Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 34

Chapter 34

After leaving the Sacred Mountain Sect, Qin Yu put back Black Devil’s soul back in the Soul Seizing Flag . That inky jade Ruyi Scepter was actually also able to enter the flag . No wonder, when Black Devil dealt with Zhao Chan took it out of instinct from him . Thinking about it, with the help of this item the power of Black Devil will rise and so will his safety .

Speeding along his way, meeting not a small number of other fleeing cultivators, several days later, once he left the southwestern area of conflict, Qin Yu began to ponder his next step .

With the large-scale invasion of demonic cultivator, and based on their strength, it won’t be long before a large part of Southern Nation will be engulfed in war . Despite having the Soul Seizing Flag, in the end it’s not his own strength, and with his 4th layer of Foundation Establishment, if he isn’t careful, soon he will be laying in a ditch somewhere .

“It looks like I have to find a place to lay low . ” Qin Yu muttered .

With Little Blue Lamp he won’t be lacking pills, but he will lack time instead . Southern Nation’s news of this great upheaval will spread everywhere, which makes this the perfect time to give his full focus towards advancing his realm . The best result would be to reach Golden Core stage, so that no matter the situation, he would at least have the power to defend himself .

But before he’d seclude himself, there is a need to collect some things, especially regarding all kinds of Foundation Establishment pills, with more the better .

Qin Yu whistled by as he ran .

Four days later, Bolan City .

Considered one of the largest cities of Southern Nations, bustling with activity, with its walls towering towards the sky, several zhangs think and countless formations laid over it, makes anyone either inside or out feel safe .

Countless cultivators from all around are gathering here, and in just half a month, this big city started to become crowded .

On this street people were walking almost shoulder to shoulder, yet most of them going about their way in a hurried manner, their brows filled with anxiety . The demonic cultivators’ invasion, like a sword, seems to hang above everyone’s head . It might not fall in a short time but its presence is making them restless .

In the city’s biggest auction house, the place was packed, with many strong and renown cultivators among them, welcomed respectfully as they walk inside . The more experienced know, that today’s auction must have something amazing for it to gather all these powerful figures .

Qin Yu handed over his identification, and entered along with the other, seated in the back, matching his 4th layer Foundation Establishment cultivation .

“I heard yesterday that there are pills auctioned, making such a huge publicity and turn it into this grand occasion!”

“Pills? Are you certain? If I’m not mistaken, the one on the sixth seat in front row is Ancient Immortal Valley’s elder, a grandmaster who spend most of his life focusing on the art of alchemy . This kind of public figure actually came here for some trifling pills?”

“Humph! If they were so common, it wouldn’t have caught his attention . From what I know, this auction presents the Foundation Establishment grade Primal Soul Pill, Spirit Increasing Pill and the Body Molding Pill . Each numbering a hundred, and all of them of perfect quality!” After saying this he looked around proudly, “Do you know what a perfect pill is? It is the best one among the same type, ten times as potent as a normal one!”

“What it means is, besides going against the will of heaven, when a cultivator takes it in his moment of breaking through, will improve his chances of success . ” Another one laughed coldly, “Just think, what do all powers have in abundance? They are Foundation Establishment cultivators . But what about Golden Core ones? The ones that came could be counted on one hand . These 300 perfect pills might be able to bring about five or more new Golden Core cultivators . And with the demonic cultivators banging at their doorstep, it’s no wonder they are all vying for them . Just wait, and today you will see some big prices!”

Among this spirited discussion, Qin Yu sat with his eyes closed, turning a deaf ear at the surrounding noise .

The auction soon began, the presenter being a red-faced old man climbing up the stage, cupping his hands, “This low auction house welcome all of you for gracing us with your presence today . Whit how high are the spirits, I won’t drag things on and will proceed to start the auction . ”

He clapped his hands and a crystal box as big as a fish bowl was brought by two people presenting the neatly ordered 300 pills inside it for everyone to see . Thanks to the light stones inside of the box, the blue rays shining from the pills spread around to the outside eyes!

The auction was filled with clamor!

The two people next to the box inhaled once, releasing their Golden Core auras, enveloping the stage, making anyone who is anyone react instantly .

The red faced old man made a calming motion, and in a moved tone, “Today’s first item, are these 300 perfect Foundation Establishment grade pills, Primal Soul Pill, Spirit Increasing Pill and the Body Molding Pill . This auction house has appraised them and can confirm that these are perfect pills!”

“Three types of pills each with its own bidding, with only ingredients accepted as bids . We shall start with the Primal Soul Pills, at a thousand sets of Primal Soul Pill ingredients . With each subsequent bid no less than a hundred!”

The first to announce his bid is the elder from Ancient Immortal Valley with eight thousand, terrifying the others with this insane price . And in the end, the first set of pills went to this figure .

But in the next two auctions, the people became more frenzied instead of calming down . The benefits a perfect pill has to offer aren’t to be ignored, and the appearance of 300 of these in the same place is unheard of, difficult to meet with this opportunity . And if it’s missed, there might not be another chance .

The imposing reputation of Ancient Immortal Valley had spread far, giving such a high price, even taking the next set, Spirit Increasing Pills, with the same amount . This outcome made all the other parties unable to hold back and gathered their resources in a short time . Therefore, the last auction of Body Molding Pills sold at a sky-high price of eleven thousand to the joined group .

The elder from the Ancient Immortal Valley with his huge reputation, waved his sleeve and left!

There were also, some people who couldn’t bare the fervor inside and with a pale face left, their heads still buzzing from the noise .

Primal Soul Pills sold for eight thousand sets, the same for Spirit Increasing Pills, while the Body Molding Pills sold for eleven thousand, totaling twenty-seven thousand sets of ingredients . Although their price might change, but all in all they can be exchanged for three spirit stones per set, this is eighty-one thousand spirit stones!

Regarding a Golden Core cultivator, a thousand spirit stones are enough to be considered a fortune, while more than eighty thousand would make even a Nascent Soul’s eyes red!

Removing the 20% cut for the auction house, is enough to fill a basin . Therefore, the manner in which the auction house head received the guest was extremely respectful . Of course, it also had to do with the concealed aura he had .

A cold voice came from under the hood, “Where are the items?” a coarse voice without inflection, as if two rocks scraped each other .

The head of the auction beamed a warm smile, “After taking 20% from twenty-seven thousand, I am giving fellow Daoist twenty-two thousand . As per request, ten thousand sets were changed into thirty thousand spirit stones . The rest are divided in three four thousand per each pill of ingredient sets . ”

A storage bag was taken out of the black robe, “Put them inside . ”

The head clapped his hands, bringing the items in the room then thrown in the bag . The signed contract was then torn, signifying the completion of the trade .

“How about resting here for a while, esteemed guest?”

The head of the auction house frowned slightly but covered it up perfectly, then smiled, “If esteemed guest agrees, we will arrange the best chambers, attending to your every need if asked . ”

Cupping his hands eyes following the black robed guest as he left with a guard, flashing with deeper meaning .

“Master, this guest clearly is renowned, why not try to get close to him and cooperate in the future . ” A frowning youth at the side opened his mouth .

The head shook his head, “You mean to say why I was just strictly business with him . ”

The youth respectfully bowed, “Please enlighten me master . ”

The auction house head’s face was grave, “You’re still too young, you think that in this world there will be such a perfect outcome? More than sixty thousand spirit stones are enough to move even me, not to mention the wolves waiting outside . Even with great power a pair of hands can’t defend against two pairs . I’m afraid he won’t be able to leave Bolan City!”

Qin Yu followed the stream of people exiting the auction house, with a light sweep of his eyes finding many cold auras, staring like eagles on each person that passes, as if searching for something . Then without a word, he avoided crowds, arriving at a remote location . His hand inside the robe flashed, now holding the Soul Seizing Flag . He sent a thought inside it making the dark energy come out and blending with the ground .

Once done, Qin Yu left the area and entered the flow of people, not moving too far from the auction house and entering a shop selling spiritual seeds . He originally thought was to wander around to pass the time, but soon decided to go shopping . The Art of Medicine has many methods of growing spiritual plants, and with him going into seclusion for who knows how long, he might as well use this opportunity to study them .

Below the Golden Core grade, pill ingredients can still be bought, but above that, the ingredients are very precious with hardly any being sold . And if there might come a day, he will need to grow them himself, he should get used to it sooner .

His mind set, Qin Yu began to carefully chose seeds, looking upon the hundreds of types of seeds before him . Qi Refining seed are missing, with the most important being Foundation Establishment ones and some rare Golden Core seed here and there . Just looking he realized that Nascent Soul seeds aren’t here, treated with utmost care and not shown to just anyone .

Qin Yu recalled the seed bag in Black Devil’s storage bag, the way they are carefully preserved must denote their uncommon quality . The seeds inside might give him some nice surprises when he grows them .

After an hour, Qin Yu chooses thirty-seven types of seeds, and perhaps from the invasion, the price was close to a hundred spirit stones, attracting not few astonished looks . But seeing his young appearance and unimpressive cultivation, along with the calm demeanor, they thought it might be one of the famous sect’s disciple, usually followed around by a protector, making sure the other won’t have any ill intention towards him .

As Qin Yu received the seeds, a commotion was occurring outside . The cold auras waiting outside the auction house ran with gloomy faces, with even more people in the crowd sending messages . Very quickly all the figures left the city in haste, disappearing from sight .

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