worries Qin Yu is that sooner or later, will come a day when he fails and his body might not hold . Imagining that in a certain day, because he would have failed once again his body blown to pieces with a bang, his face darkened .

In the end the benefit is accompanied by side effects . In this world there are no entirely beneficial encounters, and since he couldn’t find a way to deal with it for now, he restrained his worries .

“Golden Core, just why is it so hard to reach it?” Qin Yu muttered in a low voice, forgetting that not long ago was hoping of delaying his successful break through .

Ten days in a row, Qin Yu used them to recover from the backlash of his energy . And after some hesitation, didn’t continue to break through but walked outside the cultivation room .

Sure enough, the bamboo dragonfly was asleep in front of the door after exhausting its energy . Qin Yu shook his head as he supplied it with his energy, waking it, with its wings more forceful and with an unexpected light in its eyes made of unknown material . Then, disappearing in a blink .

Qin Yu was somewhat soothed, since under the purified energy, its effect on the bamboo dragonfly clearly showed that this time it can hold for more than three months .

At the surroundings of the medicine field, when the dragonfly wasn’t awake, although there were no human signs, there were some bite marks in the area of Seven Stars Flowers .

Qin Yu frowned while cursing ’damn glutton’, actually daring to act with such guts . He must teach him a lesson .

As he was thinking this, somewhere on the edge of the valley the mist was roiling, gradually revealing the colorful feathers on a pheasant, strutting with an arrogant attitude while sometimes shaking his wings as a beautiful hen came and combed his feathers .

Pheasant King wandered his eyes around the valley, then slightly froze and with several cries, the hens obediently went behind him as he flew and landed in front of Qin Yu putting on any cute act he could think of with his tail rubbing his pants, as if to say ‘this loyal dog greets you master’ .

Ever since he witnessed that scene two years ago at the ruined Sacred Mountain Sect Main Gate of Qin Yu calling out Black Devil and slaughtering Zhao Chan and the others, he changed into this immoral character, that only deepened with time .

Sure, he is still arrogant among other hens… Wrong, even more arrogant, with that ‘I have a powerful boss and don’t feat anything’ attitude that made other’s teeth ache .

Qin Yu kicked him, coldly, “Your attitude seems to have grown more daring recently, to even act two-faced and eat the spiritual plants . ”

Pheasant King skipped around, gesticulating, as if to say he is wrongly accused, and making Qin Yu’s eyebrow twitch . He is very used to this thing’s behavior, if he did it then he would do the usual cute acts to ask for forgiveness . With the valley’s concealing formation set up who else could be if not him?

Qin Yu entered the Seven Stars Flower area, looking for clues . There are only some light traces on the ground, not matching Pheasant King’s . Not noticing his pitiful appearance of ‘I am wrongfully blamed master’, Qin Yu had a pensive look .

He walked towards the edge of the valley, uncovering the dirt, and saw the dark spirit stone, that turned to dust with a light touch . He quickly walked to another and seeing this one almost completely dark, unable to last much longer .

After inspecting several places, he discovered the weakening of the formation allowed a wild creature to enter the field .

Qin Yu frowned, according to what he knows about this simple formation, its strain on these spirit stone is very small, able to hold for several years . Yet from just two years they were depleted signifying a problem occured . But after searching over ninety percent of the formation’s spirit stone locations he still didn’t find the cause, and could only blame the thin spiritual energy in this place .

Four hundred spirit stones are nothing to the sixty thousand Qin Yu is holding, and went to replace them to avoid any further damage to the field .

Glancing at Pheasant King, with his pathetic appearance, he seems to have done something since he was on the verge of crying .

Cursing once, Qin Yu took out several pills, that were devoured by Pheasant King in one bout, sporting a satisfied look . But then left two uneaten, and seeing Qin Yu not reacting, took the two as he flew outside the valley at the hens where it continued his arrogant display .

Fluttering their wings, two beautifully colored hens came forth, each receiving a pill, immediately looking like ‘this little hen loves you’ . The rest of the hens crowded around with red eyes, crying all over the place, provoked by Pheasant King’s manner .

Feeding spiritual beast with perfect pills, even more so, some useless hens, is something that no one in the whole territory of Southern Nations would do .

Qin Yu doesn’t think to deeply, or better yet, he doesn’t care at all, ‘what’s so great about people who have pills?’ .

Pheasant King’s meeting with him was of little importance, but since they had some fate, he might as well raise him well . Sure, this punk is unruly, but he fits him perfectly . Cleaning his hands in the water, he inadvertently turned his head, only now recalling the Thousand Gold Trees inside the house . His previous unconcerned manner completely gone .

Qin Yu was filled with regret as he entered the wooden house, and after one look inside he froze . The two Thousand Gold Trees that were almost dead, grew vigorous and strong to a foot in height, with several small leaves sporting golden stars on them, radiating an ancient aura .

The Thousand Gold Trees on the support were in the end moved by the water and entered the Little Blue Lamp’s area . If someone would say the two aren’t related, Qin Yu wouldn’t believe one word of it!

If it’s true…

What cultivating! What breaking through! Any thought was thrown at the back of his head as he quickly rushed in the field to take a type of each plant, and waited for the night to descend .

As the sun sets, it signified the end of this endless day . When the night covered the valley, Little Blue Lamp began releasing a serene blue light . The spiritual plants were bathing in the light, looking like treasures, but soon something astonishing happened . All of the plants began to sway, the leaves shuddering slightly in excitement, as if they were taking the world’s best supplement and incredibly slowly, began to show signs of growth .

The sun pierced the darkness, the golden light of the sun sprinkling over the earth, as Qin Yu still stared dumbfounded in the same place . This stare wasn’t one of loss, but one of exultation exceeding his expectations, unable to bear what he witnessed in a short time .

After a long time, he blinked, pinching himself several times .


It’s not a dream!

Qin Yu threw his head back and laughed at the top of his lungs, the unrestrained sounds passing through the wooden house, echoing throughout the valley .

‘Little Blue Lamp, my Little Blue Lamp, truly worthy of being best treasure in this world . ’

This day, on top of upgrading pills, Qin Yu discovered its second ability: speeding the growth of spiritual plants!

(1) Must be an author mistake . He must have meant to say that it is purer after the break through but wrote it weirdly .

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