Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 32

Chapter 32

Ning Ling hugged her knees while leaning on the stone wall, the black robe draped over her still seem to hold his scent, while the shining light of the sun wrapped around her . But Ning Ling found no warmth in it, with an ice-cold feeling rising from her heart instead, turning her face slightly pale .

She was awake for five days, and Qin Yu still haven’t returned . He silently left the black robe behind, and because of it, Ning Ling felt her heart tighten with painful emotions . That is because she knows what this means .

Having this black robe, having that many pills, having shown his resourcefulness and cautiousness in this escape, if he had chosen to abandon her, he would have had no problems in fleeing . But in the end, he didn’t gave up on her, and even left her with the hope of life, while he was swallowed by the darkness .

Ning Ling gazed at the cave entrance, as if she could still see his departing back, and unable to suppress her sorrow, tears began to fall . In these five days, based on Qin Yu’s state, he would be unable to last until now . Not returning signifies she will never see him again in the future .

For so many years, Ning Ling had never known this kind of desolation . Just like a shooting star’s bright shine suddenly coming to an end . But no matter what, Qin Yu left a deep impression in her heart that will never be erased .

She wiped her tears away and walked outside wearing the black robe . As she went despite her slightly red eyes, her face showed an unprecedent coldness . This coldness is different from before, it came from inside surrounding her, as if to seal her inside .

A sudden sound broke the silence, as a black demonic sabre moved like lightning straight to her throat . Its ruthless aura as big as a lake and constricting gave birth to the wind fluttering her hair while blowing the black robe inside the cave . Ning Ling wanted to catch it but was unable to, watching in a daze as it flew inside, as if they belong in two different worlds, bringing sadness in her eyes .

The demonic sabre was frozen by an invisible power when it reached a zhang from her, and started letting out mournful cries while crushed inch by inch .

Not far, a miserable and alarmed shout was heard, then a figure was soaring in the sky . With surging demonic energy denoting a Golden Core cultivation fully revealed, that it is even stronger than Black Devil . But even so, this strong demonic cultivator looked no different than a stray dog, completely frightened .

An old man suddenly appeared in the sky, eyes half closed, casually saying, “Since you came, why not stay!”

He waved his sleeve making the space twist, while the Golden Core demonic cultivator like a fly, was squashed on the ground with a heaven shaking loud noise crushing the cave entrance, then spiting blood as he was falling apart into nothingness .

One strike, not only it annihilated a Golden Core demonic cultivator, but also destroyed all his possessions!

Yet Ning Ling doesn’t pay attention to him, staring fixedly where the black robe was buried under the rocks, the woe in her eyes turning into desolation . This happened in a flash, covering her feeling inside her heart, with only endless coldness remaining in her pupils .

Unaware of when the old man appeared behind her, he greeted, “Seventh Young Miss, we should return . ”

Ning Ling turned around, lightly breathing, “Elder Yun, I don’t want any demonic cultivator to remain in a thousand li radius . ”

Elder Yun frowned, “How would it help Seventh Young Miss, the dead can’t revive . If I were to act, it will cause a great commotion . ”

Ning Ling’s voice turned icy, “And if I insist?”

Elder Yun sighed, as he was about to reply, his face changed drastically, and looked towards the distant mountain forest with a look of realization . The sky above them turned dark, with stars appearing one by one, and that frightening pillar of demonic energy . In this thousand li range there is complete silence, with all of the creatures feeling in the depths of their soul a certain fear and shivering .

“World reversal, Demonic Pillar’s descent!” Elder Yun gloomily said, each word surging around with a pressure akin to a mountain, “Seventh Young Miss, a powerful demonic cultivator arrived . We must leave this place!”

Ning Ling’s eyes became red, then turned around paying respect, “Qin Yu, I promise you . One day I will kill Black Devil and let the demonic cultivators’ blood flow in rivers!”

Elder Yun sighed inside, and took her on his sword, flying in the distance, disappearing in a blink of an eye .

After four hours, Qin Yu finally arrived at this place in a rush, speechless from the collapsed cave . The anticipation, excitement and happiness, upon gazing on this scene, gradually cooled down and disappearing in the end .

After a while, Qin Yu frowned, ‘How can it end like this?’ After many perils returning here, he couldn’t believe the Heavens would be so cruel!

Taking a deep breath, Qin Yu began to clear away the rocks . His Demon Body’s power completely released, throwing away the human sized rocks with ease but Qin Yu takes no notice of this while the sweat slowly soaked his clothes .

Suddenly, Qin Yu froze, the familiar black robe revealing itself, then cleared around it to pick up the now dirty and dusty cloth with few dried bloodstains . Like a sword it struck his heart, almost halting his breathing .

A long silence followed, as Qin Yu folded the robe carefully inside the storage bag, then turned and walked away . At this moment, this eighteen-year-old youngster straighten himself, but still let out endless sorrow, causing anyone to feel their nose stinging and eyes hazy .

Exerting himself, Qin Yu gradually increased his speed . Like a fierce horse, galloping through the mountain woods . He kept this pace until he reached a deep valley, where he suddenly stopped after exhausting his body’s strength and letting out an earsplitting roar at the top of his lungs that reverberated throughout the valley .

Two female cultivators outside it were frightened, their tender faces gazed upon Qin Yu, unaware of how a painful feeling rose in their hearts, lightly saying, “Senior sister, this person seems so heart-broken . ”

Senior sister frowned, “Just now the heavens changed, a terrible monster must have appeared, so don’t mind other’s business . We need to leave this place faster . ”

“En . ” The young girl softly nodded, flying after her senior sister, but still couldn’t refrain herself from turning her head, looking at Qin Yu figure thinking ‘Why is he so devastated, did his beloved left him? So pitiful! It must be related to demonic cultivator’s matters; I heard from master that they rushed to invade the Southern Nation . They must not succeed, or heaven knows how many people would be buried under their might!’

From start to finish, Qin Yu didn’t sense the two cultivators passing at all, not to mention the sympathizing gaze from one of them . Gasping for breath after his yelling, the pain in his chest seems to have subside somewhat . Lifting his head and checking his bearing, he picked a direction, rushing towards Sacred Mountain Sect .

Maybe Ning Ling is alright, although the chances are small, he still doesn’t want to believe that that girl, who he doesn’t want to admit that she entered his life, is gone .

Five days later, Qin Yu crossed the northern river, thinking back to that time when Ning Ling stood at the riverbank, her delicate fingers pointing while earnestly inquiring, “Junior brother, what is this river?”

His heart tightened slightly and as he was about to continue onwards, his face changed as he looked in the distance at the five figures fleeing in panic . Behind them surging with demonic energy, are actually three demonic cultivators in pursuit .

Not giving Qin Yu time to think, the fleeing party was closing in, and a middle-aged cultivator, upon noticing Qin Yu urged him, “Run quickly!”

Seeing the unresponsive Qin Yu, only acting scared, feeling slightly ashamed inside, the middle-aged man lowered his head and ran with the rest of them .

A tall demonic cultivator let out an evil laughter, “There is actually someone who isn’t afraid, it matches perfectly with my plan to collect heart blood and refine my demonic weapon!” A whistle was heard as he made a grabbing motion, his fingernails lengthening several inches planning to tore his chest apart and fish out the heart .

Qin Yu raised his head all of a sudden, eyes cold that made the demonic cultivator’s mind shiver, but not letting him react and directly threw a fist .


A muffled sound of broken bones rose, causing the fellow’s companions’ scalp to turn numb . The tall one flew and struck the ground like a pile of meat, hardly resembling a human .

The other two demonic cultivator cried in alarm only to turn around and flee .

Qin Yu’s eyes locked on one, launching the Mind Stab, making him froze in place, while a Blade Edge came and beheaded him . At the same time, he also struck with the Corpse Sealing Nail, punching a hole through the las person, and dying as he hit the ground .

In just a blink, three demonic cultivators were killed on the spot . The not far group of five on the run, turned wide eyed, barely believing . But soon they began to hesitate, a moment before they were focusing on running away, in case he would take it out on them for leaving him behind . Yet they don’t dare to do it again, and the only choice is to come pay respects .

“Greetings senior!” The five of them are all Foundation Establishment cultivators, even with the aura released by Qin Yu the same as theirs, because he was able to kill three demonic cultivators, it wouldn’t be good to use any other way of greeting .

Seeing the people in front of him, Qin Yu indifferently said, “What happened, why are demonic cultivator attacking openly, here in Southern Nation?”

The middle-aged cultivator’s heart relaxed, rushing to reply, “Senior, four days ago the demonic cultivators invaded the Southern Nation . All of the southeast region is engulfed in the fires of war with countless sects destroyed and even more people killed . ” Pausing for a bit, then continued, “It would be best if senior wouldn’t continue further . ”

Qin Yu’s face changed, “Do you know what is the state of Sacred Mountain Sect?”

The middle-aged cultivator hesitated, “This…”

“Say it!”

“Sacred Mountain Sect was the first sec to fall under the invasion, with almost all of the people inside killed, the scene is… horrifying . ”

Qin Yu fell silent, the air was still as if frozen, he didn’t felt too affected by the Sacred Mountain Sect situation, but thinking of that familiar place being destroyed couldn’t restrain himself from being sad .

Of course, the greatest reason is the fact that his thoughts of continuing his acting were completely destroyed along with the sect .

Just as the five of them were sweating from fear, Qin Yu waved his hand and ended the pressure, “Leave . ”

The middle-aged cultivator was about to say something but was stopped by his companions, all of them leaving in a rush, their only thought, to go as far away as possible from the conflict zones .

Qin Yu was silent for a moment then continued on his way . First of all, Sacred Mountain Sect is close by, and even if he heard of its destruction, he still wants to witness it . Secondly, now that Sacred Mountain Sect is wrecked, there should be no powerful demonic cultivator left behind, with only some small fish sticking around, not feeling any threat from them .

Inside the storage bag, there is also the Soul Seizing Flag, and with Black Devil sleeping inside, is enough to cope with an early Golden Core cultivator .

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