Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 33

Chapter 33

Half a day later, Qin Yu reached Sacred Mountain Sect Main Gate, the jade arch already collapsed, with its imposing words no longer there . Black smoke rising everywhere, with everything in disorder, signified the end of a thousand-year-old sect’s foundation .

Qin Yu thought about Lang Tu’s grave, but the Pill Disposing Facility was destroyed and could only watch silently, ‘Ning Ling isn’t here after all . ’ As he was about to leave, he heard from the side a cry of panic, sharp and stinging to the ear . As it was heard a body with half of his feathers burnt showing its bald rear of a certain pheasant, fluttered his wings and flew towards Qin Yu .

Jumping and gesturing on and on, even managing to squeeze a few tears, that with earlier experience, allowed Qin Yu to more or less understand the meaning:

‘This king enjoyed his endless fortune with women, thinking of living in seclusion far from the mortal world, but who would have guessed that a calamity befell his home, harming his family . This king was filled with a great sorrow, and decided to leave this painful place, vowing to someday pay back this vengeance in blood! If you use all your might to help this king, once this king will rise, will not treat you unjustly!’

Doing everything to make himself heard, with arrogance hidden in between, although fitting to his acting and style, but ridiculous nonetheless .

Yep, this amusing chap, doing quite well, is our dear Pheasant King .

Qin Yu unmoved said, “We are connected by fate, and if you want, you could follow me . ”

The Pheasant King was fluttering his wings, even without half his feathers he could still fly, landing firmly on Qin Yu’s shoulder, with a style as if to say ‘it is good that you know propriety’ .

Qin Yu ignored him, his image moving about, even if he wasn’t worried about safety, he was still cautious . But he never thought that before he passed the Min Gate, bumped into a dozen of people, with few familiar faces among them .

With a surprised face, Tao Jie said, “Junior brother Qin Yu! Right, I heard you returned home and fortunately avoided this disaster…” He watched the destruction of the Sacred Mountain Sect with red eyes unable to continue .

The others around him were sad, they should also be fellow disciples .

Xu Wei watched Qin Yu, with a vague look in the depth of his eyes, devoid of any arrogance . It could be said, that with the annihilation of Sacred Mountain Sect, his pride was also crushed .

Qin Yu cupped his hands, “Greetings senior brother Tao Jie . ”

Tao Jie reigned in his sorrow, “After you left, so did senior sister Ning . At least like this, she was able to escape . ” His face showed a trace of contentment, clearly not placing Ning Ling and Qin Yu together .

Qin Yu lowered his head without a word .

A cultivator broke out of the group and came over, patting Tao Jie’s shoulder, “Don’t feel sad fellow Daoist Tao, the Sacred Mountain Sect’s fight with demonic cultivators caused them heavy losses, we all admire them . Moreover, we are about to enter the main forces to fight them off, with plenty of opportunities for revenge later on . ”

Recovering himself, the other female cultivators’ eyes brighten, then towards Qin Yu, “Fellow Daoist, this meeting must be fate, come with us to look after each other in battle, and use each chance to avenge our masters . ”

Tao Jie repeatedly nodded, “Junior brother Qin Yu, come along . This is fellow Daoist Zhao Chan, a disciple of Sacred Water Sect, not far from here is a Righteous Alliance camp where we will be safe . ”

He truly wants Qin Yu to join them, although he didn’t put him in his eyes before, they are from the same sect . this connection seemed all the more precious now that Sacred Mountain Sect is in ruins .

Xu Wei knit his brows .

Qin Yu, calm and collected watched Zhao Chan, then slowly shook his head, “I don’t wish to hold everyone back . It would be best if I go alone . ” Seeing Tao Jie’s disappointment, Qin Yu muttered something to himself, then out loud, “Senior brother Tao, the demonic cultivator that invaded Southern Nation might be everywhere, take care of yourself at each step . ”

Zhao Chan eyes twitched, stared at Qin Yu with cold eyes, “Fellow Daoist Qin, what are you implying?”

Qin Yu was unfazed, “Spoken too much, if I have offended, please don’t mind the words . Goodbye!” Then turned around intending to leave .

“Such arrogance, a measly 4th layer of Foundation Establishment, who would pay attention to you!”

“Right, if not for us, after we leave, he will soon be killed by demonic cultivator!”

Among the people of Sacred Mountain Sect, a female cultivator threw a despising look, “Lucky enough to encounter Grandmaster, or how could just a mere outer sect disciple be qualified to speak with us . ” With the Southern Nation in upheaval and the Sacred Mountain Sect crushed, she was planning on finding a tree to lean on . What better choice then a core disciple of Sacred Water Sect like Zhao Chan? So she couldn’t help speak up exposing his low background when Qin Yu was being rude .

This female, is Lin Lin . At the Foundation Establishment Trial, she thought of every way to get close to Xu Wei, and now she doesn’t even spare him a glance .

Everyone was enlightened .

“So that’s how it is . You’re the Sacred Mountain Sect cultivator with the heaven defying luck . There’s not much to see it seems!”

“I would understand if it’s him . Others might not know, that fellow Daoist Qin’s fame is from looking after himself, to the point of even abandoning his companions several times . Not mentioning joining the righteous forces, even killing demonic cultivator is out of the question . ”

“Stop, stop . This kind of person will make anyone embarrass to associate with . Let him go, before he dirties our eyes . ”

Lin Lin, looked down coldly, ‘in crucial times like these, he still can’t see the bigger picture . You have only yourself to blame for reaching this point!’

“Wait!” Zhao Chan gazed unfriendly, “Just now, fellow Daoist Qin was sowing dissention, and eager to leave afterwards . I am beginning to believe you are a demonic cultivator spy, and if I let you go, I’m afraid it won’t be long until out group will find ourselves at the gates of hell . ”

These words caused everyone’s expression to change, with some showing hostility .

Tao Jie in panic, “Fellow Daoist Zhao Chan it’s just a misunderstanding . Junior brother Qin Yu is our Sacred Mountain Sect’s disciple, with deep hatred towards those evil people . How can he be a spy!”

Zhao Chan was adamant, “Apologies, fellow Daoist Tao . For the safety of everyone here, Qin Yu must stay . And if he insists on leaving, I will have no choice but to act!”

Lin Lin approved, “Senior brother Tao, doesn’t seem odd how Qin Yu with his feeble cultivation and demonic cultivators in the surroundings still reached the Main Gate without a scratch?” She thought she was sharp, with a satisfied expression and the appreciative glance of Zhao Chan only boosting it further .

Thao Jie hesitated, “This…” he looks at Qin Yu, urging him to reply .

Qin Yu stared at Zhao Chan, uncaring, “You really won’t let me go?”

As if looking at a dead man, Zhao Chan’s black robe was fluttering while he was stepping forward, “Die, spy!” A fist was thrown, with the force of 8th layer of Foundation Establishment, enveloped in a golden light, its glint reflecting the murderous intent inside .

“As expected of a core disciple of Sacred Water Sect, this Killing Water Manipulation Art is the first this old man has seen one this profound, rarely seen among the arts of other Foundation Establishment cultivators!” A goatee old man expressed his admiration . He is a lucky rogue immortal that reached the 9th layer of Foundation Establishment, deserving of his arrogance .

Hearing everything, he nodded approvingly, sneering coldly, as if to say that this young fellow doesn’t know what’s best for him .

Moving to attack Qin Yu as he stamped his feet exploding with force moving backwards, while grinning, “You can’t escape…” once he finished, his eyes instantly went wide with shock!

A pitch-black figure appeared in front of Qin Yu, its cold and ruthless aura caused everyone’s scalp to turn numb . But what terrified them is the boundless demonic energy on this figure .

Golden Core demonic cultivator!

This horrifying thought rose in their minds, with just a muffled sound, the old man’s body smashed the ground as it bled from all seven of his orifices, dying on the spot .

Zhao Chan panicked, devoid of the calm he showed before, “Spare me senior, it’s a misunderstanding!” repeatedly kowtowing while sweating all over .

Qin Yu narrowed his eyes, “You said I am a spy, so why do you mention it being a misunderstanding?”

Zhao Chan slapped his forehead, a mark suddenly twisted and crumbled, turning his previous water attribute aura into a sinister demonic one, then respectfully answered, “Senior, junior is a disciple of and elder in Thousand Illusory Demonic Sect . Master Feng ordered to gather bodies to raise his demon beast . ”

His companions also removed the illusion, showing their true features .

Tao Jie and the rest were horrified, one by one retreating, with the charming females sporting pale face, never imagining, that the tree they wanted to lean on is actually their enemy!

Lin Lin froze on the spot, with an expression drained of blood .

Zhao Chan holding an inky black jade Ruyi Scepter, not letting down his guard ever since Black Devil attacked, carefully assessed Qin Yu while continuing, “I am unaware of who your esteemed self is, and please forgive our offence . ”

Qin Yu coldly replied, “Black Devil! Today’s matter has no relation with you, but the next time will!”

As he turned around to leave, Zhao Chan who stared at him, relaxed slightly, bowing in reverence, “Take…” Before he could even finish, he was struck by a cold feeling, and on the verge of using the inky jade Ruyi Scepter, his head was assaulted by pain, thrown in the air, and the next moment his head was crushed .

After Black Devil’s attack, without stopping, he charged among the other demonic cultivators like a fierce tiger, making them wail one after the other as they hit the ground .


Black Devil returned behind Qin Yu, head slightly lowered, his hand holding the bloody inky jade Ruyi Scepter, a terrifying sight .

Tao Jie and the others were shocked, not knowing how to respond to this event, but still showed their reverence as they gazed upon Qin Yu, especially those unbridled teases, their face pale yet pairs of peaks trembling .

But Qin Yu stays silent, and turned around leaving quickly, disappearing along with Black Devil from the others’ sight in mere moments .

A dead silence enveloped the group, and only after a long time someone opened their mouth, “Is… is he really the lucky cultivator you mentioned?”

Lin Lin’s lips moved, but before she could speak, Tao Jie gave her a stare, “Everyone, junior brother Qin Yu is absolutely not a demonic cultivator . The fact that he saved us today is testimony to that . I just hope that, in the future, you won’t mention this matter . ”

Xu Wei took a deep breath, “The sect is already destroyed, with the grudges from before insignificant, therefore, about this matter, I won’t speak a word . ” He lowered his head and tightening his fist hidden inside the robe .

How could that brat he used to despise, could now hold their lives in his hands?

After some hesitation, they all nodded .

Tao Jie relaxed inwardly . He wanted to resolve this matter’s crucial point . If the news of Qin Yu being a spy was spread, even if he bathed in the Underworld River he would still feel stained . Seeing the collapsed memorial arch, recalling Qin Yu standing over there, as he was accused, he let out a bitter smile, ‘Junior brother Qin Yu hid himself deeply!’

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